AnnaLynne McCord goes dark brown, attaches herself to Gerard Butler


Excuse me for a moment. BITCH, GET OFF OF HIM. Sorry about that. These are new photos of Gerard Butler and AnnaLynne McCord at last night’s benefit event for Artists for Peace and Justice. Gerard has been very active in this charity, which funds rebuilding and humanitarian projects in Haiti (and beyond, I believe). Gerry has even traveled to Haiti with the charity (and likely to bone some hot Haitian women). I don’t know what AnnaLynne’s druggy face means to the charity, but considering how much face-time she got with Gerard on the press line, I suspect she was there officially, like she was one of the co-sponsors or something. The big news is that AnnaLynne looks almost unrecognizable because she dramatically darkened her hair. Previously, she was working a blonde-caramel color which… I actually preferred. This shade is just too dark, and it accentuates her negative features (druggy face).


So, what’s the deal between Gerard and AnnaLynne? Why are they so chummy and handsy? Well, you know The Butler has a type, right? Leggy brunettes, the darker the better. Some part of me thinks AnnaLynne’s newly dark hair is a “bone me” signal to Gerard. Would he hit it? God, I hope not. That ass was with Kellan Lutz, for the love of God. KELLAN LUTZ. But Gerard’s probably up for it. He’s probably been boning Jessica Biel and Ashley Greene, and now he’s hitting up AnnaLynne with his moves – his moves being “getting the girl liquored up, rubbing her ass and then crooking his finger at the end of the night.” He’s so terrible. I love him.




Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. the original bellaluna says:

    What is he doing? Is he in some sort of “tag and release programme” involving the skanky-ho-wanna-be set in H-Wood?

    Gerry, I love you. But you are SERIOUSLY blowing it here. STOP. You’re starting to look ridiculous and desperate and creepy. Please stop, before you wind up Fassbender-ed.

  2. Eve says:

    Cannot stand this woman.

  3. Chloe says:

    off topic: Did he drop a few pounds? He seems to have. Anyway. Hot.

  4. Mari says:

    The brown hair washes her out. Blonde suits her skintone better. As for GB, he’s looking fan-damn-tastic of late!!

  5. brin says:

    He’s a real manwhore, isn’t he? He must nail everything that’s not nailed down.

    LOL @bellaluna!

  6. sisi says:

    she looks like Fergie in the first pic. Obviously, that is NOT a good thing…

  7. 4Real says:

    LOL@ “tag and release programme”!!!


    I was thinking of some “herp support group” but that was awesome!

  8. Crash2GO2 says:

    “Is he in some sort of “tag and release programme” involving the skanky-ho-wanna-be set in H-Wood?”

    Genius!! 😀

  9. serena says:

    She looks younger and fresh as a brunette, I like it better.

  10. Missa says:

    man-whore…….but, damnit if he still doesn’t do it for me! 😛

  11. Hollowdoll says:

    I’m sure he tapped that in the bathroom right before the pics and has already moved on. I mean cripes she barely got her zipper zipped.

  12. brin says:

    @Hollowdoll….she was just “Butlered”.

  13. Andrea says:

    The brown is o.k. I think it’s the coral makeup that is wrong on her… And how skinny can she be? Look at her hips in the first pics. 80 lbs. maybe???? Eat a burger for goodness sake!
    Wasn’t there some blind item somehwere not long ago about him turning her down???? Too lazy to look it up.

  14. the original bellaluna says:

    @ brin – I’d wager he’d even try to nail the already nailed down. He seems like the type. (As much as it pains me to say that, because you know I love my Gerry!) haha – “Butlered”! The Butler did it, to the maid, in the library, with the…well, you get it! 😉

    *waves to the ladies* Thanks, Crash & 4Real!

  15. mew says:

    She’s just so pretty. I don’t even know why I think that. *sigh*

  16. brin says:

    @bellaluna…”catch & release program” was awesome! From now on, any time we see Gerry with one of his conquests we’ll just say she was “Butlered”.

  17. Just passing thru says:

    From a photogs shots of Gerry working the room, he certainly didn’t seem attached to anyone. He was flirting up a storm all over the room. The photog was quite impressed whenhe wrote about it in his blog. Said he watched Gerry and picked up some new moves…

    He’s free and he’s on the prowl. It’s Summer 2011.

  18. buckley says:

    Seems to me it is HE who attaches himself to anything with a semi attractive vag.

  19. wtf? says:

    happy, horny, handsome butler..just the way i like him…

    seems he has stuck with APJ as the rest of hollyweird finds its next great cause. he, at least has some loyalty to the charities he chooses…..

    nice of annalynne to dress up for the occasion by peeling on a pair of jeans …

  20. gee says:

    He needs the weight back and shorter hair. I’m a sucker for a bloated a**hole. I really am 🙁

  21. Chickie Baby says:

    I always thought she was kind of pretty…SKANK, GET AWAY FROM HIM. STEP AWAY FROM THE HOT GUY. HE BELONGS TO US!

  22. Madisyn says:

    What I admire about this man is he wears his “I’m a manwhore” like a badge of honor. He makes no bones (pun intended) about it, if you don’t like it, oh well. He’s not married, hasn’t had a serious/steady girlfriend in, I don’t know when, (except for Kaiser, of course, but she knows how he is) and has no children (that we know of). So what if he beds down every fameho from sea to shining sea? And Europe. And Australia. And Asia. ETC.

    As long as he isn’t hurting people, I say more power to him!

  23. galaxy.girl says:


  24. Vee says:

    @gee – Don’t fret, there’s always Russell Crowe. LOL!

    He looks good, she looks better as a blonde.

  25. gee says:

    @Vee LOL it’s like you know me…

  26. wolfhusky says:

    Butler is popular with the ladies because he is a charming outrageously funny flirt. I highly doubt that he has sex with as many women as people think, but he is just a natural touchy feely flirt and since he is good at keeping his personal life secret and is weary of letting people truly know what he is like, the gossip will always be in full swing trying to make any news about him. The flirt and charming the ladies is an ego boost for him. Sex would just be the anticlimax:)

  27. Launicaangelina says:

    She looks like Janice Dickenson with the dark hair. Not a good look!

  28. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    I would love to be “butlered”…

  29. lisa says:

    This story has been running in the gossip mags for about a week now, and some a reporting as if it happened last night, when if it did happen which I very much doubt. He is a socialable character, touchy feely kind of guy. I think that that the mags are desperate to continue building up a reputation for him as a womaniser, so they can continue to link him with any young woman available.
    According to a new post about him on Just jared (has new photos – looks hot) he claims his love life is terrible, he was probably just joking with the cameras though, as he does.

  30. D says:

    she looks like fergie here with that weird botoxed face she should go back to the blonde. As for GB cant stand him he’s just an embarrasing ageing player every woman in hollywood cant stand him that thing he said to halle berry put me off him FOR LIFE- he’s a sleaze! even kirsten dunst was smart enough to turn him down and let’s face it, she’s in NO position to turn ANYONE down lol!

  31. Melissa says:

    Ok, so I heard how crazy the people are on Just Jared about this guy so I went on there to check it out and WOW my jaw dropped as I was reading the comments. I couldn’t seem to look away and stop reading even though it was so disturbing. He should really consider just coming out in public with someone and maybe some of the crazies would let go a little. He has some extremely delusional fans out there.

  32. Raven says:

    I did laugh at another site saying Annalynne was the epitome of the California Bohemian girl, so it was a shock she dyed her blonde hair.

    Funny, considering she’s from Georgia.

  33. Karin (from BRAZIL) says:

    This man is a living delight! Before a woman realises it, she´s already on his lap – that´s Nature, pure and simple.