Nicole Richie’s new song, Dandelion (update: old song, cover)

Nicole Richie’s new song, Dandelion, isn’t half bad. It’s not fabulous or catchy and is the same type of breathy remastered bubblegum pop that Paris put out. Still, it’s not awful.

The lyrics tell the story of a guy who cheated on her with a younger chick. She thought he was a flower, but uh, he turned out to be a weed. Original.

Down in Union Square I saw him walking all alone
I walked a little slower just so I’d remain unknown
He met someone not 17 on 17th then he knew her all too well.
My little piece of heaven has a secret he won’t tell
With half a smile he took her hand and then he walked away
I realized I wouldn’t see my boy after today
Fell in love with a dandelion and he’s all I ever had
At first he looked so sweet but in the end he tastes so bad..

He’s a dandelion he looks like everything I need
I thought he was a flower but he turned out a weed.

This isn’t a video for the song, just a bunch of stills of Nicole with the song playing in the background:

Nicole’s lovelife seems to be back on track. She’s going strong with former “Princes of Malibu” hottie Brody Jenner. Jenner’s ex, onetime “Laguna Beach” star Kristin Cavalleri, may have tried to get back at Nicole by wearing a “You can have him” T-Shirt and later opening flirting with Nicole’s ex and the most likely subject of the Dandelion song, DJ AM. Page Six reports that she was all over him at a party this week. For his part, AM seems to be enjoying being single. A different hot blonde known only as “Lauren” was spotted in his DJ booth on Friday night. It’s doubtful he’ll ever be spinning Richie’s tunes.

Update: Thanks to commenter Bobby J. for pointing out that this song is a cover, which means that there’s no reason to try and read anything about Richie’s love life in the lyrics.

Update: And thanks to the anonymous commentor for letting me know that this demo was recorded way back when she was with DJ AM. I guess we won’t be hearing it on her album. I found this through a YouTube search, so I didn’t have a lot of background information on it and just posted it with the assumption that it was new.

And AM’s girlfriend/companion for the night is said to be model Lauren Hastings.

Here are Nicole and Brody out holding hands in Malibu on 9/3. [via]

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  1. Bobby J says:

    This is a cover of an original duet with Kelis! The original ROCKS!

  2. asiya says:

    this is suprisingly a great song and she can sing!!!! hope she does well i like her more than paris who’s voice is completely FAKE!!

  3. Gill says:

    I like her, grossly skinny, but funny and personable. I hope this is her real voice, its good.

  4. Randi says:

    Suitable title. She looks like a dandelion: Big head, strait skinny stem.

  5. I like the song! But then again, I love dandelions – I eat them all the time, in salads.

  6. Anonymous says:

    that line actually says met a girl ON Seventeenth (as in the street) and this is a VERY old demo she recorded way back when she was still with AM.

    As for AM’s new girl, her name is Lauren Hastings, shes a model

  7. jessica says:

    its a good song

  8. Carina says:

    Hey, know what?
    I bought the Paris album and it was just fine.
    And you can bet your ass I’m gonna buy her album as well ;).
    I really like Nicole, but she needs to gain weight or get a Boobie job :).
    Much Love form Norway.

  9. skinnybitch says:

    I mean, its not exactly great, but its ok. You can at least actually hear who`s singing, unlike paris` song, where her voice is so mixed that it could have been anyone!

    hugs and kisses from NoRway!

  10. skinny bitch says:

    hey! Im from norway to and i say GIVE THE GIRL A BREAK i mean look at heer and the others aswell poor poor girls. every body are so meen to them writes ugly stuff every day. But i think that if they and been moore open to the press they woudent have geted so mutch ugly thing smashed in their faces every day. Like if Nicole just had said its over hwit me and dj andam, the press woudent “speculated” so mutch in it! Like : NICOLE AND ANDAM ARE OVER ore NICOLE IS PRAGNITED(gravid in norwegian) ore NICOLE CHEATED ON ANDAM. Understand me? Yeah that is actually some thing to ceep in your mind(think abaout)mutch LOVE from norway

  11. czarina says:

    Hey I resent that. Nicole Richie can actually sing. She’s not even comparable to Paris who clearly can hardly hold a note. it’s not even “bretahy remastered bubble gum pop” because DANDELION is a ballad and you can clearly hear her vocals, NOT drowned out by the music and the backup vocals like the pseudo diva Paris Hilton. Dandelion was originally performed by LFO and Kelis, wasn’t it?

  12. Tee says:

    czarina, I share the same sentiment. it’s a different type of song than Paris and her voice is okay.

  13. Lenna says:

    I love You Nicole and I really loved your song alot

  14. Lill says:

    Wow, Im surprised.. Its alot better the Paris song Stars are blind… I really like it!

  15. Crystal says:

    song is pretty darn catchy, i love nicole shes awesome..but boy does she look awful 🙁

  16. skinnybitch says:

    well, its difficult to make a ballad catchy, but then again, maybe it isnt supposed too. I can listen to this a couple of times, but after that I simply get bored. Its a very flat song, you know? I dont have anything against Nicole, and this is a deasent song, and even though this isnt a competition, I have to say that its way better than paris`song. dandelion is a much more, what should I say, real song? and not just because its very simple and has few instruments and stuff, not to mention that you can actually hear her beautiful voice. paris`song, stars are blind(or something like that)is superficial, fake mix-pop. if shes lucky, it will be a huge hit amongst kids and teenagers with bad musictaste(or simply lack of music knowledge), or just a paris hilton-fan.(at the best) sorry paris, you cant get by on your looks, and sexual charisma forever. nicole, on the other hand, is such a sweet girl with personality and brains.(but seriously, she needs to gain some weight, she looks unhealthy)other than that, she has great sence for fashion(at least rachel zoe has, her stylist)
    I cheer for you nicole, use your talent well, and dont eer waste it or underestimate yourself, or in this case, your voice.

    <3 oslo-norway(the best city ever!)

  17. I liked it says:

    I loved the song…Sounds to me like nicole can sing much better then Paris. I think we shouldnt comapre those two at all. in my opinion Nicole is prettier, more real and not forget funny, you can relate to her. And same with her song, you can relate to the song and her voice. But with Paris u just get annoyed. So we shouldnt compare those two anymore…Cus poor Paris she will loose in every category.

    Loved the song..keep up the good work Nicole.