Jennifer Aniston thinks Justin Theroux will get “frustrated” with her covert ways


As we continue to see, Jennifer Aniston’s PR offensive continues. SHE HAS A BOYFRIEND. Conveniently in time for the release of her new movie, Horrible Bosses. Whether or not her new boyfriend Justin Theroux actually, technically had a girlfriend when he and Jennifer started… well, it’s debatable. I do think that there’s someone out there pushing stories about Aniston being the new “homewrecker” but as of yet, I have no all-encompassing conspiracy theory to go along with that. Anyway, Us Weekly decided to bring the LOLs with yet another story about Aniston and Theroux’s romance and why she’s already rolling him out so hard in the media:

New man, new attitude! Jennifer Aniston, who’s kept her relationships under wraps since splitting with John Mayer in March 2009, has decided to show off new beau Justin Theroux!

“Justin is ready to take their relationship public,” a Theroux source tells the new issue of Us Weekly (on stands now). “She doesn’t want him to get frustrated with her usual covert way of doing things, so she’s compromising and relaxing about the paparazzi.”

Indeed, after the Horrible Bosses star, 42, and the Rock of Ages screenwriter, 39, enjoyed a three-hour dinner at L.A.’s The Tower Bar on June 2, they departed in the same car.

(The last time the pair dined there, her assistant dropped Theroux off, even though both were coming from Aniston’s pad.)

The actress’ new strategy seems to be working. Theroux was scheduled to return to New York, “but they were having so much fun he extended his trip!”

[From Us Weekly]

LMAO at “She doesn’t want him to get frustrated with her usual covert way of doing things…” Granted, Aniston can totally be covert when she wants to be. But she knows how to hustle up some PR like few celebrities, and my take is that if you’re seeing a photo of Aniston, it’s because she wants you to see her. Because she’s selling something.

Speaking of what’s for sale, reader and fellow Celebitch “Kieslowski,” a fan of this site, also sent in this interesting tip/story from Deadline. If begin to put all of the pieces together, a certain picture emerges.

CAA has signed Justin Theroux. The actor/screenwriter, who’d been repped by UTA, will next be seen starring opposite Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd in the David Wain-directed comedy Wanderlust. Theroux’s recent writing credits include the Adam Shankman-directed musical Rock of Ages, which just started shooting, and Iron Man 2 and Tropic Thunder. Theroux made his directing debut on Dedication, which starred Tom Wilkinson and Billy Crudup. Theroux continues to be managed by 3 Arts Entertainment’s Nick Frenkel and Michael Rotenberg.

[From Deadline]

Wow, a dude who has been in the industry for nearly two decades, under the radar as a supporting actor and writer, suddenly gets the movie star treatment, new management, more exposure, presumably more money and all he has to do is pretend to date CAA princess Jennifer Aniston? That’s basically how CAA gets half of their clients at this point – Aniston’s biscuits are offered as part of the deal. By the way, if you have a moment and you love inside-the-industry conspiracy theories, you should totally read the comments over at Deadline. They’re hilarious.

Also – Jennifer Aniston is the July cover girl for Marie Claire. As of yet, the editorial and cover has not been widely released, but Us Weekly did preview it in this week’s issue. Here’s a scan – that’s Jason Bateman with her on the cover, and Charlie Day dancing with the TRIPLE ANISTON. So, obviously, (all of) this is to promote Horrible Bosses.




Photos courtesy of WENN, Zinio, Us Weekly.

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  1. devilgirl says:

    I am a little confused. Why does he have to pretend to date Aniston? So am I to assume, that Jennifer Aniston is the absolute worst person on the entire planet and cannot have a boyfriend on her own, that EVERY single man is a “fake” date for her, but all other Hollywood pairings are legit?! Well okay then! *eye roll*

  2. Xgenious says:

    devilgirl: you got it right. Twilight showmance, Brangelina and the rest are all real and would never fake anything but Aniston is the queen of PR. Because only she does it. The others are all artists with too much integrity to sink so low by selling their private life to promote films.

  3. Ruby says:

    Note to CAA get a new strategy. Your old methods don’t work. We see through all those Aniston faux-mances. I think she said be paired with some really abstract if they wanted us to take notice of Jenny- how bout a “date” with Kim Jong il, Gaddafi or Justin Bieber. Any other ideas?

  4. anonymous says:

    Fake date, this is how she gets you in the theatre to see her bomb movies. Action spreaks louder than words have you seen Theroux even hug Jennifer Aniston while they were out, it’s suppose to be a new romance, finally the one! look at how she behaved with John Mayer and her other beaus.

  5. mln76 says:

    Lets see in the past two weeks commenters have stated they believe that Biel & Butler are faking it for the cameras as well as possibly DiCaprio and Lively. I think the fact that Brangelina have 6 kids together speaks for itself. But there are many, many fake relationships in Hollywood. Aniston was called out on her shennanigans by none other than CNN so it’s pretty established that she does the PR romance to promote her movies. The financial benefit to the other party in this case is pretty clear.

  6. Xgenious says:

    Travolta and his wife also have children it doesn’t make their marriage any more legit.

  7. Addie says:

    If this faux romance thing is true, then it is BEYOND sad for anyone who takes part.

    Helping someone with their career if they pretend to date you?
    IF Jen really wants a long term relationship & family as she has said before, she should use her ex (who says he is happier than he has ever been) as an example and KEEP LOOKING FOR THE REAL THING.

  8. mln76 says:

    @Xgenious believe what you want but Brangelina is one of the most photographed and dissected relationships in history. I don’t believe that they are faking it and if they were by now after all these years the facade would have crumbled. We all know unlike many of the buisiness deals that precede a PR romance they began as a real couple, with a messy beginning. They are almost always together. Compare the amount of time they spend together to the amount that Tom Cruise spends with Katie Holmes (another very probably fake relationship). The media has done a smear campaign on them to find fault in their relationship but by all appearances they are a family that is sticking it out.

  9. Xgenious says:

    mln76: I didnt’ know you were living with Brangelina to know how much time they spend together.

  10. You don't say says:

    All of her personal PR sources (People, GossipCop, Accesshollywood, etc. etc) have all said this is her “new man”. Then the man’s long term partner and her mother apparently are not happy about this new relationship, since they say they did not know about the break-up or new woman. So we get the ‘Jen is a homewrecker’ stories to go with her new bad girl image for a new movie.

    But from the only photos of them in public, their relationship does not look romantic. She is leaning towards the other man in one photo, then the two men left her alone to talk to each other with her giving serious side-eye to them. Then out of nowhere, this guy gets a juicy contract with a top agency. It all looks so bizarre and in many ways, set up to achieve many different goals. I think folks would not be so suspicious if this type of thing had not happened before.

    Maybe it is real this time and I do hope so, because it is time for her and the rest of the gossip world to move the hell on.

  11. Luci says:

    She should change her PR strategry, really, this is getting old

  12. Whatever says:

    I am a little confused. Why does he have to pretend to date Aniston?

    Confusing is right, it’s enough to make you dizzy. In one post, she is supposedly a homewrecker, faking her relationship and a whore to attract clients to CAA. Oh, and it is all to promote her movie. That’s four DIFFERENT theories in one post. Um, wtf? Just say we have no idea and we are making sh*t up because Jen brings the hits.

    And the same tired PR comments. Since the relationship has been denied, these comments make no sense at all.

  13. Addie says:

    @ mIn.Agree completly.

    Also, Brangelina could not be labeld “cheaters” and “homewreckers” and “stealing/being stolen” and then in the same breathe have their relationship be labled fake.

    It can’t be both people.

  14. mln76 says:

    @Thanks Addie 🙂

  15. Crash2GO2 says:

    @devilgirl: ITA.

  16. someone says:

    And all this info came from where??? someone who knows someone who lives next door to a friend of anistons housekeepers best friend..give me a break!!!

  17. lisa says:

    Can we PLEASE leave Brad/Angie out of this shit for once.

    they don’t talk Aniston and as a JP fan I don’t give a shit about her romances real or fake.

    I hope it is real then her fans can be all over this and this couple.

    Why is is necessary to bring up the JPs. there are tons of other celebrities to talk about in comparison.

    Seriously.. HOW long does the man have to be divorced from her for it to be in the PAST.

    The media picked up on a pattern of behavior regarding her and that is what they are talking about IT has nothing to do with Brad or Angelina.

    I for one as I said hope this is real and lasting..

  18. Jazz says:

    More like he’ll get frustrated with her fake PR shenanigans first.

  19. Sue says:

    So let me get this straight Justin leaves his girlfriend of six years to pretend date Aniston just to be a client of CAA? Actually these companies who rep actors will take anyone on as long as they get paid. In fact the more the better because the more money they make. You don’t have to date Antion to get on board.

    Who was she dating/using to get attention when she promoted Just Go With It, The Switch, Love Happens, Management? No one. The truth is that Jennifer has a movie coming out every six months or so. So any guy she would be with would be considered as pretending to date? Jennifer could never date then. Jennifer is not pathetic the blogs and tabloids are pathetic. Get some new material.

    And Tom and Katie Cruise being a fake couple. Come on. Really. In case you did not notice they have been around and together as long as the Brange. They also are sticking it out even though people try to ruin their relationship with bizarre and crazy stories. I think that they take more attacks then the Brange. Calling their relationship fake after a marriage, a child and 7 years going strong makes you look stupid not them.

  20. shockedandappalled says:

    This dude Justin Theroux has a total arrogant douche face. He just reeks of arrogance. If JA is with him, she is just cementing evidence of her bad taste. It has gone downhill, fast after BP.

  21. Laughternrain says:

    I’m not taking any part of this again. Except to say that I am glad more and more people are waking up and finally seeing her for what she truly is. I always had faith in truth, justice and karma. The tides turning and she will be exposed. Its starting.

  22. bored says:

    Wouldn’t he warn his girlfriend that he’s gonna fake date Aniston for a while? Doesn’t seem like he told her so I don’t think the relationship with aniston is fake.

  23. kieslowski says:

    I am by no means a fan or a hater of ANiston, could care less about the whole Brad/Aniston/Jolie thing, but when I read on Deadline the line that Ansiton’s new bf is now repped by CAA I almost fell over. Do not underestimate the power of CAA and the HUvane bros, look at what they did for that no talent Chelsie Handler.

  24. truthSF says:


    or his (ex)girlfriend’s response could be a part of the ploy to make this (fake) relationship seems more real. She could be getting paid for this shenanigan too.

    Anything fake can seem real if Huvane is you’re PR rep. 🙂

  25. bluhare says:

    Well at least the photo you’ve got up there makes him look a lot better than the other ones I’ve seen. And since she got that shorter haircut, her hair’s always in her face. Makes me wonder what she’s hiding.

  26. Eve says:

    @ TruthSF:

    Anything fake can seem real if Huvane is you’re PR rep.

    You know, I happen to think the opposite now. Every time I see the name “Huvane” I smell PR stunt therefore I’m suspicious about it even if it’s confirmed (later on) by the people involved.

  27. mln76 says:

    CAA president is Kevin Huvane brother of Aniston’s manager Stephen Huvane…It all just gets clearer and clearer.

    BTW in this case she probably is ‘getting it in’ but that doesn’t mean she isn’t using the relationship to her advantage and that the primary reason for rolling it out isn’t for the movie. I think I said yesterday in the fall after Wanderlust (their mutual movie) this will probably end just like almost every other relationship she’s had post divorce.

    @Sue Uhm I hate to break it to you but many believe that Tom Cruise is gay and that he has a contract with Katie just like he did with Nicole. Scientology amoung other things claims to ‘cure’ homosexuality hence Travolta’s & Cruise’s association with the ‘church’. Of course it’s gossip but it’s almost an open secret .

  28. Sue says:

    Just wondering has Nicole ever stated that she had a contract with Tom or is that just tabloid crazy. Please link the statement from Nicole that she and Tom had a contract. it is not an open secret at all – it is a nasty and rude lie made up by the tabloids. I don’t for a second believe Tom is gay. Saying that some is gay, in a fake relationship, etc. without proof is rude and nasty and the person who makes these statements should really take a look at themselves. What I find so wrong is that the very people who say this stuff about Tom, jennifer, etc. Then get on another post and cry about how badly Brad/Angie are treated.

  29. Stacy says:

    It goes both ways. I dare you to go to JJ at any point you choose, and open the last Brangelina post, I can almost guarantee you they are there discussing Jennifer ad nauseum. You want the latest on Jennifer, go to a Brange post on JustJared. Jennifer totally owns these people. So mostly, it’s Brangelina crazier fans who cannot let go of her. They WANT her to be miserable and unhappy. For people to feel that way about a perfect stranger is completely baffling.

  30. Bf says:

    Sue: only homophobes consider being called gay an insult.

    You are the only person who doesn’t know Tom Cruise is gay and is paranoid about being outed. He even audition his latest wife. Where have you been living in the past 8 years?

  31. kieslowski says:

    What pisses me off about Aniston (and I do not have a huge hate on for her, I just think she is a bad actress who has very well connected) is that she and Huvane created this wholesome image for her, that caters to the MiniVan Majority that all she wants to do is find Mr. Right and settle down. But in reallity this chick loves her life, loves being single and hooking up with guys and then dropping them when she gets bored. If they were more honest with her image people woudl not scoff and ridicule her flings since each and everyone of them is marketed as “the one” and that this is the one she will have kids with. Total bulls**t.

  32. Stacy says:

    Maybe she wants to settle down and have a child but hasn’t found the guy she wants to build a family with, so in the meantime, she dates and enjoys her single life. What is she supposed to do? Marry the first loser who comes around just so she can say she’s married? At some point I’m sure she’ll find a guy and fall madly in love and have/adopt a child with him.
    She may just be selective in who she wants as her husband, especially after the way the first one turned out.

  33. skibunny says:

    I find it very strange when people actually dislike the actor for the PR that is put out there by agents, managers, studio executives, etc. There are times when the actor just simply has to go along with the bs in order to work. Fans tend to see actors as objects rather than real people who can be very different from what they are potrayed in the public eye. Fans also like to believe in fairytale romances.

  34. Kim says:

    IF they really are dating she deserved everything Brad & Angelina did to her because she is hooking up with a guy who had a girlfriend when he met her & first started romancing her. Up until the minute he decided to be with Jennifer he had a steady girlfriend.

    She has some bad Karma coming her way.

    kieslowski – good point. She is untalented and vapid and her true colors are starting to show.

  35. CoffeeTalk says:

    kieslowski: That doesn’t make any sense. She doesn’t have a wholesome image AT ALL.

    She travels to Cabo all the time, shows up to awards shows slightly sloshed and does photoshoots where she’s half-clothed. How is that wholesome?

  36. Cheyenne says:

    @Stacy: She’s never shown the slightest interest in having or adopting a child and I very much doubt she will ever do either in the future. She probably likes her life the way it is — unfettered to anyone and no commitments.

    She seems to be all about hanging out with her girlfriends, jetting off to Cabo, laying around the beach and getting it on with her man of the moment. It seems rather devoid of any depth or meaning but hey, if it works for her, it’s her life.

  37. Stacy says:

    So far, no one knows if they are together or just friends, and no one knows if and when he broke up with his girlfriend, so casting stone without knowing anything other than tabloid BS is ridiculous.

  38. mln76 says:

    Funny enough I don’t dislike Aniston I actually find her PR shennanigans amusing. And I admire how at once she can be very transparent and obvious about her machinations and also play the public with her whole ‘ I will be barefoot and pregnant ‘ line. It takes chutzpah to do that and still thrive in Hollywood especially as an aging woman who’s career is barely above water.

  39. Ali says:

    Theroux has actually been in the Stella/State camp for a while. David Wain has a history of being very loyal to a group of actors so this is no surprise to me. I think Theroux was in the Baxter, as the hunk ex-boyfriend that steals whats her face at the alter.

    I think he is very talented and attractive, who wouldn’t want to date him??

  40. gabs says:

    Ugh so sick of Aniston!

  41. kira says:

    Whether or not she’s really dating him, the whole thing stinks. The girlfriend wasn’t clued in on it. Her mother was saying–as late as May 25th on Radar–that it’s untrue and Justin is w/her daughter. Is that a lie? I bet Aniston lies when her lips move, but it would be hard to get a whole gang of people in on the act.

    And, no, not every actress does this (Sandra, Julia, Cameron, Kate, Reese, etc.) I don’t remember any of them promoting a–
    is she or isn’t she?–relationship to the tabloids, like Aniston’s PR rep does by talking to People, US Weekly, Celebuzz, Gossip Cop, etc. And I remember Aniston pulling this same stuff w/Gerard Butler, John Mayer and Vince Vaughn. Even CNN noticed the pattern. It’s funny at this point. What good is a relationship if you can’t use it for PR? 🙂

    In any case, her Pr/interviews read as pure BS made for the people who believe that she’s Rachel, but now, w/a naughty side. Perfect promotion for her latest naughty movie. And she’s competing w/Cameron Diaz’s naughty movie, which comes out 2 weeks beforehand. It’s going to be interesting. Wonder which lady will come out on top? I’m rooting for Diaz. Bad Teacher looks fun. Horrible Bosses . . . I like Charlie Day, but we’ll see what the critics say on that one.

  42. sam says:

    Kira – actually Cameron is doing this now. Notice the People story about her and A rod splitting up – then wow together at the party and looking for a house. Oh wait- She has a movie coming out in a couple of weeks – Bad Teacher. Cameron does exactly the same thing.

    Don’t forget Reese and her “wedding photos| for people right before her movie – which she desperatly needed a hit. The list goes on and on.

  43. kira says:

    You don’t tell your mother when you have a break up? My mom would be the first to know. And, if you are in a public relationship w/an actor and he publically dumps you for a big movie star, wouldn’t you tell your mom about it before she talks to Radar? Or, you think the mother would confirm with the daughter before she talks to Radar on her behalf? Something smells fishy here, and I don’t think it’s the daughter simply not telling her mom they broke up. I don’t buy that.

    And, I disagree. I don’t see Cameron and Reese doing the same thing. They certainly don’t have the long history. Reese is getting there with her relationship with Chelsea Handler and the latest People mag stuff. But a lot of stars sell wedding photos including Aniston. It’s not the same as having your relationships turn into a game show–is she or isn’t she?–and being peddled by your PR rep to tabloids/blogs. I remember very clearly Aniston on Oprah being asked about dating Vince, and she said, “Oh Oprah, you can believe those tabloids!” And on and on about tabloids being liars, etc. Then, when the photos of Vince dating someone else come out, she releases a statement to People that they broke up weeks ago. This was like a week after the Oprah interview. Same thing with anyone else she dates. It’s like a game show with her–“who am I dating? Bet, you can’t guess!” No one quite does it like her–mostly because she pretends to be SO private, and talks about the tabloids “ruining her life” in the same breath. Too funny. 🙂

  44. anon1000 says:

    maniston has single-handedly made her pr rep a millionaire, so she is protected.
    who cares about a “nobody” girlfriend.
    and that justin guy comes off as a major sleaze. perfect fit for famewh*re aniston

  45. lil says:

    @30, how funny, just the same happens in the FF site,whenever JJ takes too long to post something, youcould o check the FF loons and voilá, there are several peges already demeaning the JPs. They are totally owned by angelina, who is the most attacked here. as you said, it goes both ways.

  46. Charlotte says:

    Uh…none of this is even confirmed. Aren’t we all jumping the gun a little too soon? And again, I can’t understand what’s wrong with the world. A man can be perpetually single. He can jump from bed to bed. A woman can’t go out with a group of friends (and a guy) and not get called pathetic, shallow, desperate and fame-whorish? Are we all living in the same world? What exactly has this chick done? Other than live what appears to be an exciting single life? There’s NO way in hell anybody can prove that she’s done this PR thing or not. If she’s banging Gerard Butler at one point in time, I don’t get how that’s terrible from ANY angle. Everyone assumes that she’s a faker. How on earth would anyone know?

  47. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Charlotte: Not only that, but dastardly predictions of ‘karma’ are coming her way for doing what men do all the time while getting a pass.

    A lot of women are stuck back in the Scarlett Letter mentality, aren’t they?

  48. kira says:

    Ok. She has her birthday party in Cabo, invites Gerard Butler, AND Access Hollywood AND People magazine for interviews–if that doesn’t say she’s using her relationship for PR, then I don’t know what does. Oh, and she complains about the paparazzi in the same interview, talking about how she uses mirrors so they can’t get pics, and how HARD they make it for her. In the same breath. It’s a pattern many people have noticed even CNN. Sure, she’s just a regular girl. That’s pretty funny. Her fans really LOVE their fan fiction, don’t they? 🙂 Face it, most celebs are fame addicts–it’s part of business–but, she’s the best of the bunch because she fools people so well.

  49. Kim123 says:

    I don’t know if they are dating but if they are its very recent.There are pics of Heidi and Justin at screening on April 5th in NYC. if you google Jusin Theroux and Heidi Bivens and click on Partrick you can see the pics.

  50. Bolloxia says:

    Oh puh-leeeeaaaase! It’s well known that Justin Theroux is gay. JA is the biggest beard in Hollywood.

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