Raccoon McPantless wears something appropriate: cute or still unfortunate?


These are new photos of our beloved Raccoon McPantless at Best Buy yesterday. Raccoon was signing copies of Light Me Up, the album she and The Pretty Reckless have already been promoting and touring with for a while. I have to say, although the girl is wearing a mountain of raccoon makeup, her outfit borders on the appropriate. Like, the dress is pretty and white and it’s a nice length and everything. Of course, Raccoon had to pair a pretty dress with fishnets, leather and crazy boots. That’s just the way raccoons roll these days.

Anyway, yeah, the album JUST came out earlier this week. Surprisingly, people kind of like it and Raccoon is being accepted as a mainstream, pantless vocalist/songwriter with genuine talent. Entertainment Weekly gave the album a B-, and even Bedhead shamefully admits to listening to it. Ugh – I guess we’re over making fun of her? NEVER.

Here’s Raccoon singing live – the song is called “Just Tonight”.





Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Tanya says:

    Is it 1995 all over again w/ the bondage Hot Topic boots?

    Sigh… Oh, McPantless…

    Does she remind anyone else of a giraffe? Maybe it’s just how shes photoed, but she always seems proportionately ‘off’ to me…

  2. devilgirl says:

    I really think she should legally change her name to Raccoon McPantless.

    Shockingly, I do not hate their music. *runs and hides*

  3. Victoria says:

    She must have stock in Hot Topic…

  4. Elfie says:

    She reminds me of Lohan in that last pic.

  5. Karen says:

    Raccoon (I’ve already forgotten her real name) looks like a younger version of Tamra from the OC Housewives franchise in the last pic.

    That’s all I’ve got to say about her.

  6. Hollowdoll says:

    too much try! girl just relax.

  7. Laura says:

    Yeah, as fun as it is to hate, the girl can actually sing.

  8. alexandra says:


  9. I refuse to accept her as mainstream.

  10. Chereth Cutestory says:

    You know what? Yes, her style is quite tragic and overdone. But she can freaking sing. Show me a Britney or a Heidi or any one of these Autotuned cutouts who can sing this well acoustically. She might look like a sad panda, but she can really belt it out.

  11. Raven Sparrow says:

    Wow, I really like the song. Even gave me a few shivers…the good ones!

  12. GeekChic says:

    Well… Is she a pantless brat with ridiculous makeup and an excess of teen angst? Definitely. But… I have to grudgingly admit that she has some talent. She has a good voice for rock, she actually sings and isn’t autotuned within an inch of her life, and she writes her songs (presumably). I think she probably has a stylist that puts her in ridiculous outfits so that she becomes sort of the anti-Taylor Swift. So I guess the verdict is annoying, but moderately talented, brat.

  13. Rasputina says:

    Did she always have that mole? Or actually, was it always that prominent?

  14. Isa says:

    The song is not bad and she can sing.
    She reminds me of Courtney Love.
    The hair color and extensions look horrible, her style is outdated.

    she would be taken so much more seriously if she would take all that excess makeup and hair off and just sing.

  15. Patricia says:

    Broke down and listened to her for the first time despite her ever annoying presentation and no – just plain no – she sounds like a racoon being strangled – she is now officially a mess on all fronts

  16. Nikki says:

    to me she favors Gwyneth Paltrow

  17. original kate says:

    unfortunate, as always.

  18. fancyamazon says:

    She can sing, and she sings the kind of music I was really into in high school and university. I don’t appreciate the lengths she goes to with her makeup and lack of clothing, but really, if you look at Lita Ford and the ladies from that sort of time frame, she’s not all that much different in her style, she just shaves a bit more fabric off the outfits and tears a few more holes in her stockings. So while I don’t think she is as cutting edge and shocking as she thinks she is, I don’t hate her at all. It’s not like she wants the tween set to follow her, in fact she would probably be mortified if they did.

  19. Obvious says:

    @Rasputina, i don’t think so i do not ever remember seeing it-at last not that prominent!

  20. Alice says:

    Looks much better. I was flipping through an old copy of Teen Vogue the other day and saw this blonde actress in it, and I thought, how cute! So imagine how stunned I was when I realized it was Raccoon McPantsless without the ‘coon eyes. I don’t watch Gossip Girl or pay any attention to her outside of gossip sites, so I had no idea what she looked like without the makeup. She shouldn’t wear that horrid makeup, she’s so cute without it!

  21. Sam says:

    i think she colours the mole in with her extra black eyeliner. kind of like Madonna in the day, but grosser.

  22. Snazzy says:

    Don’t judge me…..BUT, I actually liked the song. And I have to agree with other comments on here, she can sing better live than some of these auto-tuned stars.

  23. moon says:

    Wow, I’m stunned.
    I can’t stand the sight of this trash but I had never heard her sing. She’s actually got quite the voice and potential to be a good singer. I still think she looks like trash and I CAN’T sing.

  24. sapphire says:

    Talent doesn’t equal taste. And I am not going to stop the well-directed snark just because she can sing. She has eyes!

  25. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Girl has a voice! Wow am really impressed, give her a few more years to grow up a bit and start wearing clothes and I think she’ll do really well,

    Great voice, and actually really like the song!!! Oh god, what is happening?!?! 😀

  26. gaugustaus says:

    Ugh, I shouldn’t have listened to the song. I actually really like it. She has tragic style but the girl can sing.

  27. anthea says:

    I suddenly realized that with that dress on she looks like evil taylor swift

  28. Madam U says:

    Love the song! Very talented. As for her behavior, she’s just a kid, she’ll make mistakes, hell we all did. I’m rooting for her. Kid could sing, and that was live not in some studio autotuned to hell and back.

  29. jover says:

    All right she can sing but given today’s low standards that’s not saying much – lets see Janis Joplin, Aretha, Selena, Tina Turner, Cyndi Lauper, Pat Benatar,etc. not even close but maybe,maybe, she can develop. What’s hilarious is that she’s at Best Buy utterly and completely mainstream; didn’t she do macy’s ads also – if you have to continually tell everyone how non mainstream you are – you are not. Unfortunately, the girl’s largely a packaged product weren’t her “bandmates” picked by the label?

  30. TQB says:

    @anthea, I kind of respect her for that. The world needs an Evil Taylor.

  31. di butler says:

    Her talent isn’t in question. It’s her try hardness that’s hilarious. Hearing a 17 yr talk about all the pills and too drunk to drive stuff cracks me up. This is pretty tame, if you want to see what’s she’s really like, go watch her videos or her many, many appearance with her crotch hanging out. Someone needs to tell her she doesn’t need all that if she has talent.

  32. luls says:

    im sorry but her singing sounds wayy too croaky to me. Shes not terrible sounding, just not above a mediocre kareoke level.

    So yes, i will continue to be 1 of her ‘haters’. uggh, stupid word.

  33. djork says:

    I stopped listening to the song. Does she die at the end?

  34. Kink says:

    Ugh… she looks terrible.

  35. Emma says:

    I really like her music. I think it is pretty good and more legit than most mainstream music today. Of course, that doesn’t mean I think that SHE is legit. I think she’s a pantsless poseur and I refuse to believe otherwise for at least ten years of keeping up this image at which I will reconvene and may or may accept her as a legitimate artist.

    But, right now, the only hardcore vibes I get from her are the hardcoretrytoohard vibes.

  36. Louise says:

    She’s a pretty good singer but her “act” is getting in the way of people taking her seriously.

    OT but shouldn’t it be McPantsless?

  37. Alicia Kelly says:

    The album has been out for a while. I’ve had it for over a month….

  38. Liana says:

    she has talent, but enough with the recycled Runaways shit.

  39. Heather says:

    Love her voice, loathe her clothes and make up.

  40. Emily says:

    I like the outfit. I really wish she’d stop with the raccoon makeup though. You can have thick eyeliner on and look hot, and not panda-ish, bitch! And I want her to change her hair-maybe a short, choppy do, with a more natural blonde?

  41. gg says:

    She has absolutely no imagination whatsoever. ::YAWN::

  42. MaudeLebowski says:

    Is that black sludge hiding some pinkeye? If so, mission accomplished.

  43. Matt says:

    She should get that mole checked.

  44. Macheath says:

    She sounds like she’s being choked. It’s too forced.

    Her hairline is really low!

  45. harfang says:

    Finally heard a McPantless song on last.fm the other day. The band is absolutely nothing to write home about, but it’s undeniable that she has a strong and interesting voice. Unlike many actors who get signed, no intonation problems, either. (Seriously, a lot of them are off key. And yes, perfect pitch is a curse.) I wouldn’t go buy the stuff, but if it comes up in my internet radio again, I’ll let it play. …Oh yeah, and way to go with showing she can wear a skirt that covers her entire thighs!

  46. Chris says:

    She looks like Gwyneth Paltrow in the last photo.

  47. honeyv says:

    She’s so trashy. She is drugged and looks sick.

  48. S says:

    I am actually a little bit in love with those boots. It’s just a pity she’s still using crayons as eyeliner…

  49. GT says:

    wow, I liked it! The girl can sing!! I wish she would ditch the mega eye makeup and trashy clothes but hey, you go girl!

  50. Forelithe says:

    G*d help me I clicked on the vido…