Kevin Federline is trying to compete with Britney

Kevin Federline was interviewed on “Ellen” yesterday, and he revealed more than a little about his relationship with his pop star wife, Britney Spears. At first he said it was hard to compete with her, and then he backtracked by saying, oh he’s not in competition with her. Why did he say he was then?

“I would be lying if I didn’t say it was tough,” says Federline about being Mr. Spears, “I think the expectation is real high for me you know, it’s like you see my wife here she is this huge superstar everybody loves her, all of her music is just hits after hits and it’s hard to compete.”

Even though K-Fed hopes his new single “Lose Control” will be the next “Toxic,” the musician claims no rivalry exists at home. “I don’t see it as a competition you know? Maybe other people are putting it in that perspective, but to me it’s not a competition … I just have fun. I love rapping and making music period.”

You can watch the interview through TMZ.

K-Fed feels like less of a man because his wife is/was such a big star. He’s a crap rapper, but at least his band and dancers are decent. Here’s a clip of his awful performance on the “Ellen” show:

While K-Fed may want to compete with Britney, she’s not the star she once was. Her earning power is fading fast, and it’s doubtful she’ll ever get back her old success:

Five years ago, Britney was ranked No. 1 on Forbes’ Celebrity power list and earned $39.2 million — but last year the 24-year-old pop star’s income was reportedly an estimated $4 million.

And it doesn’t look like aspiring rapper Kevin will be raking in the dough with his new CD, due out in October. His recent performance at the Teen Choice Awards was universally panned. “All of Britney’s hype for Kevin’s single ‘Lose Control’ couldn’t help his pitiful and embarrassing performance, “a showbiz source told The ENQUIRER…

And although Britney’s far from broke — with a net worth of more than $100 million — insiders said she’ll never again be the hot commodity who earned huge sums of money in the past.

That’s not really surprising, but she’s still richer than small countries and large percentages of people combined. You think that would help her clean up and dress right.

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  1. tina says:

    kev is good, at least he is live! when a set is perfect and sounds great its mimed!

  2. Bettina Pena says:

    All rap is crap. Quit hating Brittney. She lucked out and scored a white dude who is packing a mean nine and half inches. Let him sing and dance about. Good for him. He’s got nice looks and I’m a sizist so I love the men who dangle. And I’m single!

  3. Celebitchy says:

    Some people think all country is crap too, and some people think all meta is crap. It’s a matter of taste, but I don’t think K-Fed is packing. If you have evidence show it!

  4. Badunks says:

    he sucks, he is trash.

  5. marines all the way says:

    Come on celeb you know he’s crap. This guy should be put to sleep, god I can’t believe a guy as idiotic ashim has stolen the lime light from someone who has real talent, just another disapointment for the music business. I’m telling you guys, we are really falling now. This stuff has got to stop.

  6. Celebitchy says:

    marines I do know he’s crap, and I said so in the article. I’m just saying that all rap isn’t crap.

  7. marines all the way says:

    I’m a blues and jazz fan, with a pinch of classical music, I’ve never seen rap as anything but crap; but hey, to each his or her own, yeah?

  8. vanessa says:

    What is kevin competing against? A rock.

  9. marines all the way says:

    A grown man is competing against Britney Spears….

    … so sad.

  10. manda says:

    I think this is the dumbest song i have ever heard..really you cant brag about ANY of the money you “gotz” you big pimp daddy you..because your frickin wife made it all you crack head. yeah your earing may cost more than my jewlery BUT its not like you actually purchased it. Congrats on marrying Britney Spears but i dont know if you have noticed her whole image has gone in the crapper since you! crazy that you think you can brag about that crap idiot

  11. Poor Boopie says:

    Dweeb needs to give it up and go back to being what he was originally meant to be: Britney’s baby daddy.