Courtney Love in cracked-out Givenchy: hot mess or pulled together?


Last night was the big AmFar gala at the Cannes Film Festival, so we’ve got lots of good photos and hit-or-miss fashion for you today. I’m splitting up the fashion into two posts, so we can talk about everybody that we need to. First up: The AmFar Crasher. I don’t know if Courtney Love actually crashed the gala mind you, but judging from the photos, it seems like she might have. Her face actually didn’t look bad, but the rest of her is a mess. I wish Court would decide who she is, what image she wants to give people. Does she want to be the grizzled rock star? The aging diva? The Beautiful Star? I think she wants to seem like all of that, and then some, which is why we get this mess. Courtney trying to sweet-talk Karl Lagerfeld, who isn’t having it. Courtney tripping over herself, her boobs hanging out. It’s all kind of gross. The dress is Givenchy, by the way. Never would have guessed that.



Next: Doutzen Kroes and her lover/baby-daddy. Kroes was one of the few girls to go short, and she was one of the few to do a bold color. I don’t think the dress itself is all that stunning, but Doutzen doesn’t need much to be magnificent.


Janet Jackson was one of my best-dressed ladies of the evening. I love this two-piece Haider Ackermann, and I think this looks absolutely gorgeous on Janet. She’s covered up, but the hint of cleavage is super-sexy, and her hair and makeup are gorge. Take notes, Courtney Love.


Donatella Versace! In Versace, I’m assuming. Orange skin, white-blonde hair, yellow dress. Sure. She’s like really gross yogurt.


Uma Thurman in Chanel… magnificent. Her last attempt at Chanel was really unflattering and fug, but this is so gorgeous.


Photos courtesy of WENN.

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38 Responses to “Courtney Love in cracked-out Givenchy: hot mess or pulled together?”

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  1. vap says:

    Uma is so chic!!!

  2. k says:

    did Courtney get another nose job?

  3. Hollowdoll says:

    Looks like Courtney has a little powder on her nose. I love Janet’s dress!

  4. gloaming says:

    Janet Jackson looks stunning. Those colours are perfect on her and I love the addition of the belt.

  5. Becca says:

    who keeps inviting Courtney to these events?

  6. RocketMerry says:

    Look! It’s the Corpse-bride! LOL
    No, I’m joking Courtney…I wouldn’t have you any other way!

  7. mogul says:

    kaiser, doutzen got married before she gave birth to their son

  8. dread pirate cuervo says:

    Donnatella’s dress is beautiful. The rest of her…not so much. Courtney looks good for Courtney.

  9. wonderwoman21 says:

    Wooohoo Courtney Love, my favorite!!! I like her fashion, even when it’s a little out there. I get it

  10. beth says:

    people like doutzen should wear sheer fabrics that show off their god-given gifts, i swear…
    for propriety puposes, we all have to wear clothes, some of us need more to cover the atrocities we’ve allowed ourselves to become, and some of us should just think how supportive we are to the planet by simply not uisng anymore cotton than they need to…

    doutzen is hot, and for now, i’m going to be as gay for as long as i want and none of you can stop me…

    ok, the valium is making me inhibition-less, and better stop rambling now. goodnight y’all.

  11. Crash2GO2 says:

    Love that color on Uma, the fit is a big MEH. Can’t tell from the front so much, but her boobs look squished, and it’s bunchy in the middle.

  12. Wendy City says:

    Courtney looks like death warmed over.

    Janet looks great!

    I like Donatella’s dress on someone else…like Halle.

    Uma dress is nice but the middle brings your eye right to her stomach…the exact spot she does NOT need to emphasize.

  13. original kate says:

    courtney looks like an uncooked chicken that has gone bad – and she needs to cover up her saggy cutlets. yikes.

  14. Solveig says:

    Donatella and Courteny should go public wearing a paper bag on their heads. I like Donatella’s dress, though.

  15. Hautie says:

    I really like Donatella Versace.

    And I love that yellow dress. She has really polished her look here in the last year.

    Gone is the too tan skin.

    It looks like she has stopped screwing with her face.

    And she finally cut her hair into a nice shag style. So it frames her face. She has even started to use a softer blonde shade.

    But from the look of all of the red carpet pictures their lighting SUCKED. Everyone is washed out.

    The dress Uma is wearing looks odd because she does not have a small waist. Her waist and hips are the same size.

    Granted she is thin. But she lacks curve’s. And that dress really needed some curves to hang correctly.

  16. Annaloo says:

    OMG! Janet! She looks SO lovely! Love that pic!

    Courtney– I love her for who she is in music, but looking at her body is mad inspiration for me to build muscle tone NOW, before I reach her age, bc that sag is BAD.

  17. Sue says:

    Janet Jackson looks fantastic.

    Doutzen looks really good the dress shows off her long legs and I love the color on her.

  18. wunderkindt says:

    Janet looks great, Courtney and Donatella, not so much!

  19. K says:

    I want to like Uma’s dress, but I just can’t get over the flowers at the top. Just, can’t.

  20. Lady D says:

    Original Kate, hilarious!

  21. TXCinderella says:

    Ewwww…Courtney looks bad as usual.

    Donatella-The dress is pretty.
    Uma-Very pretty

  22. Linda says:

    Uma’s been knocking it out of the park this season and Donatella looks stunning which is not always the case.

    I would not want to have as many pics out in the public of me when I was blasted out of my mind as Courtney Love does, that’s for sure.

  23. bagladey says:

    Love Janet’s dress, Courtney spoils that really pretty, feminine, frou-frou dress, Donatella looks the best I’ve seen her and Uma is beautiful in that simple, classy dress.

  24. arock says:

    ive seen donatella up close. she looks like the dead sea scrolls with a wig on top.

    you know courtney love has a clothes pin somewhere holding all that skin back.

    love the orange dress and janet, both are such a great use of color- just beautiful.
    and my girl uma looks lovely.

  25. MikeyAngel says:

    Love looks horrible all around. I never saw all the hooplah over Doutzen, until now. I think her face is similar to classic Denise Richards (who I think is very pretty), but the body is a-maz-ing. Janet’s outfit is not good, and I don’t think her face looks good here either. The cleavage and hair are good. Donatellas dress is beautiful, but the rest of her is so fug. For all the work she has had done, why not a nose job? Uma looks so glamorous.

  26. Trillion says:

    Did Courtney have her implants removed? Her breasts look sadder than usual. Do we need to see those veins? Nobody could tell her, “honey, no”? Janet looks great. Those aren’t colors you often see on the RC.

  27. MzR says:

    Janet’s outfit is ugly. I don’t know what everyone is raving about. Courtney looks like …well, Courtney. But she looks really thin though, and has had way too much plastic surgery.

  28. Amanda G says:

    Who cares about Courtney… Janet looks fabulous!

  29. Brittany says:

    Courtney needs to gain about 20 pounds…

    Whoever Doutzen Kroes is–she and her man are HOT! 🙂

  30. cailinos says:

    Wow, Janet Jackson! So elegant, adult. I loathe this frou-frou gift-wrapping gown scene generally..JJ shows how to do it like a grown woman. Fabulous!

  31. the other mel says:

    What’s with Courtney’s left boob in the first photo? Is her breast lift scar showing or is it just drooping oddly? Janet Jackson looks so gorgeous here…the best I’ve seen her and the styling is perfection.

  32. duh says:

    I used to love Courtney’s music!

    I think I’ll just listen to her “Pretty On The Inside” CD!

  33. Kelly says:

    Is it possible that Donatella Versace is a man? Her brother was a nice looking man and she’s many times more masculine looking.

  34. S says:

    Wow, Janet and Uma both look fantastic. This is probably the best I have ever seen Janet look ever. EVER.

  35. Mr. Mackey says:

    Mr. Mackey: “M’kay, kids, you shouldn’t do drugs, m’kay, drugs are bad.”

  36. poopie says:


    And Court obvs went to Joann’s fabrics, bought a bunch o stuff off the bolts, then wrapped it all over her skinny self ! she probably went CRAZY when she found the fuzzy feathery stuff and started jumping up and down..

    Uma looks amazing. the orange a tan with white blonde hair doesn’t look GOOD in anything. that is ONE FUGLY WOMAN ! Janet looks great !

  37. margaritachum says:

    i love courtney. i can’t hate her. i do think she needs to gain weight.
    she’s f*cked up. always was and always will be and i’m gonna love her forever. i get her and i hope she keeps giving us songs like “car crash” and “northern star”. *.*

    janet jackson looks absolutely lovely.=)

  38. Kim says:

    Courtney is a mess as usual.

    Doutzen is beautiful but that dress is terrible.

    Donatella looks like a male version of one of the ladies on Real Housewives of OC.

    Janet Jackson looks classy & pretty.