K-Fed’s Lose Control music video

Let me be honest here, I only watched 1/2 of this. It’s not terrible, but it’s terribly trite. K-Fed uses every cliche in the book. He’s the high-roller, getting into the club that only admits women while normal guys are turned away. A sillouhette of a hot woman dances in the background, and he shows off that expensive watch that he bought without asking Britney’s permission. The rhymes are lame and K-Fed is lamer.

“The lifestyle, the rich livin’, the fast cars. Don’t hate ’cause I’m a superstar.”

Found at Musicjesus.com [via]

The intro sequence features the fake cover of a magazine Kevin has said that he and Britney want to start called “The Real.” They want to counter the “lies” about celebrities published in the tabloids.

You can download Kevin and Britney’s skit on the VMAs last night from BreatheHeavy.com. It wouldn’t work for me, but maybe you’ll have better luck.

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  1. kelley says:

    Oh HELL no. This guy sucks. For someone who used to be a back up dancer you think he could have done a little less posing, and maybe did some dancing.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s more watchable than the Teen Choice Awards performance, and his rhythm was better. (The nice thing about not performing live.) Some of the rhymes are definitely lame.

  3. Ashley says:

    Kevin is terrible. He talks about how he is rich. He is such a joke. Whenever I need a laugh i’ll download this video.

  4. lisa says:

    I can’t believe how arrogant he is – especially the comment on how “rich HE is…” OMG. He would still be a pizza delivery guy (maybe not… they actually work pretty hard) if he had not found Ms Moneybags. I agree with the posting above – you would think he would actually dance instead of prancing around like a fairy. What a goof-ball. Tell me, how does the “true” rap community feel about this skinny, smoking, tatooed wanna-be?? And… what a good example he is as a father, huh??

  5. AC says:

    I was gonna say the same thing, maybe show of the talent that got you in hitting distance of britney spears and dance. He talks about b eing a superstar before he is one, talks bout all the money and whats in his garage when NONE of that came from anything he had BEFORE he married a superstar. *sigh * brit! get away from him!

  6. AC says:

    and the video is poorly done, the editing is sooooo …. BEEN DONE. lol that was a gramatically correct sentence. IT’S BORING! ugg

  7. britney's ex-lover says:

    well produced, but nothing memorable

    he should have done some exhibition dancing (maybe he is out of shape) – huge disappointment

    no spark or charisma

    if only he had better material (Britney obviously didnt help him at all, bitch)

  8. Vomiting says:

    I had to stop it about 30 seconds into the video. Now I’m cleaning vomit from my keyboard. Talentless loser. If it weren’t for him being MR. Britney Spears….he wouldn’t have had this opportunity.

  9. Poor Boopie says:

    When will this no talent dweeb go away?

  10. docweasel says:

    Does anyone on the planet think this guy is cool? Are there K-Fed fans somewhere? How will he sell even a dozen of his disks, even as coasters?

  11. Celebitchy says:

    docweasel haha! 8) I guess we will see what happens when his album “drops.”

  12. marines all the way says:

    When I see you Fed, I am going to fucking throw shit at you. There is someone out there with REAL talent and you’ve stolen their chance at the limelight, with you poor lyrics, that lacks everything. You see yourself, and no one else, there is no other clebrity that thinksr like you. You and your wife should be put to sleep, retarded people have more rights to , living than you, you’re trailor trash no even lower than trailor trash I even think those people have more class than you two. You and your siliva spitting gum chewing whore of a wife are a waste of oxygen, everytime I see you two on my TV screen or in a newspaper I just wanna fly to cali just so I can spit in your direction and throw some (kevin) Ferdilizer into your car, and in your wifes shitting head, which lacks a brain so if I shove some poop in there through her ears it will be an improvement compared to whats not inside your wife’s head right now.

  13. marines all the way says:

    sorry for the typos guys, that demon is kicking my ass lately.

  14. Celebitchy says:

    marines, you can edit your comment for up to 30 minutes by choosing the link next to the date. That said, please respect people who are differently abled. I’m not talking about K-Fed and Britney, I’m talking about people you call “retarded,” which is akin to an epithet and is not welcome here. I have seen other comments calling people “retarded” too, and I realize it is not meant as a slur, but it is widely perceived as one by that community and will be censored in the future. Carry on. 😉

  15. marines all the way says:

    Oh sorry dude, I didn’t mean it in that sence at all, is mentally disabled allowed? Or is that a slur too. I apologise to anyone offended….except ferdiallizer and his wife britchy.

  16. Celebitchy says:

    Mentally disabled is fine. hehe.

  17. ura says:

    a few dismantled comments to this.
    1. LOL
    2. My connection sucks, and so I got quite an amusing view at various expressions that K-Fed makes in snapshots.
    3. He seems to have collected all the “catch-lines” from popular songs of the past and put them into one song – good job, I suppose.
    4. At least get extras that look good so we can all stare at them a while.

  18. ura says:

    and I forgot:
    5. Get a better director… I’m sure kids in my Cinematography class in HS could have done better.
    6. You’re don’t be come a superstar by marrying one.

  19. marines all the way says:


  20. millie says:

    OMG. this face makes me want to vomit. what a loser, trying to look like Justin Timberlake and P.Diddy. Instead of pointing to his watch, he should be pointing at his crotch–this is the real key to his success. God, I hope nobody buys this pile of BS.

  21. ayth8 says:

    I’m the first white boy bringing the West Coast sound. It’s gonna be huge. I’m doing s**t that not even EMINEM does.” Thats what de dickhead said.

    u can read it on the following website

    i hope Eminem comes bac n screw dis fuckin kevin pussy up.

  22. rubygirl214 says:

    GOD!!! When will this tool realize he has no talent?? His “rhymes” are heinous!! Even with all of Britney’s money, and the best producers money can buy, he still blows!! Like my grandpa always says “you can’t polish a turd!” That sums K-Fu** up to a T!!!

  23. Val says:

    omgg this guy is pathetic he needs a good shower and woredrobe still hell look like a dirt bag..I cant believe brittney she needs a slap for even lookin at him wow..She could have been with justin and makin albums not little low life kevin babys

  24. bettyboop76 says:

    the guy is a joke, he just repeats the same lyrics over and over. he has no rhythmn or style he sucks!!! he should’nt quit his day job which is being a leech and living off of britney’s fortune and fame.

  25. JOELLE!!!! says:

    ITS SNOWING!!!!!!!!

  26. Blue_Guy says:

    i hate k.fed but……………….. this song rocks

    & the music is good 2

    Xzibit’s new album rocks than this sucker & i hobe that eminem back n screw dis fuckin kevin pussy up to

    but i don’t look at him as i hate him i look 2 his music & i gotta admit it it’s good

  27. LADY RED says:


  28. SEXYMOMMY says:

    OOO MY…..LOSER LOSER LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. kevin says:

    very good, I liked it 🙂

    – Kevin

  30. PrSunshine says:

    I can not believe that anyone (regardless of what drugs they were under the influence of) could ever think that this is a commercial “artist”. The film used for this video would have been better put to use if they had filmed a home movie. Maybe then we could have found it entertaining.