What did NYC Real Housewife Jill Zarin do to her face, does this look like her?

Jill Zarin
I know you read the title so you know who this is supposed to be, but honestly even if you knew her well would you recognize her? I don’t watch Real Housewives of New York but I’ve seen this woman before and I would know she was a Real Housewife person, before she did all that to her face. I wouldn’t have recognized her at all from that photo. She obviously got a nosejob and it looks like she’s had a lot of fillers and maybe Botox. She could show up at her high school reunion and people would squint and shake their head and be like “nope, can’t place ‘ya” because she looks like someone else. She doesn’t even look like her own sister now.

But of course this woman is all “oh I didn’t have anything done” and her costars are calling her on her bullsh*t:

Zarin, 47, denies getting any work done — “If I did, I would be the first to admit it,” she told me — but her critics aren’t so convinced.

“I really don’t know what to think.” Ramona Singer tells me. “If you see her in the photos, her face looks different. Personally I like her other look better.”

Ramona tells me that Sonja Morgan, another NYC housewife, is certain that Jill has had numerous “injectables” put into her face. “It does make her face look too taut and not as natural,” Ramona says.

Jill has admitted to going to famous cosmetic dermatologist Patricia Wexler. “Jill overdid it. It’s not the best look. Too much injectables look as bad as a bad face-lift,” a puzzled Ramona told me.

And it’s not just the females on Bravo’s hit show that are giving Jill a hard time.

Simon Van Kempen, who we often see on the show and is launching his own web series, tells me, “I certainly think it’s better to age gracefully than pull yourself so tight that you can no longer show facial expressions.”

Last week, Jill appeared on Bravo’s ‘Watch What Happens Live!’ sporting a distinct Madonna look. Simon sniped that “with her face the way it is now, it looks like Jill can no longer do a rendition of Madonna’s ‘Express Yourself.’”

[From Popeater]

At least own up to the nosejob! In case you doubt that she had one, check out Popeater’s before and after photos, they’re more dramatic than the comparisons I was able to find here. Look at the first photo below and then compare it to the ones that follow. Does it even look like the same lady to you? She better watch out or the parties she’s being paid a couple grand to attend are going to start turning her away.





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  1. Melanie says:

    Eye Lift! And a full on face lift. She is only late 40′s.

  2. TheMango says:

    Its like the Cricket from Pinnochio forcibly pulled her nose downwards.Ehh therefore she lies. Hehe.

  3. mln76 says:

    Is it me or does her new nose look wider and longer? She needs to get her money back she actually looks dumpier and although refreshed like a plastic surgery ‘Before’

  4. RHONYC says:


    eye lift & shaved off the top on her nose.

    mistake if you ask me. nothing was wrong with her look.
    it suited her.

    now that she’s gone and done a complete ‘jennifer grey’, she’s completely unrecognizable.

    dummy. :-(

  5. Roxy75 says:

    Oh she was pretty before. Looks like she is using that high def white makeup stuff too–funny since the whole Ashley Judd incident I have been noticing it ever so slightly on women.

  6. Mshuffleupagus says:

    Did…. did she have her nose elongated?

  7. krissy says:

    Thank you @RHONYC! I was trying to figure out who she looked like..someone famous for their plastic surgery Jennifer Grey.

    She could totally pass for Grey’s sister now!

  8. as says:

    She looked better before with her old nose. She looks horrible now. That doctor should be shot.

  9. Dani says:

    Yep, has definitely had multiple procedures done. Now if she only could get a personality transplant, poof, transformation complete.

  10. Jackson says:

    Holy geez. I don’t know who this woman is but those two pictures do not look like they are of the same woman. Very odd.

  11. Heatheradair says:

    she was lookin better with the bangs – softened her face a little…..there are some people who’s faces are just made for The Trauma. she’s one of em.

  12. nicole says:

    Um, she got rid of the bangs. That’s all it is. They can totally change a face.

  13. jamie says:

    nose job for sure.maybe cheek implants?

  14. The_Porscha says:

    She looked better – and human – before.

  15. Sigh. says:

    The nose for the win, not sure on the cheeks yet. I’m about 85% sure she had “something” done to/around them. But she’s smiling much more desperately, I mean wider in the after shots, and that would make her cheeks appear higher and fuller.

    And she looks like she had some re-paving, I mean chemical peel/treatments done as well.

  16. original kate says:

    that is the fakest smile i have ever seen.

  17. Amanda says:

    I don’t think she has had much done. Possibly some fillers under her eyes to get rid of the hollows under her eyes? I see that she used heavy makeup to contour her nose and then I think having her bangs pinned pack just really changes the way she looks. Put those bangs back down, girl!

  18. guesty says:

    I don’t watch rhony either but she looked waaay better before. Def a nose job & her hair color is bolder.

  19. lem says:

    ok i agree she looks better before but SERIOUSLY ramona cannot talk about putting too much crap in her face. she (ramona) looks like she is in pain when she smiles.

  20. Kaye says:

    For a second I thought she was Carrie Preston (Arlene from True Blood), but Carrie’s a lot prettier.

  21. Dominique says:

    She didn’t have a nosejob. Her nose looks the same. It’s clearly just awful contouring with her makeup. You can see it as clear as day in the close-up. So quick to scream plastic surgery when all it is is terrible makeup.

  22. YAY says:

    I loved her nose! It was the best part on her. :(

  23. bros says:

    awful-i didnt even recognize her last night where I was watching reruns. she is a heinous bitch still too.

  24. EdithP says:

    I think she’s gotten fillers under her eyes near her nose, and a whole lotta botox. I think I read where you can put a little botox in the tip of your nose and it gives it a little lift.

    She was so awful last season. I can’t bear to watch that show any more but I wonder what she’ll do to try to recover this year.

  25. TeeTee says:

    I didn’t know who she was, they say she had lap band, I am curious to see if she
    also had her daughter forcibly join her.

    she looked better before.

  26. Christine says:

    She TOTALLY looks like Jennifer Grey and she pulled a “Jennifer Grey.” What are the chances?

  27. skinanny says:

    lower eyes, and a nose job…

  28. LadyBert62 says:

    Well I dont see a difference – except looking rosy all over!

  29. demaderas says:

    Instead of trying (and failing) to fix her face, this zombie of a zero should try to repair her personality, enhance her intellect, reconstuct her psyche.

  30. neelyo says:

    She was probably tired of people thinking she was Joe Francis in drag.

  31. Falula says:

    @RHONYC, totally agree w/ everything.

    To others, how could everyday make-up or bangs/no bangs change a person’s entire face like this? She looks completely different! It’s not like she’s in prosthetics for a movie role, this is just out and about. If I cover her forehead with my finger it’s not like it suddenly makes sense.

  32. kmn says:

    She looked so much better before!

  33. DiaBLa says:

    jillousy……did pull a jennifer grey. yikers!!! I don’t like JIll at all but she looked so much better in the before pictures. at least she looked natural.
    Side Note…She has all two of her friends and Kelly tweeting her about how great she looks and that she has not had any work done…tell kelly to go back to scary island and your other 2 henchmen to tell the truth about how horrible you look. I guess the inside now matches the outside……

  34. Az says:

    @Christine: that’s what I said. Well, now her outside matches her inside: both are ugly!

  35. Kim says:

    She tried to get the Jew taken out of her nose and failed. I know; I have plenty of relatives who tried it too.

  36. Kim says:

    Sorry about that; as a Jew myself I like making jokes about us – no offense meant.

  37. kathug says:

    her nose looks so much worse! how does she think this looks good??

  38. dahlia1947 says:

    I know! She had an eye lift and a nose job. Personally, I think that she looks waaay better before. I mean her nose looks longer and flatter in that top pic. What was the surgeon thinking?

  39. Maggie says:

    The “before” shots are a lot prettier and natural, and you only see her top teeth. In the “after” shots you see both upper & lower…what’s with that??

  40. Relli says:

    @ 37/38 HA. i was goign to say she took the ethnic out of her face, but that’s another way to put it! You see this a lot in people who dislike certian things about themselves that actually make them unique or attractive. NO ones nose of the bride is that straight and all the make-up in the world cannot make the spread of the nose when you smile. NO Jillously is goign through something much deeper its second version of her 20′s that most woman experience after a divroce or when thier children move on eith thier lives, its called “I AM STILL YOUNG AND VIBRANT aka YOU CAN BE SEXY AT ANY AGE”

  41. jdao says:

    She was so much cuter before! :(

  42. Jenny says:

    Why does her smile look so huge now? She looks like she may eat the next person who comes by.

  43. Cinderella says:

    She better ask for a refund. That is one effed up face.

  44. j. katz says:

    Excess skin removed from upper and lower eyelids, rhinoplasty, etc. Guess she will actually be the last to admit plastic surgery, but lying is one of her better qualities.

  45. Twez says:

    Nose job, possibly laser skin resurfacing, much better makeup choices. Doesn’t look like anything more dramatic.

  46. Isabel says:

    YIKES. The first thing that struck me were how drastically different her eyes are. And her nose. It doesn’t help that she’s suddenly sidesweeping her bangs…it emphasizes the fierceness of the work she’s had done.

    That is some truly horrifying plastic surgery. She really was quite pretty before.

  47. hatekyle says:

    wut’s up with the 1930′s hair did? lmao. if she had anything done on her face that got offset by her outdated hairstyle. she looks a poster from the gatzby’s era.

  48. hatekyle says:

    …and i won’t even comment about that noise lol.

  49. wunderkindt says:

    Facelift, eyelift, nose job, eyebrow re-shaping, and Botoxed to the max!!!

    She doesnt look like herself.

  50. thinkaboutit says:

    she looks younger but not better.

  51. Lisa Turtle says:

    She got the a brow lift, which has also tightened the skin around her forhead. Maybe even a half face lift. The work is still settling. She did not get a nose job.

  52. MaudeLebowski says:

    She made her nose bigger and longer? Who does that?

  53. truthzbetta says:

    Yech. She’s an “Oh dear God, neither” in the “who would you rather…?” face off against her own self.

  54. Jacq says:

    Three words: refried Debbie Gibson.
    More RHONY please!

  55. Zoya says:

    She looks like she’s in pain.

  56. dovesgate says:

    Wow… and she was a beautiful woman before. Why did she feel the need to do this???

  57. Please says:

    umm is it just me or does it look like she has twice as many teeth in her mouth that a normal person should!

  58. anti says:

    she was genuinely pretty before. she looks quite a bit lea michelle now. : (

  59. oge says:

    she looks somewhat oldish now than before. the bangs suited her very well but not now seems she’s in pain

  60. Lisa says:

    Looks to me like she just got a nose job…I don’t know why celebs don’t just admit they’ve had work done when it’s so obvious!

  61. Annie says:

    Eyelift and maybe a chin reduction.

    The nose can be made to look longer if she had the lower attached part removed. Which would pull down the rest of the nose.

  62. KattyKat says:

    I don’t know this lady which may make me a better judge. She doesn’t look any younger. The forehead is better but the undereye lines and puppet lines are still there.

  63. Jean says:

    She’s definitely had stuff done. I saw her a while back on Watch what happens Live w/ Andy Cohen and I didn’t even recognize her, and I watch RHONY all the time. It took me a few minutes into the program to figure out who the heck it was.

    I can’t understand why someone would want to completely change their look at her age. All your loved ones and everyone else, for that matter, are used to seeing you one way.

    I agree with everyone else. She spent alot of money to look worse. This is exactly why I am paranoid to have any work done.

    It’s funny how she denied having anything done when Andy asked her about it on the show, but now she’s changing her story and saying she had a “liquid facelift” which is a combination of Botox and fillers. I say BS. That is not the same nose.

  64. ashton says:

    I find it amusing that so many people continue to say I hate Jill Zarin just because she may have had work done. In case you didnt realize half of the women in America get work done and it is not talked about. I think she looks great.

  65. Debby says:


    You look like hell – you were an attractive 46 year old women until you did whatever to your face.

    Give it up Jill – you had mucho work done.

  66. JILL…………. !!!!!!!!!!!!! ????????????

    You were so pretty before, why did you have face work done? Very unattractive!