Scarlett Johansson & Sean Penn have broken up, officially


OMG! Well, it looks like all of those reports about Sean Penn boning everything in sight during the Cannes Film Festival were true – it was just “confirmed” to People Magazine that Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn are no more. They began dating… I want to say January/February. That’s when the initial reports about them “hanging out” began to appear. And then came Scar’s foot on Sean’s crotch. And then she moved in with him two seconds later. She had dong haze, he had biscuit haze, it was all very urgent and “deep” and of course it wasn’t going to last.

Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn are no longer dating, a source tells PEOPLE.

Speculation about the pair began after Johansson did not attend the Cannes Film Festival with Penn for his movie The Tree of Life. She has been working on The Avengers in New Mexico, reprising her role of Black Widow from Iron Man 2.

Johansson, 26, and Penn, 50, made headlines when they took a whirlwind trip to Cabo San Lucas after being spotted getting flirty together during a lunch date in Los Angeles.

The pair attended a White House Correspondents’ Dinner party in Washington D.C. in April and had been spotted in a series of cozy outings in L.A.

The reason for the split wasn’t immediately known. Reps declined to comment.

[From People]

Yeah… I bet Sean dumped her before Cannes. Either that or she dumped him right after Cannes. Even though I think quite a bit of Scarlett’s game – she really does have an admirable way of handling men and relationships – I’ll admit that I thought Scarlett was playing this relationship a bit too “needy”. I think she was really into Sean, and I think he probably dicked her around (in more ways than one) and she got tired of it. Hopefully that’s the way it played out. I just don’t see Scarlett weeping into her pillow over ANY dude. Hopefully, she’s already moved on to the new dong. You know Justin Timberlake is probably texting her right now.




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  1. DeeDee says:

    Yeah… this is such a surprise. NOT! Somewhere, Ryan is laughing his ass off!

  2. gloaming says:

    She’s probably chucked him because of his “alleged” whoring in Cannes.


    Scarjo reads blinds like the rest of us!

  3. Melinda says:

    Not suprising. Let’s see, who’s next? Hopefully she steers clear of those short n curlies JT and Ryan Phillipe. She can do much better.

  4. tanya says:

    @Melinda: Short n curlies! Bwahahahaha! Sorry, I’m so stealing that!

  5. Harley says:

    “Dong haze” “biscuit haze” LOL @Dee Dee – totally agree – hopefully Ryan is laughing his ass off right now…

  6. Nikki Girl says:

    Ha ha! Too bad, so sad! Why not maybe actually try to be SINGLE after your divorce for a few minutes? It’s not going to kill you.

  7. Blue says:

    Why do I feel like he dumped her? Either way I’m not surprised it ended so quickly.

  8. oneflygirl86 says:

    No I think Scarlett’s laughing her ass off while moving on to the next dude. Ryan is an afterthought at this point!

    But why is it ok for Ryan to bang a girl for every month he was in Africa on set but wrong for Scarlett to mess around with Penn for a few months? Spare me…

  9. Lisa Turtle says:

    …. For now. Sean Penn break-ups are never clean. I guarantee there will be a romance remix with Sean & Scarlett reprising their roles as Egotistical Aging Actor and Young Ingenue.

  10. Mia says:

    You’re free, Scarlett. Now hop on the Renner peen quick.

  11. DGO says:

    Re. Scarlett Johansson – some people are saying she could have released the alleged Blake Lively pics because, apparently, she was rumoured to be sleeping with Ryan while he was still married to ScarJo. Anyone think that bit of gossip has merit?

  12. e says:

    I don’t think she will get involved with JT or Ryan P. I think she wants someone more A-list. I doubt she is heartbroken over this. It was intense and then it ended. She just wants to have fun and will find a replacement soon enough.

  13. Miss Marie says:

    I am sure she is mortified NOW about her needy chick “not so cool” behavior after being dumped by a bottom feeder, slime ball like Sean. She is going to have a difficult time getting an A list guy after giving it up to Sean Penn- it would be hard to take her seriously. Truly, she did date down with him.

  14. The Other Katherine says:

    THANK GOD. Sean Penn – vomit.

  15. crtb says:

    Did she expect this to end differently?

  16. RobN says:

    Too bad. I thought that the fact that they share the same “My poop don’t stink” attitude made them the perfect couple.

  17. Dirty Martini says:

    Oh, say it isn’t so~! @__@

    I love me some Ryan Reynolds. I used to love me some Scarlett. She pisses away marriage with RR, and hooks up with the trash that is SP? Of course SP dumps her…..SP treated Robin Wright like crap for years, and she’s golden in my book.

    Candidly, SP won’t treat any woman well, and particularly anywoman that will have him.

    I’m waiting for his hookup with Meg Ryan to make the circle of fallen princesses complete.

  18. Dana M says:

    @DGO: interesting theory.

    It was def someone who wanted revenge. Badly.

  19. munchies says:

    like I always said, girlfriend Scarjo just want to have fun… GO Girl!!!!

  20. Ken says:

    I’m so happy for her! YOU’RE TO GOOD FOR THAT! Dump that old man peen and ride a nice young buck, gawd, Sean is a massive a-hole. I bet money she’s the one that ended it. He clearly went out of his way to be seen with other women, which is typical behavior of sulking, jerk wads.

  21. Mick says:

    I hope she learned her lesson and goes back to RR. He still loves her. They did make a very attractive couple. Perhaps, she learned how broken hearted he is and decided to go back to what she once had. She did shed some tears last time they had dinner.

    This is better than any soap opera.

  22. Daisy Kenyon says:

    I think this report may be premature/untrue.

  23. Mouse says:

    What is that tattoo on her arm? It looks like a little house.

  24. jacq says:

    He definitely broke up with her before so she could get her crap out of his house before his return. Or he broke it off so get COULD bone everyone around and the break turned out to be permanent.

  25. Maritza says:

    Good for her, I hope the next one is close to her age.

  26. Bitchbelying says:

    The mere fact that she dated that douchebag makes her horrible. I hope he dumped her. Also, I don’t get the Scarjo Hype. She’s not that hot imo, very average in looks and personality.

  27. RHONYC says:

    he was wonderful just *cough-bad lay-cough* peechy. ;-)

    p.s.- on a creepier note…why did i have a nightmare last night that Sean Penn was keep touching my ass while we were in a crowd and i tried to get away but couldn’t? when i turned around i just keep seeing that creepy, dishevled ‘Sean Penn’ red carpet face always posted on CB. truth, i swear! lol

    good lord! i gotta take a hiatus or something. :lol:

  28. Relli says:

    My guess is that they were on a break when he left cannes. While he was there hit some strange she found out and broke it off.filming in new mexico was probably good timing for her anyways. Whose single in the cast of avengers? I sens a hook up happening there.

  29. Kosmos says:

    Not a Scarlet fan nor a Penn fan. Who would be surprised that this ended? I speculate this was just a jump off for them both. Maybe neither one had taken this too seriously. After a breakup, there seems to be this need to cover up the failure or sadness with another person who might find you desirable. It only works for a short time and you must eventually face yourself again.

  30. Chris says:

    I’m somewhat disapointed but the age was gap was always going to be an issue.

  31. beth says:

    ahhh, as a gossip piece, it’s going to be hard to top this…

  32. Nancito says:

    @Mouse – it’s a sunrise, for whatever reason. It “makes her happy” when she looks at it. I wonder how happy it’ll make her when she’s 80 and her arm is all wrinkly. Yeah, the thought of that makes ME happy.

  33. ViktoryGin says:

    Thus goes the rebound.

    I do wonder how the sex was.

  34. Rasputina says:

    @ Nancito

    I don’t get people who say “they’re going to regret that tattoo when they get old and wrinkly”. Bullcrap. MY grandma has one and she admits that it looks hideous on a wrinkly arm, but it still makes her happy as it reminds her of her crazy youth, and that’s why she doesn’t get it removed. So yeah homes, WROOOONG.

  35. Becca B says:

    No worries, she’ll find a replacement soon enough

  36. Enny says:

    @oneflygirl86 – it’s wrong because Sean Penn is a creep and a douche.

  37. brin says:

    So glad the dong/bisquit haze has lifted. I love the idea of Scarjo behind the Boobs Lively pics….that would be wickedly fabulous!

  38. Quest says:

    Bahaha….we know this was gonna happen. Let’s see, who will be next on the Scarjo radar.

  39. imabrat says:

    She is just so pretty, except for that oh so tacky tattoo.

  40. Jazz says:

    He probably dumped her due to the attention they got. That tattoo looks like there’s a sticker stuck on her arm.

  41. N.D. says:

    @ Nancito

    Sure, at 80 she’ll be all “oh, if not for that ugly tatto my old haggard wrinkly self would have had tons of action with all these hot dudes around”.

  42. Elizabeth says:

    When I read this last night, I somehow felt the world was a safer place – now that sanity had been restored and the dong/biscuit haze had lifted. Equilibrium has been re-established in the universe as this weird dating/ hook-up is over.

  43. Dudette says:

    He definitely dumped her. Sean is as big of a SOB as they come and he hit that and quit it as soon as he’d had his fill. She really should have played it a lot cooler, I mean moving in with him after five minutes of dating? Totally overplayed your hand there, Scarlet my dear.

  44. LittleMissSunshine says:

    Sean Penn is Charlie Sheen with an Oscar. Good riddance!

  45. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @DGO, I’d like to think Jenn Garner is behind the Blake Lively pics. Blake sent them to Ben, Jenn found them and hilarity ensued.

  46. Boo says:

    I love that pic of ScarJo with the half-smile/half who the hell knows what kind of expression. How long will it take her to scrape the Penn Crust off her skin? The thing about him is that he was *NEVER* good looking…even when he was young, he looked like a weasel. Plus, he’s a misogynistic douchebag.

  47. Nancy says:

    Yesssss!!! This is great news.

  48. Lady D says:

    @morticiansdoitdeader…That is so funny, and is it wrong of me to want you to be right?

  49. DorothyZbornak says:

    Rebounds–do they ever last? Not usually, especially with a 24-year age difference.

  50. Aqua says:

    Why do people feel the need to announce a break up of a relationship that no one took seriously to begin with?

  51. Faye says:

    I agree with Moonstone. This rebound situation (which is definitely what it was) was just too gross.

  52. Mick says:

    @ Dudette, what goes around comes around
    sooner than we think. RR dropped Alanis, Scarjo droped RR and now Sean Penn drops Scarjo. Someone has to drop Sean Penn next..

  53. Camille says:

    He was her rebound guy, it was never going to last. Wonder who she will end up boning next.