Brooke Mueller is in rehab yet again, Charlie Sheen wants custody of the babies


Shocking no one, Brooke Mueller is still an addict. It’s been pretty obvious to me the entire time Brooke was allegedly “clean” – it’s her crazy crack eyes, they betray her every time. So, as CB wrote last week, Brooke went on some kind of crack/coke binge and she was trying to pawn some of her junk for drug money. TMZ reported that they had “multiple sources” claiming that Brooke had officially “fallen off the wagon” on a cracked-out binge – although there was never any wagon. Brooke snorted it years ago. Charlie Sheen’s lawyers made a stink about how Brooke was required to take drug tests as part of their custody arrangement, and apparently Brooke refused. Refusing to take a mandatory drug test is the same as testing dirty, apparently.

So now TMZ reports that after Brooke’s latest week-long crack binge, she’s back in rehab. Charlie’s lawyers were prepared to go to court tomorrow to raise the issue, so Brooke’s rehab jaunt seems to be “preemptive”. Now Radar reports that since Brooke is back in rehab, Charlie Sheen will be seeking temporary custody of their babies. Ugh.

With their mother back in rehab, embattled TV star Charlie Sheen will be seeking temporary custody of his twin sons this week, sources exclusively tell RadarOnline. Mark Gross, Sheen’s attorney, is planning to notify Mueller’s lawyer on Monday that Sheen will ask a judge to give him the boys while Sheen’s soon-to-be-e-ex-wife, Brooke Mueller, is in rehab.

Mueller, 33, reportedly entered rehab over the weekend after a crack cocaine bender — a story first reported by RadarOnline last week. The first signs that something was wrong with Mueller was when she started making calls to friends to ask for drug-free urine.

Then came her trip to a pawnshop in crime-riddled Inglewood, Calif., and her visit with a street drug dealer who said she bought $150 worth of coke from him last Thursday. Then late Friday, Mueller refused to take a court mandated drug test at home.

Said a tipster in Sheen’s camp: “Charlie has had enough with her excuses, period. Brooke refused to take a random drug test. Charlie’s attorney will use that as evidence that the boys are better off with him than with Brooke.”

What is clear, however, is that Mueller and her attorney, Lori Howe, won’t give up the boys without a fight.

Brooke’s attorney is expected to argue that the boys are well cared for with the help of Brooke’s mom, Palm Beach, Fla., socialite Moira Fiore. Howe is expected to argue that Max and Bob haven’t seen much of their dad over the past months. The fired star of Two and A Half Men is currently on the road for his Torpedo of Truth show until May 3rd.

“The last place the twins should be is in a different hotel rooms every night. Toddlers need love, continuity, and stability. They have that with Brooke’s extended family in Los Angeles,” a source in Mueller’s camp said.

Calls to Mueller and Sheen’s attorney’s weren’t immediately returned.

[From Radar]

God, I feel so bad for those babies. I pretty much full-on hate Charlie Sheen now, and I think Brooke is disgusting, so I’m on Team Babies for this one. Even I could do a better job parenting those boys than Charlie or Brooke. Hell, even Britney Spears would do a better job. But it does sound like Brooke’s mom is handling the situation well – maybe Martin Sheen should get involved too.





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  1. JenJen says:

    I hope somehow it works this time, for the kids.

  2. yt says:

    My bet is on Brooke’s mother and Martin Sheen already having a contingency plan to protect the twins from Brooke and Charlie.

  3. Laura says:

    Good god, those eyes are SUCH a tell!

  4. LindyLou says:

    Those poor kids. They don’t have one normal parent. So sad.

  5. kazoo says:

    damn, she’s got the for real crazy eye.

  6. OXA says:

    The twins would be better off with wolves than with Charlie and his traveling circus.

  7. Sue says:

    Whenever Brooke had them all she ever did was pimp them out to the paparazzi; her mom and Martin Sheen should get custody of the twins poor kids.

  8. Dana M says:

    Team Babies!

  9. Kim says:

    The last place those boys should be is with Charlie or Brooke. They are both drug addict losers!

    How many times has she been in rehab?? and when is he going to check in??

  10. albeli says:

    I feel so sorry for those boys.

  11. serena says:

    I’m on team babies too (those poor children)!

  12. willynilly says:

    Dear lord, that last pic reminds me of bald Britney when she was beating up a car with her umbrella. Good times.

  13. REALIST says:

    Absolute insanity. These kids (if it hasn’t happened already) need to have a guardian ad litem appointed to determine what is best for them.
    Neither parent is an option in my mind. The grandparents should petition for custody; assuming they are not messed up, too. Michael Sheen is a stand up guy, but how did Charlie get this far?-he has been curb crawling and doing drugs for years. Brooke’s mom should have to overcome a presumption of negligence in caring for and protecting her grandchildren; however,that’s a stretch from a family law standpoint.
    However, the presumption is still that the parent(s) should retain custody; but obviously this is a special (and very sad) case.
    These kids will probably require mental health support for the rest of their lives. 0-5 years old are critical developmental years-their critical years have been like a Grimms’ fairy tale-the original ones, not the tidied up ones.

  14. Samigirl says:

    As a mother, I just don’t understand what would make people do this stupid stuff that will inevitably lead to them losing their children! Seriously, I rarely even DRINK now that I’m a mother, let alone freaking buying coke every chance I get. Charlie and Brooke are disgusting, and they deserve each other. Sad day when Charlie Sheen’s urine is clean and his baby momma is the dirty one, btw.

  15. njnick says:

    Mueller angers me to no end. She does not want Charlie to get the kids because of his lifestyle which includes drugs etc. But she is living the same lifestyle.

    The thing that kills me is this, she is going to want the kids to live with her parents while she is in rehab. I actually support this. The twins should be raised by their grandparents (either mueller or sheen). But once she gets out of rehab and pronounces that she is “clean” she will demand/expect the kids be returned to her. How many chances is she going to get? Why doesn’t Charlie get custody of the children after he is done touring? He has been clean longer than she has. She’s had the kids and was still using. If the kids go back to Brooke after she completes rehab, I will be on Charlie’s side because that would be complete bullsh*t.

  16. Gossip girl says:

    33? Really? I would say she is, at least, 5 years older than that.
    As for the kids and their custody, obviously, they should stay with Brooke’s mom. Is Charlie even in town to be with his kids? Sadly, both of them are such a mess they can’t raise their own children. Hey Charlie, are you really the smartest guy in room right now?

  17. OriginalGracie says:

    Leaving those boys in the weeds next to the 405 would be better than Charlie or Brooke. A wolf pack would be more nurturing. A nest of vultures more kind and attentive.

    I hope Brooke’s mom gets to keep them.

  18. mmf says:

    She must be the Mayor of Crazy Town.
    Those eyes say it all.

  19. MrsOdie2 says:

    She has the eyes of a creepy doll.

    All of you who are advocating that Mueller and Sheen’s parents raise the twins, remember that they raised Brooke and Charlie, and look how that turned out.

    It is always best for the children to be with their biological parents if the parents can get it together and are not abusing the children. I’m sure those boys love their mom and dad and it is painful and damaging for them to be away from their parents.

    Now, their parents are both very sick individuals. I am sure that Brooke loves her boys, but she is a drug addict. Crack cocaine addiction is particularly brutal to kick. I hope that she can do it. She needs to get away from people like Paris Hilton and stop trying to be famous. Hilton and her ilk are all “social” drug users. There’s probably more Vicodin and Oxycontin among them than there is in a cancer hospital. Addicts who expect to get better have to get themselves away from other users.

    Those innocent children deserve better. Their parents should never have bred, but since they did, I’m pulling for the mother to get her shit together and take care of her kids.

  20. Mary Jane says:

    Dare I say it???

    Denise Richards FTW! She really does seem to have her daughter’s best interests at heart and I have grown to (sort of) like her. She is the only one who has stayed (fairly) classy about this whole “Charlie” thing. I don’t think I could have stayed as silent as she has. If she took the boys…
    The more I think of it…

  21. Catherine says:

    I feel sorry for those babies. The grandparents should step up and raise these kids because it is obvious they got ripped off with idiot parents.

  22. junipergreen says:

    33?? I’m 34 and she easily looks a good ten years older than I do. I would have placed her in her early 40s, at best.

    Also, and I know this is unrelated, but–GOD, that woman is unattractive.

    I really feel for those little kids. Getting shuffled around everywhere depending who is less fucked up at the moment.

  23. Elizabeth says:

    Re : REALIST

    Nice to see another legal person posting (ad litum was a give away) – clearly I am not the only one who visits this web site during work hours! Fun to see your post – hope to see more.

  24. Hakura says:

    Can’t we just give ALL of Charlie’s children to Denise Richards, and be done with it?

  25. Janna says:

    She looks like such a coke wh….re.
    Those poor boys getting the genes of these two parents. What are the odds they won’t be addicts of some kind. I hope one of the grandparents gets custody. And now there won’t even be money for these two babies. The well will be drying up any time now. Charlie will be unhireable.

  26. MSMLNP says:

    Yes, lets give the kids to Denise so she can famewhore them all out. I’m sure TLC will come calling.

  27. TXCinderella says:

    Yep, Team Max & Bob here too! Loser parents!

  28. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Team Denise Richards!! Give the babies to Denise.

    Apparently Brooke is not WINNING!!! anymore.

  29. feebee says:

    Team babies all right.

    Talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place. Sheen’s hardly an option but leaving them with Brooke (via her mother) is kind of saying, don’t worry about getting clean and your life on track, you get to keep your children anyway, just have your mom “look after” them.

  30. 4Real says:

    The Grandma should just get an attorney and fight for custody. Those poor boys. You would think PARIS would give that girl some sun glasses before posing with her.

  31. Weeble says:

    Poor Little Kids. I hope both Charlie and Brooke get themselves together, and if not that other more stable family members step in and help.

    And on a side note — Paris Hilton is always connected with every trainwreck in the industry from Lindsay to now Brooke. Paris must be a drug dealer or at least have all the connections.

  32. original kate says:

    the family dog would be a better parent than either of these two cracked-out messes.

  33. Ruffian9 says:

    Those poor, poor babies. Clearly in this instance, neither biological parent should be ‘parenting’ these boys.

  34. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @Weeble, my guess is that Mueller hangs w/ Paris b/c she makes for a good drug mule. Remember the story Joe Francis told about her stowing away an 8 ball in her lady parts? ::::shudder::::::

  35. Aries_Mira says:

    @ YT (#2) – I hope so!

  36. Matt says:

    She looks DERANGED.

  37. Addie says:

    Thanks @ Matt, That is the word to use.
    Her eyes have graduated from crazy to deranged.

  38. poopie says:

    WHO is PAYING for all these rehabs? aren’t the sessions something like 30 thousand bucks a pop? i wouldn’t think SHE would have that kind of $$$$$ for ‘blowing’ it all on drugs! send those twins to TOMKAT. scientology and SURI CAN RAISE THEM !!!!

  39. Crash2GO2 says:

    At least she keeps going to rehab. It shows me that deep down she knows it’s a problem and loves her boys enough to keep trying to be healthy for them.

    Go Brooke.

  40. Mizz Tickles says:

    I agree with Hakura!

  41. Melinda says:

    TMZ is reporting that Denise has offered to take the boys temporarily. Who would have thought she would come out so good in all of this mess after that nasty divorce?

  42. Hakura says:

    @Melinda – Wow. I didn’t think they actually would give them to Denise, despite my earlier suggestion.

    I do know that she’s far from perfect herself, but she’s definitely the lesser evil, when it comes to she, Charlie, & Brooke. She’s by far the most ‘stable’ (at least from what we can see).

    I just hope the children are okay, most importantly.