Beyonce’s new single: Beysus Forever or Willow Smith-esque?


These are photos of Beyonce filming her new music video last week. Much like Britney Spears’ last video, Beyonce’s newest seems to have a slightly apocalyptic flavor as well. The single is called “Girls (Who Run The World)” and Bey just released it. Here you go:

Lots of Beyonce’s girl-power lyrics and ladies-are-strong messaging. But the song kind of sucks, in my opinion. There’s too much going on? It sounds like she jammed three songs into one. Also: I got a very strong Willow Smith vibe from this single for some reason. Jay-Z signed Willow Smith, if you remember, and many of Beyonce’s lyrics seemed inspired by Willow’s immature lyricism, right? I don’t know it was just a vibe I got.

Going back to the video – according to the director, Francis Lawrence, the video “will probably be one of the bigger Beyoncé music videos ever done and, I can say that I think the song is unbelievable.” Beyonce’s new album is due in June. And it will probably be followed by another worldwide tour that will go on for two years. Jay-Z is going to have to wait a bit longer for babies, right?





Photos courtesy of Fame.

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42 Responses to “Beyonce’s new single: Beysus Forever or Willow Smith-esque?”

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  1. spinner says:

    Do not like. Do not want. BLECH!!

  2. Quest says:

    Looks like she had some work done (could be wrong)

  3. feedmeplz says:

    Isn’t Kelly Rowland releasing her album in June too, or was it August?

  4. Franny says:

    she’s just so pretty.

  5. Pont Neuf says:

    What a HORRIBLE… er, song? This chaotic cacophony can’t possibly qualify as music. It is, to put it politely, a stinking heap of rotting rubbish.

    Why is it that Beyoncé, one of the few singers nowadays who can actually sing, is wasting her talent with this utterly disgraceful material? It doesn’t make any sense to me.

    Someone should tell her that “avant garde” and “laughable” do not mean the same, for the sake of her career.

    Then again, that other hideous song ‘Single Ladies’ was a hit so… Does she know that most people are deaf and will buy anything that’s on the radio, while the rest of us haven’t realized, yet?

  6. Rita says:

    The song is meh, but I imagine CB and Kaiser standing atop Bitcholympus wearing the same outfit as they look down upon the peasantry.

  7. kazoo says:

    i see why the gays love her so much. she’s basically a high performing queen.

  8. Cali says:

    I heard this yesterday and it’s not a bad song, it’s just very immature and too busy. It also doesn’t help that her people kept hyping it up as “ground-breaking” and “a new sound of music” Really? This song really should have been for Willow Smith although, the “none of these b*tches can fade me” part would need to be scrapped. Is this the result of Jay having more influence over her music and Bey dropping her father?

    I can say that I am VERY dissappointed with Gaga, Britney and was holding out the Bey would bring the fire…sigh

    With that said I’m sure the video will be AWESOME!

  9. the_blonde_one says:

    Scrolling through those pictures I suddenly feel the need to go give some sort of spiritual thanks that she didn’t get the part in Wonderwoman as was being discussed at one point.

  10. jinni says:

    The marching band drums remind me of Destiny’s Child “Can you Keep up”.

    I kept waiting for the rest of the lyrics because the whole song sounds like a neverending hook or chorus being sung over and over again without anymore lyrics.

  11. Cali says:

    @feedmeplz Yes, she is….I was one who always said that there too many conspiracy theories about Bey coming out with new material every time a member of DC would release an album or song…but now since it’s been happening every since her solo career 8 years ago, it makes you wonder. Maybe she will keep that part of her father’s management style lol

  12. zxc says:

    I got to 0.42 when my ears started bleeding.

  13. gaugustaus says:

    She reminds me of Mariah Carey in the first photo.

  14. Dominique says:

    LOL@ “Can You Keep Up”. “Lose My Breath” is the name of the song.

  15. Aries_Mira says:

    What was heard cannot be unheard!!! Horrible!

  16. BeckyR says:

    Here is what I don’t get….and maybe some of you can enlighten me…..why is it contemporary singers can’t just get nicely dressed and sing, making the song and the voice the centerpiece? Why all the outlandish costumes, tons of dancers,etc? Did the Supremes need these gimmicks? Streisand? Rosemary Cloony?I know. I am 59 and my take is different than the younger readers. Still..I just don’t get it. Feedback please. Let me add this: I am a music lover, all kinds.When I was yonger, I saw the Beatles, Rolling Stones, James Brown and so many other legends live in concert and they had their own flair. But the magic was in the performer, the music!!!! Thank you.

  17. jinni says:

    Thanks #14 Dominique.

  18. jessica says:

    Yet again Kazoo.. LMFAO!!

  19. jover says:

    Beckyr many reasons; 1) today’s pop stars really don’t have a great deal of musical knowledge so they are easily led by what everyone else is doing; 2)when the music ahem is lacking as in this case, what else is there but spectacle; 3)everything about today’s biggest pop stars is tacky and gaudy, and I think they and their teams are afraid to try anything else; however, not all female singers go this lame route: Corinne Bailey rae, Sade, Julieta Venegas, K.D. Lang, Adele, for example. And finally bouncy is a legend in her own mind – she has no taste, sensibility or intelligence so she’ll do anything her handlers tell her, she is not at all independent; so despite her “renown” I wouldn’t base my musical judgement on this tacky overrated pop star.

  20. Stephy2585 says:

    Initially it’s a no.
    I looked up the lyrics because, as #10-sorry i can’t make out the name-pointed out there doesn’t seem to be any real lyrics aside from repeated chorus..The message in the song is really good though–I’m liking the Spice Girls-esque Girl Power message..can’t help it, I’m a 90’s girl 😉

  21. Mshuffleupagus says:

    She did jam “Pon De Floor” by Major Lazer in there! That song is way better than this one, why is it in here??? BTW, anybody looking for the weirdest/dazzliest music video ever should watch the “Pon De Floor” video. It made me horny and seizure-y.

  22. BooBerry says:

    #17 – The ridiculous, overwrought productions with the armies of wildly twitching back-up dancers and the insane, silly costumes are distractions to take the focus away from the largely mediocre music. The goal is to make the song seem more interesting than it actually is by associating it with all sorts of contrived imagery that fits in with the “package” she’s trying to sell, in her case “pop royalty”. Like how Britney sells “overheated pop tartlet”, Gaga with the “edgy, avant-garde art-house icon” routine and etc. “Slut-pop” is the only kind of music that still sells in the traditional way so record companies will naturally pour money into it and indulge the artist’s every silly whim.

  23. Mshuffleupagus says:


    I know that Beyonce song was intended to be like a great dance/workout song, but every time I listen to it at the gym and just hear her repeat “lose my breath” over and over again I get all dizzy and need to sit down lol. Its like titling a song, “You wont make it through the last 5 minutes on the treadmill, so don’t even try”.

  24. jay says:

    Her dancing always reminds me of Elaine Benes (Seinfeld) on speed.


    I think she’s overrated, isn’t all that as a singer, although she’s better than most pop tarts, her dancing is frenetic at best, and she’s always, ALWAYS, jumping on the newest artist and their thing to stay relevant. Hates it.

    And she is so NOT an actress. Bey, honey, sweetie, you won’t be the first black actress to achieve that Oscar, Tony, Emmy, Grammy. Already done by Whoopie. Please sit yo self down for a minute and recoup. Please.

  25. Marjalane says:

    I do not understand Beyonce’s appeal. At all. Give me an Adele or a cracked out Amy Winehouse any day of the week.

  26. truthSF says:

    Wow!! Between the top pic and the single cover, there’s about 20lbs (airbrushed out) missing. And is it just me or does Beywoulf have red eyes on the single cover?

  27. luls says:

    yeeesh, my ear drums are forever damaged after that! it just goes on and on! a never ending chorus with no reprieve!!

    Come-on beyonce! ur capable of better than THAT! Rihanna, Gaga, Britney, Beyonce, their records keep getting crappier and more commercial! damn! 🙁


  28. Beatrix says:

    Why does she sing like that? She sounds tacky. I’m not a fan, but I think she cam do better than this.
    How do you make a song about female empowerment and then say “these bitches can
    fade me”? That’s why we DON’T run the world; we’re too
    busy holding one another down.

    BTW, I’m a WOMAN not a girl.

  29. Beatrix says:

    Sry about typos. I blame mr. Blackberry

  30. kiko says:

    wow this is just bad!!

  31. Amanda G says:

    I like B, but this song is terrible.

  32. who me says:

    can we say nose job and skin bleaching anyone.. i know her stans will swear blind but she has changed over the years, look at her dangerousley in love album cover she was at least two shades darker… look at the independant woman video when she is on the bike her nose lokks diffrent too…..

  33. hellen says:

    Looks like a cocktail waitress at Caesar’s Palace.

  34. Yolboogie says:

    Wow! So, the song isn’t her best, but the comments….seriously? “tacky”, “talentless”, “unintelligent”? Unintelligent was my favorite, as it implies that the person knows her well enough to make that judgement call based solely on her stage persona.While I fully agree that the song kinda sucks, calling her talentless is a bit of a stretch. I read similar comments a few weeks back regarding Christina, -(as in, she made a bad album, she gained weight, therefore, she now sucks completely) What?! Say what you will about Bey or Xtina, but they can actually sing! And to answer Becky’s question- the masses like spectacles. Actual talent is rarely a factor. If it were, artists like Rihanna & Katy who don’t sing as well, but market t&a really well, wouldn’t outsell artist like J-Hud. JMT.

  35. truthzbetta says:

    Her cheap Rapunzel wig distracts me.

    Whoopie Goldberg has gawd awful style, but I sorta agreed with her that 99% of the time a beautiful black or sexy ethnic woman wearing a blond Barbie wig looks pretty damn sad and freakish. And not really SELF loving empowerment when you’re always wearing a Caucasian Barbarella wig.

    Girl looks like Rupaul.

  36. Janna says:

    Established pop stars get so afraid to losing their place as the poptarletts rise in popularity that they succumb to dumbing down their music instead of being trendsetters like they were.

    I pray to God Madonna in the midst of her midlife crisis doesn’t trying to be Britney and Lady Gaga and put out trite dance club music. Her Confessions album was pure dance music but brilliant and ahead of the curve and had mature themes. Her last album I really enjoy even though it was light fluff because it made me feel happy. But she tried too hard with the 4 Minutes and Justin Timberlake and a few other songs. Fans want Madonna to get back to trendsetting original music like albums like Ray of Light, Erotica,
    Music, and Confessions.

    Please, pop divas, be creative and give us some real songs that will last for the ages, not disposable music like Beyonce’s new song. Beyonce is better than this song.

  37. Janna says:

    @BeckyR, I hear you, I’m all about great music and singers. But there are many ways of performing. And one of the best concerts I have ever seen in my life was Madonna’s Confessions 2006 tour. I have watched the DVD so many times to relive it. A mixture of theatrics, of acoustic ballads, great song performances, and the set at the end was pure retro disco dancing to some update versions of her old hits. I had tears in my eyes at the end of the concert. I didn’t want it to end. And the intro song for the concert was mindblowing with the equestrian theme and her song mixed with Donna Summer’s I Feel Love with Madonna first being lowered from the ceiling in a glittering disco ball.

    But my best concert of all time for pure vocals was Elton John just sitting at a piano the whole concert 14 years ago, when his voice was still amazing, and I was blown away. His concert was mesmerizing.

    There’s so many forms of music and different kinds of performances to enjoy.

  38. Ele says:

    I really look forward to the day when pants become popular again. Isn’t anyone tired of the “pants as underwear” theme…bleh, and bleh on the video as well

  39. jill says:

    lol @ Ele.

    Beyonce is a well-known copycat, starting with her early rip-offs of Kylie Minogue.

  40. Hakura says:

    @FeedMePlz“Isn’t Kelly Rowland releasing her album in June too, or was it August?”

    Ooh, I didn’t know she had a new one coming out. =) I’m so glad to hear it! She really got screwed when B’s dad was managing her. I loved her first album.

    I’m sure the video will be in the same ‘thread’ as her previous videos. I wish I could be interested in it, but for some reason these images don’t pull me in. (But we’ll see.)

    Kind of random, but I just keep wishing she’d go dark with her hair color again. I think it’s so much more striking that way.

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