Lindsay Lohan is “like, best friends” with James Franco: “We’re hanging out later”


Page Six has a hilarious behind-the-crack-scenes piece this morning. Apparently, they spoke to Lindsay immediately after the crackhead crack-hustled her way into the press conference for the Gotti film. The results were, as you can imagine, hilarious, delusional, sad and epic. I swear, Linnocent must have been high as a kite when she said some of these lines. Like, she wants to play Glinda the Good Witch in the film Oz: The Great and Powerful, in which James Franco is playing Oz, and names like Mila Kunis and Blake Lively are in the mix. Linnocent wants the part desperately, but she has caveats! “I think the only role I could play is Glinda…I’ll only do the movie if I can work with James Franco. We’re like best friends. We’re hanging out later.” Hahahahaha. Here’s more:

Lindsay Lohan sounded as if she’s already landed the role of Victoria Gotti in the upcoming movie “Gotti: Three Generations” Tuesday night at Lower East Side hot spot Beauty & Essex, even though she hasn’t yet been signed for the role. She told Page Six she has a “family connection” to the crime clan and has known them since she was 3 years old.

“My dad was in jail with the grandfather,” she told us, referring to Victoria’s dad, Gambino family boss John Gotti. In the late 1990s, Lohan’s father, Michael, did a four-year stretch in prison, where Lohan says the jailbirds crossed paths.

Lilo made a grand entrance in a sexy tan trenchcoat and sky-high platform heels. She hugged a friend in the upstairs lounge, then hit Beauty’s dining room to join brother Michael and two friends.

Her crew was buzzing about all things Gotti, and when we mentioned that Lindsay looks a lot like Victoria, a grumpy member of Lohan’s crew snapped, “Yeah, a younger, prettier version.”

But Lilo, who’s itching to restart her career after her stint in rehab, was already looking beyond the Gottis. “I want to be in Oliver Stone’s ‘Savages,’ ” she said of her future plans. “That’s the role I really want.”

She also mentioned her interest in Disney’s upcoming “Wizard of Oz” prequel, “Oz: The Great and the Powerful.” Lohan said, “I think the only role I could play is Glinda.”

Variety already reported that Blake Lively is in talks for the role of Glinda the Good Witch, but Lilo remained undeterred.

“I’ll only do the movie if I can work with [James Franco],” she said. “We’re like best friends. We’re hanging out later.”

Franco is slated to play the Wizard in the film — but sources close to the project say Lohan isn’t in the running to be added to the cast.

[From Page Six]

Do you feel a pang of sympathy for her? Did you stop snort-laughing long enough to say, “Jesus, this poor, delusional crackhead”? Don’t. Don’t feel sorry for her. She doesn’t even want your sympathy. She’s been doing this same, tragic, delusional crack hustle for so long, she has no boundaries, no sense of propriety, no sense of how NO ONE WANTS TO WORK WITH HER. Is that the worst part of being a cracked-out train wreck? You don’t even realize it?

Linnocent’s cracked-out preliminary hearing starts two weeks from now. Fingers crossed that she’s in jail very, very soon.




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  1. SolitaryAngel says:

    She reminds me of that South Park episode where Mr. Mackey walked around with his head floating somewhere above him (he was on drugs too). She looks so out of it in these photos, the prosecutor should be able to use them as proof she’s violated her probation. (HA) Fingers crossed for 2 weeks from now!

  2. Isa says:

    I don’t think there is anything funny about this.
    It’s sad, really sad and the expression on her face says it all to me…

  3. brin says:

    Delusions of crack grandeur.

  4. Quest says:

    That is what crack does to the brain. Poor child, but at least these pictures of LL are serious upgrades to what we recently saw posted.

  5. Roma says:

    I CALLED this. I suspected this is why she suddenly started hanging out in NYC. Well, that and the fact her john lives there.

    But seriously, I called LL trying to get on Franco.

  6. azurea says:

    Geez, Victoria Gotti looks like a shrunken head jammed on a mannequin’s body. And the only way those two resemble each other is their fake-looking doll hair…and perhaps their two matching brain cells.

  7. Isabel says:

    Next time we all feel badly for her when Michael starts spouting out some God-inspired nonsense about Lilo, let us all remember this moment, where Lilo actually used HIS experiences to get publicity. Well, and James Franco.

  8. ale says:

    if she really said those things she needs help.

  9. serena says:

    I just want to say one thing.

    Close your damn duck mouth!!!
    It’s disgusting, not sexy for god’s sake!

    She wants this and that, oh yeah. As if someone care about you, Linnocent.

  10. Tanya says:

    “I’ll ONLY do the movie if I can work with James Franco”?!? Wow, I didn’t realize she could afford to be so discriminating at this stage of the game…


  11. Addie says:

    She is really just embarrasing herself at this point.

    Good. Don’t think so
    Witch. For sure

  12. sisi says:

    Don’t know for sure, but I thought she didn’t want to have anything to do with her father (closet, hello…) and in the past did not had any contact with him while he was in prison, and now she references him and his jail sentence for a job.

    To be honest I rather have her think about jobs than anything else. Let her focus on this even though she doesn’t stand a chance AT ALL. I prefer this than party/samantha drama.

    Of course what I truly prefer is no news about her at all. Because she should be focussing on her case outside of the public eye imo. But that is too much to expect.

  13. Stef says:

    My dad was in jail with the grandfather”. Like, that’s something she’s bragging about? Class act of a typical LI family. She makes me embarrassed to admit I grew up there..

  14. kb says:

    “I’ll only do the movie if I can work with [James Franco],” she said.

    like she is in any position to make demands. she should with whoever they put her with if they are even stupid/ gracious enough to put her in their movie. crackhead.

  15. Majosha says:

    Her face looks more warped every week. And put on a bra, ffs. Those things look like they could be tucked into her waistband at this point. Ick.

  16. dorothy says:

    She doesn’t get it….she’s become a nobody.

  17. Marjalane says:

    I saw a news clip of her at that Gotti thing, and my impression was that she’s lost the ability to “appear” sober. She rambled on about “knowing and respecting the Gotti’s, known them for years, best friends,” It was bizarre to hear her sing the praises of a mobster family.

  18. trollydolly says:

    Those trousers! The fake Rapunzel hair!Reduced to bragging about mobsters!

  19. kg says:

    Wasn’t Blake Lively just mentioned for Oliver Stone’s movie Savages like 2 days ago? Lilo has gone from wanting to be the next Meryl Streep to wanting to be Blake Lively, hahaha.

  20. Elj says:

    Those boobs look hideous in that top.

  21. kazoo says:

    “when we mentioned that Lindsay looks a lot like Victoria, a grumpy member of Lohan’s crew snapped, “Yeah, a younger, prettier version.”

    HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA. so now we see one of the reasons this chick is so delusional. she surrounds herself with people even more delusional than her.

  22. mary jones says:

    Wasn’t John Gotti Victoria Gottis father? Not her grandfather. Also I don’t understand why she doesn’t have to take random drug tests, why is she so above anyone else who is on probation?

  23. Innocent says:

    Lindsay being cast in any Disney movie seems highly unlikely. However prior to James Franco deleting his twitter him and LL were both following each other and he was only following 4 people or something.

    The prelim starts a week on Friday.

  24. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Stef, that’s exactly what I was thinking. Since when did jail time be something to be proud of or acceptable?!?!

    Fingers crossed Lindsay’s in jail asap, she does not deserve to be rewarded with a film role at this current point in her life

    Tho sadly I can’t see her getting to middle age, as she is obv back on something again, girl has serious addiction issues yet everyone is carrying on like that’s normal and talking about film roles…WTF!?!?

  25. Innocent says:

    @mary jones
    Maybe Lindsay meant in reference to Victoria’s sons(John Gotti Sr is their grandfather) as she is friends with them.
    Her probation is revoked she is free on 40k bail without the ridiculous conditions from last year.

  26. ctkat1 says:

    According to Deadline Hollywood (which gets info directly from the studios) Lindsay hasn’t been mentioned for either of those parts.

    Oliver Stone really wanted Jennifer Lawrence for ‘The Savages’ but she booked ‘The Hunger Games’ instead- he’s now deciding between Olivia Wilde, Abbie Cornish, or an undiscovered actress.

    As for ‘Oz’, Blake Lively is rumored to have been offered Glinda.

    If you search Lindsay Lohan, the only film news about her is this Gotti movie, which she HASN’T EVEN BEEN SIGNED TO YET.

    To reiterate- the Artful Crackhead showed up for a press conference announcing a film that she is not officially a part of! Which means she got her picture taken, but was not a part of the official press conference (she didn’t sit on the dais and answer any questions, etc.) The is unheard of in Hollywood- actors who haven’t been cast never just show up at the press conference!

    The pathetic is strong in this one.

  27. gobo says:

    ok, the clothes are awful, the hair is a wreck and she’s delusional but someone worked wonders on her makeup.

  28. Sigh. says:

    @ctkat1 — “the Artful Crackhead”

    No. You. Di. N’t.
    Too funny. =D

  29. TheMango says:

    NO! Leave the Franco alone!!! And tuck your boob back in.

  30. original kate says:

    “We’re like best friends. We’re hanging out later.”

    uh-huh. something tells me lohan’s “friends” either want money, drugs or a blowjob from her. with franco i’m guessing all three.

  31. hottathanholywatta says:

    take whatever you can get at this point lindsay as the only roles you’ll have are in tampon commercials

  32. logan says:

    “Linnocent wants the part desperately”.
    Doesn’t she want everything desperately?
    Drugs, booze, furs, jewelry, men, women, work, etc. ………..

  33. Maria says:

    Victoria’s hair is such a mess! and she thinks is totally hot… LOL!

  34. Ashley says:

    “when we mentioned that Lindsay looks a lot like Victoria, a grumpy member of Lohan’s crew snapped, “Yeah, a younger, prettier version.”

    Next thing you know, the Gotti’s hear about that, and Lindsay’s name is suddenly no longer mentioned in conjunction with this film…

  35. Thea says:

    She has passed the point of no return. She is hanging out in New York thinking no one can keep an eye on what she is doing. Also, she is selling her body out to this latest dude from Pakistan or whatever. They love American starlets and pay major bucks for them. I think that is really how she is getting her money. And she just showed up at the Gotti movie conference. They havent even offered her a role. No one has cause she cant be insured. She needs to really get a grip just like Charlie. Their careers are over, and they really had wonderful chances. Until she gets her life together, there will not be any movie roles. And it is very sad. She is still so young.

  36. Tia C says:

    “…but sources close to the project say Lohan isn’t in the running to be added to the cast.”

    Um, these days I highly doubt she’s in the running for ANY cast.

  37. dragonlady sakura says:

    Go back to you natural, pretty red hair! All that peroxide has damaged her brain.

  38. Estella says:

    “I just can’t”


  39. Homer says:

    I . do not care . to see Lindsays boobage . ever in my life again. Put it the fuck away woman! I knew she was delusional but having her say she actually thinks she could play Glinda is absurd, it’s like me saying I’m going to play Glinda but I wear a leather jacket, smoke, drink a lot and am a vulgar lady. She’s perpetually away with the crack fairies this one.

  40. OhMyMy says:

    Smell the desperation much? Wow…just wow.

    She has managed to get the role of Victoria Gotti listed on IMDb with her as “rumored” on both her page and the movie’s.

    Her IMDb page has been looking like a garden of dead weeds lately. Add this to it like they stuck a blue plastic rose in the middle of it and they’re waiting for their blue ribbon from the garden club.

    Sad that they’re making such a BFD out of this role. At this point in her career she should be making 2-3 major movies a year or starring/producing her own hit tv show, making millions of dollars, buying her own mansion. And she’s got this to show for it all. Too bad you messed it all up on such an epic scale.

    Sad…just sad.

  41. ctkat1 says:

    OK, I’ve spent too long thinking about all of this and since I don’t have a blog I’m putting it here (and I apologize in advance b/c it’s long and rambling):

    Lindsay bothers me. Greatly. I don’t really know why- maybe it’s the entitlement, maybe it’s the delusions and lies, maybe it’s the general grossness of her whole family, maybe… whatever it is, I find myself actively rooting for her failure. It’s small and petty and uncharitable of me, but there it is.

    She comes out with these statements, these grandiose proclamations of roles she wants, roles she’s going to get, people she’s “best friends” with, and my hackles are immediately raised- CRACKHEAD, SIT DOWN!!

    Lainey has a theory that she’s basically stalking Blake Lively on Variety, jotting down every role Blake is in talks for and then announcing that she’s in contention for it- it’s a good theory.

    It’s just…Lindsay Lohan is over. The industry, the audience, the roles- everyone and everything has moved on while she was drugging and rehabbing and stealing and jailing.
    Back in 2006, when she was coming off a string of hits (Mean Girls, Herbie Fully Loaded, Parent Trap) and more dramatic parts with higher quality people (Georgia Rule, A Prairie Home Companion) she was perhaps primed to have the career that Carey Mulligan now has, or the career that Mila Kunis or even Blake Lively/Olivia Wilde have.
    But she blew it, and now she’s Tara Reid part 2. Everyone but Lindsay Lohan seems to realize this.

    Kaiser asked if there is a pang of sympathy for Lindsay, and I get what she means- it’s sad, and embarrassing, the way she seems to believe that her career is in a place it isn’t. This blatant fronting about work she isn’t in consideration for should be humiliating- she should be too ashamed to make statements like she made to Page Six. She should be humiliated when the producers of ‘Oz’ come out and say that she has never been in consideration for a part. She should recognize that showing up at the Gotti press conference when she doesn’t have a part is classless. But she doesn’t- she doesn’t recognize or see any of this.

  42. skeptical says:

    @ ctkat1
    I’m right there with you. I’m also hoping she fails.
    For me it’s all about her entitlement.
    Also ….I don’t like how she treated Samantha. I was reminded of a few bad bad bad relationships I got stuck in.

  43. cheesecake says:

    I defend Lyndsay here!! No one knows James “How-great-thow-art” Franco, no one knows what he likes or who he likes or what he does beyond the oscars! You are so quick to BASH LYNDSAY as a DELUSIONAL woman cause she stated that she knew the delicate professor Franco!! PLEASE… Franco spends more time being a jackass and claiming he’s “NOT HIGH, JUST REALLY TIRED!” Than Lyndsay has her whole life… Don’t be so quick to Lynch her, she may not be delusional.

  44. Pink Elephant says:


    Dude, she’s haggard at what, 24? Full of bullsh*t statements, to the end? At a time when any addict who’s worked the steps will tell you that you should be focusing on yourself and your recovery. (Not trying to pathetically play the gossip side of the Hollywood game while looking anything but sober.) Girlfriend’s done.

  45. the original bellaluna says:

    “A younger, prettier version” my arse. They could be siblings!

    OH, how I’ve missed this site! We haven’t had internet since we’ve moved, and I AM DYING!

  46. Melanie says:

    Kate: “uh-huh. something tells me lohan’s “friends” either want money, drugs or a blowjob from her. with franco i’m guessing all three.”

    1. James has his own money, more than she has
    2. He does not do drugs for the 100 million time and even if he did, he can get his own
    3. He has plenty of women who would volunteer to give him a BJ, most who are smarter, prettier and classier than Lindsay.