Emma Watson’s “taking a break from college” story changes again


On Friday, Bedhead wrote about the rumors that Emma Watson was “taking a break” from Brown University because of “bullying.” The rumors seemed to be completely made up – but they did add another layer onto (what I perceive as) the sketchiness surrounding Emma’s decision to “take a break.” First of all, it just seemed like Emma wasn’t so much “taking a break” as dropping out. Second, it seemed like she was dropping out for what I thought were the WRONG reasons – partying, clubbing with Harvey Weinstein, and “modeling”. While I do believe that it’s her life, her decisions, it seemed as if Emma is more concerned with still being perceived as the good girl, the smart girl, rather than a party girl who got tired of studying and decided to blow off college to have fun. She wants to have her cake and eat it too, PR-wise. And many of you have played along, defending her choices and yelling at me because I deem her moves Lohan-esque. Anyway, here’s Emma’s new story: she’s not just “taking a break” from Brown. She’s “transferring.” Hm…

A spokeswoman for Harry Potter star Emma Watson says she will be transferring from Brown University to another university in the autumn.

Vanessa Davies denied reports that the 21-year-old actress was “bullied out” of the Rhode Island university, saying there was no truth in reports by a number of online publications who cited classmates and “insiders”.

Davies said Saturday that Watson, who plays Hermione in the wizard movie series, has decided to pursue a different course not offered at Brown.

She added that the star “has absolutely loved her time at Brown” and made many good friends there.

Watson has recently taken time out of her studies to focus on her movie career. She has said that her first days in college were difficult.

Davies did not identify the university Watson will be transferring to.

[From The New York Times]

UCLA or NYU? It would have to be an industry town, better for partying. Or maybe she won’t even end up bothering to “transfer” and her publicist will just release yet another statement in August stating that Emma’s “paperwork” got messed up and she’s going to spend another year “exploring her options.” Honestly, I really hope I’m wrong on this one. If I am, I’ll eat it with pleasure.



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  1. Disco says:

    Yeah, Kaiser…I hope you’re wrong too. But I don’t think so.

  2. SolitaryAngel says:

    I thought she was smarter than this…. 🙁

    “Taking time off college to focus on her movie career”? That’s the exact opposite from the reason she gave for going IN to college!

  3. kazoo says:

    i think all these rumors and strange press releases will just make it harder for her to return to (any) school.

    and yes, i agree with you…i doubt she was bullied. i suspect she got bored in RI(and that perhaps brown was unwilling to cater to her busy schedule).

  4. Louise says:

    Maybe she’s just taking a semester or two off just to finish Harry Potter and other stuff. I don’t know why people are so hard on her. Considering most child actors don’t even finish highschool, it’s great that she did almost 2 years of college. Also she denied the bullying story so I’m not sure how she should be blamed for a tabloid rumor.

  5. Bubbling says:

    Maybe she’ll decide to enroll uni in UK? I honestly think they are on to something with bulling story. Perhaps she wasn’t bullied but got overwhelmed with the attention

  6. well, she isn’t transfering to Yale, is she? so it’s a trade down anyways… she’s probably transfering to University of Hollywood or something.

  7. Oi says:

    Kazoo beat me to it, but yeah, this is only gonna make it harder. What are they trying to do here? Did dropping out really hurt her image that bad? I’m not a fan (never cared for Harry potter) so I really dont get it.

  8. Amy says:

    Maybe she’ll go closer to home in the UK? Or just do the Olsen thing and quietly walk away from college. If she decides NYU, they have branch campuses all over the world (I’m currently a grad student at the Madrid campus) so maybe that would allow her more flexibility with her jet setting lifestyle.

  9. Ferocity says:

    I’m going to take a different stand here. I think that there’s a man involved.

  10. Zoya says:

    Why is this such a big deal? people/the media are acting like she’s Lindsey freaking Lohan for taking a semester off. she obviously has a good head on her shoulders since she avoided all the pitfalls of child stardom… leave her alone and let her make her own choices.

  11. Blank says:

    Honestly I find more and more reasons to dislike her constantly. I know a lot of you like her but you have to admit that she often contradicts herself.


    Edit: @Louise

    Um when are people ever hard on her? Everyone seems to think she can do know wrong. The fact is that people should always be held to their word.

  12. Whatever says:

    Yeah, people are hating on her. People take off and change schools for a million reasons that are nobody’s business. Maybe it wasn’t a good fit for her or she has a lot going on and wants to change schools when everything settles down. Maybe people at school were weird with her and she’ll switch to a UK school to be closer to home and feel more comfortable. Who knows?

    I have daughters and pay attention to this generation against my will. 🙂 From what I’ve seen, she is the FIRST of the actresses/disney chicks her age that attended college at all or show any kind of intelligence. Compared to Lohan, Britney, Kristen Stewart, Miley et al, I’ll take Emma any day! None of those girls spent three seconds in a college classroom, yet they are not criticized for the decision, so why the focus on Emma’s college choices? From what I’ve read of this story, it all seems like all speculation and made up nonsense.

  13. k says:

    Providence is a tiny city. I can imagine it would be easy for a big-time starlet to get bored or claustrophobic there. She may have fared better in NY or the Boston/Cambridge area. She doesn’t seem to be much of a partier. She seems fairly down to earth.

  14. Harper says:

    Okay, you seriously need to give it up with Emma Watson stuff. I’m sorry, but I’m starting to be personally offended by it. I also did a year at one university, had some personal problems/a “what am I doing here?” crisis, took a year off to work and figure things out, then went back to another university and complete another degree entirely. I now have an M.A., a B.Ed, and a career I love, but lord knows where I would be now if I’d tried to tough it out with that first university. I know I’m probably taking this way too personally, but I strongly identify with this scenario, as do many others, and I feel somewhat attacked every time I see this story rehashed in this manner. Taking a year off to work does not a Lohan make. I don’t know how you can even begin to think that “taking a break from college” equals “drug addict/thief.”

  15. MourningTheDeathofMusic says:

    @ Harper – you are right and are taking this far too personally.

    It isn’t our business to the reasons why she decided to step away from Brown, but contradicting stories and a flood of rumors fuel all sorts of speculation.

    All I can say is, Danika McKellar and Jeff Cohen – two prime examples of child stars that went on to college and found careers outside of the movie industry.
    So there is hope!

  16. Blank says:

    @Harper: I really don’t think that this was meant to be a hit against people that take a year off school or people that transfer.

    The problem is that Emma Watson constantly talked about how important school is for her. In a weird way she even bragged about it (she went, in part, for her image). She was constantly praised for it too. Now she seems to be choosing modeling and clubbing over her education. And people are STILL praising her for it. It’s beyond obnoxious.

    It’s more than fair to now question whether or not she was truly sincere about the importance of her education.

    Besides you went back to school and made something of yourself :)! Did you feel guilty for skipping a year? I don’t really understand your criticism of this post.

  17. Iggles says:

    It’s here choice whether or not she wants to continued school. At least she tried. She can always go back at a later time, because unlike non-rich people, she’ll have ton of money to pay for tuition and no need to work for a living!

  18. jane16 says:

    Thats the new face of Lancome, huh? Gad zooks! Times have really changed.

  19. Alix says:

    Ten bucks says she never goes back to school, period.

  20. Liana says:

    I don’t get why anyone cares.

  21. Madchen says:

    Her future aside, is that a trench coat with black leather sleeves? WTF?!

  22. Sugar says:

    @Madchen, I adore that trench coat!! 😛

  23. DetRiotgirl says:

    @Harper I agree with you.

    I’d also like to ask, has anyone seen her out clubbing? Acting drunk? Being a Lohan? Until I see her acting the fool and stealing necklaces ala Linnocent, I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt on this one.

  24. DetRiotgirl says:

    Also @Madchen YES! I wondered the same thing! That coat is the most questionable choice in this post!

  25. Ashley says:

    @Harper – I’m with you. I went to three different colleges before I finished my BA. One of which was a community college at home because I couldn’t hack it at University. The judgment (whether intended or not) that comes along with this story bums me out too.

    And we have NO IDEA what her reasons are. Maybe she’s depressed, homesick, having trouble adjusting. Maybe she wants to work/model/party. But who cares? None of which are our business and we don’t need to hate on her. Plus she’s still DUI free and not trying to crack-hustle.

    If I were famous, I most CERTAINLY would not have shared the real reasons I left my University.

  26. Juu says:

    I would do the same if I was her. She’s young, rich and beautiful, and she has her entire life in front of her. I’m almost graduating and now I wonder if it was worth the time and money I spent on it.

  27. chasingadalia says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if she went back to the UK for school. I imagine hopping across the pond all the time must be frustrating. She also probably didn’t want to announce she was transferring until she got in and made it official, you know?

  28. normades says:

    Two great examples of girls who went to school: Portman and Hathaway!

  29. fizXgirl314 says:

    so she gets credit for sweating it out in college for a year or two because she’s an actress? I don’t think so… For once I would like to see these people take the road less travelled…

    lol, and I love how if you’re a celebrity these days without a DUI or a criminal record, you’re pretty much heralded as a hero. I dunno what her problem is but I do hope she finishes school. It would set a great example…

  30. Earl says:

    More examples of girls who actually graduated from an Ivy League university:

    -Jody Foster, Summa c. laude, Yale

    -Brooke Shields, Princeton

    -Elizabeth Shue went back and graduated from Harvard AFTER she was nominated for an Academy Award

  31. Forelithe says:

    Sheesh y’all! The girl has been working since she was 12 years old! I think she’s entitled to a gap year. Hope she has lots of fun before settling back into Nice Proper English-Girl Mode.

  32. Crash2GO2 says:

    I think it’s safe to say she gained the freshman 15.

  33. Athena says:

    Sadly I don’t think you’re wrong I think she’s making bad decisions but it’s her life. I find it funny that it bothers her not to be perceived as the good girl from harry potter I’m sure she’ll complain about it sooner then later.

  34. riri says:

    It sounds like she was suffering socially and doesn’t feel comfortable sharing that bad experience publicly- which is her right.

    There is shame associated with bullying experiences, plus, if she ever want to go back to college (any college) the last thing she would want is to give mean girls (and boys) ideas.

    If you stand out, in some social settings- you have a better chance to attract some negative attention (plus people are many times just jealous).

    When you are Emma Watson- how can you not stand out?

  35. riri says:

    Also, many people would have taken time off or change college once they felt how the experience was first hand- if they had the means she has.

  36. Somersetrose says:

    In don’t understand why most of you are being so hard on her. She’s young and has worked hard for most of her life – couldn’t it be that she is sick of juggling study and work and is excited by all the opportunities she has now (that may not be there in a few years time, unlike university which will always be there) and wants to take advantage of them. Even more likely is the fact that she’s not entirely sure about the what the future holds for her.

  37. Bunnywabba says:

    If she is dropping out to enjpy her youth and go clubbing, then whatever. As long as she isn’t getting sloppy drunk and doing drugs then i think it’s fine She seems like a sweet girl and has worked very hard throughout her childhood. Who can blame her if she is making up lame excuses and not wanting to admit she just wants to kick back and have fun? It’s not like she will ever need a degree. She can live off her Potter fortune for the rest of her life.