Sarah Palin will be on Saturday Night Live tonight

Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin is scheduled for tonight’s Saturday Night Live, although no one has said exactly what she’ll be doing. There was speculation when the idea first came about that she would spoof Tina Fey, the way Fey has skillfully spoofed her for a few weeks now. Then came speculation that she would play herself, in the vein of Hillary Clinton’s visits to the SNL. Palin herself never said what she’d do, just that she’d be doing it, until Friday when she spoke to Neal Boortz. From her statements, I’m not sure she understands the Saturday Night Live concept.

“I just want to be there to show Americans that we will rise above the political shots that we take because we’re in this serious business for serious challenges that are facing the good American people right now,” Sarah told Neal Boortz on his syndicated radio show today.

[From OK! Magazine]

Someone should really tell Sarah that Saturday Night Live isn’t serious business for the serious challenges facing Americans right now. It’s respite from those things. No one goes to Loren Michaels when they want to prove anything other than their ability to laugh at themselves and be funny. I’m not sure Palin has that ability, especially after that comment.

It would be golden if they had Sarah Palin, herself, in “serious business” mode, debate Tina Fey as Sarah Palin, point, counterpoint. I’m looking forward to seeing what they can do with her, especially if Fey is involved. Even last night on Letterman, Tina wouldn’t confirm that she would be on tonight’s SNL, but she was coy about it, so let’s assume they’ve got something excellent planned.

Sarah Palin and her husband Todd are shown at a rally in Scranton, PA on 10/14/08. Credit: BauerGriffinOnline

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  1. GeorgiaM says:

    If Sarah Palin wants to rise above political shots, she should put down her political shotgun she’s been using and give some serious interviews. This chica is so transparent it’s nauseating.

  2. Nobama says:

    The only reason why you believe she has a “political shotgun” is because the Left wing media is so bias and is shoving Obama down our throats and she needs to stick up for herself!

    She is great and I’m voting for HER!

  3. Billie says:

    To say that Palin is not particularly kind to those who don’t support her 1000 percent is an understatement. Lyda Green is a highly-respected Republican and is president of the Alaska state senate. She resides in Wasilla. Lyda did not feel that Palin was ready to run for governor in 2006, and declined to endorse her, preferring to remain neutral. In January of 2008, Palin was on the Mark & Bob Show, a radio show in Anchorage. During the radio spot, Bob Lester remarked to Palin that he knew she viewed Green as “a bitch and a cancer.” Palin just laughed and giggled at his comments, knowing full well that Lyda is a breast cancer survivor. (I listened to a taping of the broadcast.) What was particularly hard on Lyda is that her children had to learn about the incident by reading about it on the Internet.

    Palin has a reputation for firing people…not for corruption, but for simply not agreeing with her. The Wasilla librarian, Mary Ellen Emmons, was one of her first firing attempts; however, Palin was forced to relent due to public support of Emmons.

    And people wonder why Palin does nothing to dissuade people from shouting hate-filled slurs and threats at her rallies? If this woman is a “Christian,” I’m a purple-haired yak.

  4. momgeek says:

    I agree, georgiam. Every morning the “Today” show comments how they’ve extended an open invitation to have her on. I guess after the Katie Couric interview their campaign is only letting Sarah out for things she can read from a script for. In that vein, SNL is a perfect fit!

    It really irritates me how their campaign talks about how she’s such a role model for women but they’ve basically kept her out of the spotlight except for rallies and such. From what I recall Hillary Clinton was all over the place when she was campaigning. I don’t like Hillary a lot either but I do admire how tough she is and how she’s not afraid to get out there and talk to everyone, not just those carefully pre-selected lest they damage the delicate flower across from them.

    That being said, I have to say that Sarah Palin (at least from the pictures I’ve seen) looks great for a woman in her mid-40’s with 5 kids.

  5. vdantev says:

    Will she wear her bikini and bring her gun ?

  6. Aquarius says:

    Ha, vdantev. Maybe she and Fey will be in some sort of beauty contest/talent show, and Fey can finally play the flute.

    It seems that Palin doesn’t think SNL is “serious business,” but that “the political shots we take” are a necessary evil of being in “this serious business”– running for President/VP–and that SNL will allow her to “rise above” all that for an hour and a half. Not the clearest statement ever made, but then again, neither was my possible explanation. 😉

  7. Billie says:

    Lol. If I were SNL, I’d have Barbara Walters slide in and start hitting her with the tough questions she’s been avoiding from day one.

  8. Kaiser says:

    @Georgia – Why give serious interviews when she can spend the last weeks of the campaign verbally fellating the right-wing radio hosts?

    BTW, someone on MSNBC said she cancelled rallies in Indiana to go to NYC to rehearse today. So maybe Tina Fey’s evil plan is working! They’re keeping her off the campaign trail, aren’t they? 8)

  9. Janet Malinak says:

    We have all had a big laugh about Sarah Palin. But, the fact is that her nomination is neither a funny nor glib matter. She represents the ugliest and most dangerous in American politics, not only because of her incredible ineptness but because of her dangerous fear mongering. She is inciting fear and hatred at a time when Americans are most vulnerable to these feelings because of the state of our economy. There’s nothing funny about this.

  10. snappyfish says:

    I agree with Janet. I think her nomination was an affront to women. She stands for things that are truly dangerous.

  11. Orangejulius says:

    That polar bear pin on her makes me puke. What a hypocritical ignoramus.

  12. Trillion says:

    I won’t be watching. She’s unpalatable in any format. The fact that she’s spearheading this “anti-American” McCarthyism B.S. and dividing our country is appalling.

  13. daisy424 says:

    Our country was divided before Palin came on the scene.

  14. aleach says:

    im scared of her. 😯

  15. JohnRJ08 says:

    I hope they do a skit where Palin, adorned in helmet and flack-jacket, is manning an anti-aircraft battery on the coast of Alaska, watching for Vladimir Putin’s inevitable attack. Or they could show her hunting with an AK-47 from a helicopter. Mistaking him for a moose, she accidentally shoots Dick Cheney, who returns fire. 😀 😀

  16. Billie says:

    To Orangejulius: That’s for sure. that polar bear pin is so phony. Palin filed suit against the federal government requesting that the polar bear be removed from the federal listing of endangered species. (You can’t drill for oil in areas that are inhabited by an endangered species.)

  17. Chamalla says:

    I’m not a fan of Palin, but I think this is a nice move on her part. I think it shows she has a sense of humor and isn’t afraid to be a little self-deprecating.

    I don’t agree with her on most issues, but it’s a little extreme to paint her as the worst thing ever to hit American politics. (shout-out to my Indiana homeboy Dan Quayle)

    I think the whole country has gone collectively nuts about this election.

  18. Trillion says:

    True, she’s not the “original” divider. She’s carrying the torch into deeper territory. And using some scary language. Not unexpected from a John Birch supporter. Google it.

  19. abbizmal says:

    She sure is scary. That polar bear pin is probably made out of the tusk of some endangered animal. Check out the palinaspresident website.

  20. Leandra says:

    Going on SNL will only make her more of a joke than she already is.

  21. brista says:

    Palin doesn’t tend to answer questions with ANYTHING related to the question, so it’s hardly a shock to hear that “So, you’re going on SNL? What’s going to happen there?” was answered with, “We are serious business in these serious times and I want the American people to know that.”

    I think she’s an absolutely hilarious character and if she were fictional, I’d be fascinated. Like seriously, bring in a woman who hunts wolves from helicopter to be the “relateable mom” is hilarious. But she’s real. And that’s scary.

  22. rottenkitty says:

    The polar bear is the symbol of the AIP — the Alaskan Independence Party a secessionist group that despises the United States government and wants Alaska to secede from the union.

    Palin knows this because her husband is a member of the party and there are rumors that she was a member in the past.

    I’d like to know how any decent American can vote for this woman for Vice President given that she consorts with a man who despises the government of our country and wishes for his state to secede from the union.

    And this creature has the unmitigated gall to accuse people who don’t agree with her as being “not real Americans.” I think any woman who fucks an enemy of our government needs to treated with the contempt she so richly deserves.

  23. hairball says:

    Sorry, have been staying out of the political area, but my god, Nobama, you are specifically voting FOR her?

    Women everywhere with brains and education wince and cringe and are outraged that this person is being used as a political pawn for McCain to win. She is a complete joke.

    She is clearly not the brightest person, very uninformed on things, and is clearly being used to spout outrageous accusations about Obama while embarrassing herself in limited interviews and avoiding the press.

    What she and the Republicans don’t seem to quite grasp this time is that Americans have finally woken up and realize the dire results of having a simpleton idiot in office.

  24. Shay says:

    I missed it..but I’m sure I didn’t miss anything.

    This won’t show that Palin has a sense of humor we already know she’s a joke.

  25. James says:

    Just watched it.

    Well, Gov Palin just ruined one of my favorite shows on this planet.

    It’s not funny at all.

  26. JaundiceMachine says:

    If the bitch didn’t have ovaries, the bitch never would have been vetted for VP.

    And I think the current internal investigation has proven Palin doesn’t have any sort of sense of humor, whatsoever.

  27. Suzy Sunshine says:

    Thanks hairball for hitting it on the nose. Sarah Palin is a true red state idiot.

  28. tvf says:

    “If the bitch didn’t have ovaries, the bitch never would have been vetted for VP.”

    Has your Fearless Leader truly made you believe that talking about women as bitches is OK? This sort of attitude is exactly what has PUMAs across the nation up in arms against Obama supporters.

  29. Diva says:

    The bitch who called the bitch a bitch, is a bitch herself (in the most excellent sense of the word!). In other words, Jaundice Machine is a woman, and the best kind of bitch, so your cry of sexism at the behest of Obama holds no water.

    It’s funny, I had to look up “PUMA”, I had no idea what you people were about. But it would appear that you’re of that group that was targeted by the very thing Jaundice Machine cited. A group that really cares nothing about the issues, nothing about the consequences of the election, but only that someone involved has a vagina. It’s as twisted as if all someone cared about is that the people involved have a penis. It’s groups like PUMA that make cheap, insulting decisions like pulling someone onto a national ticket with no knowledge of anything about her, happen, and as a woman, I’m offended. Jump off your genital horse and pay attention to something that really matters.

  30. daisy424 says:

    My comment disappeared 😕

  31. JaundiceMachine says:

    tvf: Are you serious?

    Really. Are you serious?

    Sarah Palin is a demented shell of a woman. She stands on the shoulders of feminists, while insisting on shitting on their heads. She has an ugly, vindictive soul, through and through – and I pray to God Almighty (or “Fearless Leader”, if it quells your righteous, judgmental conscious) that she doesn’t get a crack at a third term.

    The fact that I referred to this piece of refuse as a “bitch” is a favor to her. I normally only call those near and dear to my heart, “bitches”, but in moments of extreme frustration, I resort to that which I’ve grown accustomed to. It is unfortunate that I lumped this puppet in with a group of strong, intelligent women, who have fought fervently for themselves, their sisters, their mothers, and their daughters. But we all make mistakes.

    With her ultra-religious-rightwing-conservative agenda, it’s no wonder that Palin and her supporters cry foul at every observation by the public. Every criticism against her twisted agenda is “sexist” – even if highly educated bitches like myself – call her on her fuckery.

    PS – I grew up in the ’90’s, where the word “bitch” was the third or forth word flung around on tv. To myself and other members of my generation, “bitch” is the tofu of feminine nouns. It can be used in any sentence, and its meaning is derived from the context therein. I hope those who aren’t on respirators understand my use of the word “bitch” as a neutral feminine pronoun – its connotation can be determined by educated, intellectual individuals.

  32. pawseries says:

    Goodluck Palin .