Christina Hendricks claims her boobs are “so obviously real”


Christina Hendricks has become one of the most worshipped women, simply because she dares to be famous and sexy and NOT a size zero. Even though Christina has gotten a lot of love stateside, she and her hourglass figure have found an even more amorous fan base in the UK. I have no idea what that’s all about – maybe it’s the pale skin, the red hair, the boobs, all of it combined, but Christina is considered a goddess over there. So it’s no surprise that Christina sat down to do an extensive interview with The Daily Mail, a UK publication. Christina is asked about everything, from her husband to her career to her early days as a model, and she’s even asked about her boobs. Several months ago, Playboy released an old photo shoot they did with Christina. She was several sizes smaller, and wearing a bikini top, and her boobs looked much, much smaller. This made everyone sit up and ask, “Hey, are Christina’s boobs real?” In this interview, Christina claims they are. You can read the full Mail piece here, and here are some highlights:

On boobs: It was reported this year that there had been a sharp rise in breast augmentation in the UK because British women were longing to look more like Christina, though she says: ‘I hope I’m not encouraging that. If there’s anything to be learned from me it’s that I’m learning to celebrate what I was born with, even though it’s sometimes been inconvenient. Having larger breasts has made it harder for me to shop throughout the years, but I’ve learnt to love it. It’s so bizarre that people are constantly asking if my breasts are real or fake,’ she adds. ‘They’re so obviously real that anyone who’s ever seen or touched a breast would know.’

On playing Joan on Mad Men: ‘I love playing Joan because she’s such a departure from who I am. In season one I thought, “Oh Lord, this woman is terrifying – I couldn’t be her friend!”, but now I think I would be friends with Joan because she’s so strong and pretty wonderful,’ says Christina, adding: ‘I’d just ask her not to tell me what she really thinks all the time.’ Today her Mad Men wardrobe of fitted skirts and pillbox hats has been replaced by jeans, purple heels and a cream top (with cinched-in waist, naturally). Though it took her a while to get used to putting on Joan’s accoutrements, Christina is now a seasoned pro. ‘I was huffing and puffing into those things initially,’ she says, ‘but now I’m flipping on the garters with ease. It’s so great at the beginning of each season to see what’s in our characters’ wardrobes!’

On Don Draper/Jon Hamm: Ah, Don Draper, a man who could unhook a bra while wearing a straitjacket. Played by the divinely handsome Jon Hamm, Don perennially has an eye for a pretty lady, which rather begs the question why he and Joan have never had an affair. ‘Well, I think they have a mutual respect for one another,’ says Christina, ‘but because they’re both very good at reading other people, they’ve sort of got each other’s number.’ Can Christina herself see the appeal? ‘Who wouldn’t? I mean, come on!’ she laughs. ‘Jon feels more of a brother to me, but listen, I’m a woman and I can look at that man and say he’s astoundingly talented and astoundingly attractive. But so are all the guys on the show. I mean John Slattery [who plays Roger Sterling, Joan’s sometime lover] – he’s dashing and charismatic as can be.’ And are the Dons and Rogers of this world Christina’s type? ‘No, I’d run a mile! I like a man with a nice, self-deprecating sense of humour.’

Christina on how she met her husband, Geoffrey Arend: The couple met after being introduced by Mad Men actor Vincent Kartheiser (who plays Pete Campbell), and though it wasn’t love at first sight, ‘because we were both coming out of other relationships and weren’t in that mindset, I loved his energy and his spirit and I was always saying to friends: “You’ve got to meet my new friend Geoffrey – he’s so much fun”. Then my friends invited him to dinner and he was late – he’s always late – and they asked me if I wanted to save the seat next to me for Geoffrey and I went: “No, no – it’s not like that”. Of course, as soon as I said it didn’t matter, it suddenly did matter. I think my brain just had to catch up with my heart.’

On kids: The couple, now based in Los Angeles, haven’t yet decided whether children will feature in their plans, ‘though I probably need to think about that soon because I’m getting older, but I’m not letting that determine any decisions. I’m on this wonderful show with all these opportunities,’ says Christina, ‘so it seems crazy to jump out of it. I want to really experience the career for a while, and then I’ll see what happens.’ Joan Holloway – now Joan Harris after marrying the frankly undeserving Dr Greg Harris – did end the fourth series of Mad Men pregnant, after an illicit romp with old flame Roger Sterling. ‘She’s been very naughty and I was shocked when I got the script,’ says Christina. ‘My first fear was that she’d quit her job, but also I wondered, if she did become a stay-at-home mum, how would she manage that? Maybe she’ll carry on working – just strap the baby to her back and carry on bossing people around!’

[From The Daily Mail]

Do you believe Christina regarding her boobs? I kind of do. I think as she got older, she gained weight (it happens), and that weight spread out proportionally everywhere, including Christina’s rack. I believe this because Christina’s boobs have a natural sag to them, and when she has them hoisted up in a bustier, it doesn’t look like she has two circular aliens trying to burst out of her chest.

Also – I love her chemistry with John Slattery. They’re very sexy together. But I wouldn’t rule out a Don-Joan drunken hookup at some point. I’d go for that before a Don-Peggy hookup.






Photos courtesy of WENN & Playboy.

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  1. geekychic says:

    i’d believe her, if it weren’t for that playboy or whatever picture of her in a skimpy bikini-her boobs are a tleast five times smaller, and i just can’t imagine what kind of food makes you swell so much in the chest area.
    btw, Kaiser, what is with this trend of disappearing threads at this site? where did the splendid blue uma thurman go?
    and it’s not the first time that in the span of half an hour, some article just disappears from here?

  2. Jenn WInd says:

    I watched the show Firefly the other day, and she is in one of the episodes, and her boobs are pretty big in it. Not as big as they are now, but big still. I agree that she has gained weight, and they along with the rest of her have gotten bigger.

    I would hate to have boobs that size, they look so uncomfortable and restricting, so I could never imagine wanting to go and have mine made that size.

  3. Kaiser says:

    Geekychic – Um, what? The Uma photos are in the Kirsten Dunst thread, which is still on the front page.

  4. mln76 says:

    I vote real…And I agree with Geekychic sometimes the posts disappear and reappear randomly.

  5. Audrey says:

    I have breasts that large and they can be a real hassle. It’s great for women like me that have been “blessed” to see a woman like her on the screen and in the press. Her breasts definitely look real to me.

  6. Kaiser says:

    Min – we move posts so that some of the high-traffic ones stay on the front page.

  7. the original bellaluna says:

    As a DD, I cannot even count the number of times I’ve been asked if my girls are real. It gets tiresome. So does having DD’s sometimes.

    Good on her for just being herself. SO SICK of cookie-cutter bimbos.

  8. coral says:

    I would think they are obviously real too if it weren’t for those playboy pictures that clearly show a marked difference in size from then and now. She is bigger in size, but would not go up like four cup sizes for a 25-35 lb. weight gain, give me a break.

  9. constance says:

    I think she was better looking without the huge blobs on her chest. That “nightie” picture … oh my… I love women and I love boobs… but she doesn’t look appealing at all to me. She always has them so pinned up into dresses, they look cheap and alter her overall physique to look bloated.

    Personally I’ve never seen an adult woman gain that much in her breasts and then become thin again without Lipo and retain chichis that huge. I mean she must have gained A LOT of weight to put that much on her chest. I used to work in a clinic that helped obese people lose weight with surgery. When weight goes naturally, it goes from all over.

    My last gf had implants. She went from a low C to a plump D. She had breasts before the inserts (which weren’t very large) so you’d never know they were fake unless you were giving her a good mammary exam. Just like Dr.90210 in his hay-day said “I spent years learning how to make implants look real, but now women tell me to make them look like implants.”

    I think she had a wonderful set of implants by a good doctor to boost up her allure and like most stars, swear it’s natural beauty.

    Oh and that nightie picture.. How unfortunate her “heel” toes are… oh my…

  10. N.D. says:

    She’s much bigger now than whenever that Playboy photoshot was done. Plus, like with all magazine photos, you can never be sure how authentic they are, what’s real and what’s photoshopped.

    He boobs look real now, that’s all I can say.

  11. trillian says:

    I really don’t get Christina Hendricks. I have not problem with “bigger” women, but she has the face of a cow, the feet of a cow and the udder of a cow. She looks like the female version of the Pillsbury doughboy …

  12. the original bellaluna says:

    @ constance – If it wasn’t for my own personal experience, I would totally agree with you. But my weight has fluctuated, and even when I’ve lost almost 60 pounds, the girls stayed DD’s. In my family, big boobs are genetic. We’re talking like, 4 generations of big boobs.

    And yikes! I didn’t notice her feet. Yuck.

  13. Marianne says:

    Well in that playboy photo, she is also much skinnier. It is possible that she thickened up a little bit, and so did her breasts. If you look at that picture of her with Neil, they look real. Breast implants have that really fake roundness to them…if you know what I mean.

  14. Heatheradair says:

    So, why are we assuming that the playboy shoot didn’t photoshop her rack to look smaller? They did it to other parts of her body, totally could have done it to the boobs. I’m on Team Real in this case. Nothing about those looks bolted on.

  15. constance says:

    @bella But did you always have DDs? Or just after you gained a lot of weight?

    It just seems odd that in a few years she gained a lot of weight, lost most of it, and stacked on 3+ cup sizes indifferent to rapid change.

  16. Cirque28 says:

    Well, she does seem confused at times about how to dress them. Case in point: that lavender number at the top of the page. Yikes. So if you’re going to push them up to your chin (at times), of course people might think there’s some implant action there.

  17. MikeyAngel says:

    They are real. Look at her arms, they are thick as is her waist. Everyone is different and some of us gain in the breast/ass department at a slightly greater rate than anywhere else, others don’t. She is no little woman. She seems thick all over. She looks great, and as a fellow D+ (depending on my weight) I am glad to see a “real woman” (I know some of you hate that but the average size in America is 14-16-although I know she isn’t that big I would say she looks a 12 to me) so famous. I hate all the cookie cutter Evas and Angelina’s out there. I am sure they are natually that thin, but that isn’t the standard. Represent Christina!

  18. steffi says:

    if they are real, i would love to know what she ate…

  19. RHONYC says:

    her fuggin knockers make my big ass double Ds wince in pain they look so heavy.

    OUCH! 🙁

  20. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @the original Bella, I have the big boob gene as well. My mother is a petite 5’4″ 140 lbs with a G cup. I went from a D to a DD after I was done nursing my first son. Now I’m nursing my 6 week old son and was fitted for an H nursing bra! I will most likely be a DD or E/F when I’m finished nursing.

    Anyway, my point is, there are certain circumstances where women retain weight in the chest area and manage to remain slim elsewhere. Although Christina has never nursed a baby, she may be one of those women that loses weight in her chest last.

  21. courtney says:

    please people most women in modern hollywood have fake breasts take it from someone who’s had dd or bigger breasts since age 12. It’s easy to tell fake books they’re usually proportionally incorrect for the women their put on and most in hollywood that get them get them for a raise in pay though a few have for reconstructive issues like a mastectomy after breast cancer Olivia Newton John & Carly Simon come to mind or having a symetric breasts after a miscarriage like Adrienne Curry did

  22. Kate says:


  23. Crash2GO2 says:

    How gorgeous does she look in the third photo down??

    I tend to believe her about her boobs. But good grief, who cares? I can’t believe they asked her.

  24. Solveig says:

    Before I saw that Playboy pic I truly believed that her boobs were real.
    I know that gaining weight for some lucky women means ‘bigger boobs’, but in her case it’s just too much. Therefore I believe that her weight gain just hides the obvious presence of implants.

  25. Sue says:

    Heatheradair:@ Why would they photoshop her boobs to look smaller this is playboy were talking about big boobs are a good thing in the mag.

  26. June says:

    Yeah, you can go back as far as that one MTV show “Undressed”. They were fairly large already then and she just gains weight in that area, like many women do. I always make fun of men who can’t tell the difference between real and fake breasts. There are a few ways to tell, but the best and nearly fail proof way is the jiggle test. Usually, but not always, if they don’t jiggle all over, they ain’t real.

  27. geekychic says:

    at Kaiser; sorry, you are right!
    headache and essays obviously make me hallucinate! 🙂
    but, i am convinced some of the threads have gone missing in the past month. alas, as i can’t remember which one, i’ll just carry on. but i swear….
    edit: now i see i’m not the crazy one! thank you, mln76!
    Kaiser: yes, but sometimes they disappear-you can’t find them on any page. it’s pretty anoying when i check cb in the morning, go fetch my coffee and then i can’t find what i’ve wanted to read. 😉

  28. the original bellaluna says:

    @ constance – Always. Okay, well I was a D before I had my 3 kids, all of whom I nursed. And I agree with your points.

    @ Morticians – Yep. Nursing my second child, all I can say is “thank God for Olga nursing bras.” I can’t recall the size (been almost 18 years), but it was something triple and in the J category, I do believe. Thank God they went back down to a DD!

    @ June – There’s also the “feel test.” When my friend and I used to go out, I’d inevitably get the “real or fake” question, and she’d say “Feel ’em!” My friend, she’s funny like that.

  29. mamaT says:

    i vote real. we i was a size 4, my boobs were barely a B. now, two kids later and a few dress sizes up, they are a DD if not an E. even if i went down 30 lbs my girls would still be closer to a D

  30. Macheath says:

    You’re telling porky-pies, Kaiser. She does an interview with the DM and all of a sudden she’s a goddess in the UK? Must be a different UK…

  31. Katie M says:

    I think they are most likely natural. She has probably gained a little weight since the Playboy shoot, and it “went” to her chest. I think she is also benefiting from a fantastic bra. Those little bikini tops don’t offer a lot of support! I also have to say how much I love her red hair vs. her blond (which I think is her natural color). The red hair makes her eyes pop!

  32. carrie says:

    she’s a LIAR but the fake breasts look good because she gained weight too

  33. Gwen says:

    I have no idea if they’re real or fake but they look like mine and mine are real so I tend to think real. I always gain weight at my boobs too. Not a very good thing when they were large to begin with 🙁

  34. Ginger says:

    @Constance. I can tell you from personal experience that it is perfectly possible to gain quite a few cup sizes with a 30-35 pound weight gain. Since I moved to Canada I’ve gained pretty much that and have gone from a DD to an H, which is making life harder to buy cloths as my boobs are out of proportion to my waist now.

    It is nice to see a woman with a different body shape playing sexy desirable characters, but really I do think that we’re all a bit to hung up on looks when it comes to women. I’m not quite sure why we we should care whether they’re real or fake or particularly what size they are. Without knowing her personally I’m fairly she that Christina Hendricks is more than the sum of her parts, as most women are.

  35. Rachel says:

    Real. I was a 36C in my 20s and now in my 30s I’m a 36J. I’ve gained a lot of weight, but I recently lost a good part of it and I went down three pants sizes but only one cup size. Her boobs look just like mine.

    Some people gain it in their chest first and lose it there last (I have a friend like this), and sometimes when you gain the weight and then lose it, the chest stays the same (my sis is also like this).

    Even if they were fake (which I don’t believe), they’re realistic enough to confuse everyone, so well done either way.

  36. Elizabeth says:

    @ Jenn
    I have the dvd of Firefly and there is a scene at the end where she is pinned to the ground by Nathan Filion. Her boobs stand up like missile silos – classic sign of fakes. Real ones slide off to the side.

  37. thegreatdefender says:

    if they’re real, she needs a lift, she must have hellish backaches from those third bases hanging like that

  38. beth says:

    i think my boob size is triple A minus 🙁
    you could lay me on the water and surf the waves 😀
    i’ll be happy to take 1/10th of what Christina has.

    on the aside, it’s actually christina’s flame-red hair i covet.

  39. Alix says:

    I think they’re fake, but harder to confirm because she does have some breast tissue/weight up top. The super-fake look happens mostly to women with no boobs or weight above the waist, so the implants stick out from a bony, flat chest like a couple of grapefruit. A little curviness helps a lot. Isn’t that right, Salma Hayek?

  40. penguin says:

    definitely fake. ive had big natural boobs(E cup) and big fake 1s (G cup) so i can tell the difference. natural boobs that size are not as round and firm looking as hers.The reason why hers don’t look bolted on is cos she’s not skinny, the breast fat hides the implant. When i put weight on they look natural when i get to thin they look bolted on.

  41. aenflex says:


  42. Ell says:

    Another vote for REAL. I’m the same as Rachel. I used to be A cup in my 20’s and now I’m DD. Admittedly I was a dress size 6 and now I’m a 10 but in the past 10 years my weight has remained the same but my chest has gone from C to DD, I think it has something to do with hormones.

    As for the Christina love in the UK, we absolutely love Mad Men here and british men do like a hourglass woman.

  43. bluhare says:

    I can’t believe no one has mentioned the children thing. She’s in her mid 30’s, right? And she’s waiting to have children because of her tv show. Am I the only one who thinks it’s a bit short sighted? Mid 30’s is no big deal, but as she heads to 40 she might be wishing she’d done things a bit differently. Yes, I know there’s a lot at stake, but I look at fame/money/career vs. mom and if I wanted kids I know what I’d pick.

    And Christine? You can take the implants out now. You don’t need them any more.

  44. Darlene says:

    My best friend used to be the size Christina was in that Playboy spread. She was about a low-C cup, not SMALL, but not DD by any means. Then she started to put on weight, and went up about 8 sizes, and I swear, her breasts got HUGE HUGE HUGE, like porn star huge, and it was from nothing but body fat. Now she’s losing weight again, but her boobs won’t get much smaller!! It’s maddening to her.

    So basically, I totally believe Christina. They’re real.

  45. Maritza says:

    If they were fake they would have a gap between them and look bolted on because they are quite big. I believe she is the kind of woman that gains weight on her breasts, lucky for her, I gain weight and it goes to my arms and behind. She is gorgeous the way she is!

  46. lola says:

    what if it’s the playboy shot that was photoshopped. I know, playboy girls modified to suit a certain look and standard, SHOCKING!!! LOL

  47. talia says:

    playboy does not photoshop boobs smaller lol And because she’s a full figured woman, they would not look like bolt-ons, that only happens when someone is very thin.

    She’s no more than 35 pounds heavier than her skinnier days, that’s not enough weight gain to explain the change in bust size from playboy until now.

    It’s quite obvious her rack has been surgically stacked, it’s clear in the cleavage shots.What makes them look more natural is her accompanying weight. IT’s a great implant job though, cheers to the doctor for a bang up job.

  48. Kim says:

    She is so OBVIOUSLY lying!!! The proof is in the pics! Im so embarrassed for her, that even with MANY pics of her with breasts no where near the size they are now, after augmentation, that she is still claiming they are real – plleeaassee!

    She doesnt have any brain cells to rub together so what do we expect.

  49. Kim says:

    No ones breasts go up triple sizes from gaining a mere 20 pds. People pleaaassee! Sure they get bigger but perhaps a cup size or 2. They do not go from b to ddd with 20 pd gain.

  50. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @the original Bella @Rachel, WOW a J? And I thought I was huge!!

    @the original Bella, I will have to check out those Olga nursing bras. I’m currently wearing an elastic nursing bra; because I can’t find any larger than a G with underwire.

    On another note, I wonder what cup size Christina is. I’d venture to guess she’s larger than an H.

  51. Yeah, well the woman in my family are all very small untill they hit their late 20’s early thirties. Some people are just that way.

  52. talia says:

    ps: Is it possible a 30 lb. weight gain can result in going up 3 or 4 cup sizes, meaning she gained a cup size for every 10 pounds? Sure. Anything’s possible.

    Is it probable? No.

  53. TXCinderella says:

    There is no tell-tale ridge, and they don’t look like bolt-ons. I think they are real.

  54. Isa says:

    I always thought her breasts were real but some doubt crept into my mind after seeing the Playboy picture.
    I don’t doubt they went up in size during weight gain but perhaps she got some small implants to perk them up? I feel like she has a lot of breast tissue but there maybe implants in there somewhere.
    During my pregnancies I’ve gained 20-34 lbs and my breasts didn’t grow AT ALL. So maybe at the opposite end of the spectrum you have Christina. Although, I’m not sure this really applies since she hasn’t been pregnant. And I may just be defective with my supernumerary nipples.

    Anyway, all I know is that while I want larger breasts I would not want them to be that large! I imagine it’s hard on her back and shopping for undergarments. And tops, how do you find tops that will fit in the chest but not sag in the waist? I have the opposite problem with a top fitting everywhere else and the breasts sagging. And the extra attention from men..ugh. Would drive me crazy.

  55. lea+ann=crap says:

    gorgeous…bet they ooze cream

  56. Charlotte says:

    Yeah, I really don’t consider her a goddess. That DM article is the first thing I’ve her about her in england. It’s usually on american sites that she’s mentioned.

  57. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Morticians – Yes, Olga is v-e-r-y good to large-breasted women. The nursing bras were white (awful) cotton (wonderful); they were extremely comfortable; and they wore very well. I had 4 of them, and they lasted me the entire 2 years I nursed my daughter. (I found them at Broadway, which is now Macy’s – good luck!)

  58. teena says:

    Implants only look “bolted on” when someone is extremely petite and skinny and they put in implants. You get a fleshier girl some implants though and you won’t see that bolted on look. I have a friend who is about 180 lbs, about 5’8″ and she got implants and they look natural and nonbolted on cause the implants are proportionate to her body and don’t protrude out oddly like they would if she was a skinny 135 lbs.

  59. Melissa says:

    I used to think they are real, but now think they are fake. They have that curve all the way across the top that real boobs don’t really have. Plus, in my experience, people with very large natural breasts try to keep them covered up – it’s only people who have paid dearly for them that show them off as much as she does!

  60. hoganbcmj says:

    I love her and think she is totally gorgeous and talented. Just look at her in that second photo! Stunning.

    As for the boobs, the do look so much bigger than they used to be, but it’s not out of the realm of possibility that this is just the way she’s gained weight. Different people carry weight differently, and for some women, it goes straight to their chest.

    I LOVE that she embraces her size and makes regular-sized woman look sexy. GO Joan/Christina!

  61. junipergreen says:

    I don’t believe her for a second.

  62. almond says:

    It is possible they might be real, but the difference between pictures is staggering.

    As for losing weight everywhere but in the boobs, it definitely happens. By the end of my under-grad studies I weight 100 pounds at 5’7” and my C+ boobs still hadn’t lost a mg of fat. It was ridiculous. Thankfully, they stayed the same when I gained back a few pounds, but I think with horror of when I’ll have a baby and I’ll have to nurse.

  63. the original bellaluna says:

    @ almond – Good luck with that! Read my previous posts on this thread – they can be eye-opening, to say the least. (My dad used to say it was a good thing my feet were so big, because if they weren’t I’d have fallen over forward!) I’m 5’9″ – 5’10”, and even at 126 lbs with a 26 inch waist, I had D’s.

  64. Erin says:

    Fake. I agree that the amount the stick out of her chest is telling. You can push the boobs up with a corset but they just pop out of her chest! Normal boobs just don’t. Mine don’t while in a corset and I’m a D.

  65. Ladybird83 says:

    I vote fake. Two years ago I weighed 205lbs, since then I have dropped to 145lbs. I was a 36D at 205 and am still a 36D at 145. That’s 60lbs lighter and no big change in the funbags. Thank God, cause I love my big boobs.

  66. Hilary says:

    Her boobs in the Playboy pictures do actually look pretty large, they’re just not hoisted up. They’re doing a natural large boob sag there and would look “bigger” if hoisted up more. My 32E’s don’t look enormous when I’m freeboobin’ because they naturally sag, but once they’re contained in a well-fitting bra, they look huge. I’m an average weight for my height, so they are just that size thanks to genetics (ugh.)

    So maybe her current boobage is thanks to weight gain, plus whatever mindblowing engineering she wears under those dresses to make them sit up that high. But her cleavage does look sketch sometimes, like implant-moundy sketch, but meh. Maybe they are fake, but I’m still leaning towards real, and they are awesome.

  67. katiemarie says:

    My vote is fake. She hasn’t gained THAT much weight, and the last time I checked weight gain typically doesn’t go straight to your chest!

  68. almond says:

    @ the original bellaluna I’ve read them all and they’ve not quieted my worries. But I guess that’s how it is when genes combine.

  69. the original bellaluna says:

    @ almond – You’ll be fine, I promise! 😉 Remember, it’s temporary!

  70. Annie_Grey says:

    She obviously weighs more than she did back then. Looks to be a tall size 6 there with good sized breasts, and she’s a 14, now. So, I can see it. Plus, she pushes them up. She’s got smushy ones, and not that pulled plastic looking chest that’s seen all over LA.

    On how she fell for her husband sounds so much like me and my fiance. I’ve even said I loved him before my brain knew it. 🙂

  71. Amanda G says:

    Yes, they are obviously real. Anyone who doubts it must be a 12 year old boy who have never seen a pair of real DD’s LOL I have DD’s myself and yes they have gotten smaller or bigger with weight gain/loss…just as hers has. Also, an amazing bra can lift those puppies up and give them the “fake” look. I know, because I have a few like that.

  72. londonLady says:

    Unless she’s been breastfeeding for like the last five years, she got a boob job. Playboy pics tell all

  73. Me says:

    Those are not fake, not at all. Way too squishy and soft looking. Not to mention fake boobs don’t get pushed together nicely like that. Its a weight difference. I have a cousin who was a tad heavier most of her life and had DD’s… she lost about 30 pounds (which was a bit too much) and now has B’s. Haha!

  74. Sumodo1 says:

    I look at her and think, “Gee, I would really like a doctor to order me to have a breast reduction.” My boobs are a royal pain.

  75. Dingles says:

    They’re fake, and they’re spectacular.

  76. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @the original bella, I’m built similarly. 5’7″ 118. I was even thinner after my first son, but went up a cup size! I’m working hard at trying to lose the 20 lbs of pregnancy weight I have left. At the gym the other day, a woman said she’d never have believed my boobs were real if she hadn’t seen them bouncing while I was on the eliptical. Very weird thing for a stranger to say.

  77. LuckyLilGem says:

    Real, her bum is like 2-3x larger than her bust.

  78. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Morticians – THAT is hysterical! Thanks for the laugh! (I’ve had similar experiences – when did our boobs become fodder for the gym-going public?) 😉

  79. chalen says:

    What’s with women always talking about their own boob sizes on threads like this one, or on ones where someone is flat? I find it like a weird social psychology experiment, and similar to guys whipping out their wangs with a measuring stick. It’s hilarious, how many people turn the subject on themselves and then feel the need to give their cup size. lol

  80. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @chalen, I can’t speak for the other women here, but I don’t think anyone is playing “whose is bigger.” It’s quite natural to take your own life experiences and apply them to whatever you’re reading. In this case it’s boobs, so we’re discussing our boobs or lack thereof. Mosey on over to the Handler thread, people are sharing much more serious stories over there. We’ve also been known to share pregnancy stories on a pregnant celeb thread. I happen to like reading personal accounts, as it makes me feel as though I know the commenters a little better. It’s actually quite a nice feeling. So I say keep ’em coming ladies.

  81. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Morticians – Kisses and love. EXCELLENT comment!

    To those who don’t “get it,” boobs are boobs. Leave it alone.

  82. antisara says:

    Agreed,girl! Sometimes those boobs keep getting all the extra weight. Mine did the same, though their saggier now that i’ve been a mother. UGH! I’d love to get abreast reduction!!!!!!!! Honestly if i had her money i’d probably had a better time paying for custom fit clothing and bras, but being a Jane Doe with big saggy boobs is a real BITCH!!!!!!!!!! finding the right size is a pain, most Walmarts don’t carry bigger sizes, and clothing, “FODGET” IT!!!!! never ever wear skinny jeans and a stretch blouse cuz it will look like you’re getting ready to fall tittays first…so disproportionate! WISH LIST: I WANT HALF MY BOOBS OFF!!!!!!!!!!!! A decent size…just enough to look sexy and be able to wear normal sizes!

  83. gg says:

    I am glad she is being herself, but at the same time, she looks stuffed, uncomfortable as hell, and I know her shoulders must hurt. I’ve never thought it looks good to be on camera all the time and your head is smaller than one of your boobs. If it were me I would lose weight or get a reduc. Just too much; she does not ever look good in her clothes. And still needs a new hairdresser for the drippy locks. Sorry Christina.

  84. Deven says:

    Her breasts are totally weird looking! No one EVER mentions that her right breast starts higher up her chest than the left does. It shows in every straight-on picture I’ve ever seen of her. The breasts also have a strange look to them, in general They’re both tall AND wide. I don’t really care whether they’re real or not, I just wouldn’t want to look that way.

  85. Shelley says:

    Fake. Yes she’s gained weight and yes, I’m sure some people do gain weight in their breasts disproportionately, but that isn’t what’s going in with her. She likely had smaller implants initially, as someone mentioned a film in which her breasts stuck up rigidly when she lay down. That’s exactly an implant thing, as is the rigidity and roundness at the top. Then more recently she super-sized.

    One is out of alignment with the other, which doesn’t show much in these photos but is very apparent in other photos I’ve seen. She’s probably dressing much more carefully to hide that. I had implants and they were miserably uncomfortable; one healed in a higher position than the other and I had scar contracture which made them quite rigid as hers are. It hurts me to look at her! She’s boxing herself in by claiming these are real when they’re so obviously not. And yes, good grief, if you want a baby, have one. Your career won’t be much company or joy to you when you’re 80 -and old age gets here before you know it.

  86. M says:

    The boobs look real, I agree with it being weight gain.

    While most women loose weight off their boobs first, not all do. My cousin looses weight everywhere BUT her boobs and is considering a reduction because they’re so large (she’s a size 2 and her breasts are larger than a DD)

  87. Victoire says:

    I don’t believe her. I’m not fan of her, nor the reason she became famous for – her boobs

  88. Ja says:

    One way to definitely squash the rumours would be a tasteful art nude photo done and published. At least that’s what I would do. Good for publicity and the bank account as well.

  89. Dani says:

    Womens’ breasts do not grow that large with a weight gain. You can have implants under the muscle that don’t show the implant ridge and they will sag eventually also. Nope, not buying her story at all. She looks to be all of a A cup in that pic. You don’t just then wake up one day with double D’s or whatever she is now. Ridiculous.

  90. Francesca says:

    Those are real ta-ta’s. Recall Delta Burke? They both have the same figure and are both stunning women.

  91. Bopa says:

    In her defense it’s very possible that her boobs are real. I was a small c from 17 on to 26 and then gained 20 lbs and now I’m a large d almost dd. Some people develop late even into their 20’s weight gain and hormonal changes can effect it.

  92. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    I’ll decide to give her the benefit of the doubt because it’s the diplomatic and ladylike thing to do, but do I truly believe that she went through second puberty in her mid-thirties? The real question is, do the people who salivate over her even care? I’d wager that the answer is a resounding no.

  93. Sally says:

    Benefit of the doubt here, too. Perhaps they are fake, but like many others have said it IS possible to mostly just gain weight in the boobs – first place the fat goes, last place it leaves. I gained 4-5 cup sizes when I put on 20 pounds (and one dress size).. which is a major pain in the ass since I started at a D cup 🙁 So I thought, “I’ll lose some weight and they’ll shrink again!” But noooo, I’ve since lost 7 pounds and they’re still the bloody same size 🙁

  94. thinkaboutit says:

    The Playboy pic is TWELVE years old. EVERYTHING about her looks completely different. Her big boobs are matronly, the kind women get as they get older and heavier…not the sexy boobs women buy to get ahead in Hollywood…who would buy those?? Really, think about it — no top actress has boobs that big, it’s not really considered an asset for an actress to be top-heavy. It’s not like she KNEW she was going to get cast in a period sitcom where her boobs would be co-stars. I’m going with real. If she wanted fake bobs she would have gotten them BEFORE doing Playboy, obviously!

  95. boob sizes says:

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