Star: Angelina Jolie is down to 99 pounds, maybe because of heroin?


Star Magazine’s cover story this week is all about Angelina Jolie and how she’s down to 99 pounds, because of heroin, I guess. I don’t know… um, the cover is Photoshopped? Like, to a ridiculous level. Now, you guys have been bitching about Angelina Jolie’s weight for… well, for years. But more specifically, many have been complaining about her thin appearances surrounding her publicity tour for Kung Fu Panda 2. Now, while I’ll admit that I winced a little when seeing Angelina’s bony legs a few times, I think her top half looks okay-ish. She’s not crazy emaciated, like she was after her mom died. Her upper arms have some flesh, her cheeks don’t look hallow, and in a few photos, it even looks like she has a small tummy. Could it be possible that after two pregnancies, Angelina just gains weight in certain parts of her body and not others?

What’s going on with Angelina Jolie‘s shocking weight loss? At the Cannes Film Festival, jaws dropped when she appeared looking gaunt, bony, and terrifyingly thin. We’re worried for you, Angelina, you’re looking emaciated!

In fact, Star is reporting that the five-foot-seven tall actress’ weight has plummeted to 99 pounds!

“Angie has gotten so skinny and frail, Brad thinks she needs professional help,” a source tells Star, which adds that Brad staged an “intervention,” begging Angelina to get help. “Her face looks sunken. On the red carpet, her arms look like twigs.”

And while the stress of juggling an acting career and motherhood may take its toll on her, it’s her diet that’s the main culprit, according to Star. “Brad is really concerned with her eating habits,” says the source. “She’s existing on cereal bars and fruit smoothies and has slipped to just 99 pounds. She is so thin yet will still go on a carrot-juice fast for days.”

It’s gotten so severe that Brad is “leaving food out all over the place hoping she’ll snack,” and wishing that she’ll gain at least 10 pounds.

[From Hollywood Life]

If she’s really five foot seven (I think she might be an inch shorter, maybe), I doubt that she’s down to 99 pounds. My guesstimate is… 115-ish. With those hips and boobs, my guess is that she’s probably a dress size 4 (in the traditional size system, not The Kristie Alley Size System). And I don’t buy that Angelina does “carrot juice fasts” and junk. She’s not that woman. I will buy that she “forgets to eat” because she’s so busy though.





Star cover courtesy of CoverAwards, additional pics by WENN.

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  1. Theuth says:

    She is not five seven, just a little over 165 cm when I saw her minus the crazy heels she always wears…she looks taller because of proportions (expecially her arms). And even in 2007, when she was “crazy” thin, she wasn’t: it’s strange to say, but for me she looks thinner in photos than in reality!

  2. Bella Bella says:

    I always imagined her to be killer tall like 5’9 or 5’10. I had no idea she was shorter. huh.

  3. Eve says:

    She’s 5’8″ (1,73 meters).

    Oh, I love that picture where she’s with her mouth wide open.

    Me: What big mouth you have, Miss Jolie…

    Jolie: It’s for eating you better, my dear.

    Me: *blushes*

  4. PandaBear says:

    she looks great in that red dress, i’m sorry. i think she looks good (uh oh). she must have cheek implants, right!?

  5. kiikii says:

    Angelina has ALWAYS carried her weight in her mid section. Her legs and arms have ALWAYS been long and thin. Perhaps thinner at some times than others (like you said, when her mum died etc)but in general she has never carried her weight there.

    Her long lean appendages also give her the allusion of height.

  6. RHONYC says:

    *uh-oh…somebody hold back ‘LOVE ANGELINA’ lol*

    imma call this story what it is *cough-uh, bullsh*t-cough*.

    p.s. – Star mag…go ahead & fire your art director now, cause that is ‘the’ most suck photoshop, EVER! ;-)

  7. Ally says:

    She’s gorgeous. thin or not…I love how she poses.

  8. Devon says:

    Bitch has 6 kids, does loads of charity work, has a career and maintains a successful relationship with her partner. She is BUSY and I bet she forgets to eat a lot of the time. I know when I’m busy, eating is usually the last thing I think about and then I’ll just grab something easy, like a smoothie or a cereal bar.

    I don’t doubt in the past she was on smack or tried it at least, she’s been pretty open about her past, but once she became a mother she put that all behind her. I don’t get the hate on for her.

  9. WhiteNoise says:

    She looks pretty much the same as always to me, on the lean side, but healthy, and not remotely emaciated or whatever other bullshit Star is spewing.

  10. Trillion says:

    Eve, you naughty thing. Keep ‘em coming.

  11. Jenna says:

    To Bella Bella…

    5’9 is “killer tall”? Oh… crud puppies. I can’t hide from the facts anymore – American women really MUST be getting shorter on average and I’m a 6’2 freak. Although, like you, I always seem to imagine Angelina as tall – I just figured she was MY height. Not a delicate tiny thing!

  12. anoneemouse says:

    She looks so pretty except for those awful tattoos!

  13. RHONYC says:

    @ Devon

    you can see that she not only changed her life around when becoming a mommy, but did a ‘quadruple’ change when her mom past. rip

    she has shared how wonderful and loving a mom she had & i believe she wants to honor her memory by being the same to her brood. her mother was probably person next to her brother who loved her peculiar ways and accepted her unconditionally as a mom should.

    let’s face it: people hate her because she ‘is’ a Renaissance Woman’. she has it all…the career, the kids, the man, her voluntary charitable interests, adventurous hobbies (uh, the bitch is a PILOT! lol) AND is gorgeous doin’ it.

    she’s had pin-thin arms since puberty…let it go people.

    say what you want about her alleged ‘man-stealing’ ways, like Josephine Baker, Audrey Hepburn & Elizabeth Taylor the world will remember her contributions (and i’m sure her children will perpetuate them) after she’s gone.

    don’t hate, appreciate. ;-)

  14. the original bellaluna says:

    Oh Eve! You definitely caught what I had yesterday. :D

  15. dannyexplosion says:

    It’s all in the eyes with Heroin…. no way she’s high.

  16. Bubbling says:

    Now how can a bish look so good on heroin? OK, she is thin but that’s not the hair or the skin of a heroin addict. Not to mention that lack of reality on the front page doesn’t serve their credibility …smh…

  17. B says:

    Sometimes she looks way too skinny and sometimes she doesn’t. LoL

  18. Incredulous says:

    Her arms look wrong. The kind of wrong I’d associate with not using them for much. Does she not carry the kids at all?

  19. Kiska says:

    That Star cover is pathetic.

  20. Folly says:

    She løoks so pretty in that red dress,i just hope she could sue any of this tabloids,its getting ridiculous more and more

  21. WTH says:

    I read this JOKE of a story this afternoon. Star magazine NEVER mentions in the article Angelina is on heroin. They put that crap on the cover to get people to buy their lying rag. Also the cover photo is photoshopped…bigtime. Star magazine is disgusting.

  22. Cheyenne says:

    I don’t think she’s 5-8. Brad Pitt is about six feet even, and even in 4-inch stilettos she’s still a couple of inches shorter than he is. I’d guess 5-6 and 110 to 115 lbs.

  23. Ashley says:

    I sincerely think the first photo in the magazine is photoshopped, to show exaggeration.

  24. Sneaky says:

    This story is totally inconsistent..she’s skinny because of heroin (don’t buy it) or because she is on a crazy health kick and doing carrot juice fasts? If all the article talks about is the latter, it’s pretty disgusting to insinuate on the cover that it’s heroin.

  25. Cheyenne says:

    @Devon: don’t get the hate on for her.

    She stole America’s Sweetheart’s hubby. You been living on Mars for the past seven years? :roll:

  26. RocketMerry says:

    There still is something fakey about her that makes me dislike her.
    But I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt (she’s in the entertainment industry, afterall, where everything HAS to be fake) and give her a break, at least about her weight.

  27. Katyusha says:

    ” Brad is ‘leaving food out all over the place hoping she’ll snack…’”

    This is hilarious!! Like he’s trying to catch a rodent with food!

  28. Liana says:

    Bad photoshop on that cover. Really bad.

  29. lucy2 says:

    I agree it’s ridiculously photoshopped, though there were a few photos from Cannes were she look very scrawny. A few pounds does wonders for her.

  30. fannomore says:

    ridiculousy photoshopped she just looked great in Cannes…hmmmmm

  31. The Other Katherine says:

    This is so ridiculous. I’m the same height as what Angelina’s IMDb entry says she is (5’8″) and also have tiny bird-like pencil bones, and I can say from experience that there is NO WAY Angie weighs 99 lbs. I would buy 115 lbs, and in modern U.S. sizing (read: ridiculous vanity sizes) she is probably a size 2, which is about what I was at 118 lbs. (Yeah… wish I was still that thin.) When you have tiny bones, you really can be that thin without having an eating disorder or having an unhealthily low body-fat percentage. Conversely, I have friends my height who are genuinely big-boned, and the only way they would ever weigh 115 lbs would be at death’s door. Angie’s got bird bones, and she looks perfectly healthy to me. But her face tends towards the gaunt (lucky lady!), and would look better if she let her weight drift upwards a bit.

  32. mln76 says:

    She had skinny arms even when 8 months pregnant with twins so I don’t think she can control that. I do think she could stand to gain a few lbs and try weight lifting to bulk up. But if you look @ her belly,butt, & chest she’s not that bad.

  33. Embee says:

    I do think the photo is ‘shopped, but I am going to jump on the “Brad is bad for women” bandwagon I’ve been reading in the past few threads on them.

    Because I feel like it.

    And because he does this weird stalker thing with his gals where he starts to morph into them by adopting a similar hairstyle and dress. And then it’s like he gains their trust through this affinity and begins tearing them down from the inside until they become these shy, demure, extremely skinny whispering girls.

    Yes, I am going for “Brad’s an [alleged] emotional abuser.” Because I’m bored.

  34. albeli says:

    I think she’s underweight (I’ve been there, myself), but as to why, I don’t know.

    That cover is def photoshopped.

  35. TQB says:

    “in the traditional size system, not The Kristie Alley Size System”


  36. Camille says:

    I agree with you 100% Kaiser.

    Its going to get crazy in here…

  37. Lucy says:


    I am in NO WAY trying to start an argument with you.

    I am curious about that though, because I read what you said and went “huh”? Is this an actual line of thinking that’s out there?

    Forgive my ignorance but fill me in!

  38. mew says:

    That headline a-g-a-i-n? Yawn.

  39. LadyJane says:

    As a graphic designer when I first saw that star photo, I too thought, “photo shopped”. But then I saw the photo of her with her mouth open, above. Look how thin her arm actually is – the skin tones behind it make it look bigger than it actually is. If I cut out around where her arm actually is and put it on a black background, I think you would be shocked at just how thin it looks. It would look photo shopped, even when it is just cut out.

  40. Denise says:

    What hips???? The woman has NO hips, she is a V-shaped girl, bigger on top, big boobs, not much of a waist and narrow hips. You must be joking with your 115 estimation. She is clearly underweight.

  41. Embee says:

    @Lucy – my vitriol with Mr. Pitt is half-hearted at best and poorly backed by facts (actually, I am just parroting what other posters have said about the girlfriends losing weight on earlier threads) so I would not be at all offended by argument.

    My personal observations are the whole “morph into your girlfriend” bit, which I initally saw as silly and “Brad is Stoopid” fodder. The when others started to mention how his girls look ragged out after being with him awhile I thought…hmmm…

    In my experience, emotional abusers tend to affiliate first, and then from that position of trust and affintiy they start criticising and changing the woman.

    And so I have launched my evil rumor: Brad remodels more than houses! He tears down his women, too!

    Alas, I can’t seem to find the energy for it.

  42. Charlotte says:

    Don’t know what to think about that photo. They’ve photoshopped the background around her, that’s for sure. Who knows if they skimmed a little off her arms just for kicks? But it looks as though the main problem is that the shot was taken from above her with a wide-angle lens (I’m a photog), and that would make anyone look much worse. In fact, that’s a trick of the trade for thinning out wider women: take shots from above them and it makes them appear more petite and small. But the picture aside, she does look emaciated. If that’s her true height, then yes. I’m the same height and I’ve fluctuated between 115 and 130. When I’m at 130 I look my healthiest, but I’ve still got no excess going on. At 115 you can see all the bones in my chest and my back. There’s no way she’s healthy. She looks frightening. The scariest part of that is that there are girls on here who think that it’s normal and that that’s how a healthy woman should look.

  43. Lauralee says:

    I saw her for the premier of KFP2 and she is very skinny indeed. She looks great in profile but when she lowers her head she looks emaciated. When I saw her legs in this black dress her knees where pointy. However, if you hoping from a plan to another from a movie to another and deal with 6 kids one can only be underweight.
    She’s indeed 5’7 and she is at least 110-115.
    At the end of the day, she’s a gorgeous woman with a high-speed life. Nevertheless someone ought to tell her to put some weight on before she hits the wall emotionally and physically.

  44. Me says:

    Eh? She has scrawny appendages and is quite slender but she isnt sickly.

  45. B says:

    I agree with Embee. Sometimes she looks so sad and sickly and i blame brad. Why not? his fans blame Angelina for everything. LoL

  46. Ruby Red Lips says:

    No way is Angie back on heroin, I adore her and as always she is my girl crush forever, so beautiful, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she doesn’t eat properly and may be verging on an eating disorder

    Also in her Lara Croft days she was still slim but had a fab figure, I wish she could get back to that weight, and muscle tone. Still saying all that, I’d happily take her just as she is!

  47. thesea says:

    She looks like Marcia Cross in that one picture.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Angie is totally gray. Anybody else think so?

    Yeah, her body is the tomato type – gets bigger around the middle as they age – while the limbs get skinnier. Just picture a tomato with 4 toothpicks coming out of it.

  48. The Other Katherine says:

    @Charlotte: Over the years, there’s been a number of female celebrities whom I’ve thought were seriously anorexic, to the point of endangering their own lives: Callista Flockhart, Lara Flynn Boyle, Nicole Ritchie, Giuliana Rancic, to name a few. If you look at their collarbones and shoulderblades, and the way the skin on their neck looks, there’s a certain appearance that looks like they’re truly unwell – both losing muscle mass *and* dipping under 15% body fat, which is no good at all. Angelina just doesn’t look like that. She *is* very thin, but her frame is extremely slender. What you say about the way you look at 130 is basically what I look like at 118 (when my body fat was just a smidge under 20%). By contrast, one of my good friends who is about my height and big-boned looks skeletal at anything less than 140 lbs, and was only that bony as a result of bulimia. I don’t think anyone wants to argue that unhealthy is a good look; but some people are both very thin and healthy. How thin is too thin really depends on body fat percentage, not dress size.

  49. Sakyiwaa says:

    omg. el stupido Staro!

  50. Louise says:

    The cover is extremely photoshopped. Angelina isn’t scary skinny, just thin. LeAnn Rimes is scary. You can see all of her bone. Angelina isn’t even close to that. The Laura Croft comparison is ridiculous and doesn’t make sense. She worked out a lot to bulk up. When she wasn’t doing those films she was always thin.

  51. Kim says:

    EWWWW! If she is 99 pds at her height – yuck! She needs to gain 10 pds minimum – more like 20.

  52. eternalcanadian says:

    Yikes. What is going on with these celebrity women? There was Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge whittling away to skin and bones. And who could forget Giuliana Rancic reporting on the Royal Wedding with her huge head filling up the telly screen? Then Leann Rhimes aka Mrs. Eddie with that scary awful bikini picture, and now Angelina again with those bug-awful veiny arms and hands.

    Celebrities in the “old days” looked a heck of a lot better than today’s celebrities. Although I wouldn’t wish Marilyn Monroe’s early death on anyone…

  53. John W Sharp says:

    Angelina – If you are reading this: “God bless you Sweetheart.” Some of us are fiercly loyal to you.

    Some will dislike you for your work with the U.N. and some for your adoptions.

    You are indeed a “Child of God”

    And,yes, Jesus does love you even if you are a Buddhist.

  54. John W Sharp says:

    No matter how thin she is she still has a killer ass.

    I don’t know why I wanted to say that.

    That’s not offensive is it?

  55. Sakyiwaa says:

    @Embee; well, i love Brad but Angie’s definitely my lady… i was totally into her b4 Brad… so i gotta say i’d hate if he’s putting her through emotional abuse or that kinda sh*t…

    it’s got to come out though. i’m gonna need solid proof. Cos to me…, Brad really just does NOT look the kinda fella who would do something like this, being a Southern gentleman ‘n’ all… like, Gwyneth and Jennifer, have only had nice things to say about him and he never says inappropriate stuff about any of his exes…

    that said. i’m not gonna jump on the “Brad is an emotional abuser” bandwagon.

    I still have hope for Jolie and those ever elusive 10 extra lbs…and honestly, Star mag is such a BS rag.

  56. wifeyskarsgard says:

    Whatever she isn’t skinnier then most starlets in Hollywood, and I don’t believe she’s “99 Lbs”. She looks good.

  57. Jane says:

    I think she keeps her weight down on purpose because of her job. I have seen photos of her heavier, especially in the past, so it isn’t that she can’t maintain a healthier weight. I think she is very busy and on the go and she takes advantage of that by watching what she eats so she doesn’t gain weight. I also think her body type is such that she gains weight in other areas besides her legs and arms, which I would love myself.

  58. TeeTee says:

    she looks sickly and scary.
    Brad practically has to carry her sometimes…she’s sooo weak, LOL

    she needs therapy and rehab.

  59. Stephie says:

    @RHONYC: Well said and agreed, don’t hate, appreciate.

  60. DGO says:

    There’s no way she’s 99 lbs. And there’s no way her arms are that thin. Yes, her torso is thick and her arms and legs are stick-like – a body-type I find particularly unattractive – but she doesn’t look THAT bad.

  61. anonymous says:

    My goodness Angelina must be the dog that bite Christ in some people’s mind, why can’t these magaznes give her a break, if it isn’t lesbianism, husband stealinism,drugism, whoreism every thing bad that runs the gammut meeting dates in hotels, is there any other star out there that the magazines and web sites can use to attract buyers, gwakers and commentors the Angelina stories is becoming trite and overbearing. In reference to her weight: I have small bones weighed no more than 95 lbs in high school, and 115 after giving birth to my children, eating anything i wanted after 30 years the most I can get to is a size 8, no exercise eating what i want, some people are just skinny like some people who are fat.

  62. Emese says:

    I think she looks great! And always so damn fit lol she could kick anyones ass, and no anorexic could do that :D Yeah, i agree with you, it’s just a big amount of bullshit written as always.

  63. Shay says:

    People may roll their eyes at the headlines, but all the heroine talk aside, you can’t say that she is at a healthy weight.
    Let’s not forget that film/photographs usually add a few pounds as well and when you look at her, you can only imagine how skeletal she would be in the flesh.
    Sure, in imagines she looks ‘normal’, but don’t forget that dresses can be padded out (“Her killer ass” indeed!).
    From her face alone and torse, you can see that she is not healthy.
    She has the anorexia look; her head/face is hollowing out.
    How long until she looks like Christian Bale did when he lost weight for a role?

  64. tweet says:

    cmon people!!! it’s not about hating her!! she is clearly tooo skinny… look at the pic with her hand across her body…from her elbow to her wrist, her arm is wider than her waist!! she is well styled and looks OK, but she does NOT look healthy, i wont go so far to say she is on heroin but she is in need of food badly….hope she gets over whatever she is going through for the sake of her family…sad!

  65. Cheyenne says:

    @embee: I don’t think Angie would let herself be abused, physically or emotionally, by anyone.

  66. sandy#1 says:

    she’s gorgeous , brads a good man, it’s normal to want to tear down people who seem to have it all, she loves brad and he loves her, that hurts a lot of people for some reason, she could stand to gain a few, but she looks great as is, deal with it, they are both gorgeous and happy, and oh yeah!

  67. skibunny says:

    How anyone could think she looks a normal weight is beyond me. She looks anorexic and unhappy!!!

  68. Crash2GO2 says:

    I just don’t see how she can be a heroin addict. Her pupils are NEVER constricted in photos, they always look completely normal. Even if you are maintaining on methadone, your eyes are ‘pinned’.

  69. lily says:

    @Emese: I totally agree with you. She can kick all our asses. Just another week of Star bashing and trashing Angelina. She has always been thin frame. If you look at her older pictures, her arms and legs always been stick thin. I wish I have legs like that and I bet all those who think she look anorexic or on heroin secretly wish so too. Go Angie! And of course that Star picture is so photoshopped

  70. Charlotte says:

    “they are both gorgeous and happy, and oh yeah!”
    “it’s normal to tear down people who seem to have it all”

    Well…her being gorgeous in my mind was about 4-5 years ago. She was thin even then, but she had thighs at least, and she could fill out a shirt and jeans. It’s fine if you like her, but ignoring her situation and praising her weight might be exactly why she doesn’t get help. As for him…can’t call him gorgeous since he left his ex. He’s vastly deteriorated. Of course, looks are in the eye of the beholder, so it’s a matter of subjective opinion.
    As for the happy, I don’t always think they look it. And there’s no real way to know for sure, anyway. Probably the only thing I’d have to say is that they’re actors. They’d know how to act sad or happy when they deem appropriate.

  71. Reality says:

    If it wasn’t for the obvious (to me) breast implants, she’d look much more emaciated. She doesn’t look good at all, and it worries me how many people think she does. Sure, some people are just naturally thin, but she always had a pretty slim, yet healthy body.

    She’s just a skinny as Lianne, but she wears clothes that hide her bones most of the time, (you’d never catch her in a swimsuit) which suggests to me that’s she’s aware that there’s a problem and is trying to camouflage it.

  72. Charlotte says:

    @the other Katherine: totally understand your point. Some of those women looked worse than Angelina at one point or another. But pointing at other skeletons doesn’t change one skeleton into a healthy spring chicken. It’s just deflection. And yes, body types are different and need different care. My 130 might be good for me and not enough for someone else. But there’s no denying this woman is not physically well. Someone posted stills of her in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and the difference is astounding. She’s perfectly capable of putting on more weight. For whatever reason, she’s not doing it and she thinks she looks fine, as do a lot of her fans.

  73. Sue says:

    So if you say someone is too skinny it is “hating”. Actually no it is about helping. Is Angie beautiful? Yes. Is she too skinny? Yes. Does we look like a shell of her former self? Yes. She needs to eat more – no doubt. Do Bad’s women always get super skinny when they are with him? Yes. I think Brad likes it this way – and Angie like the rest of his former women love to please him. Maybe he loves grabbing bones instead of love handles. Sad – but by not admitting that Angie is skinny her fans are not helping her they are hurting her. Denial is big with people who eat to little. Look at LeAnn Rimes. In all honesty I think that Angie is skinnier then her.

  74. Jen says:

    Wow, Star went a little overboard with the Photoshop to make that cover photo fit with their “story”…I mean, she’s thin, but she’s not THAT thin!

  75. lisa says:

    This is why Print media is seriously in danger.. Angie and Brad were on the red carpet in Cannes over a week ago. There are tons of pictures online..not to mention video of her and he walking, touching and what not. Interviews and everything. Then Star prints a picture counter to what has already been seen. Too late.

    Plus Brad did the “intervention on their daughters 5th birthday. I guess the pics of them shopping the day before messed up things so according to STAR. Heartless Brad ruined Shiloh 5th birthday party to confront Angie.. I guess he couldn’t talk to her on the ride to the party store or back. There were pictures of Brad/Angie getting into their vehicle.

    STAR took a picture and doctored it so much. Plus as I said there were picture everywhere of Angie in that dress looking amazing..

    another week.. another BS story.

    WHAT IDIOTS ARE STILL BUYING THESE SHIT MAGAZINES.. it is 2011. How dumb are people.

    don’t answer. I need to at least have hope for the future.

  76. Dani says:

    It is very easy to know when a person has anorexia, whenerver their head looks to big for their body!
    Shes like a size 0 or 2!

  77. Beauty says:

    @Cheyenne, stop treating angie’s like she’s super woman. She’s human.

  78. Cheyenne says:

    @Beauty: I never said she’s super woman or anything like it. But she’s not the kind of woman to let herself be run over by some guy. I admire her for that.

  79. PG says:

    When has she NOT looked like a heroin addict?

  80. foozy says:

    she’s unique, no matter what!

  81. ZenB!tch says:

    She’s too thin. Has been since her mom became ill. She never recovered all her weight. She may or may not be on heroin. I wouldn’t be surprised. She has admitted to using it before and people do relapse BUT I don’t really think so. Her hair is shiny, she has beautiful skin AND she is not 99 lbs. Now, BRAD looks more like he is using heroin or something. He looks hideous lately.

    If she is 5’6/7″ my guess is 110/US size 2. Renee is probably 90 something lbs not Angelina. Like someone said, there is a difference between “too thin” and “emaciated”

  82. ZenB!tch says:

    PS: I don’t think she’s anorexic unless Brad is force feeding her. She doesn’t have Calista or Olson back. She is more Renee like than anorexic. She is angular and underweight but not emaciated.

  83. ZenB!tch says:

    @Kaiser do you have any recent pics of her in street clothes? She may just have bony shoulders in the gown photos.

  84. sam says:

    Cheyenne: I think that Angie has already let men “run over her”. I don’t think for a second that Billy Bob was that nice. He cheated on her and is generally rude. Angie loves the idea of a perfect family (mom, dad, children). I think that she would take abuse to get that intact. This family unit is what her world functions around. It is a dream of hers because her own childhood suffered from a broken home. I think that Angie would do anything and I mean anyting to stop Brad from ever leaving her

  85. Isa says:

    Eh…at 5’3 and a hundred lbs I was accused of being on drugs too.

    Maybe she just has a mild case of Marfan syndrome! See? Can’t these mags come up with something more interesting than the whole ZOMG DRUGS! headlines? Boring.

    I’ve always thought she was taller because of her long limbs. I think when she gains weight it goes to her midsection so that’s why she stays so thin. Same thing happens to a girl I know that really is under a hundred lbs.

  86. Faye says:

    My caption for the pic of her with her mouth agape:

    Angelina: Herion?! Are you kidding me? Can’t you come up with something better like I’m not eating because Brad and Jennifer are meeting in secret again? For the love of God, herion, please.

  87. lil says:

    they should sue if they could. this is more damaging than the other lies they’ve printed.
    She is same thin or less even han when she got pregnant with the twins (filming changeling), or in Pague (filming wanted) or when they were in Cannes and she wore the yellow dress. She is less thin, now than then, but they should be sued, they really should pay for these lies.
    The tabloids really do not care about a family with small children.

  88. DD says:

    Okay I do think she has a bit of a weight problem. But that photo is so very obviously photoshopped to make her look very freakishly thin. She does not look that bad.

  89. Calli Pygian says:

    Pretty skinny. But so are many/most Hollywood actresses.

    If she likes heroin, it cannot be anything regular. Too busy…kids, career, etc. Perhaps recreational. I don’t think she’s been photographed/interviewed looking wasted since she has become a mom.

    Not a Brangeloonie, just don’t see smack. Eating disorder? Maybe. Smack? IDK, doubt it.

  90. J says:

    You would be suprized at how thin some of these people are and how short they are . There are diets that they go on that make them disappear . My personal trainer put me on such a diet and I went from a size 4 to a 00 in a month . She probably is on a similar diet . It looked gross being that thin . My boobs went from a size d to a b and my arms were like sticks . I see actresses running around LA that are that thin . The only people that find it attractive are other actors or models . You eat 6 times a day and drink a gallon of water 45 minutes of cardio .

  91. Sakyiwaa says:

    @John W. Sharp. Lol.

  92. Zara says:

    It’s pretty obvious that Star photo shopped their cover to go with their salacious headline.

    However, with that being said, Angelina is obviously underweight. I always go back to the time she adopted Maddox, through the divorce from Billy Bob and her moving to England. All of these were emotionally trying times for her but her weight never dipped to the lows we see now. In fact the opposite happened; she blossomed and came in to her own. Girl was out of this world gorgeous; she was in a good place in her life, at peace with herself and it showed. Fast forward to 2006, specifically December 2006 at the Good Shepherd premiere. She appeared quite thin and it went downhill pretty quickly after that. I can understand the weight loss after her mother’s death but I think it’s gone way past that now.

    I know she’s a busy lady, but maybe she needs to slow down for her own good. As another poster pointed out earlier in a different thread, someone with her resources shouldn’t be looking quite so haggard on a regular basis. After all her mom and uncle did die early from cancer so I would think she would be extra vigilant about her own health. I don’t understand why she doesn’t hire a nutritionist to work with her.

    I think her current physical state is representative of her state of mind; something is off kilter, she is not at peace with her world and her physical body is suffering for it. I think Brad is a huge part of the problem. People are always saying he is trapped in this relationship, but I think the opposite is true.

    The tattoo she has of Tennessee Williams “a prayer for the wild at heart kept in cages” rings true for her and the bubble she has been existing in for the last 6 years or so. And just so I make myself clear, I doubt she misses her early twenties destructive self, but I’m sure she misses the pre Brangelina days when her life wasn’t under such a microscope. Even with Billy Bob, the tabloids never got this bad.

    I do wonder how she feels about being cast as the villain while Brad walked away with his wholesome mid-western golden boy reputation intact. It’s got to chafe at some point.

  93. Laughternrain says:

    Just think: if Star and Outta Touch, and Lies and Shyt actually concentrated on truly getting real gossip instead of making up vicious and hateful things about Angelina because of their vendetta against her, they could have had their eye on the ball and caught the whole Schwartzenegger story. They didn’t have their eye on the ball because of their obsessive hatred for Angelina. They missed a real scoop 50 times more interesting and seedy than anything they have made up and concocted about Angelina.

  94. jc126 says:

    Please, she’s not a heroin addict.
    I always thought she was 5’9″, at least that what was claimed. So she’s 5’5″, huh?
    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, the press lies about heights. They used to say Gloria Steinem was 5’7″, and I saw her once, she was MAYBE 5’4″ at most.
    I just don’t think AJ gives a damn about food and forgets to eat. Not disordered.

  95. Bb says:

    Brad is not 6’0 tall. In a recent interview the say he’s 5’10 Or 5’11 I can’t remember for sure lol but it was in one of his new interviews ETA : celelebheights has Jolie at 5’6.5 and brad at 5’10 ;)

  96. Addie says:

    I think Angie is just a hands on mom who makes sure all the kids are fed and have everything they need while neglecting her own needs and probably eats very little whenever she does get the time to eat.

  97. tracking says:

    If she were healthy, she would not need to resort to false hair and padding. She doesn’t look naturally “bird thin,” she looks frail and sickly thin with many commenting that she’s looked exhausted for two years straight. The heroin claims are not credible, but there was a blind about insecurity/stress/anxiety and the partner using weed. This seems more likely. If she’s on medication, it’s probably for that. She’s under a lot of pressure trying to be super woman, and all things to all people.

  98. Dani says:

    The story is ridiculous and the cover so obviously photoshopped. I know much of the hate for her is because she stole Jen’s man. What I find funny is the fact that nobody seems to hold Brad responsible for his part. At least she was single at the time. I don’t believe Brad was however.

    Beyond that she is thin and I wish she would gain some weight. She does look very nice in the red dress.

  99. ra says:

    She is 5’5, not 5’7.

  100. Annie says:

    So Angelina is thin – YEAH, NOBODY EVER NOTICED THAT BEFORE I’M SHOCKED. Yawnorama Star magazine.

  101. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Who cares if she is 5’5 or 5’7 or 7th tall?!?

  102. DD says:

    Why does Pitt come out of every tabloid story smelling like roses.

    At this rate he will be stealing the Saint moniker from Angelina in no time.

  103. RocketMerry says:

    @Zara, I agree. Good points.
    Maybe Brad and the SuperMom-Humanitarian-SexGoddess identity she created for herself are her new addictions.
    You know, at a certain point, everybody needs to get a break or break. Her choice at this point. Nobody is forcing her into anything, she can live however she wants.

  104. Maritza says:

    I doubt she is heroin addict, I think she is one of those people who just forget to eat. With 6 kids, charity work, filming, traveling, red carpet events, etc. etc. it’s no wonder why she is so thin. Even though she is skinny she does not look anorexic, yet.

  105. Embee says:

    @Cheyenne – it’s generally the women who appear tough who are most damaged by emotional abusers.

    And to whomever said that Brad wouldn’t be mean because he’s “southern” I say HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    And Missouri isn’t the South.

  106. mln76 says:

    There is no evidence of abuse. Everyone of Brad’s exes from Juliette Lewis, Goopy, and even Jen Aniston still say nothing but good things about him. He’s never had violent outbursts or presented himself as anything other than a laidback stoner with an understated intelligence. I am most definitely more of an Angie fan than a Brad fan but if you compare their families and past Brad has been a steadying influence in her life. I think the weight problems stem from alot of different things, her build, her being overwhelmed and stressed. Not heroin and not abuse.

  107. Crash2GO2 says:

    @mln76: No evidence of abuse? Not physical maybe. But the extreme thinness of all his lady loves is evidence of psychological. I’ve been through that kind. And to anyone who thinks Angie would be immune, why would they think that? She has had a very tumultuous life and much heartbreak, starting from a young age. I think perhaps she is very vulnerable.

    Maybe Brad decided to move on from Jen because with all the therapy she was getting, she was becoming too strong for him to manage anymore. Just a thought. From my own personal experience, these things can happen.

  108. Kara says:

    I’ve never been an ardent Angie fan although I used to think that she was beautiful. I think she is too thin now and imo she is beginning too look “health issue” too thin. But, she’ll do a movie soon and she always manages to gain wait and look beautiful in her films.

  109. mln76 says:

    @Crash2GO2 Brad also has talked openly about getting therapy…I just don’t presume to believe because she’s underweight that it’s Brad’s fault. Especially when you consider how much Angie does. If he was so controlling and abusive would he encourage her to write and direct her own film or do so much charity work??? I seriously doubt it. When someone is abused the pattern is they get more reclusive. Think Robin Wright who worked less and less during her marraige to Sean Penn. Brad has done the opposite in fact encouraging and supporting her work.

  110. Katherine M. says:

    I love how so many people here think they know Jolie can’t be as tall as claimed. I don’t believe for a second she is 5’5″ – more than likely she is what they say at 5’8″ or maybe 5’7″ -
    When she wears heels she is almost as tall as Brad – and one has to assume his shoes add an inch or so to his ht. Brad’s no super height but he’s not short.

    I also love how everyone thinks heroin addicts are all super skinny – they’re not. I’ve represented many in my life and they come in all sizes. Often they are thin because they spend what little money they have on their habit and most of their time just trying to score.

  111. Cheyenne says:

    @sam: She didn’t seem at all fazed when Billy Bob walked out. And she didn’t run crying to the tabloids about being dumped by her ex. She picked up her life and went on from there.

  112. Sakyiwaa says:

    ok, so i’m not American. where is Shawnee, Oklahoma then? North or South? mebbe i should just Google Earth it.

  113. skibunny says:

    Stand this woman beside someone like Sophia Vegara and tell me she doesn’t have an eating disorder. Sophia would crush her in the looks department as well as Halle Berry, Charlize Theron and others. She’s not a healthy weight!

  114. Regina says:

    I’ve met her in person and she is just naturally skinny. She is also naturally TINY, as in she’s got bird-frail petite bones. I’m 5’2 and petite and her bones were smaller than mine!
    Give her a break – she’s probably lost five pounds and she probably lost it in her arms and legs – she seems to hold her weight in her middle.

  115. Sakyiwaa says:

    ok, i just got educated…Missouri is located in Midwestern US…however, the entry i read said the state still has Southern influences…

    plus, Oklahoma is definitely a Southern state…located in South Central US.

    so i beg your pardon, Embee…

  116. Embee says:

    @Sakyiwaa – your knowledge of US geography surely exceeds mine of your country (unless you’re from Germany, which I know really well). You’re absolutely correct about Missouri having Southern influence and Oklahoma being “South Central” geographically.

    I was joking around (clumsily, my apologies) about Brad not being Southern. Having lived most of my adult life in the Deep South (Atlanta, GA) I was aping the horror “true” Southerners (of which I am not one) express when a state other than VA, the Carolinas, GA, TN, KY, Mississippi or Alabama are referred to as “Southern”.

    It has nothing to do with whether the state is south of the US “midline” (Florida isn’t “Southern” anymore because of all the transplants) and more to do with
    culture. Culturally, Oklahoma is Western and Missouri is mid-western.

    I apologize for my rudeness.

    As for brad, he’s certainly a good ‘ol midwestern boy…but he’s not Southerner! :)

  117. Sabiné says:

    If it isn’t “forgets to eat” it might be “doesn’t have time to eat”. I have three godchildren (all under the age of four) who I watch regularly during the week while their parents work, and there are days I’ll look at the clock and see that it’s four p.m and I think, oh my god I didn’t eat breakfast. I couldn’t imagine having 6 children to take care of! Nannies or not, that is a lot to handle.

  118. Kim123 says:

    Angie is thin and has been for years . She was thin before she met Brad look at pics from 2003 and 2004. This pic is photoshopped compare it to pics in the archives from the TOL premieres in Cannes and LA.However thin she is she is not fragile as evidenced by her doing the stunts in Salt and carrying her kids- a 4 yo and 5 yo at the same time.Star did its usual bait and switch there is nothing about her using drugs in the actual article except her former dealer talking about an incident in the nineties.Oh yeah this is Star Magizine’s 5 th cover in which they claim she was 99 Lbs. They are catching up with their Baby#7 Headline record.I will say I chuckled when I read Brad leaves food all around the house hoping she will eat because I do that for my elderly cat. LOL

  119. mln76 says:

    Well I am half Southern I always think of the South as anything east of the Mississippi River and south of the Mason Dixon line.

  120. Embee says:

    @mln: I am from Maryland (south of Mason Dixon)and was under the same impression until I married a North Carolinian and moved to Atlanta. They “schooled” me. Although when pressed it is hard to extract strict logic on the matter, Some say confederacy, some use the Mason Dixon, others just go by “feel” and aparently FL, WV and MO don’t feel Southern to those “in the know.” I don’t purport to be an expert.

  121. the original bellaluna says:

    @ the southern ladies – OK, wait a minute. If Mississippi is mid-western and Oklahoma is western; and I’m in California, does that mean I live in the middle of the Pacific or Japan?

  122. joe says:

    that photo cover is so fakeeee

  123. Blanche says:

    hahahahaha “voluntary charitable interests”
    WTH does that mean? Makes no sense at all. Please explain.

  124. Blanche says:

    @73, Charlotte
    “For whatever reason”
    two words: ATTENTION WHORE

  125. Solveig says:

    Althought I’m far from having a good opinion on Pitt, I wouldn’t call him an abuser in the strict meaning of the word, but I get were this kind of speculations comes from.
    When AJ fell in love with Pitt and started a family with him she also entered the world of HW’s A-listers, that means she came up against the mechanism of a world where everything must be perfect, over-controlled and restrained, something I’m pretty sure she was unfamiliar with.
    Pitt is on the spotlight since the early 90′s and we all know that nothing negative has ever stained his squeaky-clean image of the good Southern (or wherever) boy*. In short terms I truly believe that the pressure of perfection Aj is on (and his previous partners were on) has affected her in a very deep way. Yes, she was already the mom of Maddox, before meeting him, she was trying to create a more mature life for herself and for the sake of her son, but after hooking up with Brad suddenly she was also creating a new image of perfection that I’m pretty sure doesn’t match perfectly with what her life is.
    I’m not saying that they are separating or that they are cheating, I’m saying that their biggest priority is to make everybody see how their world is so perfect, how their family is so perfect, how their significant other is so perfect and intelligent, when in fact I bet it’s not as perfect as they say (and people’s opinions had never been AJ’s priority).
    Pitt is a narcissist and I’m pretty sure that albeit the new responsibility of having a family made him grow, his inner nature hasn’t changed much, and living with a person as narcissist as Pitt is a war where the biggest enemy is unachievable perpetual perfection.

    *When the neverending fuss of the triangle of doom started, the only guilty bitches were AJ and JA.

  126. harfang says:

    That cover is truly ridiculous. I have never seen them be THAT sloppy. …She’s always liked eating certain things, but also she’s always tended to forget to eat. She’s been busy for about 20 years. She’s fine. I agree the legs were a bit far gone appearance-wise, but her health isn’t gonna be in danger from this.

  127. harfang says:

    “Relapse”?? She’s experimented with drugs but hasn’t ever been hooked. Are they hoping we will confuse her with her character in “Gia” after all this time?

  128. mln76 says:

    Eg I think 99.9% of actors are guilty of narcissism. I also don’t think just because you unceremoniously leave your wife you are abusive. As for the perfection thing w/Angie sure she probably feels that pressure all of the ugly rumors and the constant attacks by media figures probably don’t help. Let’s not forget even the New York Times did a hatchet piece on her partially because she was so ‘difficult’ at the Golden Globes while failing to mention her mother died of cancer within days of the event.

  129. Nikkir says:

    Yuck…pretty much sums it up.

  130. Ria says:

    HEROIN. I am only stunned the tabloids picked up on it – I mean – she’s ANGELINA. I noticed it quite some time ago

  131. S. says:

    I have the same body.
    Like EXACTLY.
    so does that new girl from pirates of the caribbean 4, Astrid Berges-Frisbey, look at her, and Angelina.

    Long, pin thin, “chicken legs”, narrow hips, short torso, slightly larger rib cage, larger hands, long fingers, larger feet, and long slim arms.

    I have this body, Angelina has it, Astrid has it, when we gain weight, it is ALL gained in-
    -the chest
    -the stomach
    -the face

    legs and arms are always slim.

    She does look like she could gain 5 or 10 pounds but she is not “too thin”, her weight is just not evenly spaced out, just like mine, and anyone else with this body.

  132. Stephanie says:

    It has really taken me a long time to come around to liking Angelina Jolie. I really thought that breaking up Brad Pitts marriage to Jennifer Aniston was an immoral and awful thing to do…but you know what? If I had had the chance to “steal” Brad Pitt, I would have done it too…and I get tired of people throwing Angelinas past drug use and problems up in her face. I did ALL KINDS of stupid stuff in my 20′s that I wouldnt do now..damn let it go and give her a break. Dr. Drew is an idiot by the way..celebrities can show up at a fundraiser to “look good”..she travels the WORLD helping other people.. She is a beautiful and good person.Sure, she has made some mistakes, but she has done alot of wonderful things for people as well. I mean at what point do you look at a person and say “Wow, they really have changed for the better”? what point does she redeem herself? Give her some credit.

  133. hater says:

    Once an addict….
    There are dozen of threads where people make fun of Jolies pupils.

  134. Freja says:

    People don’t understand anorexia. It’s not about trying to attain thinness for the sake of beauty. It’s about trying to get control somewhere when our lives seem to have little of that; we become so stressed and confused. It’s low self-esteem, feeling inadequate, self-abuse that is taken out on the body by denying it what it needs. Angelina Jolie is not trying to be thin for the sake of her vanity. She clearly has a lot of pressure in her life and it’s taken a toll on her body. She was never “naturally thin.” This is the result of not eating enough. I hope she will recover.

  135. slim says:

    Undeniably believe that that you stated. Your favourite justification appeared to be on the net the simplest factor to be mindful of. I say to you, I definitely get annoyed even as other folks think about issues that they just don’t realize about. You managed to hit the nail upon the highest as neatly as defined out the whole thing without having side effect , folks could take a signal. Will likely be back to get more. Thank you

  136. Liz says:

    That cover was obviously photoshopped.

    Yes, she’s too skinny but that cover is not real.

    Angie is more like 5’5″. There is no way she is 5’7″ or 5’8″. Gwyneth is a legit 5’9″ and she always looked about the same height on pics with Brad. Angie does not. On IMDB they usually add 2-3″ to the shorter actors. Brad is about 5’10″ but he has very good posture and appears taller. In 4″ heels she still is not taller than him.

    Saw her at the Changeling premier in NYC. More beautiful in person than the pictures from that night. Look them up. In the pics she looks older, but in person, younger and much more beautiful.

    She was going down the line giving autographs. So much pushing!!! I’m 5’5″ and was wearing 4 inch boots and we were at eye level.