Why does Bristol Palin’s face look so different?

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Bristol Palin told People Magazine last July, back before she went on Dancing With The Stars, that she was working as a receptionist at a dermatologist’s office in Alaska. (I said at the time that it was probably the same dermatologist who did her mom’s Botox.) Last fall, Levi Johnston’s sister accused Bristol of getting a breast reduction and liposuction in an effort to look “Hollywood.” It kind of made sense in light of the fact that she was working at a dermatologist’s at the time. It was hard to tell if she had anything done, but all that has changed.

Bristol, 20, showed up at a Candies benefit on Tuesday with a whole new face. She lost weight and she looks great, but the changes in her face look like more than just weight loss and overplucked eyebrows. Check out these before an after pictures.

As Maureen O’Connor at Gawker points out, she looks like a different person. One of their commenters offered up a photo of Bristol in 2009 when she was thinner, and it’s clear that the differences in her face are not from weight loss alone. Wasn’t she so pretty?
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And here’s a photo of Bristol from February of this year. It’s just a screenshot of her on E!, but it shows how she looked after she lost weight.

Other commenters on Gawker speculate that the new look is the result of “Weight loss, lipo around the neck and lower face, chin implant, lip filler” and/or an “eye lift”. Commenter Francesletigre notes that Bristol could have had “buchal fat pad removal. We have these grape to worm size pieces of fat in our faces that can easily be sucked out through the mouth. This is the very hot, yet secret procedure to show your cheek bones and thin your face 5-10 pounds.” I would say it sounds great in theory, but I’m seeing the results and they look pretty plastic.

Let’s point this out again – Bristol is just 20 years old! Doesn’t she look like a 30 something who had a little too much done in an effort to look “fresh”?


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  1. Ruby says:

    Nose job?

  2. Jackson says:

    Wow, she does look different. At the very least she had some version of lipo done around the jawline and under her chin. And you are too right, she looks like a 30-something who had work done and not a fresh 20-year-old.

  3. Marjalane says:

    I think it’s just weight loss and a nose job. Now she has a turned up nose like the rest of Hollywood.

  4. DGO says:

    Teeth and lipo around the jaw for sure. She also looks like she got her lips plumped up.

  5. NayNay says:

    She definitely had some work done. I would bet my salary on it. Regardless, I think she looks friggin terrific.

  6. Sophie says:

    i don’t like her but i think she looks great….i don’t see any plastic surgary…i think she just changed her hairstyle, Eyebrows shape and makeup.

  7. Maritza says:

    Not only did she get a chin implant and liposuction under her chin but she also had a boob job. I googled it and found the info but for some reason I can’t post it here. I thought she looked much younger with her round face, now she looks like a 30 yr old.

  8. Macey says:

    She definitely has a new chin implant in there along with some lipo around the jowls. also some lip filler. something is off with the cheeks too, they may have done some fillers in there too.
    I think her nose is the same tho.

  9. Judy says:

    I think she looks like a different person–would not have known her. Loved her BEFORE in the 5/6/09 pic.

  10. brin says:

    Wow, she looks good!

  11. Vee says:

    She looks gorgeous!

  12. yeppie says:

    chin implant for sure
    the rest could be something done to her cheeks (implants? fat removal?)
    and her eyes maybe just the makeup

  13. lucy2 says:

    I don’t know, to me the shape of her face looks different, around the cheekbones. Weird.
    Anyway, I agree she looks older than 20. In the February photo she looks young and cute, but the recent ones, much older.

  14. OXA says:

    At least lipo and a chin/cheek implants, cheeks do not get fuller when you lose weight.

  15. The_Porscha says:

    She looks very different but I wouldn’t say she looks anywhere close to 30 years old. I think she looks good but hopefully it’ll stop here and she won’t jack herself up.

  16. ladybert62 says:

    She does look different and it is not for the better – she was much prettier naturally. Also, I find it hard to believe she LOST weight, I thought she had gained weight – and finally, another of pet peeve, why dont these “stars” get decent haircuts and brush their hair – she is just the latest in the “hair down to my knees” and totally messed up ‘do! YUK!

  17. junipergreen says:

    Her eyes are different, too. Lifted up. They look way different than before. She’s looking like an Evangeline Lily clone here. Her chin has an obvious implant and the fat under the chin (which was perfectly normal and fine) has been sucked out. Her cheeks are so well-defined they look like she’s hiding acorns in there. I’ve looked at other pics and she did her lips, too. They aren’t ridiculous looking, but they are different. And yeah, then there’s the boob job. Wow. She looks good, but why??

  18. Kristen says:

    She looks crazy. I saw her on one of the morning shows today and all I could say was ‘what’s with her face?’

  19. Nanea says:

    She looks much older now, and when people start having procedures at her age, they won’t age well.

  20. Angela says:

    Chin, cheeks, the tip of her nose, lips, eyes… they all look different. She looks like a cross between Snookie and Kim Kardashian.

  21. Princessmakeup says:

    The sad thing is that anyone even cares about this hypocite

  22. DGO says:

    She’s probably had lipo on her stomach, too.

  23. I’d say eye lift. chin implant really has me torn. I couldn’t spot any change besides possible eye lift before I read your suggestions. lip filler quite probably. but maybe I just agree with you, didn’t think of it on my own

  24. Miss Marie says:

    You can’t surgically remove or enhance dumb.

  25. Jo says:

    Good job! Now she looks as phony as she really is. Yet another jacked up jerk off.

  26. serena says:

    she definitely had a chin implant–unfortunately, now she resembles the joker. and what the hell is wrong with looking like a 30 year old? i’m freaking 30 and still think i’m pretty fresh! sheesh.

  27. SassyOne says:

    That chin implant is seriously f*%@ing up her face. The contours it produces when she speaks are too strange to describe.
    That is the biggest offender,IMO.

    I think it is possible that she had a very minor nose tip refinement, but perhaps not- maybe that impression is just due to the new facial shape. Most def has some lip augmentation, botox to forehead gives a brow lift look, and possibly/probably some facial lipo.

    Shame on the surgeon. She was such a fresh-faced, pretty thing.

    What a douche her mother is for making her think she wasn’t good enough as she was. I actually feel sorry for BP in that respect.
    They seem to have quite the toxic-love/hate relationship ( grand surprise, right?).

  28. Kimble says:

    @Serena – absolutely nothing wrong with looking 30 – at 48 I wish I did! However, at 20, looking 30 is a tragedy!!

  29. Isa says:

    She had some baby fat removed from her face. Drew Barrymore did the same thing. Wonder what it’s going to look like when they get older and their face starts to lose fat naturally….

  30. OtherChris says:

    She definitely looks a lot older than her age. Could be plastic surgery, could be the stress of having a twisted famewhore for a mother.

  31. bros says:

    lip fillers and chin job. just one more reason this family is a complete joke waste of space oxygen thieves.

  32. djork says:

    Shoulda pulled more fat out of her mouth until there was nothing left.

  33. terissa says:

    I see she’s lost weight and darkend her hair, which does slim the face. She looked great then as she does now.

  34. Mari says:

    No plastic surgery. She lost the baby weight and changed her eyebrows and makeup.
    I, personally, look a *hell* of a lot different when I lose 10 lbs or so. My chin looks more pronounced, as do my cheekbones.

  35. DoMaJoReMc says:

    Bristol Kardashian

  36. Victoria says:

    She overplucked her eyebrows at the arch.

  37. thinkaboutit says:

    Wow, I was completely nonplussed until i read that she’s only 20. That’s a shame.

  38. shockedandappalled says:

    So sad that she would do this to herself. And a sad commentary on our society.

  39. bagladey says:

    Bristol had the works: Upper Eyelids, neck lipo, chin implant, but she’s lost a lot of her individual look and she looks ten years older so was the surgery successful?

  40. Rhiley says:

    Even though she annoyed me, I always thought she was both cute and beautiful. She has fantastic skin and cheek bones and great hair. I kind of envy women who have milky skin, freckles, and apple cheek bones. It is a shame she has tweaked her face because it is noticeable. She looks like a Vegas dancer now. Boo!

  41. Sumodo1 says:

    She lost one of her chins. That’s good! Eye lift at her age? Not so good.

  42. Lisa says:

    She has ruined her face. So sad.

  43. TXCinderella says:

    It looks like she has lost some weight and maybe some lipo to get rid of the double chin.

  44. GeekChic says:

    Sad, totally. The surgery was massively unnecessary. And I’m confused… Everyone keeps saying that she had stuff removed from her cheeks, but they look way inflated to me, like chipmunk cheeks. The shape of her face is totally different. How strange and sad. I disagree with pretty much everything she thinks and says, but still feel sad for her that she’s so obviously insecure.

  45. Macey says:

    No amount of weight loss turns a rounded chin into a sharper, more prominent chin.
    You can almost see the outline of the implant in there. Besides that, her body doesnt look much different

    yep, she got ‘the works’

  46. KCT says:

    The angle from the previous pictures is completely different. It’s probably a combination of this and the weight loss making her features more sharp. Her nose and chin do not look that different. Weight loss and makeup can make a lot of difference.

  47. OXA says:

    Bristol was paid from her “Non Prifity Charity” seven times more than they actually spent on teen pregnancy.

  48. tango says:

    Lipo to get rid of the double chin combined with weight loss and new makeup. I doubt she’d get the whole nip and tuck thing because you know noone in the doctors office could keep it secret – sooner or later they’d sell the story. Though I’m sure next weeks Enquirer will have all the details.

  49. Quest says:

    I really don’t care what she did to her face…. I just want it and her mom to go away

  50. TeeTee says:

    I agree cheeks and chin, look at those impression on the left cheek.

    never have liked her, but she looks better.

  51. andrea says:

    GROSS! She went from looking like Hayden Penetierre to looking like Sarah Chalke. Not an upgrade. 🙁

  52. Amanda says:

    I wasn’t sure until I went to the Gawker page. You can obviously see the difference in lips and chin. Plus the too -thin eyebrows.

  53. Annie says:

    It’s not weight loss, if anything she’s gained weight. She’s had the works: a chin implant, chin lipo, either fillers or implants in her cheeks, laser on her hairline, laser freckle removal, an eyelift and/or botox in her brows and possibly a nose job (I’ll guess no nose job since I don’t think she’s been out of the public eye long enough for a rhino to heal, so it’s probably just the new cheeks that have changed the way her nose sits on her face).

    She looks great, but around 5 years older and also nothing like herself or her family anymore.

  54. original kate says:

    still stupid.

  55. nikki says:

    At first I thought it was just different hair part and more makeup but ya the jaw part of her face is different from all the other pics of her. I have no idea what she had done but definitely something in her chin/neck area. I think she looks quite nice now as well as before but imo it’s sad that she looks so different

  56. k says:

    Re Liposuction: The fat always grows back. Maybe it takes over a year, but your body is programmed to restore the lost fat cells.

  57. mokona says:

    I agree with everyone who says it’s just weight loss and different styling. Believe me because I have chin like hers, it gets sharper as I lose weight. A strong jaw is not something a woman would pay for, at least I know I’m not a fan of mine.

  58. Kimbob says:

    Yeah….she looks older now…definitely! All anyone needs is a lack of self-esteem and some cashola, and voila…a “new, yet OLD face.”

    You know, I don’t know too many twenty-something year olds that have it all together in the self-esteem department. I surely didn’t when I was in my twenties..or thirties, for that matter. I am just SO GLAD that I didn’t have the money, or I’d have probably done something just as stupid. You see, lack of money DOES have its’ rewards!

  59. Dingles says:

    She sure is setting a great example as a “struggling” teen mom. Because so many girls who get knocked up at 18 can afford plastic surgery at 20…

  60. Belle Epoch says:

    She looks like the puppet Madame!

    I am AMAZED that people think she looks “gorgeous” now. She looks like all those poor souls on Dancing with the Stars who start out plain and have surgery so they can end up looking like this. Bristol started out pretty and did not need to change anything. She probably thought her chin looked “ugly,” and now she has a huge implant. I don’t like her, but this is VERY sad. I wonder who gave her the idea that her natural look was not good enough?

  61. Beachi 206 says:

    She must have said “I wanna be a Kardashian” and voila!! She’s one now!

  62. Susie #1 says:

    From fresh faced and cute to generic hollywood starlet. I agree the next step is Kardashian.

  63. KO says:

    Someone photoshop her mom’s hair on that photo – her face looks a lot like Sarah now.

  64. Kloops says:

    Chin implant for sure. Botox to lift her eyes and either fillers or lipo in her cheeks to give them more definition. She looked better before.

  65. Toe says:

    Looks like she’s done some lipo under her chin.

  66. Joe's Mom says:

    I agree with @Beachi206. All I see is Kardashian.

  67. benny says:

    Looks like she had surgery to get rid of her sagging jowls. Her mother has the same sagging jowls, so I guess it runs in the family. I’m sure her entire reality-show family will all end up with plastic surgery in the end.

  68. Bruce says:

    Not only is her double chin gone it appears she’s had some kind reconstruction work done. Her chin and neck area are sharply different.

  69. Anastasia says:

    Chin implant, for SURE. It made her age 10 years. Way to go, Bristol.

  70. DGO says:

    May 5th, 2011 at 12:43 pm Re Liposuction: The fat always grows back. Maybe it takes over a year, but your body is programmed to restore the lost fat cells.


    Yep, and sometimes it comes back in the wrong places. For example, ab fat usually shows up again in the upper arms. Bristol already looks like a linebacker, so in about a year ….

  71. Estella says:

    She def had her double chin sucked out.

  72. jingles says:

    She looks like Snooki’s prettier sister. Is that a compliment, I’m not sure…

  73. lucy2 says:

    I saw on the E homepage they have a plastic surgeon discussing what he thinks she had done.
    How long do you think it will be before she and/or her mother start screaming at the press for victimizing them yet again?

  74. Alarmjaguar says:

    “We have these grape to worm size pieces of fat in our faces that can easily be sucked out through the mouth.”

    DISGUSTING! On many levels!

  75. wunderkindt says:

    It’s facelift and eye job.

  76. JennJenn says:

    Her new and not improved face eerily resembles’ those of Kim Kardashian, Octomom, and half the female cast of Jersey Shore. Looks like she had three procedures: a chin implant, lipo on lower face, and an eye lift. A 10 or 15-lb weight loss and makeup techniques cannot explain the dramatic difference. I have a round, chubby face like Bristol’s and while my face does look fuller or slimmer along with the rest of my body, the difference is nowhere near as dramatic. Young women who hate their chubby cheeks will come to cherish them in middle age when the extra fat makes the face look more youthful. I used to think Bristol was very attractive. Too bad she jacked up her face at such a young age.

  77. Vesper says:

    Oh please, people stop being so condescending. She looks a bit older, but not much older than someone who decides to get a more sophisticated hair cut and use more makeup.

    No one goes around saying, “I wish I had a double chin.” From what I’ve read she had lipo along the chin area as well as a chin implant. The rest is temporary, subtle filler in the lower lip, filler in the cheek area, perhaps botox. If she doesn’t like it, it will be gone in a year max. Her nose looks exactly the same. She likely has hair extensions, and foundation covering her freckles, like almost every other woman past the age of 20. She also has thinned out her eyebrows, giving them more of an arch which does tend to age someone. After hearing reporter after reporter calling her homely, she looks great. I never read any compliments on her appearance before she had this work done.

    She looks nothing like Kim K., Octomom or Snookie. Anyone who feels that way doesn’t have a good eye for detail.

    As for breast reduction, it’s not necessarily a cosmetic thing, or a bad thing, especially when u are short and it’s out of proportion to ur body. It also makes it easier to work out, which is something Bristol needs to do considering her body type.

  78. skinanny says:

    Lipo, out of the bottom half of the face, and filler…

  79. Tami says:

    She’s a big-boned girl struggling with her weight. Some people show weight changes in their faces more than others, looks like she’s one of them. I don’t see any surgury. She just looks like a chubby girl who’s trying too hard.

  80. alexandra says:

    She looks like a brunette Sarah Chalke

  81. Hakura says:

    @Angela“Chin, cheeks, the tip of her nose, lips, eyes… they all look different. She looks like a cross between Snookie and Kim Kardashian.”

    ITA, that’s the perfect comparison/combination… She doesn’t look at all like herself anymore.

  82. jacquie109 says:

    well lets see, shes a teen ager so I’d face her features are changing. Sometimes that round baby face holds on and then over a 6 month period it just completely changes. Instead of shouting plastic surgery we should first think about her age the way the body changes as a child. I looked completely different each year in my school photos and I sure didn’t have surgery.

  83. Elisha says:

    Top one looks like Amanda Bynes.

  84. Sandra says:

    She should have spent some of that money on getting an education. Why would you have work done on your face to make you look OLDER? How stupid can she be.

  85. Mikunda says:

    too bad there’s no plastic surgery for sagging brains…

  86. Athena says:

    I lost about 7kilos and the first thing to go was the double chin, thank goodness. And cheekbones become more pronounced when they are not obscured by fat, so that’s not really fair to say she’s had work done. At best she’s got a better stylist and at worst she’s had a chemical peel.

  87. Yannah says:

    you can’t go from round shape to heart shape. This is Kardashian look. Yuck!