Ryan Phillippe & Amanda Seyfried have broken up (again)


I kind of forgot that Ryan Phillippe and Amanda Seyfried were a thing. They were dating on and off since last Halloween, but now, according to Us Weekly, they’ve broken up again. Seems like a pretty obvious decision considering that during the course of their relationship, Ryan’s dealt with baby-daddy drama from a brief hookup that may or may not have happened simultaneously to the start of his relationship with Amanda. Of course, Ryan has still been playing the field while still technically going out with Amanda this whole time – the stories are still out there about Ryan and Rihanna, after all. In case you might feel some sympathy for Amanda… don’t. She has a type. She loves the douches. She’ll find another one soon enough.

It was fun while it lasted!

After seven months together, Amanda Seyfried and Ryan Phillippe have pulled the plug on their relationship, a source tells Us Weekly.

“It was mutual,” the source says. “They were never fully committed.”

After meeting at Kate Hudson’s Halloween party last October, the pair first called it quits in February.

“They were always on and off,” adds the source. “They were always seeing other people.” Still, when reports surfaced in March that Phillippe, 36, was father of his ex-girlfriend Alexis Knapp’s baby, due this month, Seyfried, 25, stuck by him.

But it’s anything but acrimonious post-split, says the pal. “There’s no bad blood. They’re cool.”

Phillippe’s past loves include ex-wife (and mother to his kids Ava and Deacon) Reese Witherspoon and actress Abbie Cornish. Red Riding Hood star Seyfried split with British beau Dominic Cooper about a year ago, following a three-year relationship.

[From Us Weekly]

As I said, I believe Ryan was seeing other people, but I doubt Amanda was. And I wonder why she hung around for so long? I think when Ryan’s paternity drama exploded a few months ago, Ryan started being nice to Amanda in the hopes that she would stick around and make him look less like a womanizing douche who sticks it wherever he can without protection.

So… what is Amanda’s next move? My guess: Justin Timberlake. He’s just her type.




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  1. Jez says:

    Well she and Justin will have to promote their movie together some time next year. That still leaves a long time in the middle for someone else.

  2. Obvious says:

    She and Justin would be cute together. who’s the bigger star n that relationship. he has more name recognition, but she’s got more talent.

  3. brin says:

    I hope she’s smarter than that (going for JT).

  4. Quest says:

    Yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! From dumb (Ryan) to dumber (JT) ….huh?

  5. LunaT says:

    Run, child, run!!! Go find your selfesteem w/out a guy!

  6. the original bellaluna says:

    Wow! That header pic tells quite a story: He’s pissed drunk and she’s pissed off! He’s like, I don’t want to argue about it (or something much meaner) and she’s got that turned-head, closed-mouth, lifted-chin “I’m not going to let you see me cry” face.

  7. Roma says:

    I think you might actually have something with the JT angle. I could see their publicists hooking that up.

  8. tapioca says:

    Ryan is single now? “Taxi to the airport!!”

  9. Hautie says:

    Isn’t that baby due?

    And why is it girls with really great hair, like Amanda once had… ends up with most of it cut off. With a bad dye job. Like Amanda in these pictures.

    She used to have amazing hair. And now she is one step away from a head full of ratty extensions. To get back what she had grew on her own.

    Is Ken Paves her hair stylist too??

  10. gobo says:

    She’s a bt of a wagon herself so meh, who cares.

  11. sandip says:

    Ryan seems to have issues being with women who are more in demand and successful than he will ever be.

  12. arock says:

    she is really a gorgeous woman.
    god, Ryan looks wasted in the first shot

  13. jay says:

    guuhh. I actually really like Amanda (out of the young starlet bucket). She’s a little better than the girls who think they can get there through injections, favors, and looks alone. But holy god, she does not have taste in men. I’m hoping the “dating your co-star” thing was a one time with her. Cause then this won’t end well.

  14. mdf says:

    In all of the pap pics of them together, he always looked stand-offish. Like she was just a convenient piece…

    Amanda can do so much better than him.

  15. Ruby Red Lips says:

    I really like Amanda, she’s kooky looking but with beautiful wide set eyes and she appears to be honest about how she maintains her figure, i.e. by not eating v much!

    Here’s hoping she finds a decent guy next time but pls, pls pls, no JT…he is a douche!

  16. Sakyiwaa says:

    i agree with sandip

  17. taxi says:

    He’s a tool & she looks like a space alien. Okay if you like bug-eyes.

  18. animac says:

    she is gorgeous and talented – he is talentless and girly looking

  19. lola51rae says:

    I always assumed that she slept with JT during the production of Alpha Dog (2006)…which I think would have occurred just before she started seeing Dominic Cooper. She wasn’t very well known back then (except for Mean Girls and Big Love), I could picture her being a very brief side-piece for JT during that time.