Gwyneth Paltrow goops her way into singing with ‘Glee’ cast in New Jersey


Here’s a question for those of you who like Glee: why in the world would you need to see these people perform live in some kind of concert situation? Yes, some of them had good voices. But after watching them in the comfort of your own home, on television, why would you feel the need to see them in person? It’s not like they’re actually performing songs that they wrote, and it doesn’t seem like they’re performing these songs in a way any different than the television versions. So, why?

Anyway, the Glee tour is in full-effect, because if there’s one thing great about hiring 30-year-olds to play high schoolers, it’s that you can get past all of those tricky child labor laws and simply work your cast to death, year-round. According to Just Jared, the cast was in the middle of a concert in East Rutherford, New Jersey yesterday when Gwyneth Paltrow snotted her way onto the stage to sing her new Goop standard, “Forget You”. This song is dead, right? Goop killed it long ago:

Dame Gwyneth really is living the dream. That dream? Of performing before endless crowds of rapt peasants.

Sidenote: I had my hissy fit about Glee concerts before I read this – apparently, this concert in New Jersey was part of the Glee Live! 3D concert movie that is currently being filmed. Ah, that’s why Gwyneth came. Because she’ll do anything for a movie part these days.



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  1. Rita says:

    “Why would people who watch TV Glee go to a Live Glee concert?” Because the performers were on TV, just like American Idol.

    Why would people go to a Glee 3D movie after watching TV Glee and the Live Glee concert? Because one simply cannot get enough glee in one’s life.

    I understand that next year certain Glee body parts will be available for purchase….standard shipping rates apply.

  2. Bitchbelying says:

    She’s really really grating. And why is she so orangey, suddenly.

  3. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Whoa Gywn’s eyes look so wonky in the first picture. Kinda funny. I don’t watch Glee, don’t like Glee so I can’t answer your question.

    I like that Gwyn likes to branch out and try different things but girlfriend is hardly A-list anymore right? Can Gywn really not get a decent acting job anymore that she has to travel to New Jersey to be in a Glee 3D movie? Gag. How the hell are they making these live action movies 3D…how the f*ck is that possible?

  4. spinner says:

    I still think she’s gotten cheek implants.

  5. brin says:

    Yeah, her face/eyes look strange.

  6. Eve says:

    A Glee tour? Nightmare, nightmare!

  7. Rada says:

    I think she looks great.

  8. Ari says:

    *punch, punch*

  9. Marianne says:

    I went to the Glee Tour in Toronto and it was A LOT OF FUN! I’m sure people get enough of people like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga or Beyonce on their TV and magazines…but people go see their concerts. The kids sing live, and trust me, the show doesn’t need to autotune some of the singers. They stay in character (The Little Klaine skit is adorable). And it looks like they have fun out there. Chris (Colfer) is always jumping around and dancing really cutely in the background. Cory dances in the background (at least for River Deep Mountain High) but really badly. Though still cute to watch him attempt. And when performing Somebody to Love, Lea bowed to Amber’s singing during the song. They have fun. You have fun. That’s what you do at any concert, right?

    I’m not a Paltrow fan so I don’t really care that I missed her, but its nice to see them spice up the shows for each date. Now if Jon Groff made a surprise appearance then I would be sad. Don’t judge the concert unless you’ve seen it.

  10. Slim Charles says:

    She can’t dance.

  11. lucy2 says:

    Ugh, Goop. Just…enough.

    If I were a big fan of the show, I think it’d be fun to see it in concert, they do have some good singers in the cast. But once the show took the typical Ryan Murphy route (great start, then progressively and quickly downhill into ridiculousness) I quit. But I’m sure fans enjoy it.

  12. original kate says:

    has anyone ever gone to a parade and seen those really annoying people dancing on stilts? that’s what goop reminds me of when she tries to dance.

    i’m actually starting to be embarassed for her.

  13. Eve says:

    @ Original Kate:

    has anyone ever gone to a parade and seen those really annoying people dancing on stilts? that’s what goop reminds me of when she tries to dance.

    LOL! You guys give great mental pictures.

  14. Annaloo says:


    You are so right : It sure looks like Gwyneth is living all of her dreams of being a musically performing ‘artist.” Wish some one would wake her the EFF up. Wake ALL of us up.

  15. gee says:

    @marianne, that sounds really cute!

    I would probably go to see it live if tickets fell into my lap, but I don’t think I’d watch the concert dvd.

  16. Mingy says:

    wtf is that her song or cee-lo’s…im really sick of her and that facking song.

  17. bluhare says:

    This is a dead serious question. Looking at her she looks different. Can shiny lip gloss make a person’s lips look so different? They look bigger to me.

  18. fannomore says:

    I wonder if the hotel knows that she’s wearing their curtains?

  19. Holly:) says:

    Personally I love Glee and Gwyneth Paltrow and also Mika. I’d do anything to watch them live, they just don’t tour in the UK, thats the problem. I’d love to meet Gwyneth, seriously. Its so amazing the things she can do but yet she gets so much stick for being a good person.

    ZOMG, I watch the television series, over and over again plus the DVD’s, I just need to see them live and my life will be complete.

  20. HappyMom says:

    She’s looking like Kelly Ripa.

  21. karena says:

    Glee ain’t no Friday Night Lights in terms of quality but I’ve enjoyed most of the episodes I’ve watched. I find Gwyneth harmless and this was a fun number. I don’t get the white hot hatred some people have for Glee or Gwyneth.

  22. jinni says:

    Is Chris Colfer incapable of dancing/moving to the beat? At least he wasn’t as stiff as Paltrow, she looked like she was lost when she was moving around the stage.

    Lastly, she looks like a beady-eyed Thandie Newton in that second picture to me.

  23. kazoo says:

    @love angelina, according to courtney love, gwyneth said that once you’re a list, you’re always a list! LOL

  24. Ms says:

    That dance- it is not really happening for her.

  25. Jag says:

    Wow, she can barely open her eyes anymore. And she needs to stop plumping her lips, too. Sheesh. lol

  26. Louise says:

    @LOVE ANGELINA: I wouldn’t call 10 minutes from New York City traveling.

    @Holly: They are doing some dates in London.

    I like Glee but not enough to see them in concert. It’s probably parents taking their kids who wouldn’t go to Lady Gaga. Also Kaiser’s comment about why see them live doesn’t make sense. Most artists have a concert dvd or special so it’s like saying why bother seeing any artist in concert.

  27. HotLatino says:

    She did great, I just would love to meet her too and talk to her in Spanish 🙂 IMO she seems down-to-Earth, I don’t find her obnoxious like Julia Roberts, I CANNOT stand that “pretty (NOT) woman”

  28. Jen says:

    @Love Angelina: The question shouldn’t be HOW they make these movies 3D, but WHY??? As in why the hell am I having to pay an extra $3-4 to pay for 3D when they aren’t worth it?

    Sorry for going off on a tangent, but I’m seriously over every movie being 3D lately.

    I thought it was cute that Gwyneth showed up at the concert. I’m sure that was an extra treat for the concert goers.

  29. kibbles says:

    Botox much? Her face looks completely alien and her eyes are now slanted. She is not aging well.

    Also, there were several overweight people on stage. I wonder if Goopy had a little talk with them after the concert, hmm?

  30. sandy#1 says:

    now i feel sorry for gwen, i will not say any more, just… what ever.

  31. poodlemom says:

    Those lips of Goop-y’s have certainly been enlarged!!! The corners of her mouth are starting to look like “The Joker’s”!!!

  32. beclove says:

    GO AWAY.

  33. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @Love Angelina “she has to travel to New Jersey to be in a Glee 3D movie? Gag.”

    I hope the “gag” was in reference to Glee 3D and not my lovely home state of New Jersey.

  34. jover says:

    annaloo i remember that performance by heidi montag and flo-rida; it was torture; since the Donald owns that franchise it shows what he knows about music about as much as he knows about hair styles and politics but I’ll bet heidi and flo came cheap.;as for glee the first 6/8 eps were good then it went downhill. It is beyond annoying how much this stuff is being marketed; it doesn’t have that big a following rm thinks he’s doing shakespeare or sophocles when its a cheesy karoake mildly amusing sit com. I predict it will go the way of Ugly Betty great first season downhill from their then gone and forgotten by season 3 or 4.

  35. kelly says:

    I was there tonight and she was AMAZING! She came out to the Izod Center on the 16th and 17th because of the filming for the 3D movie!!

  36. Holly1996:) says:

    @Louise, Thanks for letting me know – but I live further up the country near a place called Manchester and not far from Liverpool either.. They need to tour at them attractions and let us know when tickets go back on sale:P

  37. S says:

    I despise Glee. AND this song.

  38. L says:

    I’m with Marianne…the only issue is that tickets are pretty expensive if you want to have a remotely good view of the stage or be close to it, which I guess is typical of any concert.

    I mean in Boston I THINK tickets were $75 to 400.00 (they’re was a Glee party with fans and a chance to meet some or all actors and goodie bags at that upper range). I would have loved to go but too rich for me!

    Maybe next year if they decide to go again.

  39. aurelia says:

    Thanks honeymom for saying who g-unit looks like, yes indeed kelly rippa! With donetella versace plastic yellow hair. Would love to give her a make ova.

  40. Charlotte says:

    Did she tell the girl who plays Mercedes that she’s fat, too? Sanctimonious blow hard.

  41. Leigh says:

    Holy Shiz.
    What’s up with her face????

  42. Marianne says:

    Well I got my Glee tickets on my bday, so I didn’t pay. My mom had gotten me the nosebleed seats, but when we showed up they upgraded us to third row balcony lol.

  43. Chessie says:

    What on earth has she done to her face!!

  44. OhMyMy says:

    I really don’t like her. Never have. Her continuing presence was one of the main reasons why I stopped watching Glee.

  45. indianabluejeans says:

    apologies… but read the headline as “poops her way into singing…”

  46. Traxie says:

    She is looking rough. I agree that there’s some weird enhancement going on – maybe cheek implants, definitely collagen lips, and god knows what she’s done to her eyes – she can barely open them!

  47. lisa says:

    OT a bit?

    While reading the comments I was curious regarding Gwenny’s films.

    12/22/10 Country Strong $20,218,921

    5/7/10 Iron Man 2 $312,433,331

    2/13/09 Two Lovers $3,149,034

    5/2/08 Iron Man $318,412,101

    Other than Iron Man she has not been working much. Country Strong was a HUGE bomb. Not even opening overseas. She only has one other film releasing. Contagion and The Avengers (rumored).

    I don’t really know what this all proves. but it seems she is not that interested in acting. I think the she over promoted Country Strong and Glee didn’t help. People scream overexposure regarding some celebrities, but I thing Gwyneth has a lot of them beat. She keeps trying to get that music deal. Which is strange considering Heidi, Paris, Kim, and even that guy from Idol all got a record deal.