Linnocent’s incessant crack hustling pays off: she’s being offered a job!


Well, it was only a matter of time. You don’t spend years and years on the crack hustle without improving your game. Some good news has just come to Linnocent, fresh off of the news that her preliminary hearing (in her crack thievery case) would likely be pushed back, to ensure Linnocent’s proper celebration of Good Friday, the high hold day of crackhead martyrs (don’t tell Linnocent what it really is). The news: Linnocent’s crack hustling on the Gotti movie has paid off! Life & Style reports that after crashing the Gotti press conference, and somehow managing to push out an attached director, Linnocent is now in line to play Victoria Gotti. Remember, Linnocent is the “younger, prettier” version of Vicky. Just FYI, because you might have forgotten.

Lindsay Lohan will get the chance to make a big-screen comeback in Gotti: Three Generations after the director who’d objected to casting the actress in the movie has quit the project, Life & Style has learned exclusively.

Lindsay has been pushing hard to get the part in the new crime-family biopic, but insiders say director Nick Cassevetes wasn’t keen on including her. But just a day after it was announced that Cassevetes had left the production, it has emerged that Lindsay will officially be offered a part in the film.

“Nick was dead-set against having Lindsay in the film,” a production insider tells Life & Style. “Now that he’s out of the picture, they’re officially going to make an offer to her.”

Others working on the production still don’t want Lindsay to be in the movie, according to the insider, but persistence seems to have won her the role.

“Lindsay wanted this role and did everything in her power to get it,” says the insider. “The filmmakers didn’t want her, but she crashed press conferences and used personal connections to the Gotti family to push for the part.”

Although Lindsay has her heart set on the role of Victoria Gotti, the daughter of the late crime boss John Gotti, it’s unclear whether that is the part she is to be offered.

If Lindsay accepts, she’ll star opposite John Travolta, who’ll play the notorious John Gotti and Joe Pesci, who’ll play Angelo Ruggiero, John Gotti’s second in command. Others in consideration include The Hurt Locker star Jeremy Renner as John Gotti Jr.. The film is set to start production in October.

A rep for the company behind the movie, Fiore Films, tells Life & Style: “Lindsay is still very much in the running to play Victoria Gotti. But if she gets cast in that role, it will have had nothing to do with whether or not Nick Cassevetes is directing the film”.

Reps for Lindsay and Cassavetes didn’t immediately return requests for comment.

[From Life & Style]

This news was confirmed (sort of) by one of the film’s producer, Marc Fiore, who sounds like Linnocent gave him the beej of her career. He told Radar: “I want Lindsay to be in Gotti and another movie that I’m producing. She’s a great, great actress.” The other film is yet another mob movie, this one called Mob Street (ugh). Then, someone asked Fiore, “Hey, are you concerned that Linnocent simply isn’t worth the trouble, because, you know, she’s a crackhead with incessant crack drama and she’s an unreliable crack liar and crack thief who will snort anything that isn’t nailed down?” (I’m paraphrasing.) Fiore replied: “She’s been very professional with me. People make mistakes. Look at so many other people in Hollywood.” Let’s decipher that one: “She’s been very professional with me [and by that, I mean sex]. People make mistakes [I‘m not allowed in Tijuana anymore]. Look at so many other people in Hollywood [it was seriously good sex].



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  1. Elj says:

    “Lindsay wanted this role and did everything in her power to get it,”

    That’d be blow jobs, hand jobs and rim jobs then.

  2. Tanya says:

    IF (and I do say IF) this ‘film’ ever gets made, it is going to be a suckfest of epic proportions. And I do not mean an awesome suckfest, a la William & Kate. Just a suckfest. Period.

    I’m not even hungover, nor do I have food poisoning, yet I feel the urge to barf.

  3. kazoo says:

    So, how does this work? Does she have to insure herself? I guess her wealthy bf can do it…

  4. Enny says:

    This is going to epically bad. I can’t wait!

  5. yt says:

    Glad she finally got a real job. Best wishes to the cast and crew. Her work ethic is a bit shaky.

  6. neelyo says:

    I think people use her name to get buzz and financing for their projects. The producers probably have no intention of actually using her but despite her lack of recent work or real achievements, she still gets press. IF this movie moves forward, I bet they’ll cast someone else. Her insurance alone would eat up half the budget.

  7. CIdee says:

    OK, I’m going to admit it right here and now….I can’t WAIT to see this crack-induced train wreck of a film. Travolta’s Zenu-Rug AND Linnocent’s straw weave? Bring on the popcorn.

  8. Quest says:

    Yikes! Is there any real justice where LL is concerned?

    The girl can get away with everything (literally), sadly this is why she will never learn and will continue her cracked-out-whore-mongering ways.

  9. dorothy says:

    The people we really should pity is the ‘reputable’ actors that are in the film. Being attached to a film that includes Lindsay Lohan is not a plus for anyone. It demeans their craft and will no doubt bomb at the box office. Why in the world would any sane person want her in this film?

  10. Jackson says:

    Anybody see on Radar that there will not be cameras in the courtroom on Friday (now scheduled for whenever?) Sucks.

    Not surprised on the Gotti movie gig. This movie looks stupid and I can’t imagine people are going to pay to see it. She will bring buzz to the movie, good or bad (bad.) But buzz = attention and this movie will need all the help it can get.

  11. Heather says:

    It is too early for that top picture of Lindsay.

  12. Innocent says:

    I know it totally sucks i’m shocked that cameras have been banned.

  13. danielle352 says:

    @dorothy -We will never see Travolta-Pesci-Lohan on any movie posters, for that very reason. I don’t think their people will let that happen. Intuition or something.

    Anyone else think that?

  14. Marjalane says:

    So wouldn’t this decision pretty much insure that this guy is the laughingstock of Hollywood? There are probably plenty of starlet b.j’s to go around and this dumbass settled for Cracky? I hope he rinsed his penis in Tide when he was done.

  15. danielle352 says:

    Did someone already mention that this director is the same guy taking Liam neesons place in hangover 2?

    He wouldnt have left this gem for THAT right? :-)

  16. Diane says:

    Great, just another example of what Linnocent wants, Linnocent gets.

  17. the_blonde_one says:

    I hope this happens so much that my panties (if they existed) are a bit moist. I hope that lindsey falls under the mind control of the scientoligists. I hope Tom cruise leaves Katy for lindsey. THINK of the epic things that could happen if she joins that fauxligeon! It’s too early for me to think of amazing scenarios but I know it would be amazing.

  18. brin says:

    I can’t imagine this disaster of a movie ever being made…you’d have to be on crack to watch it.

  19. Rianic says:

    @brin – I know. I way the sciento’s to get her too!

  20. arock says:

    i think they have the same wig lady

  21. Samigirl says:

    Oh dear. @the_blonde_one, your imagination rivals that of my 3 year old. It’s impressive. If this movie gets made, I’ll see it. Nothing better than a trainwreck. However, I’m more willing to think Lohans part will be like it was in Machete. Like a 5 second role. Or several 5 second roles. Because the girl cannot act to save her life. The producer who called her a great, great actress can go die. LL will never be in the ranks with Meryl Streep, Kate Winslet, Cate Blanchett, etc etc…I agree with the poster above who mentioned the actual stars in the movie. By stars we mean Jeremy Renner, right? He’s the only one really worth anything, it would seem. And IF he signed on for the movie, I would be SHOCKED.

  22. mln76 says:

    That director is probably going to be laughing his ass off at the debacle this film will become. I am betting even if Lindsay gets off with little jail time she will be back in trouble in 30 seconds.

  23. dread pirate cuervo says:

    I said this in a post last week & I believe it even more now: Lindsay has to be banging Junior Gotti. This is not going to end well for her.

  24. the_blonde_one says:

    @samigirl, I’m just sick of the same old shit on all those gossip fronts. I’m trying to broaden their horizons as they obviously aren’t going away. mix it up a bit.

  25. Samigirl says:

    HAHA. I’m cool with it. It gave me an LOL. Lilo is short, so TC would be happy ;-)

  26. lease says:

    I think i’m more disgusted by Demi Lovato then I am by Lindsay Lohan. I donno.. neither of them will ever change because the more they act like the scum of the earth, the more we read about them.

  27. Sam Jones says:

    It doesn’t matter if she got the part or not. They don’t start filming until the fall and we all know that she won’t be able to stay out of trouble until then.

  28. KJ says:

    Isn’t it funny that the one person who had any sort of credentials (Cassavettes) was the one who was like “um…Lindsay Lohan? Really? Fuck that.” This Mark Fiore character is shady.

    BTW – Joe Pesci has done 2 films in the last like decade. He hasn’t officially confirmed he’s on board as far as I know. Something tells me he’s not going to actually be in this.

  29. Laura says:

    Lindsay looks nothing like Victoria Gotti other than the terrible hair. Lindsay, crack drama and all, is at least pretty, I think.

  30. Marie says:

    I just don’t understand the “great actress” thing. What the hell has she done that makes her so “great?” They must be saying “great” because of her performances in court and trying to act sober. (Which I have seen through all that b.s. the entire time, bitch isn’t fooling me, I am a hard cookie to get one over on).

    I don’t care who the other actors/actresses are I will NOT pay to watch nor will I watch anything on cable that this trick is associated with.

  31. sapphire says:

    Hey, anyone remember “Inferno”? When the director had no intention of using Blohan, just used her to generate PR?

  32. Isabel says:

    Ha! Kaiser, loved this post. I couldn’t help but to actually LOL.

  33. Rex says:

    I think LL was good – a long time ago. She hasn’t done anything that was memorable recently. Prairie Home Companion was a bust (from her – boring) and lets not forget I Know Who Killed Me – bust.

  34. OhMyMy says:

    @Marie: You’re absolutely right..a lot of people think that way about her.

    The last things I saw her in were Ugly Betty (where she was clearly phoning it in and you could tell they were rushing through her story arc to get her the hell off the set) and Just My Luck. In Just My Luck for the lightweight comedy that it was everyone else in it did a decent job. Love Missi Pyle in anything. Chris Pine..hello Star doing great. Lilo was the one that was wooden and horrible in it.

    Every time she pulls one of her stunts (the dog ate my passport…I need Good Friday off) more and more people lose respect for her.

    Amazing actress…even if she was I don’t care. I don’t want to see her in anything.

    Nick C. good move man. Jeremy R. run, fast.

  35. Cherry Rose says:

    I think it’s going to go down how Inferno did. Lindsay won’t be able to stay out of legal trouble, the studio and directors will realize she’s too expensive to insure and that most people don’t have a very positive opinion of Lindsay, and lastly, she’s highly unreliable, and will cost the studio more money as they wait on her ass as she parties her ass off and either comes in work late or doesn’t show at all.

    I agree with other posters though. I think they just want the notoriety that Lindsay’s name brings up to get more press for the movie. I highly doubt they really want her in the movie.

    BUT, if she does get a part, it definitely won’t be Victoria Gotti. It’ll probably be a very minor role that’s entirety can be filmed in one day.

  36. bored says:

    It’s so cute and desperate how she mimiced VG so carefully for this photo op to hustle for this part.

  37. Cirque28 says:

    I can’t imagine wanting to see a movie about the Gotti family. Seriously. Some people are thugs but sort of interesting or smart or attractive. The Gottis are just thugs.

    And Victoria and LL look nothing alike. Victoria’s appearance is so Mediterranean… not like Miss Red Hair and Freckles. Though the matching blond whatever-that-is (cotton candy? horse hair?) makes for a valiant attempt.

  38. Kloops says:

    Love it! This is going to be an epic piece of celluloid crap. JT and LL in the same film? The Razzies never had it so easy.

  39. Princess8868 says:

    “The filmmakers didn’t want her, but she crashed press conferences and used personal connections to the Gotti family to push for the part.”

    LMAO i dont even need to say anything
    They wanted Lindsey like a bad case of Crabbs im sure. Oh this movie has Fail written all over it, The acting is going to be just EPIC !!!

  40. lucy2 says:

    Agree with neelyo – it’s all for PR. I doubt it will ever happen, she’ll either be in jail and/or uninsurable.
    That director was smart to bail now.

  41. Suckafatone says:

    Yaahh Innocent is back!! we missed you so far today.
    Cant wait to sign on later and read your nonsense .

  42. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    what a circus film this will be. Travolta and LILO? HaHJAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

    This is GRRREEAATT!!

  43. Stef says:

    Here’s the thing…her trial starts….whenever, Friday, next month…..that trial won’t last super long. If she’s convicted, UHHH, might put a damper on things, don’t you think?

    GOD I hope she gets convicted. bitch needs a slap of reality.

  44. KO says:

    How does she have so much baggage under her eyes? I’m only a couple years older than her but no wrinkles…So confusing…

  45. ctkat1 says:

    Agree with everyone: this is all for PR- she’s not actually going to do this part.

    Nick Cassavettes (who directed ‘The Notebook’, ‘My Sister’s Keeper’, ‘John Q’, and is the son of John Cassavettes and Gena Rowlands) is actually a professional. The fact that he dropped out of this piece of crap speaks volumes.

    Mark Fiore, the producer who is so keen on Lohan, is shady as hell. His production company, Fiore Films, has produced only 1 direct-to-DVD movie called ‘One, Two, Many.’ Anybody heard of it? Exactly.

    How he got John Travolta I’ll never know, but it would not be surprising at all to find out that Fiore is a friend of Xenu. My guess is that Travolta is pulling out pretty soon.

  46. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Kaiser, TMZ just posted that Lindsay is not getting the part due to demands from her management team… Can’t wait for your article on this one!

    My faith in justice has been restored :D

  47. KJ says:

    Was just coming in to post about Lindsay officially not getting the part. LOL. Yea, she’s such a great actress that NO ONE believe she would actually be apart of this movie once the dust and famewhoring settled. Way to go Linnocent. That epic come back is going real well, huh?

  48. harfang says:

    Unless this girl saves a small village from destruction or something, she has so had it. I still think it’s sad. She had a lot going for her at one point. And this is a serious waste of an extreme hottie.

  49. Hakura says:

    @Quest“Yikes! Is there any real justice where LL is concerned? The girl can get away with everything (literally), sadly this is why she will never learn and will continue her cracked-out-whore-mongering ways.”

    Re: Justice – Nope.
    Re: Can get away with anything – Well, I guess we can all agree that she does have a talent of some kind… Other than what she did for the director to get in on that ‘cast picture’ thing, I mean.

    @the_blonde_one“I hope Tom cruise leaves Katy for lindsey. THINK of the epic things that could happen if she joins that fauxligeon!

    The apocolypse…. I always thought she’d have a hand in it.

    I’m still pissed off that I’m not getting my ‘Lindsay court ass kicking’ Bday present.