Lea Michele covers Cosmo UK, says her boyfriend reminds her of her dad


Here is Lea Michele’s June cover for Cosmo UK. I could have done without the open mouth, honestly. Lea annoys me, and I think she deserves much of the negative publicity she gets, but I don’t like people ragging on her “unconventional” face. She’s a pretty girl… but a lot of depends on her styling and her angles. Lea on a magazine cover with her mouth hanging open in an unattractive “RAWR” gawp … it’s just not pleasant. Anyway, in the interview, I feel like Lea is trying to tone down the crazy a little bit, but of course, she’s still talking about how beautiful she is and how she’s the best, the greatest, the most important person ever. Not really, but I feel like that’s the subtext of Lea’s interviews:

Lea on her own high school experiences: “I wasn’t a goody-goody… I loved to have fun. I never did drugs. Acting always came first. I was lucky, because I really believed in who I was.”

Lea on her career path: “I knew I wasn’t going to end up on a Disney half-hour show. I mean, look at me! I do’’t look like those girls. I just wanted to do a guest appearance on something like ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’”

On nose jobs: Lea admits “of course I thought about it” when it comes to nose jobs, but she never took the rhinoplasty plunge, saying, “I’m sooo thankful that I didn’t.”

Lea on her dad, and her boyfriend: “My father makes me laugh – my sense of humor comes from him – but at the same time, I know he’s going to take care of everything… I see some of that in my boyfriend.”

Life beyond Glee “Take a shower, put on a bathrobe, pour myself a glass of wine and Skype with [boyfriend] Theo [Stockman]. That’s the best.”

On Glee hookups: “(The public) thinks that everyone is sleeping with everyone. We spend every minute of every day together, and when we’re finished we all go out to dinner, so of course they think we’re hooking up. I’m thankful that it doesn’t happen. If people hooked up, there’d be awkward tensions.”

[From Pop Crunch & OMG Music]

Quick takes: I don’t care if you have a great relationship with your wonderful father, it’s creepy to talk about how your boyfriend reminds you of your dad. What else: I’m glad Lea didn’t have a nose job too – her nose is absolutely fine, and it suits her face. However, the subtext of the comment seems to be “I’M SO GORGE!!!” Last thing: Glee cast members hooking up… yeah, my guess is that they’re hooking up, it’s just that Lea isn’t doing any of the hooking up, so now she’s trying to play it like no one is.


Photos courtesy of Cosmo UK.

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  1. Kate says:

    I dunno, I didn’t really have a problem with the comment about her dad and her boyfriend – it seemed more like she always knew she had stability with her dad, and that she gets the same from her boyfriend. That’s a good thing!

  2. TeeTee says:

    she annoys the heck out of me, I just cringe..

    she seems to think a whole lot of herself..it seeps out, lil by lil.

    its something about her that irks the heck out of me.

  3. Cait says:

    I don’t think the dad/bf comment was creepy at all. My dad’s an awesome man and I also see many of his qualities in my fiancee. I think for a lot of women it’s a subconscious thing.

  4. CallieTrichid says:

    I thought Naya (Santana) and Mark (Puck) were a thing and she keyed his car when he dumped her?

    Oh well. Good thing it didn’t happen or there’d probably be “tensions,” right?

    Yeah, not buying this.

  5. aenflex says:

    Her nose reminds me of Mt. Monadnock….

  6. DetRiotgirl says:

    ITA with Kate. I don’t see anything wrong with the boyfriend comment. If you have a great relationship with father, and especially if your parents have a great relationship, I can understand why seeing bits of your father’s personality in your boyfriend would be a good thing. Now, if she said “my boyfriend LOOKS just like my father!”, then I’d be grossed out.

    I’m not a fan of this girl. I can’t stand the way she ruins perfectly good songs on Glee. But, I think you’re being too harsh on her about the nose job. I mean, we attack celebrities for being plastic all the time. This one isn’t, and we attack her for being full of herself. It doesn’t make sense to me.

  7. esblondie says:

    List of people I want to go away forever so I never have to see, read, or hear about them again:

    Lindsay Lohan
    Any Kardashian (except maybe Khloe)
    Charlie Sheen
    LeAnn Rimes
    this bitch

    I know, it’s a short list. But they’re the ones that make me seethe.

  8. karena says:

    One of the many ways a father influences his daughter is with the choices that she makes in a mate both good and bad. I’m happy for Lea to have found someone she loves.

    Oh, I would bet the farm that in the first year or so plenty of the Glee cast hooked up with each other. Probably now they work with each other so much that any sexual attraction is long gone.

  9. filthycute says:

    I’ve found some of my dad’s best qualities in the man I’m dating — and it makes me even happier. I don’t think it’s creepy at all, it’s natural to perpetuate patterns (negative or positive…hopefully positive).

  10. hmmhmm says:

    Yeah, the comments about the dad qualities don’t bother me. It has to do with the relationship one has to their fathers. I mean, I wanted to find someone who was at least half the man my dad is. I did, and more (:

    Now back to her. Bless her heart for always trying to be sexy like miley is sexy at 14 with her sidekick/blackberry bathroom shots. Ugh, and I always hated cropped cardigans. Maybe cause it accentuated my chest too much..

  11. Jover says:

    Get all the pr now because once glee is off the air – I’m thinking at the end of next season – I don’t see her getting much attention.

  12. Jaz says:

    Honestly, it seems like people are just looking for reasons not to like her, because that’s the popular, bi*chy thing to do, more than because there are a host of reasons to dislike her. Every story told about her is exaggerated or there are crucial pieces of information missing to ensure that she’s portrayed in the most negative light possible. Some perspective please.

  13. really says:


  14. they photoshopped her nose to make it look lke it has some shape. her nose is not fine.

  15. jane16 says:

    I took my teenage son & one of his buds to visit the set and Lea spent a few minutes visiting with them & giving them advice. She was actually very warm and friendly, unlike what I read about her everywhere. Anyway, now both boys have huge crushes on her.

  16. Shoe_Lover says:

    why does she always pose with her mouth open!!!!

  17. Blue says:

    that outfit on the cover isn’t flattering, but i think she’s pretty. I think people are getting her character and her real self confused. Her character on Glee annoys the hell out of me, so when i see her I instantly feel irritated.

  18. truthzbetta says:

    I almost gagged when she talked about how much she loved herself in high school. Too much.

    Tell me why is it the Lea Michelles and the Kardashians of the world that tell us how they are the shit and how they’ve made wonderful self-empowering decisions all their lives when an Oscar nominated sweetheart (although skeevy in dating dept.) like Owen Wilson seems to not know how lovely he is?

    Self-esteem is bizarre. Serial killers, Glee castmates, Paris Hilton and Kardashians are overflowingingly full of it to the extreme … and the DeNiro’s, Tom Hanks’ and cool chicks of the world are sometimes a little lower in that area than they should be.

    It never matches up the way it should, so I’ll take the humble people over these over-inflated self-lovin’ types like that girl up there any day.

  19. Hakura says:

    Quote” I mean, look at me! I do’’t look like those girls. I just wanted to do a guest appearance on something like ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’”

    Why does everything she says have to come across like she’s trying to be superior? I mean, not only does she exhault her acting capability, but passive-agressively slams the Disney girls & their shows.

    Re: Boyfriend like her dad – I really didn’t see what’s so creepy about what she said. She only said her boyfriend has a positive attribute (sense of humor) that’s something she’s always loved about her dad. I don’t think that sounds weird, like she’s trying to date her dad or anything.

    Re: Nose Job – This is another one that I think could be interpretted differently… A lot of people that have nose jobs end up seriously altering their voice, which is especially bad for singers. It makes sense that she’d be glad she didn’t take that risk.

    Yes, I think the girl is TOTALLY arrogant, & would kiss her own ass if she could bend over far enough. She constantly feels the need to remind the world how wonderful she thinks she is. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she really did mean to come off superior with these comments, I just think they could be perceived other ways, too.

  20. Hakura says:

    Lindsay Lohan
    Any Kardashian (except maybe Khloe)
    Charlie Sheen
    LeAnn Rimes
    this bitch

    Think I could add a few?
    – Chris Brown
    – Mel Gibson
    – Jesse James
    – Kat Von D
    – The ENTIRE CAST of:
    – Any other series containing the word ‘JERSEY’ in it.
    – All the various locations of ‘The Real Housewives’

    I suppose it’d also be appropriate to send Eddie Cibrian away with Leann.

  21. Talita says:


  22. Celia says:

    This interview is lifted from the US Cosmo edition and it’s also in the June 2011 Latin Cosmo.


  23. Em says:

    I smell jealousy!
    You don’t even know the girl so why hate.
    She was pretty modest in this, I can’t see arrogance.
    Anyways, if she does love herself.. then fair play! So would you if you had her talent, looks, figure, voice and smile! End of the day, what celebrity doesn’t love themselves!

  24. amparo says:

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