Michael Bay: Steven Spielberg ordered me to fire Megan Fox


As we get closer to the release of the new Transformers film, many people have been discussing how Megan Fox’s replacement, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, looks even WORSE than Megan Fox. While Megan will never be confused as a good actress or even a nominally intelligent person, in the clips that we’ve seen of Rosie, she looks absolutely awful, actress-wise. Some have been giving credit to Megan: at least she was watchable, I guess? For me, I can give Megan credit for being watchable, but only in the way that you watch a car crash. I remember all of the dumb crap Megan Fox has said over the years. She is severely stupid, and she is epically unprofessional, like the time she compared Michael Bay to Adolf Hitler. For real. If she didn’t have a legion of fan-boys drooling over her, Megan would have been thrown out of Hollywood long ago.

Anyway, the sleazy, gross director of the Transformers films, Michael Bay, has a new story about why Megan Fox left the franchise. For a while, we played a game of “Was Megan pushed or did she jump?” and it basically came down to “both”. Megan wanted out of the franchise that made her a household name, and it was assumed that Michael Bay – and the crew, who wrote an angry open letter to Fox – wanted Fox gone too. Bay now says that it’s not on him: Steven Spielberg was the one who ordered Bay to fire Fox. And it was all about those Hitler comments.

Steven Spielberg demanded Megan Fox be fired from the latest Transformers film after she insulted its director, it has been revealed. The Hollywood legend was outraged after the screen beauty compared Michael Bay to Hitler during a press interview. The 25-year-old actress was quickly dumped from the film and replaced by British model Rosie Huntingdon-Whitley.

Fox had tried to claim she left the third in the series of the films to pursue other acting opportunities. But ahead of the July 4 premiere of Transformers 3 director Bay has revealed for the first time he was told to get rid of the actress.

He said: ‘You know the Hitler thing. Steven (Spielberg) said, fire her right now.’

Spielberg is executive producer of the film which stars Shia LaBeouf. Fox had appeared in the first two Transformers films and the roles helped her be named one of the sexiest women in the world. She had been cast in the third film but shortly before production began she gave an interview to the British magazine Wonderland.

In it she said Bay wanted to be like Hitler on his sets. Other crew members from the film hit back on a blog comparing Fox’s acting to that of a porn star.

In an open letter posted on Michael Bay’s website the crew member wrote: ‘Michael found this shy, inexperienced girl, plucked her out of total obscurity thus giving her the biggest shot of any young actresses’ life. He told everyone around to just trust him on his choice. He granted her the starring role in Transformers, a franchise that forever changed her life; she became one of the most googled and oogled women on earth. She was famous! She was the next Angelina Jolie, hooray! Wait a minute, two of us worked with Angelina – second thought – she’s no Angelina. You see, Angelina is a professional. We know this quite intimately because we’ve had the tedious experience of working with the dumb-as-a-rock Megan Fox on both Transformers movies.’

The film’s screenwriter Ehren Kruger told GQ magazine that Fox didn’t seem interested when she arrived for rehearsals for Transformers: Dark of the Moon. He said: ‘She seemed like an actress who didn’t want to be part of it.’

LaBeouf told GQ:’ She started s*** talking our captain. Which you can’t do.’

Bay said he wasn’t hurt by the Hitler comment.

[From The Mail]

Is this just Michael Bay trying to abdicate responsibility because Rosie’s bad acting is about to blow up in his face? Or is Bay just being a truth-teller and letting us know that Steven Spielberg thinks Megan Fox is offensively stupid too? Probably a little bit of both. It wouldn’t surprise me if Spielberg – the executive producer of a franchise that has made a ridiculous amount of money for DreamWorks – was the one to make the final call on letting Megan go. And if this is case, Megan made an extremely powerful enemy in Spielberg.





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  1. Lila says:

    Good for him. She dug her own grave. Plus I am glad I don’t have to stare at that trashy Marilyn Monroe tattoo.

  2. the original bellaluna says:

    This would explain why she no longer has a career. (And maybe she should have been a l-e-e-tle more careful about saying the director chosen by the Jewish EXECUTIVE PRODUCER wants to be like the person responsible for the mass genocide of EP’s faith on said director’s movie sets. Just a thought.)

  3. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    These Transformer movies are terrible regardless of whose in them. I love Micheal Bay, I do. I love the Bad Boy movies, especially the first one but these Transformers suck balls. I am glad Megan walked away from them. Megan will find a new project thats way better then this. I kinda like her now.

  4. HannahG says:

    Woah, an actress who Steven Spielberg will openly give a bad reference to will have no place in Hollywood.

  5. MarenGermany says:

    why not simply choose an >actress< that can, you know, act?

  6. Riana says:

    Well said the, lets face it…this is people trying to find a way to pity a pretty girl who behaved atrociously. If someone like Lohan said even half of what Megan’s said she’d be torn to shreds.

    I really doubt Megan wanted to get out of Transformers, she may not have liked Bay or his behavior but you can’t tell me she didn’t love that Transformers movie money and misses it as she can’t act and no one else is hiring hot eye candy for a couple mill. at the moment. Well she did get Jonah Hex and Jennifer’s Body so there’s that.

    I think of Rosie as a bit of a middle finger from Bay. Megan wasn’t chosen because she could do a rousing Lady Macbeth, she was chosen because she was hot. When she started acting like an ass she was fired and replaced with someone who also isn’t an actress and is professionally hot. So yeah…call your boss hitler and he replaces you with a girl who’s acting experience is a commercial for undies. Ouch Megs.

  7. Twez says:

    Steven Spielberg founded the Survivors of the Shoah foundation in the U.S. as well as creating Schindler’s List and Munich. I think it’s safe to say that he would rightfully have a serious problem with anyone throwing around ‘like Hitler’ comparisons to anything or anyone other than a madman who committed the genocide of millions of people.

  8. Pyewacket says:

    Fox did not walk away from Transformers Love Angelina, she was fired.

    I have no doubt that this is true. Spielberg is not someone you want to have as an enemy in Hollywood, and it is pretty obvious that Fox has no career now as a result of her words.

  9. NayNay says:

    Fox certainly did not walk away from this role. I personally think this is the end of her career, especially if Speilberg had something to do with it. As the old saying goes, “You don’t bite the hand that feeds you.” Just goes to show that a hot pair of T&A can easily be replaced by the next pair of T&A.

  10. TXCinderella says:

    Yeah, she had other acting opportunities, Jennifer’s Body and Jonah Hex.

  11. mln76 says:

    Michael Bay is an asshole but Meagan was dumber than rocks to call him names in the public when she doesn’t have the talent to back up her bravado. I don’t really have sympathy for either party. But Rosie looks worse than Fox which is pretty pathetic in and of itself.

  12. lisa says:

    Do people really care about Rosie’s acting. I stated this on another thread about Green Lantern. The women in these movies are interchangeable. They are there for Eye candy only. Rose will be fine because most guys don’t care about the words coming out of her mouth (I could get a bit um well I won’t)

    thing is Transformers is not an Oscar film, where acting counts. Let’s face it. It’s not like Shia is acting up a storm either.

    Megan forgot that she was not a big star yet. That she was not there. Thing is the ones that are THERE don’t shit talk the people they work with. They just don’t work with them anymore. that gets the message across. Megan was trying to find who she wanted Megan to be. Taking a bit of too many people.

    she has been very quiet lately and this will not help. I think people should move on and see what she does next.

  13. Eve says:

    That thing with the open letter written by the crew could have been just for showing genuine support for Bay but I think he knew about it (before it was posted), tried to show he didn’t have anything do with it later, said he asked them to take it down and that he didn’t condone it. He played “the bigger person” role. Right…

    Yes, Fox was immature, dumb and lacked hindsight, obviously…but Bay went on a back and forth online brawl with her (she would say something stupid in an interview, he’d have a “come back” on his blog/official website). I’ll not excuse Fox’s immaturity because she was young, but Bay was 43 years old at the time…and he didn’t behave in a more mature way than her.

  14. sara says:

    Agree, it’s the end of her career.
    Spielberg is Spielberg. Bay is Bay. Megan Fox is a nobody in Hollywood. And she isn’t smart or charismatic, self-confident or talented enough to survive there on her own.

  15. Shay says:

    The women in these films are straight from the casting couch.

  16. Pamela says:

    I don’t see why they hired Rosie anyway…
    Couldn’t they have just hired Kirstie Alley? They would have saved tons of money on wardrobe as Kirstie could fit into Megan’s 22 inch waist costumes.

  17. No-Sensei says:

    Yeah, they do suck. They really do…

  18. Thea says:

    Why cant these people shut up, go get paid a million or two for a movie and stop saying stupid crap that is destroying their careers? I mean really. I go to work everyday, dont love some of the people I work with and make a heck of a lot less. I mean for a million or more, how hard could it be.

  19. Maria says:

    this “actresses” are so ungrateful. They get paid millions of money to act and when you do movies, you can cut and start all over again so she really can’t mess up all she wants and the editors fix it… not like in theater where you have to recite the whole script and no room for screw ups. I really wish scientists and engineers would get the money this celebrities do. At least science people can make a bigger contribution to our society. Is sad that most kids nowadays choose to be “actors” and “reality stars” for money instead of trying to make something better with their brains.

  20. Incredulous says:

    If only this much time and attention was spent on Transformers scripts.

  21. constance says:

    I won’t miss her. Don’t let the blacklist doggy door hit your flat arse on the way out, honey. 🙂

  22. TG says:

    I thought Spielberg couldn’t stand Julia Roberts. And her career hasn’t been hurt by that. Don’t know where I read that but it was something to do with that horrible movie “Hook”. Of course Roberts offenses probably weren’t of epic proportions like this other dumb chick.

  23. RHONYC says:


    Daaaayum! The Speilberg hath spoken.

    bwahahahahahahahaaaaa!!! 😆

  24. Pyewacket says:

    No one goes to Transformer movies expecting to see good acting. They go for the Transformers and for the T&A. If you want good acting, go to a play or watch Streep on Netflix.

  25. bluhare says:

    After seeing the Transformers trailer, I can see why they’re doing damage control on Rosie Whatser-Name. All I saw was caterpillars on a face . . . her lips just take over the screen and not in a good way.

    And look at the first picture of Michael Bay! I’m cracking up . . . he looks like Fabio Cruise!

  26. Dani says:

    Meagan has been sticking her foot in her mouth ever since she stepped onto the scene. Seems with the fame comes a feeling of false invincibility. I can’t imagine being lucky enough to be making this kind of money and just throwing it away because you have no ability to censor your mouth. I can chalk some of it up to her youth and lack of wisdom. But it appears someone finally gave her a reality check.

    On her looks, why oh why did she have to tweak her face? She was so naturally pretty before. I will never understand this cat face look that women find attractive.

  27. po says:

    At the end of the day I think Fox will be just fine. All she needs to do is kiss some a** and get some female fans. Anyone can keep a career going these days. Look at the Kardassians.

  28. nnn says:

    This brunette is not Megan Fox. The Megan Fox of today is a vague memory of how she looked in TF1 and TF2.

    I don’t care about her being fired,. she deserved to be fired like any of us would have been if we had spouted 50 % of what she has been spouting. She committed professional suicide and her replacement took her chances when she was giving. Good for her.

    In any case the success of that franchise never depends on the female character. It is all about the robots. So TF3 won’t suffer from her Megan absence.

  29. jover says:

    Agree with most everyone so true maria; to expand on your comments sara #14, the nobodies are plucked from nowheresville, immersed in the limelight, the old hollywood system that groomed stars is long dead, and thus naive twits like megafarse are way over their tiny little heads; face it, most of today’s young starlets aren’t accomplished, educated, cosmopolitan women; they are nobodies reveling in fame and fortune;the public’s not interested in her because there isn’t a single interesting thing about her and as naynay said, her t&a is easily interchangeable – is megafarse that stupid that she doesn’t realize this?

  30. Bill Hicks is God says:

    Stick a fork in her because she is D.O.N.E. Shows how naive and stupid she is. You don’t kick around the “H” word in Hollywood where many of the movers and shakers are Jewish. She dug her own ditch.

  31. Mandy says:

    It really just shows how stupid she is that she would compare the director to Hitler when the executive producer is Jewish, not to mention most of Hollywood’s top people. If you’re doing something and you want to continue to do it, don’t offend the people at the top.

  32. lrm says:

    okay well my spouse does the ‘it’s like a nazi’ comparison as a (mean to be funny)figure of speech/simile/metaphor type thing…i mean, some things are so uptight to be virtually moving in that direction, but not really.
    The PC overload in this country is ridiculous. I mean, obv. Fox did not mean truly Hitler, and I think anyone reading her article knew this….
    It was a silly comparison for her, but good lord the over the top reactions are also silly.
    I get it. I’m not jewish and spielberg is; and he is high profile to say the least, and I am not.
    But still…the nazi figure of speech is used as a descriptor in some contexts. Get over it.

    I think all of this new info is for publicity anyway…timing, anyone?

  33. dahlia1947 says:

    This chick has big balls or is the stupidest chick in Hollywood. I’m really not sure. Nah, she’s just stupid.

    With all of the struggling actors in that town waiting tables and what not and she just takes an extraordinary opportunity and flushes down the toilet.

    I just can’t put into words how dumb she is.

  34. dahlia1947 says:

    I heard somewhere that she blasted Bay cause he was so sexist when directing her.

    Um, but I think one of the things she had to do in her audition was wash his car in short shorts. DUH!

  35. BarbadoSlim says:

    Ask Karen Allen what messing with Speilbergo gets you in Hollywood.

  36. Riana says:

    I don’t think its PC overload to be offended by or discipline someone based on comparing them to Hitler. I agree SOME things have been over-PC-ed but I think most times things people do which are legitimately crass are swept under the rug by individuals who would prefer to pretend its not offensive.

    Muttering ‘He’s like Hitler’ is one thing, but I can tell you how fired and trashed I’d be if I announced it on camera for my boss and every individual on the planet to hear. Lets not let bad behavior off the hook.

    Blame it on her youth (though I don’t give her a pass on that) but lets not say someone shouldn’t be offended or act on the offense.

  37. almond says:

    @ BarbadoSlim Who?

    Megan is dumber than a pile of rocks if she thought she can trash talk the man who made her a celebrity and get away with it. I have no sympathy for stupid smug people.

  38. bluhare says:

    The thing that really surprises me is that Spielberg actually admits he had something to do with Transformers.

  39. Canuck says:

    Bay is a control freak. She probably should have compared him to a different dictator though.

  40. normades says:

    I know people who have worked with Angelina and she has the reputation as one of the most gracious actresses in HWood who is kind to everyone regardless of their position.

    That open letter painted a picture of a dip shit Starlet who was rude and ungracious to all “the little people”. Plus she pissed of the “big people”.

    Megan was fond of bitching about all the trappings of her new found fame. Guess we won’t have to listen to her anymore.

    Side note and true story, I was in LA many years ago when the 1st Transformers came out and was eating at the bar restaurant at Chateau Marmont. My friends who are “in the business” recognised Megan who was sitting at the table next to us. I really didn’t think it was her because I didn’t think she was half as pretty in person as in pictures. My friend who is a make-up artist explained that some people are just super photogenic but not as great in real life. She was like that. She had no charisma, no glow.

  41. Hanh says:

    Megan is dumb, but she got fired for saying the truth. Michael Bay is an asshole and treats women like dirt. I’m sure he hires crew and people around him who think the same. Either Michael went to Spielberg and asked him to fire Megan or Spielberg is supporting Bay (who makes him money) and Bay’s asshole ways.

    Either way if Spielberg doesn’t call Bay on his sh*t then I think even lower of him for it.

    I feel sorry for Megan. She’s dumb, but she’s brave.

  42. Kim says:

    Spielberg is an idiot as is Bay.

  43. jocular says:

    Michael Bay using her for promotion purposes again, but doesn’t have to pay her, clever clever! She was a very naive woman and presumably whoever did her media training was sacked too!

  44. sara says:

    @normades: I know what you’re talking about. It’s absolutely true. I’ve been working in a model buissness, and not photogenic models looked much better in real life than photogenic models.

  45. Carol says:

    Make a comment about Hitler – get fired. Have an accident while driving drunk – keep starring in the franchise. Great priorities there, Steven!

  46. NayNay says:


    If that is truly how you feel, you really need to get yourself more educated.

  47. Turtle Dove says:

    Yet another example of Bay picking on the women who are in his films. He has done this with the last two women he has worked with (is there more?? correct me if I am wrong): Scarlett, apparently it was her fault that “The Island” sucked; Megan, heaven forbid a woman talk smack about this guy AND he’s using her as an excuse for the current movie; Next up, Rosie….. he’s said nothing about her….. yet. He will though. Wait and see.

    It’s been two years since they worked together and he is such an insecure a**hole that he has to take swipes at Megan to justify bad press about his movie. I wonder what Spielberg thought of Bay tossing his name out there like that?

    Bay behaves like an insecure bully. Maybe he should put more time and effort into his work rather than picking on the little twenty-something girls.

  48. your mama says:

    I agree with Lisa and was thinking the same thing as I scrolled down the pictures of Megan and then Rosie or Rose (?). They are SO INTERCHANGEABLE!
    They are too dumb to realize that though.

  49. nnn says:

    I don’t undersand why some poeple think a guy whose family members have been gased during WWII shouldn’t be offended because one of his employee compared the ways of one of his jewish employees as the one who genocided his people. I personnally know very old belgians who still till this day cannot for the love of God stand next to a German citizen because of what has happened during the war.

    Here are direct quotes from Speilberg related to to his wyouth :

    As a youth, Steven Spielberg says, he was ashamed to be a Jew.

    Moving from Ohio to Arizona to California, the Spielbergs were often the only Jewish family in the neighborhood. “I was embarrassed, I was self-conscious, I was always aware I stood out because of my Jewishness,” the director recalls. “In high school, I got smacked and kicked around. Two bloody noses. It was horrible.” His family had direct ties to the Holocaust: relatives died in Poland and Ukraine.

    Hitler’s ways means massive death and genocide. If you call your boss DUMB, IMBECIL or IDIOT or DICATATOR, you”ll get fired, period.

    So why are some people unsenstive enough to dissmiss the right to be offended with such a disgusting hurtfull word ? That word was neither unsensitive nor nasty, it was purely evil.

  50. Turtle Dove says:

    I don’t disagree with Spielberg asking for her dismissal. If he was offended by what she said then she should be dismissed. It’s the Bay bullying that I disagree with.

    He’s a 46 year old man acting like a child. She was young and inexperienced. What’s his excuse? He’s STILL bullying her after two years, and it’s like he’s setting her up to take the fall for a film she had no part of.

    Spielberg normally keeps his life on the DL, and I can’t see him liking being dragged into one of Bay’s public temper tantrums.

  51. olivia says:

    I think it sucks that guys in Hollywood get away with murder, but as soon as a woman speaks her mind she gets hung out to dry…

  52. Marianne says:

    I can buy that Steven Speilberg would order her to be fired over comments about Michael Bay being like “Hitler”.

    However, Michael Bay probably is a huge douche who’s an ass to everyone. But I’m sure there’s a better way to say that then calling him hitler. Or if you want a job….then shut up and keep it to yourself.

  53. Violet says:

    It’s never a good idea to insult your boss.

    It’s also usually not a good idea to be indiscreet about the decisions that your boss makes. I wonder if Spielberg is pissed off at Bay for blabbing about this.

  54. Mama Chihuahua says:

    It seems to me that whatever happened, happened and it’s very ungentlemanly to bring it back up again now and use her for some free publicity. Agree with others – Meagan was young and dumb dumb dumb but Bay knows better and keeps on keeping it on.

  55. Mama Chihuahua says:

    And I can’t help but think that I heard dumb and incredibly offensive stuff out of young people’s mouths all of the time (yeah, just as bad as what she said,) but I realize it’s because they’re too young to figure out how bad it sounds.

  56. N/A says:

    yeah f#$k the movie that’s about to come out lets focus on this instead. oh and optimus prime(robot) has stated that he misses MF’s boobs so this is the last T. movie for him to.

  57. nnn says:

    I don’t think Megan’s youth is an excuse cause she certainly had direct feedback that it was offensive.

    I will bet my home that if she had come out publicly with an excuse to have offended anyone by this inappropriate comparison, she wouldn’t be fired.

    I beleivbe her big ego, unapologetic sense even arrogance and sense of invincibileness is the cause of her being fired long after that incident.

    I am sorry but you are always guilty of not knowing better. You have some people around you and you certainly heard the backlash but couldn’t care less about fixing it. You are guilty of not caring about it, of not caring enough about your work to learn quick about the propfessional code and fix your mistake as soon as you hear some backlash.

  58. Riana says:

    Also please lets stop with the ‘she’s young’ excuse. It makes me wonder if women think being under 30 is a good excuse for being a moron.

    I think Bay is a jackass, but I also think Megan’s a jackass. There’s a reason Kate B. finished her time on his movie and went on to have a career. Because she was talented and INTELLIGENT enough not to bother with him while there was work to be done.

    Megan however has offended so many people outside of Bay I really don’t give her any slack.

  59. mimi says:

    I don’t know why, but I like Megan Fox. And I find Spielberg’s sensitivity, if you can call it that, alarming and disturbing. Megan Fox is a young, immature, inexperienced girl who was hired mainly for her looks. Her Hitler comment was stupid but so transparently immature as well. To react as if she was dissing the entire Jewish population and those that suffered in the Holocaust and then fire her is beyond sensitive. It borders on the fanatic and tyrannical – kinda like Hitler himself. I seriously doubt Megan Fox has much knowledge of the holocaust (did she graduate from H.S.?, is she an avid reader of WWII history?) and someone of Spielberg’s age and maturity should know that. Pull her aside and chide her but to pick up the phone and say “fire her now”. ??? Wow, don’t we think we’re powerful and special, Spielberg.

  60. Heatherrr says:

    Oh please. She isn’t going anywhere. And I’m ok with that. There are waaaay more offensive people in HW.

  61. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    I don’t buy the youth excuse, either. Is 20-something too young to have heard of the Holocaust? I think we’ve hit our bigger problem. There are a lot of adults who brand themselves and other as kids when it’s consequences time. Whatever dumb shit you might have been doing isn’t erased by the fact that someone else will do it down the road. Growth isn’t about retroactive continuity, and other people’s mistakes don’t absolve our own. She’s not a kid, she’s an adult now and she was an adult then. Though Bay is reprehensible, I can’t assign all the guilt over the fracas to him because he’s older and a man. He is most undoubledly in the ‘old before wise’ camp, and I’m sure he’s Satan’s cabana boy, both they both crossed the line. Is it any more of a double standard than the porcelain doll treatment Fox is getting? Are there double standards for men and women? Of course, but being a little less stupid than an idiot and having to reap those rewards brough about by your own behaviour doesn’t make you a an unfairly victimized crusader, feminist martyr or a Rhodes Scholar. Here’s a feminist remark that I truly mean: Fox, you’re a woman, not a doll. Your boss was a dick-slap, but a lot of this was your own damn fault. The best lesson to learn when swimming with sharks is to learn the difference between naivete and ignorance, and work hard to iradicate both. Earn the lot you’ve been give, show some grace and humility and read some damned books, I know you’re not hurting for time. And Boy, whoops, Bay: I’ve never seen any of his movies. I’m smart 🙂

  62. Chris says:

    When I was a kid there was a football coach here in Australia who the media dubbed Ron “Hitler” Barassi because he was so harsh on under performing players. I don’t remember anyone complaining about it which indicates that society has become more sensitive about the holocaust as time has gone on.

    Also, Michael Bay reminds of Christian Bale in that top photo.

  63. Dani says:

    @55. I agree, with age comes wisdom and I don’t think Meagan is exactly a beacon of wisdom. Not to say it lets her off the hook but I bet 10 years down the road she will have a different view on this time of her life and hopefully a better perspective.

  64. jocular says:

    @ Jo ‘Mama’ Besser – Wow! you have a brilliant turn of phrase! and can put an argument together. I also like the questions you ask, just great!

  65. melikesit says:

    I like Megan for the most part. I think she’s made some great points over the years about HW and women. I like how she’s conducted her relationship with Brian and her relationship with her step-son. But she was not some naive or immature thing when she said this either.

    She wasn’t fired for calling Bay a control freak or calling him out for being a sexist pig who makes a career out of objectifying women and she didn’t want to be part of that anymore even though she tried to stomach it when she was starting out (all likely true IMO). She was (possibly) fired for calling him Hitler. There’s a difference IMO.

    When this was going on, Megan had made almost a side-career out of her inflammatory comments and tidbits about herself, others (her peers, co-stars), HW, the “business,” in her interviews. There are pros and cons to that press tactic. When it works it really works but when it goes bad it can be really damaging.

    She (and/or her publicist) seemed more than happy to oblige in interview after interview back then (they didn’t have to say yes to every outlet that called and wanted an interview or soundbite). And it worked for her, for the most part, the more outrageous or crazy the statement the better. Until she got a little too inflammatory with one of her comments, and (possibly) offended one of her bosses who has a personal, emotional connection to the Holocaust.

  66. ZenB!tch says:

    Michael Bay is a sexist pig. However, Blow-Job Mouth played right into his hooves. Actually, I should not be using “pig” to describe Mr. Bay so I will say he is a dog. You see, Mr. Bay is Jewish and Jews don’t eat pigs and Jews don’t like Hitler.

    He may not have been “hurt” by it but I was – if mortally offended counts as “hurt”. I would say he was “pissed” not “hurt”.

    Spielberg seems to be VERY Jewish since Schindler’s list – and I can’t say I blame him after spending so much time intimately involved on that film. It had to leave a mark on him.

    I always had a feeling it was Hitler than did her in. Couldn’t she just say Bay acted like a (generic) dictator? I personally use drill Sargent (OK, I also use “Nazi” but that is not as bad as Hitler). If I REALLY wanted to piss him off, I would call him Mengele but would he get the reference? Spielberg would.

    #teamJew #teamslightjewishanscestry

  67. ZenB!tch says:

    Wait! Because Michael Bay is 43 or 46 or 40 whatever he has to take it? I’m a bit younger than Bay and I won’t take it. I walked out of my last job because I wasn’t going to take it. This also applies to Megan except that once you tell your boss to their face that they are a waste of oxygen, you need to be packed and ready to go -if not they fire you for insubordination. There is no insubordination on my record. Just a bunch of debt from walking in this economy and telling that battleax off – but never evoking Hitler, Palin was more apropos.

  68. jemshoes says:

    Whatever the job, it never hurts to exercise a little humility and graciousness even if we are talking about Hollywood here.

  69. Canuck says:

    HW and the educational system has done a very good job keeping Hitler and what he did in the public’s mind. It really shouldn’t come as a surprise when someone makes a comment using him as the “go to bad guy”, insensitive as that may be as a remark. In a very twisted sort of way, it’s almost a nod to people like Speilberg who have worked to keep the younger generations from forgetting what kind of person Hitler was, especially when you consider that WWII was 70 years ago.

  70. mimi says:

    Oh please. The world is getting crazy. You can’t say this or that because someone, somewhere will say you are a racist,anti-semite,chauvinistic,etc. etc….So she compared her boss to a former dictator. I’m sure at some time I’ve referenced various notorious people from history to make a point. Probably even used the one beginning with an “H” (!). I was also madly in love with a Jewish guy. Go figure! It used to be you would only lose your job for being grossly incompetent. Megan Fox fulfilled her job requirement and as a result contributed to everyone involved making a ton of money. She ‘s not doing earth shattering work here. Just reading some lines and looking pretty. Which she did well. Perhaps some of these men wanted more from her..and she refused…??

  71. really says:

    Must she be that dum to piss off ole Steve’ola! Bad move, just really dumb.

  72. jocular says:

    It’s open season on Megan now I guess, EVEN Just Jared is criticising her

  73. Hawk says:

    It looks to me like Bay is doing a little preemptive damage control. When the critics and fans savage poor Rosie’s performance and bring up comparisons to Megan Fox, Bay can say “Hey it’s not my fault Megan isn’t in part 3! My boss made me fire her!”

    Way to throw Spielberg under the bus.

  74. Eve says:

    @ Hawk:

    It looks to me like Bay is doing a little preemptive damage control.


  75. ZenB says:

    I can’t imagine that Rosie will be worse than Megan. I don’t expect her to be better just there. She’s not as pretty but I think that’s because she still has her real face. Megan was definitely not a looker at first and now she’s gone too far and again – she worked with Bay albeit as “girl in blue bikini” before Transformers. Unless, Bay was on exceptionally good behavior that day, she knew what he was. Heck we all know.

  76. Lia says:

    Steven Spielberg seems like a nice guy and I don’t think he’ll blacklist Megan in Hollywood even if he did request her dismissal…this is more about Michael Bay washing his hands of it all and putting it on Megan.

    And Megan could have said “dictatorial” rather than “like Hitler” or not said anything at all or apoligized after all of it went down. She didn’t and even insisted that she quit.

    Everyone here is making valid point, it just seems that Michael and Megan had a contentious working relationship and enough was enough. I don’t really blame Spielberg at all…it was probably super patient until that last interview. Michael was probably complaining to him all the time.

  77. fizXgirl314 says:

    wait, I’m sorry but I’m getting sick of the Megan Fox hate… thrown out of Hollywood? She basically has been… I mean her movies are widely panned and she basically got fired. What more do you want?

    I’m actually kind of sick of the male dominated world we live in. So it’s ok for somebody to be a sexist, misogynist pig but God forbid somebody says something remotely anti-semitic or racist in any way. Give the girl a break. I had a horrible boss too.. while I did do my best to keep my mouth shut in public, I’ll tell you what, I called him the most horrific names in private. I WISH I had the guts to call him out in public but I wanted to remain classy while he wanted to remain a ftard… f Bay, f Spielberg… that’s all I gotta say. These f’ers in power will do whatever the hell they want but once you call them out on it, it’s over for you. F that… (can you tell I’m very angry about this? I’m telling you I had the boss from hell and I can imagine how Fox would resort to calling someone out the way she did).

  78. mimi says:

    Agreed girl314,

    I remember kathy griffin saying fu to spielberg because he was furious with her over a joke she made about dakota fanning.

    What i find most disturbing is the fanatical reaction (FIRE THEM!!) when someone makes a thoughtless, stupid comment. Who doesn’t say something stupid from time to time. Especially when they’re tired, angry, mistreated..etc. It’s such twisted logic..accusing the person saying the stupid comment of all sorts of horrors when the *real* horror is the fanatic reaction and the implication that the person saying the stupid comment had extremely evil intent – thus justifying destroying their livelihood. *That* is what is evil.

  79. Shaun says:

    If it is true that Spielberg got Fox fired because of the “Hitler” comment,then he is a real ass. By now, calling someone “Hitler” is a jibe that has lost most of its power and meaning. Would Spielberg have reacted differently if Fox had referred to Bay as “Stalin”? While it may have been foolish for Fox to make the reference, I really hope that she was fired because she showed disrespect to the director and not because she used a comparison that has become so common it now means nothing more than “a bad person”.

  80. harfang says:

    Spielberg is responding with more than just excessive “sensitivity.” There is a specific context here. Everyone reading this probably knows that the film “Schindler’s List” was his baby, but what many Gentiles don’t know is that he is still deeply involved in his one great charity work: He is getting as many Holocaust survivors’ stories on film as possible before they die. It is highly possible, given the mindstate he is still in about the Third Reich and the language that goes with it, that he was not just offended but thoroughly disgusted by Megan Fox’s very capricious flinging of Hitler’s name.

    You study the Jewish (and Roma and Sinti) Holocaust for any length of time, you become justifiably irritated by such stuff. I for one get really freaking sick of people wantonly calling each other “Nazis” for minor transgressions. Were I a hotshot like Spielberg I might very well have reacted the same, especially if I had some idea of how crappy Megan Fox is, which he probably did. The man is smart.

  81. dg101 says:

    Um…I don’t know if I’ve missed something, but I’m fairly certain we’ve barely seen her in the trailers let alone heard her deliver a single line. So, exactly how do you all claim Rosie whatsherface is a bad actress?

  82. mimi says:


    While I commend Spielberg for his work with the holocaust – he did make a ton of money off it and an academy award, if he did fire a 24 yr old for saying “Hitler” then I don’t respect him. There is a saying..”battle not with monsters, lest you become one”.

  83. david says:

    Saying someone is like Hitler is hyperbole, not anything remotely close to being anti-semetic. And the “like a nazi/Hitler” comparisons will only increase as the generation divide does as well. Is Spielberg fired her for that comment, it’s oversensitivity. It’s like making a fuss over Seinfeld’s “soup nazi” episode. But I don’t buy that it was his decision.

    The way Michael Bay won’t let this go seems to tell me he has a huge ego and couldn’t handle relatively meaningless criticisms. Spielberg is a scapegoat.

  84. jennie says:

    It is pretty ridiculous that an actress can be fired for using a Hitler comparison not even with any reference to Jews, but Hitler as a Dictator. Yet actors and actresses seem to have no reservations about working with Woody Allen who was sleeping with his own step daughter. So if you are Jewish in Hollywood, you get a pass.

  85. chris says:

    Wow I can’t believe I missed this story when it came out. I had no idea she was fired due to Spielberg and I think it’s a little misguiding to call Rosie Huntington Whitely a British actress when in fact, she’s a Jewish British actress. Of course Steven would want one of his own to gain the same amount of success as Megan (even though I can’t stand her either).

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  87. Virginia says:

    Was she fired just because she called Michael Bay? I think there is another reason why she was firef. A crew member who worked the Transformers set said she wasn’t easy to work with. According to the film’s screenwriter, she wasn’t showing interest in her job when she turned up for rehearsals for the movie. Those people confirmed my opinion about Fox: it was her lack of professionalism that got her fired from the Transformers franchise. Of course, the crew member even said exactly what most non fans of Fox think of her: the media call her the next Angelina Jolie, but in fact she is no Angelina. There is no reason to defend her. She played the victim but she only had herself to blame.