Video of Tara Reid getting shut out of Hyde nightclub

You may have seen this yesterday on TMZ, but I usually don’t view videos from their site because they launch a pop-up window, take a while to load, and have loud commercials before them. Here’s the YouTube version. Poor Tara Reid waits outside of Hyde nightclub while Paris and Kim Kardashian come bouncing by and are waved right in. Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis comes out and give her a hug and a kiss while she’s waiting at the front of the line with a dejected look on her face. She supposedly said “I’m so yesterday,” but I didn’t hear it with all the background noise. She’s also said to be drunk, but I vote for just a little tipsy. She was probably saving the rest of her liver for the remainder of the night.

Unfortunately there’s no coverage of her being let into the club, but I hope for poor Tara’s sake it was just cut out for dramatic reasons.

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5 Responses to “Video of Tara Reid getting shut out of Hyde nightclub”

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  1. Randi says:

    I didn’t think I could feel sorry for Tara or that I could hate Paris any more….

  2. kelley says:

    Poor Tara, there is not way I would have continued standing there. Have some pride girlfriend. Get some help, and some acting lessons and come back.

  3. paris herpes says:

    That killed! Wow, I would have left immediately, what is she waiting for? To be further embarassed? And Paris is a nasty snatch, screw her! She’s gonna be in Tara’s place soon enough…

  4. mizzie says:

    I feel bad for Tara…
    And Paris, I just hate this girl…Hope she’ll be shut out on all clubs one day!

  5. Drew says:

    While I do not disagree that Paris is a skank and has done nothing to merit her superior attitude, do you honestly feel sorry for Tara? So she couldn’t get into a night club. I’m sure she’ll find comfort as she cries herself to sleep on her giant pile of money. Plus, I’m sure she never felt sorry for all the people she’s waltzed past going into the same club.