Tom Cruise butches it up for ‘Rock of Ages’ while Katie Holmes dons a rare bikini


Here is the first official image of Tom Cruise in Rock of Ages. I’m not even going to try to explain what’s happening here, because honestly, it’s better if you don’t know. I would like to point out a few things here. First: Tom had it written into his contract that his rock star wears lifts, apparently. I love the way the spotlight is actually highlighting the fact that Tom is in high heels, and I can even see where the lift is built into the shoes:


Second interesting thing: whatever is happening on Tom’s torso. As we’ve seen in photos before (last year), Tom likely had some kind of lipo or something, because his stomach is looking kind of wonky. I’m also perturbed at seeing Tom’s hint of “happy trail” (which we should call “the L. Ron trail”). Those hairs above his pelvis are “glistening” to my eyes. And it’s disturbing.


Next story, vaguely related to Tom Cruise: Katie Holmes and Suri are in Miami right now (that‘s where Rock of Ages is filming), and the paparazzi got shots of them playing in the ocean. This is notable because it’s been forever and a day since we’ve seen Katie in a bikini. It’s also notable because this was one of the rare times when Suri was overdressed. She’s at the beach, and instead of putting her in a little swimsuit, Suri played in the ocean in a dress. I don’t get it either. Katie’s figure is pretty nice though. She’s much more toned than I would have thought.




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  1. StephanieMarie says:

    Least she won’t get a sunburn!

  2. constance says:

    I think those bikini pictures were to dispel the few pap photos showing her itty bitty pouch off. Now she’s back to Robot/ young boy standards since Tommy girl had to get fit for his new… film thing. He looks so unbelievable as a rock star. lol

  3. Jen34 says:

    I normally live for treasure trail photos, but omg, that is beyond disturbing. Pass me the Pepto.

  4. Runs with Scissors says:

    enough with the lifts comments already. Yes, it’s a bit pathetic, but no more pathetic than women wearing heels or bleaching their hair or wearing make-up. The costume seems to fit the character anyway.

    I have much bigger problems with his religion than his height insecurities (besides, he married not one but two very tall women).

    I don’t like him personally, but he has a killer body for his age.

    Katie looks so emaciated (side pic) and I agree that Suri should wear a dress, just think of all the sick pedos out there who would freak having a pic of her in a bikini. I’d protect her too.

    “L Ron Trail” ha! too funny 🙂

  5. Madchen says:

    Having read where the dude at Dlisted is going to photoshop a peen in for the mic, I can’t see the pic any other way. Thought I’d share. Admit it, you can’t either!

  6. Ricci says:

    Gotta give Tom credit , he is pushing 50

  7. sally says:

    Kaiser, it’s clear from these discussions that you don’t know what a lift is. A lift is built inside the shoe, not a heel visible on the outside. And plenty of men’s boots have a slight heel, so these don’t seem odd.

    I agree, though, that the pic is disturbing overall… not sure why!

  8. You don't say says:

    Unless he uses miracle grow on his hair, he has great extensions, which it seems most of the guys in this film are using or wigs. Something about his body seems off to me as he does not have abs, but ridges and lumps, and the L Ron trail is icky. He is trying though, but maybe a bit too hard. Nice to see Suri in the right footwear for the beach, not heels. Other than that, no comments on the child or her mother.

  9. Kaiser says:

    Sally – “I love the way the spotlight is actually highlighting the fact that Tom is in high heels, and I can even see where the lift is built into the shoes”

    Tom wears heels, AND he has lifts. Which I said, and I’ve said many times before.

  10. Tiffany says:

    Nah, the ONLY dude that is hot in high heels is Prince! End of story.
    I also noticed the “glistening” hairs, ewwwww.
    How does Xenu approve of lipo, when they don’t believe in drugs or sickness?

    • Rebecca says:

      “Nah, the ONLY dude that is hot in high heels is Prince! End of story.”

      Tim Curry as Dr. Frankenfurter is pretty hot in heels, I think. 😉

  11. original kate says:

    do we ever see photos of katie without tom or suri, just her with friends or family? poor thing – seems like suri is her only friend.

  12. Isa says:

    Just another one of Katie’s weird parenting decisions. If she was concerned about the paps getting shots of Suri in the her bathing suit they make children’s bathing suits that are bascially a short sleeve top and shorts. They’re also often made with a certain amount of SPF. It’s made out of swim suit material so it won’t look like the dress does. I mean, you can see Suri’s panties through it so I imagine she’s not too concerned about creeps.

    We’re getting one for my daughter this year after I put her in her bikini from last year and realized how grown up she looked. :-/

  13. Elizabeth says:

    Does anyone else think Tom’s head (or just his face)was put onto someone else’s body for that poster!? And he’s my age – i.e. around 50. Mick Jagger not withstanding, should he be playing a rock star?

  14. REALIST says:

    Quite the performance form TC, although I’m sure Tom often gets himself confused with God.
    What’s with the tattoos? The gun at his waist-a bit scary. And the “glistening hair”-ick.
    Katie has the body of a 16 year old. You would never know she had a child, not that I am implying anything other than some women just go back to their old size.
    As for Suri, the dress is not so inappropriate. There is the pedo factor and the sun factor-I am from Seattle and I am going to have to pre-tan before I take my sons to the pool here in the next two weeks.
    The sun is so intense in Florida, I would fry like a lobster. Children are even more affected adversely by sunburn (an early setup for skin cancer).
    PSA: the FDA is completely revising the labeling and standards for sunscreen. None of this 90 SPF crap…

  15. SillyOne says:

    I love happy trails, but that is just eeewww! Of course I find him gross always have always will.

  16. chris says:

    Tom Cruise looks amazing in that photograph. Most boots have heels. This is not a strange phenomenon.

  17. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Katie doesn’t look toned IMHO, she looks ‘dieted hard’ there is a difference. Agreed with poster above about how skinny she looks side on…not good!

  18. Jb says:

    Toned? Not so much toned as too skinny.

  19. Nanea says:

    How many $cientobot slaves were used to make the shoes just the way Crazy Cruise is contractually entitled to?

    I don’t get how all those people who work with him on movies are willing to overlook the fact that that guy is the figurehead of a religion cult that abuses their lowly members mentally and exploits them financially.

  20. Selena Castle says:

    You know a while ago I just thought that Tom Cruise was batsh#% crazy, these days he really does turn my stomach. Something about him physically repels me. Maybe it’s the child bridebot, maybe it’s the monkey mad cult, perhaps it’s the “spa” thing, maybe it’s the crazy parenting decisions, maybe it’s the egocentric view of the world, I really don’t know but this guy is gross! I don’t feel this way about John Travolta and he has a LOT of the same traits except he doesn’t come across as a total narcissist. There must be something else. Any ideas?

  21. Val says:

    This picture is disturbing….however, the peen pic will be hilarious. I am anxiously waiting….

  22. Violet says:

    Meh, a lot of short rock stars wear high-heeled boots. No biggie.

    He looks pretty good for 50 and Katie looks like she may’ve gotten a breast reduction. In any case, both of them look healthy and fit.

    • Rebecca says:

      “Katie looks like she may’ve gotten a breast reduction”

      She’s always been on the small-breasted side (similar physique to mine).

  23. louise says:

    Most men in hair bands in the ’80’s wore boots with heels so it’s reaching to claim that Tom demanded heels. I guess this is over my head because I don’t see anything disturbing about the photo. I just can’t picture Tom in this role. I could have sworn Katie was in a bikini a couple of weeks ago, definately a bathing suit. Since Suri makes the decisions most likely she wanted to wear a dress and not a bathing suit. Personally I don’t think it’s inappropriate. It’s a summer dress not an evening gown. I’ve seen girls in t-shirts and shorts before. A couple of the bystanders are wearing dresses/coverups.

  24. KJ says:

    Here’s the thing about Tom’s heels/lifts – yes, this is a movie about a rock star. He’s playing a rock star. Rock stars are often seen in heeled boots.

    Tom wears these kinds of shoes ON THE REG. It wasn’t just for this scene. He wears them in every photo op I’ve seen for years.

    There’s a pic of him standing next to Cameron Diaz for whatever that horrible movie was they did not too long ago, and they’re shoulder to shoulder. Cameron is a fairly tall, 5’9 I believe, and wearing heels. And Tom Cruise is 5’6 on a GOOD day. Hollywood magic + crippling insecurity = Tom Cruise.

  25. Trillion says:

    Tom Cruise looks all kinds of wrong here. Horrible casting for a horrible production.

  26. RHONYC says:

    Tom’s on ‘The Edge of Glo-ry’! 😆

  27. Thea says:

    Maybe its just me, but doesnt Tom Cruise seem like the awkward 13 year old who never fit it. He seems awkward in every thing outside a movie screen I have seen. Social engagements: awkward, hand holding: awkward. Anything live: awkward.

  28. Thea says:

    @ Selena. Yes John Travolta, even though same cult, has a almost humble thing to him. He seems approachable. Tom, Will and Jada have that smug, unapproachable, I am better than you vibe. I can actually see Katie, scratching off the days in her day planner till the contract expires. Unfortunately, I think she will get the same treatment Nicole did, in that she will rarely see her child. Like Tom did with the adopted children with Nicole.

  29. Jenny says:

    Being small is not a crime. Most formal shoes for men have higher heels and the heels on those boots are really, really high. Cruise should just own his smaller stature like Daniel Radcliffe. When he presented with Holmes for the Tony’s she towered over him, just like she would if Cruise did not wear height enhancers, and who ever heard of wearing sneakers with lifts, unless you are Cruise.

  30. Amanda G says:

    It’s a boot. So what? If I were a guy and I were that short, I’d probably do the same thing. Hell, women do it every day.

    Tom Cruise as a rock star? Wha?? I’m not looking forward to seeing his man boobs.

  31. ZenB!tch says:

    @Elizabeth I was guessing he was playing an aging rock star. He’s got an Iggy Pop vibe going on there – which to me means repulsive so I think he is perfect.

    If he was playing a genuine 80s rocker he wouldn’t need lifts, they wore 6 inch platforms.

  32. ZenB!tch says:

    @Thea memory from when I was 13. My BFF at the time calls me from Mann’s Chinese theater. She just saw Tom Cruise (then known for Risky Business and other teen movies) and she eagerly shares that “He’s a short pimple-faced New Waver” That is a very, very dated 80s way to describe someone but it’s what I still think of almost 30 years later when I see him. YUCK!

  33. Mtn Girl says:

    I’m getting a Spinal Tap vibe from that pic of Tom Cruise 😉

    @original kate & @jb – definitely too skinny (maybe it’s the barley water diet) daily mail has a pic of Katie’s back and she looks emaciated!

  34. Ramona Q says:

    Looks like the paps must have jumped in the water w Katie. I wonder if they were in swim suits or just went right in in their clothes. That must have been a sight.

  35. jen says:

    Wow, he is so totally not gay.

  36. I totally threw up in my mouth. Tom Cruise gives off an old pervert vibe. What’s up with his protruding? Tommy boy, is that a cheek implant gone wrong?

  37. sirsly says:

    Katie’s stomach looks lypo’d too…and that unfortunate belly button.

  38. serena says:

    Ok you can yell and bitch at me but I think Tom in those photos is CRAZY HOT!!
    Frankly, I don’t care If he had lipo or wears heels. Fuck that.
    He is hot, he is a legend. That is more than enough.

  39. spinner says:

    This is an incredible image. Tom is pulling this off & looks the part. The only thing that disturbs me is the very visible cheek implant. Or…errr…what is that?

  40. Lisa says:

    I used to like Tom Cruise a lot, and I still think he was great in Minority Report, but I’m no longer much of a fan of his. Even my dad, who is in his sixties, and not much of a follower of pop culture, thinks Tom has lost it. BUT, as far as I’ve heard, even **Daniel Craig** wears lifts, so I agree with Runs With Scissors. Enough.

  41. Charlotte says:

    Ok, EWWWW! Tom Cruise is so full of himself that he is just so completely nasty in my eyes anyway, but EWWWWW! And little Suri had to walk, well be carried, across the sand in a sopping wet dress and then either put in a car or carried back, in a SOPPING WET DRESS, to where they are staying. Really????

  42. gab says:

    @Charlotte, couldn’t have said it better myself. The only EWW you left out was for Kate-bot’s belly button. EWWWWWW to the whole family here.

  43. Madisyn says:

    I’ve posted on this subject before and I’m going to ask the question again. @bellaluna tried explaining it to me but I just don’t get it.

    I cannot, under any circumstance, figure out how TommyGirl is going to wrest control of custody from the Katebot. I can see 50/50 custody but not complete custody like Nicole. There is no way he can prove she’s unfit. There may be several nannies but Katie is always with that child.

    I know its wrong but I can’t wait until their contract is up and she can finally leave Crazy Cruise. Hopefully saving Suri and herself in the process.

  44. carrie says:

    i want to see this movie even if it’s sh**ty

  45. MB says:

    Cheek implant??? Give me a break. There is no cheek implant. Thats just his face.

    These photos look odd but Tom Cruise has a way of pulling this shit off in the final product. While I dislike him I generally enjoy his movies.

  46. Nancito says:

    I think that the real reason that Suri is wearing a dress to go swimming in the ocean is because that’s what Suri wanted. She, certainly does whatever she wants, I mean when she was quite small it was obvious that she was refusing to wear coats because whenever it was cold out, she was wrapped up in a blanket while the rest of the world had their coats on.

  47. Cuchulain says:

    I LOVE TOM’S WORK! I don’t judge someone for how they live their life…it’s their life. Oh…ALL RELIGIONS START AS CULTS…read some sociology texts on religion. I am concerned with that bulge on his cheek though, WHAT EXACTLY IS THAT?

  48. Alice says:

    I’m a sucker for a guy onstage with long hair. So I thoroughly approve of these pictures of Tom Cruise.

  49. LJ says:

    Maybe katie didnt want to put suri in a swimsuit because she saw the paps and didnt want pictures of her child in a swimsuit all over the web for any tom dick and harry to be able to look at. i suppose its the kind of thing you need to think about when you’re famous.

  50. Chris says:

    Hmm a tribute to 80s Metal minus Iron Maiden, Slayer and Metallica songs. Fail. But as a fan of those bands I am grateful that they’re not tied into this root canal of a production.

  51. Elizabeth says:

    @ Zenbitch – well, that does explain it.

    @ Madisyn – TC and Nicole agreed to joint custody but she said the kids decided to stay in LA with TC. And when she wanted to get access, they were always “busy” with COS stuff (schooling, courses, camps). They were also very likely being taught that their mother was a “suppressive person” and being pressured by TC and everyone in COS that they should cut her out of their lives. If Katie Holmes left, TC would fight her with lawyers until she ran out of money and pressure/ bribe/ manipulate a spoilt little Suri to stay with him. I bet that in a power imbalanced relationship like their’s, Suri is being taught constantly that TC and Suri are the stars and Katie has only a side role.

  52. fannomore says:

    Toned? OMG emaciated is more like it
    Tommy Girl is weird but damn he puts his heart into whatever part he gets and gotta love him for that Suri has does and will remain the boss in that family, glad to see her walking instead of being held for a change

  53. bluhare says:

    There’s a way to make sure pedophiles aren’t looking at kids . . . don’t take them places where there are photographers! With their wherewithall, they can make sure Suri has a childhood without the intrusions. Yet it doesn’t appear that happens.

  54. Sakyiwaa says:

    Wow. Tom looks like he’s killing it! Totally HOT. the ‘bod’ aint to shabby either. lol!

    Bonus: Katie and Suri look really cute!

  55. Lauren says:

    Katie is a pretty boy..ewww. I liked Tom until he married KH. I have not viewed any of his movies since his marriage to Kate..he has lost all his masculine appeal.

  56. NicoleAM says:

    Rent The Gift. Katie Holmes had a slamming body in that. Yea, she does look like she lost weight.

  57. munchies says:

    I dont know but upon seeing Toms pic, I want to puke… really…

    and Katies belly button, what happened? looks like a scallop

  58. brie says:

    Well she definately birthed that baby from the looks of her stomach so thats a rumour down..

  59. mymy says:

    what is very noticeable is Toms cheek implant

  60. Christine says:

    What’s with the bulge in his face/cheek? Facelift remnant? He is chasing that Oscar hard.

  61. Annie_Grey says:

    So, is Tom going to lip sync? Oddest choice for a role ever.

  62. Mrs. Odie 2 says:

    What happened to Katie’s belly button? Probably pregnancy. She has a banging bod! Who could possibly be the target audience for Tom Cruise in Rock of Ages? And finally, the pictures that pedos can and do find on the internet are not celebritots in bathing suits. They are the things of nightmares. I don’t think moms need to worry about letting their kids wear swim suits at the beach.

  63. Kimbob says:

    Kaiser, et al (everyone), I may need some education. Kaiser…and all, am I naive, because from your headline..’butches it up,’ is it on good knowledge Tom is gay…or is he bi? My gaydar definitely pings, but I thought if he has that tendency, he does everything possible to erase such an impression…from himself, and the general public. Also, I think another reason/MO he’s rabid about Scientology is due to their “anti-gay” stance. Am I correct, or am I off on my assumptions/impressions.

    I feel he secretly does have such predilections, but due to his drive for perfection in his professional and private life, & his total control over his appearance & how he’s perceived, that he comes across as overshooting his mark in his quest to be perceived as “superhuman,” brave, & virile that he’d never allow himself to “give in” to such.

    Am I wrong in assuming such, or do we have some dirt of a gay person trying to “out” Tom somewhere in the past? Any & all input would be greatly appreciated.

  64. kitty says:

    Personally I really like Tom in the fat suit as Len Grossman. His dancing and misogynistic ways are intriguing. He was really good in Magnolia, too. The round disk on the side of his face is a mystery. How could that be a cheek implant? Could it be an overworked facial muscle?

    Kate has lost quite a bit of weight but not sure it looks healthy. Such a bitch she and her kid can’t do anything normal like spend time at the beach without being stalked. I don’t envy them or the lives they lead.

  65. DrM says:

    Oh good grief,the Cruises aren’t my faves either but for pete’s sake you ‘d think the man was Satan! lol For 48 he looks amazing, for any age he looks amazing! And that isn’t a cheek implant fewls…its the way his muscle moves when he has his mouth at maximum extension! Having said all that…Kate needs sandwich…too skinny…another five years and she’ll start looking haggard.When we were little btw we used to go in the ocean all the time with our summer clothes on, no biggie, it was hot, no swimsuit so you just dove in…

  66. Pyewacket says:

    Such a bunch of critics here.

  67. gamblea says:

    The forehead botox vein and cheek implants just kinda ruin TC in that photo.

  68. mln76 says:

    Poor Tommy-boy he’s shorter than your average actor which means he’s really, really short since most actors are under 5’8. The heights on IMDB are usually exaggerated, I don’t even want to know how short he is.

    @ Madisyn It probably would be harder for Tom to get full custody because there are rumors that Nicole was never on their kids adoption papers but Scientology does audits ‘taped confessionals’ and if Katie spilled any dirt in them she may face blackmail. So yes she does have more of a chance to have visitation than Nicole.

    @Kimbob, it’s pretty much common knowledge at this point. As for the Cos the church also claims to ‘cure’ homosexuality. So a lot of the people drawn to ‘purge’ themselves of homosexuality (really sad right?).

  69. Twez says:

    Scientology doesn’t have a therapy for being short and constantly lying about it? Probably the same Thetans which cause you to be a giant fatass yet claim to be a size 6 are responsible.

  70. foozy says:

    he looks damn good to me…

  71. Belle Epoch says:

    Wow! I’m amazed they didn’t PhotoShop that cheek implant away! That is truly disgusting. Who puts fried eggs in their face?

    You can tell the boots have heels AND lifts. He is actually standing on tippy toe, so his legs do weird things. Look at his right leg – you can tell it is flexing like he’s wearing a heel, even though the boot is on the ground. Ick.

    This is like Tom’s fantasy poster of himself. I’m sure no one said,”But, little guy, you have a chicken cutlet stuck in the side of your face.”

  72. Thea says:

    Why is it that the COS claims to cure homosexuality, yet, its major contributors are mostly homosexual/lesbian? Is there cure helping a celebrity find a beard? Because I think they could probably do that on their own. I think people should have a choice how to live their life, and I agree it is different for celebrities but I mean if everyone knows already, why not just go Heck I am gay, but I wanted kids too and forget about it.

  73. OriginalGracie says:

    @Tiffany: “Nah, the ONLY dude that is hot in high heels is Prince! End of story.”

    YES YES YES YES. You nailed it and that might be true forever. I don’t think that any man other than Prince could look that killer in heels.

  74. Ari says:

    The djs down here (south florida) are loving this rock of ages stuff. one station said tom looked like a cross between iggy pop and anthony kiedis and i can definitely see it now in that pic. i wont knock him because i think he is a fine actor and will probably be great – he was fantastic in magnolia and i think he will probably ooze a bit of that schmooze from that role in this one

  75. Hanh says:

    Kate needs to eat more food and do a few abs excercises and her abs would be great. Right now, the sagging skin just highlights how emaciated she is.

  76. Camille says:

    That photo of Cruise highlights his short height if nothing else lol.

    And I’m sorry but I beg to differ that Katie has a ‘nice figure’. Yikes her body is bad- where did her boobs go for a start? I’m with those that are saying she has a ‘hard dieted’ look about her. Nothing sexy about her figure what so ever.

  77. Lantana says:

    I thought lifts were built into shoes so you can’t tell they are there, whereas a heel is just a heel…like the lift is a little platform on the inside of the shoe? Is that analogy wrong?

  78. Anonymous says:

    I think Tom looks awesome. Rock on with your boots, they are not heels. His wife is another story. Couldn’t her millions buy a flattering bikini?

  79. sonyamiso says:

    I think he pulls it off. He is playing an aging rock star in the 80’s. It totally works. Have you seen Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and S Tyler?

    He’s really a great talent, who looks
    great for his age and is a good family man. A lot of people are divorced — and talk about somebody over the deapend — that is Nicole K. What she has done to her face is unbelievable.

  80. Kimbob says:

    @mln76…thanks for the response and info to my question. Really appreciated!

  81. hunny says:

    I don’t understand why u said Katie body is nice.. she looks so thin and bad posture.

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