Katherine Heigl is going to adopt a baby from Korea

Annoying Grey’s Anatomy star Katherine Heigl, 29, is going to be the latest celebrity to adopt a baby, According to the National Enquirer. She has an older sister who is adopted from Korea, and Heigl plans to welcome a little Korean orphan into her home with her husband of under a year, singer Josh Kelley, 28. Katherine said last year that filming Knocked Up turned her off from the idea of having a biological baby. The Enquirer notes that she is also motivated not to get pregnant by her career as it would require her to take time off from working. She’s said to have always wanted to adopt given her experience with her sister:

Katherine Heigl and her singer hubby Josh Kelley are adopting a baby, the Enquirer has learned exclusively.

The 29-year-old Emmy-winning actress decided she didn’t want to get “Knocked Up” – and the couple expects to start their family with a child from Korea within a year, sources say.

Welcoming a baby from Korea holds special meaning for Katherine because her older sister Meg was adopted from that country.

“Meg has had a profound impact on Katherine’s life, which is why she and Josh are trying to adopt a Korean child,” a friend close to the couple revealed to The Enquirer.

“They’ve chosen an adoption agency and have started filing the necessary paperwork. They haven’t gone public with the news yet because they want to make sure there are no problems before they make an announcement.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, October 27, 2008]

The Enquirer reminds us that Katherine said last year that she really didn’t want a biological baby and that “I’m done with the whole idea of having my own children. [Giving birth] doesn’t seem like any fun. I don’t think it’s necessary to go through all of that.”

Katherine Heigl seems like a self-absorbed twit to me, but if she wants to take in a little orphan that’s only a good thing. Hopefully she’ll change with the addition of a new baby and realize that she’s not the center of the universe.

Here’s Heigl going out to eat on 10/13/08. Credit: WENN. She is shown in the header with her husband Josh Kelley on 10/3/08. Credit: Fame Pictures

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  1. AP says:

    I smell a real life Mommie Dearest situation….

  2. Orangeitjulius says:

    Why does this feel like a bandwagon, and why is everyone jumping on it? The only saving grace in this is that she has an adopted Korean sister. Otherwise…this is starting to get old.

  3. Wif says:

    I would never criticize anyone for making the adoption choice, but her stance on childbirth makes me angry. Of course it’s not any fun. It’s a freaking warzone in your body, but it’s profound and humbling and grounding. I hate that she’s dismissing it like it’s an inconsequential thing.

    And just because she won’t have a 2-day old doesn’t mean that the experience won’t be any less disruptive to her life.

  4. jennifurrr says:

    i really think adoption is a beautiful thing. My mom was adopted, her sister, my cousin, my uncle – all adopted. My grandma was a foster parent (had one child a still born and then got into fostering) to 40+ kids over the years and is still in contact with a lot of them. I would adopt if i was in a place in my life that i could take care of another little person, and i would do it before ever having a kid biologically. There are so many kids in the system of foster homes that i would want to give one of them a home before bringing in another person… but maybe i’m biased because of my family history

    i really don’t like katherine heigl but i’d have to respect the decision she’s making if this is in fact true

  5. sandy says:

    Better that she doesn’t get pregnant- she smokes like a chimney!
    I commend her/anyone for choosing adoption

  6. cc says:

    I think she just doesn’t want to quit smoking…lol

  7. double blech. says:

    I don’t want to stir up any trouble here– but giving birth and pregnancy really isn’t necessary anymore, unless that’s your choice. There are plenty of women doing enough of that for us all.
    It does seems like she has insane bitch moments though, and I’m surprised she wants kids at all, to tell you the truth.
    She’ll probably try to motivate the child by talking shit in front of her to Josh, something to the tune of: “Don’t bother planning a vacation babe, [insert ridiculous celeb name here] just hasn’t been up to par with her toilet training, so maybe next year.”

  8. Gina Rodriguez says:

    I feel sorry for any child she adopts. She IS jumping on the bandwagon. She is so into herself. Can stand her. She is so over anyways, why is she worrying about her career. People used to run to watch her, now we hate watching Greys cause she on it. Maybe she is wanting a baby to fit in where she isnt wanted? Shes a loser, get over yourself. Dont put a baby into the middle of YOURSELF….thats not fair.

  9. Codzilla says:

    Wif: I agree that her dismissive attitude towards pregnancy/childbirth is insulting and just plain ignorant. She probably just doesn’t want to gain weight ala Charlize Theron (remember the latter’s “I don’t want to be a big whale” comment?). Also, she does realize that an adopted child requires just as much care and attention as a biological child, right? The idea that the impact on her precious career would be somehow lessened through adoption implies that she already perceives motherhood as a potential inconvenience.

  10. Leandra says:

    I hope she doesn’t smoke around the baby or even in the house. Better yet, now that she’s going to be a mom, she should quit smoking altogether.

  11. Lisa says:

    There are loads of beautiful children in your native US, Katherine, that need a home. Make that a non-smoking home.

  12. kate says:

    6 months before the kid has an asthma attack from all the second hand smoke.

  13. dr.grrl says:

    heaven help that poor kid who they adopt. hopefully kh’s husband is the
    mr. mom type and is the primary caregiver.

    her attitude is nastier than her smoking habit!

  14. Wif says:

    “but giving birth and pregnancy really isn’t necessary anymore, unless that’s your choice. There are plenty of women doing enough of that for us all.”

    I just want to respectfully disagree with the above comment. I don’t think it’s an option for everyone. My friend’s who have adopted have had to go out of country (one case Russia, the other China) because waiting for a Canadian infant would have taken forever. The cost in both cases was astronomical. I would not have been able to afford it. (My babies were next to free, all I bought were car seats, cloth diapers and a diaper bag. Every thing else was hand-me-downs. Nursing made feeding them free for a couple of years too.)

    Yes, if you are comfortable adopting an older child, it isn’t expensive, but don’t most parents (especially first-timers) want to experience the first solids, first steps, first day of school, all those magical milestones? I just don’t think adoption is an economical option for everyone.

  15. Baholicious says:

    “Bubble! Get me a Romanian baby!” :mrgreen:

  16. Kaiser says:

    From SOUTH Korea, right? I don’t think Americans can adopt from North Korea.

    But yeah, enough with the adopted v. birth children. Family is family, love is love.

    I really dislike Katie Hiegel, but for this good news, I will go one month without calling her ungrateful c-nt.

  17. Gigohead says:

    🙁 Im trying for a baby now. It’s a little tougher for me now that I’m 38. She’s a fool for thinking having your own children is “traumatizing”.

    I respect that she wants to adopt, but please don’t comment on something you are not privy to. 👿

  18. geronimo says:

    Too many sanctimonious opinions here that I wildly disagree with so not going to comment except to thank Baholicious for this delicious reminder – ““Bubble! Get me a Romanian baby!” – Eddie at her absolute best! 😀

  19. Tia says:

    Why does any give a flying flip is she doesnt want to carry.. IT IS HER LIFE.. live your own life.. I mean really.. why do you give a crap?? Is it hurting you?? People are so narrow minded .. give me a break.. If that is what she wants to do, then I am so happy for her.. that is awesome. She will be a wonderful mother. Everyone is different, I get so tired of other people telling other adults what to do.. PATHETIC MISERABLE PEOPLE..

  20. aleach says:

    good for her. maybe she does smoke and she seems pretty self-centered but that doesnt mean that shes adopting a baby for her career or that she wont be a good mother.
    i have a 1 yr old, and i can say with no doubt that i will never ever get pregnant again. great if thats for you, but i was absoultey miserable and dont want to go through that again. so if she doesnt want to, i dont blame her at all.
    and to say you feel sorry for the baby she adopts, how rude! im sure living 2 parents is better than living in an orphanage in korea…?

  21. caribassett says:

    Everyone believes Angelina became a new woman, and is pleased every time she adds to her family. Perhaps becoming a mother will inspire Katherine to change as well. Let us at least give her the same chance.

    I am sure most mothers here will agree that Motherhood changes you and inspires you to be your best.

  22. Tina says:

    Motherhood is truly a humbling, incredible, and profound experience. I’m 27 with 2 children under age 4 and my pregnancy experience was horrible to say the least. It changes your physique, takes a toll on your boobs, and can mess up your insides. But because of it, I have two beautiful children. I think Katherine Heigl will be changed by becoming a mother. It may even change her views on getting pregnant. The experience was horrible, yes. Incredible? Even more so.

  23. vdantev says:

    Because American orphans living in poverty, filth and crime don’t need parents to love and raise them and just aren’t good enough for Hollywood anymore. You have to adopt some kid from a third world rat’s nest to show you ‘really care’ it seems.

  24. Mairead says:

    so does this mean that Katherine “hates” America now? 😉

    TBH her’s is the only character I like on Grey’s, even though she sounds like a thundering witch to work with. But perhaps she’s nicer at home. And as someone said, perhaps having a child will completely change her outlook.

    And LOVE the AbFab quote 😆

  25. Shawna says:

    I hope she won’t smoke around the kid.

  26. Musey says:

    Good: Adopting a child and having some experience already because of her sister.

    Bad: Thinking that having an adopted child rather than a biological one won’t require nearly as much time away from her ‘career.’ Newsflash, Katherine–the process doesn’t actually end after the adoption is finalized. You have to, you know, RAISE THE CHILD.

    I always just get a little flash of sadistic amusement whenever she blathers about her awesome career. Nobody likes her on Grey’s Anatomy anymore, and nobody’s going to want to hire her after that, because everyone knows that she talks shit about her employers and tries to weasel out of contracts.

  27. vdantev says:

    so does this mean that Katherine “hates” America now?

    No, it just perpetuates my belief that underlying this good work it’s all just another fashion statement, another trophy of their concern to stick on their mental mantelpiece.

  28. msmerlin says:

    I think you guys are idiots, the people who wrote this article. Katherine Heigl is COOL and one of the few REAL people still left in Hollywood. You find her annoying again WHY???? Because she doesn’t kiss your a$$? Because she’s not surgeried and Botoxed out to here? Because she says what she thinks? Because she’s a real size instead of a size zero? Because she seems to still have a brain AND a personality? You haters who wrote this article are annoying. She’s awesome!!

  29. Renee N. says:

    Let’s not lose all perspective here. Thank goodness that all the american orphans have been taken care of. They were all tucked in last night by someone who loves them, they were in good health and had full tummies. Yes, indeed, due to the fact that all American children are now cared for….by all means Ms. Heigl go to Korea and adopt, after all—it’s all good in America. YOU FREAKING ARROGANT IDIOT—LOOK AROUND YOU ONCE YOUR CLOUD OF CIGARETTE SMOKE CLEARS—AMERICA’S KIDS ARE IN TROUBLE YOU TWIT! HOME FIRST, THEN MAKE ROOM FOR OTHERS. PERIOD.

  30. vdantev says:

    Actually I have mentioned my disagreement with AJ adopting from foreign countries several times, you only pay attention when it suits the needs of your argument.

    -Jackass- 👿

  31. lordy says:

    wtf is she wearing…that whole get-up is so goofy

  32. tigerlille says:

    Why on earth does anyone care if an adult couple adopts domestically or internationally? I mean, does it even occur to anyone to get angry and judgemental because a woman has a cesarean rather than vaginal birth? The choice to adopt, and where to adopt from, is a personal matter. And there are all kinds of valid reasons for both options.

    Renee N., you express such passionate concern about the welfare of orphaned children in the United States. Tell me, when was the last time you took a concrete action to help orphaned children in this country?

    Sorry if I am being over the top, but as the mother of an adopted child I get really sick of all the acquaintances
    and strangers I encounter who feel they have every right to intrude into my personal business, but would be outraged if I raised similar issues about their choice to give birth.

  33. whatevs says:

    Am I the only one who thinks she always looks terribly uncomfortable in whatever she’s wearing? Her pants always look way too tight and she’s got this look on her face like she’s battling a UTI in almost every picture I’ve seen of her. Could be she’s just an uptight bitch and that’s the look she’s going for, who knows. Either way, I so do NOT want to spend a day walking around in her pants.

  34. Mike says:

    Never a great believer in such a publicity stunt by adopting kids…kid lovers should stay away from smoking…mothers especially…

  35. DJ says:

    I think it is wonderful that Kh is adopting a baby outside of USA….nothing wrong with that. I am happy it is not Chinese baby. Have enough of that.
    As for those haters, you are not KH. You dont speak for her. As for smoking, Europeans smoke all over their babies but those babies grow up with better intelligence than those pathetic haters of KH.
    Please look into your own life before critizing othere…oh wait..you dont have a life…how miserable..no wonder you have so much hate. 😈

  36. DJ says:

    msmerlin, I totally agreed with you.

    Gwad!! there are really some ridiculous, busybody people whose only joy is to speak evil of others…
    Katherine Heigl is WONDERFUL!!!
    I love that she is waiting to have her own babies later….she is smart enough to know that her career comes first and she still has a few more years. She talked about having babies with her husband Josh and it is only a matter of time and she will give birth..
    Please dont make fun of people who want to give a home to some orphaned children, whether in USA or elsewhere except China because I have seen enough babies adopted out of that country and China does not even has enough girl babies for their sons in the future.

  37. seo says:

    Its up to them

  38. Emma P says:

    I think all of you are stupid. There are so many kids in this world who NEED homes and people are selfish and wasteful to insist on reproducing. Besides, Katherine is awesome and hot.

  39. Great info. Keep it up

  40. Baby blog says:

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