David Duchovny & Tea Leoni announce split – Billy Bob Thornton to blame?

First Guy and Madonna, and now another Hollywood divorce casualty: Former “X-Files” star David Duchovny and his wife of 11 years, actress Tea Leoni, have confirmed their separation. In a statement released by Duchovny’s rep, the pair revealed that they have been living separate lives for quite some time – even before David’s recent stint in rehab for sexual addiction. New reports coming in are speculating that David’s sexual addiction may not be the only factor in the split.

David Duchovny, who recently left rehab for sex addiction, and wife Téa Leoni released a statement Wednesday saying they have been separated for some time.

“In light of continuous speculation over the lives and marriage of Tea Leoni and David Duchovny, the couple has confirmed that they have in fact been separated for several months,” the statement says. “The couple had hoped to keep this separation private for the sake of their children.”

Duchovny, 48, has been married to actress Leoni since 1997. They have two children, daughter Madelaine West, 9, and son Kyd, 6.

The actor voluntarily entered rehab last summer “for the treatment of sex addiction,” he said in a statement issued in August.

Earlier this month, Duchnovny had “successfully completed the rehab program,” his lawyer said. Duchovny was then spotted with Leoni at the Czech Street Festival in Manhattan.

[From People]

Meanwhile, The Daily Mail is reporting that David was the one who called it quits after finding explicit text messages on Tea Leoni’s cell phone- from none other than Angelina Jolie’s ex, Billy Bob Thornton. Huh?

X Files star David Duchovny and his actress wife Téa Leoni have split up after he discovered explicit text messages on her mobile phone sent by actor Billy Bob Thornton.

Just two months after Téa, 42, encouraged her ‘sex addict’ husband to check himself into a rehabilitation clinic the couple are separating after 11 years and two children.

Through text messages on his wife’s mobile phone Duchovny discovered she had begun a relationship with Oscar-winning actor Billy Bob Thornton, 53, who was formerly married to Angelina Jolie.

Five-times married Billy Bob met Téa when they made a comedy film together earlier this year called Manure.

Thornton, a musician with his own band, has been seen with Téa at his gigs. ‘She even helps him load and unload his truck,’ says a friend of the couple.

Thornton, who starred as the U.S. president in Love Actually, has three children by his various wives, plus a four-year-old daughter by his current girlfriend, Connie Angland.

But he is reported as saying that he won’t wed again because marriage ‘doesn’t work’ for him.

It was Téa who persuaded her husband to receive treatment for ‘sexual compulsion proclivity’ at the Meadows clinic in Arizona, followed by further treatment at the Keystone centre in Pennsylvania.

‘Yes, they have separated,’ says Téa’s spokeswoman. ‘She is living on her own with the children in New York, but we did not want to announce it for the sake of the children until after David had received treatment for his problems.’

[From The Daily Mail]

I wasn’t too busted up over Guy and Madonna, but this one makes me sad, even if some people did call it. Tea and David always seemed like a grounded couple who really dug each other. But you never really know what’s going on in a marriage behind the scenes.

Header photo is Tea and David at the premiere of Tea’s film, Fun With Dick and Jane, in 2005. Photo credit: Fame.

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  1. geronimo says:

    Well what does he expect, he can just run around town being a sex addict while she sits at home and waits for him to get over it? Sounds like Billy Bob was just being gentlemanly, extending a sympathetic ear and some consoling dirty talk…

  2. RAN says:

    Ahh, this is too bad. I thought the same thing, MSat, thought they were grounded and a good couple – sex addiction aside. All relationships have issues so I thought they could possibly get through that stuff… guess not.

    But BBT? Gross, blech, throwing up in my mouth quite a bit here… I think he’s a great actor and all, but that’s about as far as the attraction goes. He’s one ugly man, and all I can say is that he must be pretty decent in certain areas of his life to constantly have women interested in him. I just don’t see it. 😯

  3. geronimo says:

    😀 – it’s the ugly sexy unpredictable bad boy thing…. BB has it in spades.

  4. Jack says:

    Dear Tia,

    Divorce SuperPerv Duchovney and stay away from Angelina’s Sloppy Seconds. They are both scumbags and contagious.

    Happy Trails,

    The Voice Of Reason

  5. Anni says:

    Kinda sad. I am a nerdy X-Files Fan and though I don´t like either him or her very much…divorces are always shitty.

  6. Sara says:

    Oh no..that does make me sad. I enjoyed them as a couple.

    Maybe now Gillian Anderson can quit her boyfriend and we’ll have Mulder and Scully FOREVAH and in real life! FTW! WEEEEEEEEEE!! */fangirl*

  7. Leni says:

    So sad as they did seem to be a real couple. The thing about BBT I simply do not buy. A shoulder to lean on? I am sure she has female friends, and others. When the one you love keeps getting involed with others, your love usually just dies and you can longer respect them, or love them. I would sooner believe that he had a torrid message from BBT then I would her.

  8. CJ says:

    BBT is one hot peice of ass, I’d hit it!

  9. gg says:

    yeah, I wouldn’t be stickin around if my husband was dipping the wick in anything that moved. I’ll say it again: being in a series called “Californication”? Dumb idea? 🙄

  10. geronimo says:

    @Leni – I was being kind of facetious…

  11. Granger says:

    This is SO cheesy, but I lived in Vancouver when X-Files was being filmed, and used to see Duchovny and Leoni walking on the beach near my apartment, and I thought they made a nice couple, so I’m kind of bummed they’re splitting. What do I know, really? And why on earth do I care????

    On another note, I’ve always thought Leoni was an underrated actress. So maybe she’ll do better without him.

  12. hear hear says:

    the timing of the announcement is impeccable, right after Madonna and Guy, I think they were hoping no one would notice their comparatively small announcement.

  13. Bina says:

    I bet you he’ll end up with Natasha McElhone within a year.

  14. DD says:

    lol BBT is kinda nasty looking, but he seems to have a wicked personality. I think that’s how he gets them.

  15. Candy says:

    I was rooting for this two, they seemed happy together, almost normal. 😥

  16. ri23 says:

    How does fug-ass BBT get these women? Is his dick made out of Godiva?

  17. Syko says:

    Billy Bob is yummy!

  18. smit33 says:

    I don’t care what reason they give, people will believe it’s because of his sex addiction.

  19. Kaiser says:

    If she did “hit it” with BBT, my guess is that it’s just sex, nothing to leave a husband over. BBT just doesn’t seem like Tea’s type, and vice versa.

    Sounds like Duchovany’s PR team is trying to take some of the sting out everyone realizing that he’s a womanizer.

  20. Eve says:

    Umm, wasn’t BBT also treated for sex addiction way back when? If so, and if the story is true, then it sounds like maybe Tea likes the horny boys.

  21. Codzilla says:

    I used to covet BBT in the worst way until he got a bad weave and grew the soul patch. Oh, and the stick-thin physique didn’t help, either.

  22. Codzilla says:

    Granger: Are you from Vancouver, originally? Just curious because my husband grew up nearby.

  23. ff says:

    geronimo: are you sure that’s all he was extending?

  24. aleach says:

    aw i liked them together too, they are so cute. tea is a great actress, a little under-rated though i think.
    bbts got the ladies dickmatized. he is NOT cute. how does he do it?

  25. xxx says:

    I seriously doubt this PR. By the photos he’s clearly a drug addict. She probably told him to go to rehab or the marriage is off. He did but is still using-look at his recent pic- therefore the marriage is over.

  26. SolitaryAngel says:

    I am so bummed….X-Files was one of the best shows EVER, and after I got over the urge to beat Tea’s a$$ for marrying DD, I was happy for them; they really DID seem to be a “real” “normal” couple. I was rooting for them.

    Tea IS a very good actress, and as some have said, is underrated. Who knows what demons of her own she’s dealing with?

    The bottom line is and always should be—-the kids. I hope for their sake that Tea and David keep it civil.

  27. Linda says:

    Yeah, he pooed the screwch on that one.

  28. Granger says:

    Codzilla, my husband was born and raised just outside of Vancouver, but I didn’t move there until after I graduated from university. I’m from Southern Ontario…

  29. Codzilla says:

    Granger: Cool. My husband grew up in Abbotsford, but lived in Vancouver for a while before moving to the states. Btw, I hope I’m not coming across as nosy or intrusive. It’s just interesting to come across someone who’s familiar with the same places.

  30. Jeanne says:

    I’m telling you there’s something about old Billy Bob. It’s just like Jack Nicholson. Something these guys have gets the ladies. Angelina still loves him too.

  31. Granger says:

    Codzilla: Not at all nosy! Vancouver is awesome. You’re lucky to be connected with it. 🙂

  32. mark says:

    Why is it that these people seem to feel the need to release press statements regarding their personal lives? It’s all so pathetic and sad. No wonder few of them make a marriage work.