Elisabetta Canalis on Clooney: “We are a couple that never gets bored”


Remember this year’s Cannes Film Festival, how Elisabetta Canalis all of a sudden appeared on Robert Cavalli’s yacht and posed for the paparazzi for more than a week straight? We got bikini photos, we got evening gown photos, we got behind-the-scenes hair and makeup photos, all on the yacht. George Clooney was nowhere to be found, and yet Elisabetta was playing it like she’s a celebrity in her own right. Which… yeah, maybe she is. In Italy. But to waltz into the Cannes Film Festival? Eh. Anyway, we now know one of the things Elisabetta was doing while in Cannes - she was posing for a photo shoot for Chi Magazine (I think it’s an Italian gossip-entertainment mag), and giving an “exclusive” interview about her lover. And it’s pretty great too. Eli is… ridiculous.


The future Mrs. George Clooney? In a new interview with the Italian magazine Chi, Elisabetta Canalis opens up about her relationship with the actor.

“I am very happy at the moment – thanks to my man and my fairytale is continuing,” she says. “We are a couple that never gets bored.”

The 32-year-old native Italian, who has dated Clooney for two years, is well aware that others speculate if the two will ever say “I do.”

“Whenever I see my picture in a magazine I know what is being written. They all say that I spend my time organizing parties and that my boyfriend does not want to marry me and be with me anymore” she says. “My boyfriend has not given an interview on his private life since 1999 – everything that you read is just a rehash of stuff that has been written in the past.”

So does that mean Canalis hasn’t given up hope on marrying her famous bachelor beau?

“I am a firm believer in marriage, in the future I will be married, but for the time being I am happy as I am,” she says. “I don’t need anything to confirm how happy I am.”

As for children, her “maternal instinct has not kicked in yet.” However, she adds: “My mother says when it does, it will be like a lightening bolt.”

Canalis, who’s famous for her toned physique, isn’t a fan of the unrealistic expectations magazines set for women. “I don’t always have the stomach muscles I have and I get cellulite as well like everyone else,” she admits. “I stay fit and I exercise, I go horse riding and I have discovered Asian food with rice and soya which keeps you in shape.”

“Sometimes when I flick through a magazine and see these thin models I’m left wondering what effect they can have on an insecure person,” she says. “But I say to girls: forget what you see in the magazines, that is a world which has nothing to do with reality, think of it as a cartoon. To prove it all you have to do is go out and see that men like healthy, fleshy real women.”

[From Us Weekly]

…the hell? So much Eli Gold in one little interview. First: the marriage issue. She’s so smart, honestly. She’s playing it like she doesn’t care about marriage RIGHT NOW, but she’s letting it be known that she’s up for it at some point. And when that time comes, Clooney will probably dump her. I’m just sayin’, the man doesn’t seem to like ultimatums from his ladies (“ladies”). Of course, he usually doesn’t like when his girls give interviews about him, but Eli definitely has a hold on him. Next: Clooney hasn’t talked about his private life since 1999? Er… no. He’s talked about his private life in this century, but thanks for playing. What else? Eli thinks she’s one of the “healthy, fleshy real women,” right? I mean, I appreciate that she’s giving lip service to healthy body image, but she’s got a really nice, slender/athletic figure. She’s not “fleshy”. She’s toned and very slim.

Lastly: “We are a couple that never gets bored.” I could really have fun with that one, but I won’t even go there. I’m sure they are able to keep “boredom” at bay with autoerotic asphyxiation separate bathrooms.




Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. luls says:

    In that final picture in the black dress, dare i say she looks feminine for once….!!?

  2. lrm says:

    she reminds me of eva longoria….low budget version of something…..
    but like Eva, Eli also knows this-that she somehow landed in a position out of her league or talent level, and she will just enjoy it and milk it for all it’s worth.
    who wouldn’t, right? Well, if that lifestyle is your goal, of course….

  3. mia girl says:

    There is no nice way for me to say this… she looks like she transitioned.

  4. Gwen says:

    I have discovered Asian food with rice and soya which keeps you in shape.

    What? She doesn’t sound too bright but I guess that’s not the appeal anyway..

  5. gloaming says:

    I know why George doesn’t bored.

    He just loves playing with Eli’s winky.

  6. Blue says:

    When is the last time these 2 have even been seen together? I love how she’s playing like she lots of meat on her bones. Get real she looks like those skinny models in the mags.

  7. Solveig says:

    Eh, a pretty harmless interview. Her “in the future I will be married” to me sounds more like “despite George”.
    As for her presence in Cannes, I guess that something that you (American people in general) don’t get or simply don’t know is that Cannes is a sort of showcase where people of different scenes just show up to remember (or let the world know) that they exist. It’s a sort of tradition to have a side show of models, wannabes, freaks in Cannes’ Croisette during the festival. Chicken Cutlets was also there once…

  8. Blue says:

    @Mia girl & Gwen both have me wiping tears. I know I shouldn’t but i couldn’t help it. :S

  9. RobN says:

    Don’t worry sweetpea, he’ll get bored eventually. He always does. Usually it’s around the time that this year’s girlfriend starts talking about how she believes in marriage.

  10. Jess says:

    Statements like that are the kiss of death. Might as well get a Clooney tat now.

  11. danielle says:

    In the future she’ll dump Clooney’s butt and get married. Lol. Nothing too bad here – also, I always wonder about translations. Did she give this interview in English or Italian?

  12. 4Real says:

    I just can’t with this low budget Cindy Crawford and her lame assed arm tattoo…

  13. ctkat1 says:

    She’s only 32?

    I see someone’s using the Catherine Zeta Jones version of math…

  14. Sakyiwaa says:

    she looks good for 32 but…after these statements…
    ahahahahaha… i just can’t … i just can’t take her seriously…

  15. lisa says:

    I like how she never says George’s name.

    he is referenced by her as… “my boyfriend”..

    That was beyond I don’t know what.

    It is as if SHE is the bigger STAR and George is her arm candy.


  16. eternalcanadian says:

    If I squint Elisabetta looks an awful lot like Cindy Crawford. :o

  17. RHONYC says:

    guess what?

    i just got bored reading that.

    what a dullard. :-(

    p.s.- @ eternalcanadian

    oh. yeah…had to add this after reading your comment:

    i’ve said this b4. Clooney’s BFFs are Randi Gerber (Cindy’s hubby) & Brad Pitt. they holiday together in Italy & the whole 9.

    it’s like he found the perfect combo of Cindy & Angie (i.e. the ‘tats) in this broad. he has this whole ‘one-upsmanship’ thing about his personality. weird.

    she SOOOO doesn’t see it coming, man. :lol:

  18. normades says:

    I love how she’s trying to come off as all respectable here where as in Italy she’s known as a bimbo skank who came to fame in the Velina contest: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Striscia_la_notizia

  19. Gina says:

    Girl, please! Of course you never get bored. With millions of dollars, the ability to travel to exotic locations and mingle with the rich and famous at parties, I wouldn’t get bored either.

    Try doing the 12th load of dirty laundry then you change the baby, mop the floor, do your desk job for 8 hours then go shopping together at WalMart for toilet paper. I bet you’d get bored with each other pretty quick.

  20. You don't say says:

    It is a bit odd that she does not mention George by name. He has been looking very happy hanging with Sandra Bullock on the set of their film, so it seems out of sight, out of mind. She might find herself out in the cold after this interview. He dumped his last one when she got too chatty and mentioning marriage is the kiss of death for his women.

  21. mary jones says:

    32? I don’t believe it. I picture her speaking like Maya Rudolph doing Donatella Versace on SNL. lol

  22. Brittney says:

    Was “ladies” a Demetri Martin reference, or a George-likes-boys reference, or an Eli-is-hardly-a-lady reference? Because in any case, I’m excited.

  23. snowbunny says:

    The pic with her hair in a bun/knot on top of her head isn’t very attractive. If George doesn’t talk about his private life, why does she? Or is that the only reason for the interview, if she just stated ‘we are happy’ I guess they wouldn’t have anything else to print. They probably don’t care what else she has to say.

  24. LucyOriginal says:

    She is such a moron! The cover of the magazine states they are in a fairy tale, so sweet! Just sitting here and laughing…

  25. Poppy says:

    Lisa to be fair George never mentions her by name either.

    In his mind she is just the official title holder ‘The Girlfriend of George Clooney’, the current one of a long list and might I add not his only female companion in the last two years, she is just the ‘Official’ public window dressing, there to take the scrutiny off him.

  26. Solveig says:

    This is clearly a poorly translated article, although I haven’t read the interview in Italian – and I’m not going to spend 2 or more Euros to read it – it’s pretty obvious that the translator didn’t do a great job.
    Anyway, I like the black dress she’s wearing in the last picture, does anybody know who is the stylist who created it? It might be Cavalli (she’s leaving his yatch?), but that dress is nothing like his usually ugly creations.

  27. photo jojo says:

    Well, there goes THAT relationship…

  28. crumbcake says:

    I’m also not buying that she’s 32 yrs old. There is something about her that just is screaming to me that she is in her 40′s, and I can’t quite put my finger on what it is. . . maybe something about the area around her eyes? In my opinion, she’s either a 40-something who looks pretty good and is fibbing about her age, or a 32 yr old who has not taken very good care of her skin and desperately needs about 10 more pounds to fill out the somewhat drained/haggard/ragged look her face has.

  29. jane16 says:

    I don’t know which talentless, fake, really unattractive- in-person, famewhore is more grating, this nasty arrogant piece, or Kimmie Kartrashian, who at least smiles at people and doesn’t have the wrinkles of someone 10-15 years older. Kim’s makeup is terrifying, but so is the mean expression Miss Cannes always seems to be wearing when shes out & about. Hmm. Neither one has an engaging personality, real beauty, talent, or any virtues of note. Tough call.

  30. John Wayne Lives says:

    32? Yeah sure.

  31. LucyOriginal says:

    @Jane16: easy to answer-> Miss Cannes. I hate to defend KK (argh!), but she stands on her own, no being the girlfriend of_________.Although not talented, she has a professional conduct and she seems very nice to everyone. Unlike Miss Cannes… Oh, let alone the several contradictory interviews Miss Cannes has given in the past 2 years as the girlfriend of______ about marriage, her maternal instincts and not wanting to work in Italy anymore because her life is in LA with George, hmmm…

  32. Aly says:

    Doesn’t GC give his ladies some sort of help with their careers and publicity right before he moves on to the next one?

  33. Aly says:

    Doesn’t GC give his ladies some sort of help with their careers and publicity right before he moves on to the next one?

  34. Lucy says:

    Her boyfriend is prettier than her…

  35. alynn says:

    she’s only 32?? I really thought she’s 40 something. Gawsh she looks old.

  36. Ramona Q says:

    Maybe she is lovely in person, but I can’t get past the man face. And men don’t like real, fleshy women. They like Victoria’s Secret model bodies. Gimme a break, they like fleshy women. Who comes up with this crap.

  37. Katie says:

    I just can’t decide about her looks. I think she has a very masculine jaw that can really pop out and make her look a little drag queen-ish. But I think she’s absolutely stunning in the bottom pic in the black dress, but not really in the other pics. It all depends on angles and lighting with her I think. The person who said she looks like she “transitioned” is both hilarious and right. It bugs me that George is so private but she talks about their relationship. I don’t know, I just don’t like them together.

  38. CooCooCatchoo says:

    LOLZ! It’s lost in translation – what she mean to say is “I’m a woman that never gets BONED” not “”Bored!”
    Serious, George is got issues.

  39. LucyOriginal says:

    @Kaiser: “Lastly: “We are a couple that never gets bored.” I could really have fun with that one, but I won’t even go there. I’m sure they are able to keep “boredom” at bay with autoerotic asphyxiation separate bathrooms.”
    Oh Kaiser, priceless… Did you see the part that she says whenever I see my picture in magazines? lol…
    Kaiser, I wonder what your mother thinks of Eli. Have you shown her this tool?

  40. sassy says:

    #1: No way she is 32.

    #2: I hate when bitches claim they love their curves, being a “real woman”, but god forbid they gain weight. They’d probably hang themselves….

  41. J says:

    I like her ( for some odd reason ) I don’t think George will stay with her forever , but I think she will stay around for a while . I heard through the grapevine that they are always together . Hope they are happy . It’s always cool to hear of happy couples . I hope it’s true that he’s happy . He’s a nice guy .

  42. Luci says:

    why does every women have to want to get married??
    there are woman (and men) who dont want to get married.
    I dont get why every unmarried woman is a desperate bitch trying to catch a victim into marriage

  43. Lorenzo says:

    Maybe she is a little bit desperate because of her past as a soccer groupie.
    Soccer players usually marry women in her twenties and at the age of Canalis no soccer player would marry her anymore, she is simply too old for them.
    She will not get any younger and she is already looking like she was 45 years old, so her wedding project will become more and more difficult.
    Perhaps she missed out some opportunities for true love while running after fame and money.

  44. The Truth Fairy says:

    Don’t forget that her tribal tattoo was done to cover-up her EMINEM tattoo. Yes, that’s right … she was obsessed with Eminem and thought they would meet, fall in love and live in a fairytale. She was so certain of this, she had his name tattooed on her arm. She is nuts.

  45. marghe_rome says:

    This interview was released also to promote a new Italian tv show that eli is going to host from the 16th of June

  46. Hollowdoll says:

    @The Truth Fairy

    Don’t forget that her tribal tattoo was done to cover-up her EMINEM tattoo. Yes, that’s right … she was obsessed with Eminem and thought they would meet, fall in love and live in a fairytale. She was so certain of this, she had his name tattooed on her arm. She is nuts.

    REALLY?! Bwaaahahahahaha! If true that makes my day. thanks!

  47. Ari says:

    Apparently they have ladyboys from Italy as well.

  48. Madisyn says:

    “So much Eli Gold in one little interview”.

    Kaiser, I got the “Eli Gold” reference. I love “The Good Wife” and I love Eli Gold. Wish he was in the show more.

  49. really says:

    TRANNY comment!

  50. margaret says:

    I just saw on another celebrity blog that they are taking a break? Yes? No? Thoughts?

  51. Thea says:

    Thats a man baby. She has an adams apple bigger than most mens. That is why George likes her she has “extra benefits” and he can hide behind the womanizer thing. Plus the PAIN IS LOVE TAT on her forearm is a notorious S & M logo, which he supposedly is into and has sent him to the hospital more than once. One site has pics of her walking a dog and I swear too god it took my breath. So then I started covering up her face, eyes, etc..she started out as a man. So she/he want be pregnant anytime soon And George will never have kids because he had a vasectomy, sooooooo……She/he needs to get over herself already. Only reason he would marry she/he is if she blackmailed him, and I seriously think this one has the potential. And she does look alot like a hard Cindy Crawford.

  52. Jess says:

    Yep! They broke up. See my original post. BWa hahhahahahah

  53. Fleur says:

    The picture with the knot on her head is great. She looks like she’s living in a trailer park, hilarious!

  54. Aqua says:

    I know when people give interviews in one language and then that interview is translated into another language things “do get lost in translation or misunderstood”.However I’m going to give this a shot.

    #1 “I am a firm believer in marriage in the future,I will be married.I’m sure she will be it just won’t happen to be with George Clooney.

    #2 As for children her maternal instinct has not kicked in yet however she adds”my mother says when it does it will be like lightening”.Funny I thought her maternal instinct were ‘satisfied with her dogs?

    And finally “sometimes I flick through a magazine and see thin models,I’m left wondering what effect they can have on an Insecure person” This coming from someone who makes her living off of being thin. I’m getting to the point where I wouldn’t believe a thing she says if her a$$ was notarize.

  55. jane16 says:

    Lainey has a post up today about how special this broad is, how different from Cloons other trampy, shallow vapid women. ??? Has she ever given an interview where she talks about anything other than herself? Considering that Clooney likes to appear like hes some kind of political-world issues savant, its seems strange that he chooses self-absorbed half wits for his public partners.

  56. crtb says:

    Uh-oh, is that Clooney’s car we hear screeching out of the driveway?

  57. LucyOriginal says:

    @Aqua: Thanks for pointing out Eli’s best quality: her ability to be inconsistent! :)

    @Jane16: I wonder the same thing…

  58. snowbunny says:

    @Fluer – I didn’t like the pic with the knot on her head, couldn’t remember where I seen that look before. Thanks for reminding me that it was in the trailer park. Hahahahahaha

    @jane16 – I agree with the half wit comment, makes one wonder about his level of intelligence. Don’t forget Lainey is still stinging about posting he was in love with Sarah and having to eat crow the next week.

  59. Thea says:

    I find it offensive that someone who is supposedly giving advice on relationships, health is an alleged escort/hooker, cocaine freak, yet by god she/he is thin and thats all that matters. Do these people ever think about what they say and do? I mean George is suppose to be all politically correct, yet he dates “waitress/escort/modesl” supposedly. Then donates to all these world charities, and even admitted he snorts coke, does drugs, etc. I mean isnt this sort of hypocritical? Or is it just me?

  60. Charlotte says:

    @Thea: no, it’s not just you. Celebs cry and pose for pictures in third-world countries, then they go off and do the next bimbo thing that they feel like. All bimbo things consisting of certain drugs or spending millions of dollars. It IS hypocritical. If they honestly felt the way they said in the press, they’d be disgusted to live in such a lavish, wasteful way.

  61. Rusi says:

    you sure? ohh eli you so naif

  62. cindigirl says:

    The heading reads – We never get bored with each other. Of course they don’t, they’re very seldom together.

  63. anon2345 says:

    George doesn’t want a real woman because he doesn’t want a strong woman. Plain and simple. Whatever has happened to him in the past really damaged him, OR, he is just a wallowing pig. Take your pick.