Kelly Osbourne elopes (update: gag wedding & photos)

Perez Hilton claims to have an exclusive that Kelly Osbourne pissed off her entire family by marrying a guy she’s only known for one week. What’s worse is that the two were married at an Irish rock festival in a blow-up castle!

Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne are livid with daughter Kelly.

Multiple sources confirm exclusive to that Kelly has just had a quickie wedding.

Hey, at least she’s not in rehab again!

The reality TV alum married a musician by the name of Matty, from some nowhere near famous band.

And, making things grand and truly Osbourneish, Kelly knew her now husband for just a little over a week before the two got married at a music festival in Ireland in a blow-up castle!!

If this is actually true, how long will it take until they get it annulled? I give it a full 4-6 weeks, because Kelly seems a lot more mature now.

Update Thanks to pinklumpysugar on for alerting me to the fact that fake weddings are part of the Electric Picnic music ceremony in Ireland, and that Kelly’s wedding was just for laughs:

The Big Love Inflatable Church will be bursting at the seams with merriment and mayhem at the Electric Picnic. The Reverend Duncan Pritchard will be overseeing the proceedings, where you can find your perfect partner, invite your wedding guests and get hitched, in the only inflatable church in the world. Alongside him will be his jilted, dishevelled brides and some carefree choir boys getting down.

Update And thanks to for these photos post-ceremony, and confirmation that it was indeed a gag. Kelly’s boyfriend is Matt Derham of The Field. I’ve never heard of him, either:

Here are some pictures from X17 online of Kelly kicking a ball on the beach in early August. She looks like she’s so ready to be a wife and mother. In fact she looks like she’s had a couple kids already. You go Kelly!

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  1. Randi says:

    Let’s cut Kelly some slack. What are the odds she married worse than her mother did? Besides, she’s actually being quite practical: If she has it annulled quickly enough it will be less hassle than having his name tattoed on her body (and subsequently removed). Not only that, but it gives her Celebrity credibility since everyone whose anyone has a quickie married and divorce on their resume.

  2. Anonymous says:

    hehe, i know it’s your site and you can be as dumb as you like on it, but banning people, just because they point out that your the poor man’s perez hilton is really uncool.

    it would also be more credible, if you didn’t delete posts that call you on it without at least commenting on it.

    but hey, what’s more american than stupid, fat people, that can’t take criticism but are obsessed with celebrities lives, to escape their own pathetic existances?

    oh and don’t bother banning me again honey.
    i am way agead of you and banning isn’t gonna keep the truth away.

    Blog Gueros!

  3. Celebitchy says:

    There’s that troll again.

  4. Anonymous says:

    nono, no troll.
    just fed up with bloggers copying each other all.the.time.

    it’s not just you…although you seem to love the site of the fat gay guy a lot.

    there is no real truth out there anymore.
    noone bothers with it, cause it’s easier to just copy and paste.
    sure this is just a lame “celebrity” site, but these kind of pages are creating a rather disturbing image, of what “news” are supposed to be.

    sure americans are not of the more eloquent kind. if you throw them the words “thin”, “rich”, “fatfree”, “virgin” and “freedom” they are pretty much satisfied.

    that sucks and people should not want to be dumb.
    blogging culture like yours is contributing to it.

    be a “dude” and say why you ban people who point out your shortcomings.
    and don’t tell me it’s because i insulted you…this whole page is an insult to blogging and culture itself.

  5. millie says:

    one thing I don’t understand is why Anonymous bothers to comment if blogging is such a waste of time and “insult to culture”?