Paul Bettany: Whining actors should “grow up & go get a real f–king job”


These are photos of Paul Bettany working the hell out of a beautifully-cut three-piece suit in Russia yesterday. He’s promoting Priest, and the man looks… AMAZING. I love him so much, and I was just thinking about how weird it is that I now have this ginger fixation as I get older. I’m seriously obsessed with Paul, Prince Harry, Damian Lewis and Michael Fassbender, all of them gingers. Sigh… my Kryptonite these days is men with firecrotches. Anyway, Paul, Russia, Priest, etc.

In a recent interview on the Priest promotional trail, Paul went off on his fellow actors – specifically, the ones who whine about their jobs. I love him and his peeves about self-absorbed, self-pitying narcissists.

Brit Paul Bettany has taken aim at “whining actors”, insisting they should “get a real job” and let a grateful wannabe take their place.

The straight-talking Legion star admits he cannot tolerate castmates who complain about trailers and services on film sets – because he thinks all actors and actresses should be thankful they are doing something they love.

Bettany, who is married to actress Jennifer Connelly, rages, “Something like 90 per cent of actors are not working and you are. That’s why I hate hearing actors moan: ‘I have to be in Mexico for five months… Oh no, I’ve gotta go to f**king Tokyo…’ F**king grow up! Go get a real f**king job and let somebody else go.”

[From Wonderwall]

Co-sign. Love.

In other Corpsey Hotness news, Paul also confirmed that he’s still got a gig voicing Jarvis (or “J.A.R.V.I.S.”) in Iron Man and The Avengers. You knew that was Paul’s voice, right? The voice of Tony Stark’s dry, witty computer? Paul’s voice is a perfect fit – so English and sexy.

Even though “The Avengers” has begun filming, we’re still learning about all the actors with roles to play in the film. Paul Bettany, who played J.A.R.V.I.S. in “Iron Man” and “Iron Man 2,” recently confirmed his return as the voice of Tony Stark’s computerized assistant.

While at a press conference for “Priest,” Bettany was asked a few questions by a fan about his part in the Marvel movie universe.

“Well, I just met with Jon [Favreau] one time, talked things out and I’ve recorded some lines for the movie, not knowing anything about it,” the actor said. “Then, one day, when ‘Iron Man I’ was released, my friends started to tell me: ‘You’re in ‘Iron Man’!’ and I kept saying ‘What? No, I’m not!’, and then, after I saw the movie, I’ve realized, that I’ve had quite an interesting part in this movie.”

“With ‘Iron Man 2′ it was kinda the same, but now I knew what I was working on. After I recorded another pair of lines with Jon, we would go to some place, have some drinks & fun. He’s really a nice guy!”

Of course he was also asked about “The Avengers,” and confirmed his involvement in the 2012 team-up movie.

“Yes, I am involved in this project,” he said. “Don’t know when we will start though, usually they [guys at Marvel] call me, when they’re almost finished with the movie, so we will see where this goes.”

[From MTV]

Cute, right? I love his interviews, I love his voice, love his ginger, love his corpsey hotness. I’m sorry to just be so flat-out gushy, but there you go. He’s magnificent. I don’t know when his wife Jennifer Connelly is due, but I suspect she’s got another few months to go, that’s why Paul isn’t all over the place promoting Priest – because he wants to be at home with his family and his pregnant wife. And that’s why we love him.

Here’s the trailer for Priest:




Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. RHONYC says:

    *and the Foo Fighters sing*



  2. TQB says:

    Did he just WINK at me? Glorious good morning to you too, your corpsey hotness!

  3. Enny says:

    Jennifer Connelly is one lucky bitch.

  4. Jackson says:

    Ahh, I love him too. Even more so after those comments. Too true.

  5. Hautie says:

    There is nothing better than a well groomed man in a great suit.

    Which is so rare to see.

    I just hate how the majority of men roam around looking like crap.

    And I want those stupid looking, ass bearing, baggy jeans/shorts fad… to be over.

  6. Bite me says:

    You tell them Paul

  7. the original bellaluna says:

    LOVE. HIM.

    If you’ve not seen Inkheart, my lover is wonderful as Dustfinger. Then again, when is he not wonderful?

    Oh, Jennifer, you lucky, lucky bitch.

    (OT: Not to judge Franco, Phillipe, et al. but, umm, he’s probably looking at you.)

  8. Hanna says:

    The Twilight duo are the worst offenders when it comes to whining and they both don’t deserve any money nor roles they get while other more talented actos struggle.

  9. rkintn says:

    Oh, HELL YEAH! I can’t wait to see this movie! I am also a card-carrying member of the “I LOVE Paul Bettany” fanclub!
    Great post. PB is da bomb:)

    Wasn’t Gerry Butler in the running for the lead in “Priest” at one time?

  10. Jenna says:

    I don’t know, I think everyone should be able to whine about their jobs once in a while. Even if you have a job you absolutely love, it’s still a job and sometimes you have to do things you’re not so into.

  11. brin says:

    Gee, a real intelligent grown up actor, what a rarity! Love him and his gorgeous wife.

  12. really says:

    love him, he is sooooooo crazy, LOVE IT!

  13. embertine says:

    Goddamn work that suit, you ridiculously gorgeous, hilarious man. LOVE. HIM.

  14. couldnthelpit says:

    Don’t be ashamed of loving the Gingers. I’ve been dating a Ginger for awhile so all I can say is “Embrace the day-walkers”!!

  15. dorothy says:

    Love him! He ‘gets’ it.

  16. mdf says:

    Yeah I get what he’s saying and I agree, but I think perhaps some people should experience the constant stalking (sometimes to a dangerous level) by the intrusive paps and batshit crazy twihards before being so quick to name Robert Pattinson.. That kind of crap should NOT be justified or acceptable just because someone is in the public eye.

  17. Robocop says:

    What a rare pleasure to see, hear and enjoy a smart, articulate and well-groomed actor! And an excellent actor as well.

  18. S says:


  19. Roma says:

    He had me as Geoffrey Chaucer and I’ve loved him ever since.

  20. Solveig says:

    I get what he’s saying, to be grateful for having a job and stuff, but I would be glad if he acted in better movies. This one looks like hell.

  21. NancyMan says:

    Speaking of f-king……..

  22. Stubbylove says:


  23. Ev says:

    He is cute and a great actor.Loved him in Wimbledon!

  24. kazoo says:

    i love him & his wife.

  25. searching4grace says:

    Love him. Love his interviews. Love the way he dresses. Love his commitment to his family. Loved hims since Knights Tale. Personally..he stole the show in that one. love love love love love him. I’m not a fan of horror/scary movies..but I might watch this one just for him. Love him.

  26. searching4grace says:

    Oooh..and watching the trailer…I love Karl Urban, too. Can we get him for a HGF? PLEASE?

  27. TXCinderella says:

    This guy is hot, classy and is spot on about celebs. If it’s such a bitch to make lots of money so that you can live a cushy lifestyle, then try a blue collar job on for style!

  28. Hollowdoll says:

    I want a special filter so everyone sounds like Paul. unf!

  29. Kevin says:

    Without the hottness of Jenn C. no-one even knows who he is. HE’s the lucky one, not her.

  30. Kaboom says:

    That is, as a matter of fact, one hell of a suit.

  31. Iggles says:

    I’m confused…

    I thought he was blond, not ginger.

    And isn’t Michael Fassbender a brunette?


  32. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Kevin – Umm, no. (But I respect your right to your opinion.)

  33. TQB says:

    YES to Karl Urban for HGF!!

  34. Lala11_7 says:

    To quote Toni Braxton…

    “I Love me some him”…

  35. Rachel says:

    I agree Iggles. I’ve never seen him as anything other than blond. Still hot. Still totally crushable. But not a ginge.

  36. jb says:

    This just makes me love him more.

  37. Alexa says:

    He knows how to work it, and work-it-well he DOES! (smooch)

  38. girl says:

    I didn’t get the Paul Bettany love before but I definitely do now. Pure awesome.

  39. abbizmal says:

    Yummy, I would so hit that. True, get a real job, whiners, like mine, and you would appreciate a non-mind-numbing career with extremely generous pay.

    Yes to Karl Urban from here, too.

  40. OMJ says:

    Can I get a woot-woot for my darling up there? I can’t even hate on JC because they are so very cute together. Paul for HGF!

  41. Mairead says:

    That is one hell of a suit. And one hell of a man in it. I genuinely think he’s the best and most exciting actor out there. He brings something new to each character and it’s a travesty that the likes of George Clooney (lovely and charming, but is basically the same persona in nearly every film) has Oscars and nominations coming out the wazoo and Bettany is chronically under-recognised. His turn as Charles Darwin is the best biog representation I’ve seen in ages.
    Although Dustfinger is my favourite character of his. :)

    Just one thing though, when the hell did The Fassbender become a ginger?

  42. Nanea says:

    More men should be wearing three-piece suits while out in public.

    And I love me some hot ginger like Paul, that’s why Mr. N is hot&ginger.

  43. Jamie says:

    I usually don’t go for gingers or blonds, but Paul Bettany is just too goregous and talented. I have always loved him and the wonderful/gorgeous Jennifer Connelly. Now I love him even more just for making that comment.

  44. SolitaryAngel says:

    @S: DITTO! om nom nom nom

    He is a wonderful actor; I love an intelligent, well-spoken man. I’ll be there watching Priest with a bib on…. Karl Urban as a bad guy? Check! Paul Bettany? Check! ;)

    I hereby beg for Paul Bettany AND Karl Urban for HGF

  45. kira says:

    Totally agree with him and thanks for having some perspective about the whole industry. These people often get paid millions for a few months of work. Everyone should have it so hard. :-)

    Jennifer C is one lucky lady.

  46. Cherry Rose says:

    Legion sucked, but getting to look at Paul Bettany made up for that fact.

    *sighs* I shall definitely have to see Priest.

  47. 6 says:

    Now this couple is truly worthy of envy. Way better than the over rated Brangelina.

  48. Kevin says:

    Thanks bellaluna! (The Original, of course)

  49. Newbie says:

    I didn’t know they were pregnant.

  50. Gwen says:

    I really like him and I love him and Jennifer together. Superhot couple!

  51. Debsa says:


  52. Jack says:

    @ Iggles: Yeah he is a blonde, not a ginger and Fassbender is a brunette

  53. NYer says:

    I have never found him attractive until now. I guess it really does start with the brain. And a beautiful suit.

  54. dj says:

    That suit is delicious and so is he. I love, love, love him more after those lines.

  55. Camille says:

    I don’t find him majorly attractive physically, but he is a good actor and I am loving his quotes/interviews. He may have found a new fan in me :) .

  56. Fabianne says:

    Glad I’m not the only one with a ginger list. Paul is just so hot!

  57. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Newbie – Here’s one of the links:

  58. P.M. says:

    Well dressed men are so hot, now I have to see this movie.

  59. oh hey says:

    Becasue this actor goes off on other whining celebs, all of a sudden he’s a brilliant, intelligent, talented actor? I bet if he was “well-spoken” and said something similar to what Reese Witherspoon said in the post about losing her privacy, most of you would be calling a pseudo-intellectual and ranting about how much you hate him and boycott his films.

    Granted, what he says is very true about a lot of celebrities, but I see a double-standard here.

  60. Myra says:

    There’s a huge double standard. He’s f&*@able so he gets a pass to say whatever dumb shit he wants I guess. I hate when people tell other people to not complain. There are people who complain too much or complain about silly things(and clearly what’s “silly” varies), but just because there are worse things happening in the world doesn’t mean your feelings should be marginalized. You could tell the 9 to 5ers to stop complaining because there are much poorer people in the world, but that wouldn’t really be fair now would it?

    Too many people think that if you’re beautiful, or wealthy you have no right to have any problems or to ever be upset about anything. How dare you also be a human? How dare you get annoyed by your job sometimes? It’s a f&*@ing tiring argument. Just because you have your off days doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate what you have. Only “average” people are ever allowed to be sad or mad or depressed I guess.

  61. Nikki says:

    I applaud his comments! And I love gingers too, my boyfriend happens to be a gorgeous ginger! ;)

  62. Nikki says:

    And I ADORE three-piece suits!

  63. Jazz says:

    The first time I ever saw Paul Bettany was in A Knight’s Tale – stark bullock naked… I always thought he was a blonde too.

  64. Ashley says:

    He was really hot when he played an albino priest and was topless and whipped himself.

  65. KO says:

    Request for Ginger-themed HGF!

  66. Hakura says:

    @Hautie“And I want those stupid looking, ass bearing, baggy jeans/shorts fad… to be over.”

    I had the ocassion to spot some random guy running down the street full speed (to destination unknown), who HAD to hold onto the back of his shorts, holding them up, the entire time. He let go for a second, & they fell RIGHT down, exposing his boxers.

    Idiots… How the fuck do they stand having their pant’s waist belted tight around their thighs… My mom said something about how the whole ‘trend’ to wear pants hanging off your ass is actually something that started in *prison*… Telling other guys you’re ‘fair game’ for being on the receiving end of sexual activity.

    I fail to understand how that converts to being a ‘bad-ass thug’ here on the outside….

  67. ZenB says:

    He’s a ginger? I thought he was that rare natural blond. Whatev – I like this color hair, I don’t like bright red and freckles like Ron Weasley.

  68. ctkat1 says:

    He was adorable and sexy in Wimbledon- that did it for me! (I could even get past the whole idea of Kirsten Dunst as a tennis prodigy, he was that charming.)

  69. Kim says:

    Never have i loved someone so much for speaking the truth! Him and his wife are class acts – rare these days in Hollywood.