Lindsay Lohan hid in her closet while her dad tried to break into her home


Another day, another cracked-out shenanigan. Yesterday, the Lord’s Day (LMAO), Lindsay Lohan was cracked out of her skull and hiding in her closet. Was it a particularly bad trip? Could be. But the official reason, via TMZ, is that Linnocent was “hiding” from her father. Michael Lohan came to the front door of Linnocent’s Venice beach condo, and when Lindsay didn’t answer the door, Michael started “staring in the back windows of her Venice apartment, trying to spot Lindsay inside, and began banging on the windows.” Michael eventually left, and Linnocent did not call the cops, probably because she A) wasn’t sure if it actually happened or if this was all yet another crack hallucination or B) She didn’t want to go through the trouble of hiding her crack stash in case the cops wanted to do a look-through of her place.

In other Linnocent news, Radar has an interesting story about the upcoming preliminary hearing for the Crack Trial of the Century:

Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers is warning her witnesses to expect “grueling cross examination by defense attorney Shawn Holley,” as she preps for the first step in the criminal trial against Lindsay Lohan, has learned exclusively. The preliminary hearing, to determine if there is sufficient evidence to order Lohan to stand trial, is scheduled for Friday, April 22.

Meyers had originally planned on calling only the investigating officers to testify. But because of a legal technicality that could have resulted in Lohan being sentenced for being in violation of her DUI probation at the conclusion of the trial and not at the end of the preliminary hearing, Meyers is calling the jewelry store owner and the female employee who was working the day of the alleged theft to the stand.

If the judge finds there is enough evidence to send Lohan to trial, that in itself will result in a probation violation, and Meyers wants to make certain that Lindsay will be sentenced immediately following the hearing. A source close to the case tells us: “Meyers has met with the store owner, Sofia Kaman for at least two hours. Meyers has also met with the female employee, and is preparing both of the witnesses for what is expected to be grueling questioning from Lindsay’s attorney.”

Much of the preparation is being spent on Sofia’s testimony, because she made the decision to sell the surveillance video. But Meyers believes Sofia will be an excellent witness for the prosecution, the source reveals. She has yet to see one dime from the sale of the video.

Meyers expects Shawn to grill Kaman about her motivation for selling the surveillance video. Holley will seek to raise doubts about Sofia’s credibility, the source adds.

The preliminary hearing is expected to last two to three days, and at the conclusion, Judge Stephanie Sautner will determine if there is enough evidence for the case to go to trial. If she does, our source tells us, “Meyers will ask that Lindsay be remanded into custody immediately for the probation violation.”

[From Radar]

That’s interesting, isn’t it? I hope Meyers gets what she wants, and Linnocent has to go back to jail for the probation violation(s). She should have been in jail a long time ago, but if this crack trial goes how I think it will, the crack tears will be flowing and it will be delicious. No more strategic leaks about being up for big parts, no more crack hustling, no more hooking. I can’t wait.



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  1. yt says:

    Did Michael Lohan go to Lindsay’s with paps in tow, or were they already there in case Lindsay made an appearance?

    Since Lindsay and her parents have paps on direct-dial and constantly let them know about where they will be and/or what they have to say, I ignore any complaints they have about paps.

  2. tapioca says:

    Oooh, only 11 more days to go! I’m almost as excited as I was when justice finally caught up with OJ Simpson in Nevada.

  3. BeckyR says:

    She should STAY in her closet. Everyone is sick of her anyway. Her story reads like a bad short story.

  4. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Tapioca – I’m also sooooo excited that justice may finally be served 😀

  5. dorothy says:

    So…why did she come out? I agree, wish she would have locked herself in and lost the key.

  6. guesty says:

    This is gonna be good.

  7. Nat says:

    SJP’s twins are sooooo cute and adorable!

  8. original kate says:

    is it just me or does anyone else get the feeling that michael lohan is a bit too “into” lindsay? i mean, that sounds like something a crzay ex-lover would do.

  9. sapphire says:

    Everything about him is “too much”. The crack hustle came from both sides of the family tree.

  10. Quest says:

    The Lohans are all crazy…it’s encoded in their DNA….crazy bunch of lunatics

  11. Hmmm says:

    How did they know she was hiding in her closet????

  12. Masque says:

    Nice fur coat. I wonder who she stole it from.

  13. alexandra says:

    Even her teeth have freckles

  14. curmudgeon says:

    I feel sorry for her. Not in a victim kinda way, just watching someone with everything throwing it away with both hands. I don’t even think she knows that’s what she’s done. I don’t actually think she is particularly bright, even clean and sober. But someday (if she doesn’t OD} she’s gonna be sitting on her couch watching someone like Anne Hathaway or Mila Kunis who have conducted themselves like classy young women. And she’s gonna think that could’ve been me.
    And it could have.
    And she blew it.
    And she has no one to blame but herself.
    Sorry but I find that sad.

  15. mln76 says:

    Hmmm this is the one positive thing I can say about Michael Lohan he is the only person in the family who at least is willing to say the word sobriety. He is obviously an abusive douchebag but considering the rumors that Dina does shots with Lindsay he is still a slightly better parent.

  16. Fire says:

    Don’t these people EVER do anything in private??? SOME people find things like this EMBARRASSING and maybe don’t take to their twitter accounts to share every minutia with their “followers.”

    What was her dad doing there? And wasn’t he in jail recently too? Doesn’t he have enough of his own problems to focus on instead of harassing his daughter? And didn’t she have a restraining order against him or am I dreaming that? See? I know TOO MUCH about these worthless sacs!!

  17. macey says:

    I think this is just another attempt to keep her name in the news. why call TMZ instead of the cops? My guess is she had drugs in there and didnt want to risk the cops finding them.

    and a big ewwww to the pic you see when you open this link.

  18. dread pirate cuervo says:

    I just realized that her court date is Good Friday. Coincidence? I think not.

  19. Thea says:

    Lindsay doesnt have a chance with either of these as parents. No wonder she is so messed up. In a way it is almost a tragedy. And I also thought the same thing about her father showing up at her house. Why? I mean he acts like a crazy ex bf instead of a dad. He almost has pedophile tendencies to me. He is totally sickening and so is the mother trying to be Lindsay for whatever reason. The whole clan is psycho.

  20. brin says:

    Nobody crazier than the Lohan clan.

  21. PrettyLights says:

    I really think she is/was beautiful (that drug use and blond hair really ages her though) and she used to be able to act… I know everyone here hates her, but I’m rooting for her to pull her life together. It’s sad watching her throw everything away when she had so much going for her. It’s also sad that she has such disgusting famewhoring parents enabling her and not supporting her well being as parents should. I think a lot of her stupid decisions and drug use stem from dealing with that. Not making excuses for her, but I’ve been blessed with parents that support everything I do and hers obviously just use her. That’s gotta be hard, especially when it’s so public.

  22. Marjalane says:

    I think that everything this family does- including all the kids, Michael, White Oprah, Michael’s girlfriend, etc. etc is on a conference call with TMZ and they all have their part to play. JUST FOR THE PUBLICITY- cuz you know it’ll all become a book someday and mo’ crazy, sells mo’ better.

  23. jdao says:

    She really needs to go back to red. The blonde just washes her out.

  24. Jayna says:

    Nuttiest family I ever saw. I feel for her having such a nutcase dad. She tries to reconnect with him, and he can act normal for about two weeks max and then he’s back in his selling-her-out-for-gossip-site-bucks behavior and/or busy getting his face and name
    on the gossip sites. And when she’s out the outs with her dad, mommy pops back up. Releasing the info she was going to go by her first name only was
    the nuttiest thing mommy has done.

    I do feel for Lindsay having such a family. But I still don’t use that as an excuse for her sleezy life she’s leading.

  25. belle epoch says:

    She was looking for Narnia. Is that so bad?

  26. Cherry Rose says:

    She is clearly more addicted to getting photographed by the paparrazzi than making movies. Every photo of her shows her looking straight at the camera with a grin on her face.

    And my god, how does a 24, almost 25 year old have that many wrinkles? My mom is twice her age, and yet has less wrinkles than her.

    Her dad’s always been super creepy about her. Allegedly, when he went to strip clubs, he’d always ask for a stripper that looks like Lindsay.

    However, I agree with another poster. I do think he is a better parent than Dina. You never hear of Lindsay and Micheal going bar/club hopping and taking shots together.

    Though he is a douche by blabbing off to the press all the time, at least he realizes that Lindsay is an addict and that she is clearly not sober. And he hardly ever calls her a “child”.

    And clearly, Dina wanted Lindsay to be co-dependent on her. The fact that Lindsay hates to be alone and that she still calls Dina “Mommy”, and Lindsay being in her mid-20s is telling. I also don’t think that Dina has ever told Lindsay, “No you can’t do that”. It’s most likely always been “Yes, do whatever you want. You’re a celebrity”.

    Since Dina was her main parent throughout of her life, Lindsay probably gets many of Dina’s traits. And of course, it doesn’t help that Dina is Lindsasy’s manager and makes a 10% cut off whatever she makes.

    I kind of wonder how Lindsay would have turned out if Michael had been around more when she was a child and teenager. She probably wouldn’t have turned out much better, but maybe she wouldn’t have become such an entitled and spoiled brat who thinks whatever she wants she can have with no consequence and also have all these addictions.

    Sorry for the long post.

  27. Cat says:

    She’s looking raggedy. Wow.

  28. Nickel says:

    As much as I would like to hope that some justice will come out of this, the reality is that she will most likely walk away from this with little to no punishment, just like she has everything else.

  29. curmudgeon says:

    @ Belle
    Narnia. V/Damn funny. 🙂

  30. wunderkindt says:

    Cant wait for the crack trial. Hope it’s televised!

  31. Kim says:

    Yes this girl is a mess but you have to feel for her with the parents she has.

    She was NEVER taught right from wrong because her parents will whore those kids out for fame and money at any expense.

    They dont care about those kids except for the money they make and how sad for any child to have terrible parents like Lindsay does.

  32. Estella says:

    This is off-topic, but I want to take this LiLo inspired moment to advise all you sweet young things to protect your skin. I have sunbathed since the age of 16 and just gave it up in the past year. I am not Irish nor prone to freckles but as my skin has lost it’s color, I have noticed it looks more and more like La Lohan’s. White, freckled (but not in a cute way), and damaged. Love the sun, but love your skin more.

  33. John W Sharp says:

    The writer is an asshole.

  34. dovesgate says:

    @John W Sharp
    Only because it’s not favorable to everyone’s favorite crackhead. Look dude, the name of the website is “celeBITCHY” – do you really think we’re here to be all sunshine, rainbows, kitties and unicorns?

    I, too, can’t wait to see the trial. ITA, it’ll be almost as good as seeing OJ finally getting what he deserved (although, Blohan hasn’t actually killed anyone yet).

  35. yikes says:

    How old is she now? 50? 60?

  36. Lady D says:

    Mr. John W Sharp…Monkey see, monkey do?

  37. Hakura says:

    @Original Kate“is it just me or does anyone else get the feeling that michael lohan is a bit too “into” lindsay? i mean, that sounds like something a crzay ex-lover would do.

    Seriously. I’ve always gotten that weird feeling in regards to the way her father acts, trying to jump on her coat tails ever since she became famous. He doesn’t give a damn about her, he just wants force his way back into her life when it’s obviously not what she wants.

    If MY dad acted anywhere close to that….Ugh.

    @Mln76“He is obviously an abusive douchebag but considering the rumors that Dina does shots with Lindsay he is still a slightly better parent.”

    While I agree that Dina has contributed to Lindsay’s drug & alcohol abuse…. I don’t think Michael is anywhere even approaching a decent parent, even compared to Dina. The man has no place talking about sobriety when he only recent beat a woman while drunk. I guess he’s into that “Do as I say, not as I do.” message.

    Neither of her parents are even halfway decent.

    @Dread Pirate Cuervo“I just realized that her court date is Good Friday. Coincidence? I think not.”

    Hmmm, perhaps that’s setting the stage for some Divine retribution?

    @Belle Epoch“She was looking for Narnia. Is that so bad?”

    I’m sure she’s taken drugs & alcohol into the closet, & found Narnia many times.

  38. original kate says:

    “Neither of her parents are even halfway decent.”

    word, hakura. LL needs to get a restraining order against both of them.

  39. Hakura says:

    @Original Kate“word, hakura. LL needs to get a restraining order against both of them.”

    Nice to know I’m not the only one who thinks so. =)

    It’s really unfortunate.. Not that I don’t hold Lindsay responsible for her many bad choices/actions…. I still have to feel sorry for her being stuck with such useless neurotic parents.

    Parents make a huge difference in the way you view the world… Her father is a violent creep who stalks her, & her mother is using her for her career. Not much chance to turn out ‘right’.

  40. derpaherpa says:

    everyone in her family is a psycho

  41. REALIST says:

    Her recent pics look like she hasn’t slept in days-addict face?