Octomom Nadya Suleman: “I hate [my] babies, they disgust me… wish I never had them.”

Octomom Nadya Suleman is going off the deep end, or I guess she’s been there for a long time and is finally splashing around. She has a new interview in In Touch weekly [via The Daily Mail] in which she sounds even more unhinged than usual, going on at length about how awful her kids are, how she wishes she never had them and how she hates her life as single mom to 14 kids. Her bank account is overdrawn and she’s of course relying on public assistance again to make ends meet. She also says she thinks of suicide and will spend hours locked in the bathroom to get away from her kids. This is not at all surprising given this woman’s storied history, but the question is – will it be enough to get social services involved?

She is the mother of fourteen children, who gave birth to the longest surviving octuplets in U.S history.

But in disturbing comments sure to alarm social services, Octomom’s Nadya Suleman has said she ‘hates’ her eight babies.

The 36-year-old single mother also calls her six older children ‘animals’.

‘I hate the babies, they disgust me,’ she told InTouch magazine. ‘My older six are animals, getting more and more out of control, because I have no time to properly discipline them.’

In a picture taking by the magazine, one child is seen eating dry-wall in her run-down home.

Suleman says that her dream of having a big family has now turned into her worst nightmare as she struggles to take care of her huge family.

‘The only way I can cope is to lock myself in the bathroom and cry. Sometimes I sit there for hours and even eat my lunch sitting on the toilet floor. Anything to get peace and quiet,’ she said.

The reality TV mother has even considered suicide.

‘Some days I have thought about killing myself. I cannot cope,’ she said.

In another breath, Suleman tries to insist that she still has love for her children, but says in hindsight she wishes that she never gave birth to any of them.
‘Obviously I love them – but I absolutely wish I had not had them,’ she said.

The reality TV mother is also in financial hot water, especially when it comes to her home in La Hambra, California.

Up until recently, Suleman has managed to avoid being kicked out of the property for months, even though she has been facing foreclosure since last year after failing to meet monthly payments.

But now the man who sold the property to Suleman’s father Ed Doud has recoiled and taken serious actions to get her and her children removed.

The mother says she has not got a penny to her name and cannot even effort to put food on the table.

‘My bank account is overdrawn by $300 and I have no money to pay for the children’s school, food or the mortgage.’

Suleman, who is currently on unemployed and public assistance programs, may however have found a way to boost her income.

She recently filmed an episode of a new TV celebrity dating show called Celebridate, for the cable network HDNet.

[From The Daily Mail]

This woman did this to herself through a series of calculated moves that she’s defended to any outlet that will listen to her. She doesn’t deserve our sympathy, but her poor kids do. Is she saying these awful things so that she can get rid of them? What kind of mother “hates” their babies and finds them disgusting? It’s not like she’s raising them alone, she has nannies!

Meanwhile Octomom participated in a celebrity boxing match last night in New Jersey. There’s an interview with her on Radar ahead of the boxing match. I’ll admit I only watched a few minutes of it, but she sounds completely different than she does in In Touch and basically spouts her typical b.s. psychobabble. She goes on at length about her choice to have kids, says fitness is her passion, acts like her life is fine, and claims she never wanted the fame that came along with having eight kids at once. The bitch lives in California and has 14 kids. How is she flying to New Jersey to be in a boxing tournament? She’s telling In Touch she’s suicidal but everything is fine once she does another interview. She should be committed.

Nadya is shown with her kids on 3/28/10. She’s also shown at an event on 5/31/11. Credit: Pacific Coast News



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  1. constance says:

    I won’t watch the video, but I hope she got her ass beat. If not, I’ll fight her in the ring! I’d rock her crazy a$$ back into rational thought.

  2. Sarah says:

    Bitch is INSANE. Those poor kids 🙁

  3. Jana says:

    She’s nuts, but her life has to be hell. She’s stupid enough to admit in print how she feels many days living this life of fourteen children, all small, no money. How she feels would be a lot of people, completely overwhelmed, depressed. At least, now she has faced reality,unlike when she first had the babies. The eight little ones should be adopted out and she needs to focus on her older six, two of which have disabilities.

  4. skilo says:

    Poor kids. They have been shit out of luck since they were born with that nutty bitch for a mother they have no chance at normal lives. They should have been taken away, along time ago. She basically admitted neglect, and more likely than not, abuse will start, if it hasn’t already.

  5. MarenGermany says:

    I only read about her on international gossip sides so I dont know much about her,

    but this must have been the most terrible thing I have ever heard a mother say. This is sad and wrong on so many levels.
    Get her help and take thoses kids away!

  6. TrixC says:

    I do feel sorry for her. While her personality seems pretty unappealing, she also strikes me as someone with serious mental health issues. I actually blame the doctor as I don’t think any responsible mental practitioner would have implanted eight embryos, particularly given the patient’s mental state. In my country this would be considered serious medical misconduct.

  7. BeckyR says:

    Feel sorry for the children. Hope Children’s Services rescues them from this idiot. She is beyond crazy.

  8. spinner says:

    Who didn’t see this coming?? She used those poor children to try & become famous. Now she hates them because it didn’t work. She is thoroughly disgusting & I will never comment on her again.

  9. Gecko says:

    spinner: I think the US caught up with him, finally. Didn’t they take his license away this spring?

  10. fabgrrl says:

    Well….sometimes I “hate” my kids, and I only have two of them, and a husband and financial stability. I think any mom that doesn’t “hate” her children at some point is either a saint, or she is lying. I think we (parents) would be a lot happier if we were allowed to admit that once in a while without feeling guilty.

    But, this b*tch! Ug. No sympathy, she did it to herself. I see so many responsible, mature, caring people agonize, prioritize and sacrifice in order to be prepared for a third, second, or, hell, even FIRST child, while this stupid, unemployed, lying, famewh*re just gets to decide she deserves 14 children. No, she doesn’t want to take care of them, or raise them, she just wants to have cute, widdle, sweet babies around, until they get cranky or messy of course. It makes me so angry! But I am glad to see that that America, by and large, seems to share my sentiment since Nadya Suleman is not lounging around in a kiddie pool filled with reality show cash right now.

  11. Blue says:

    I don’t feel sorry for herI feel so bad for those kids. I’m a single mom of one and I can barely cope some days,14 is ridiculous. She brought this on herself and is ruining her kids lives in the process. If they take those kids away they will a be separated and may never see each other again. It’s the price they have to pay to have a decent life. But sucks terribly.

  12. Quest says:

    This women offends me, I hope something works in the favor of those kids

  13. tapioca says:

    Am I the only one getting a serious Andrea Yates-vibe from the way this woman talks about her children? The octuplets are only 2 years old so if they’re adopted STAT they won’t remember any of this woman’s craziness, but I fear the older kids may be irreparably damaged by her neglect – like the Romanian orphans featured in documentaries after the fall of Communism.

    It does blow my mind how many loving, stable, financially-secure adoptive parents are turned down for petty reasons, yet this woman is going to have to drown her kids in the bathtub before Child Services step in.

  14. constance says:

    @Gecko They did revoke, but he is petitioning the court to reinstate saying that the decision “discriminates against his ability to earn a living.” GDI =/

    @tapioca Truth! How far will she go to look desperate before something happens to those poor babies?!

  15. lucy2 says:

    Part of me wonders if she really feels that way, or is just saying it for attention, which she thinks will lead to more fame and $.
    Either way, she’s not fit to care for those children. There are just so many wrongs in this whole story.

  16. Jana says:

    @TrixC, I think the fertility specialist just had his medical license taken away for good.

  17. Laurie says:

    She is broke? Big surprise, she was broke before the 14 babies were born. Here is an instant way for her to save money: SHE CAN TAKE ALL HER KIDS OUT OF PRIVATE SCHOOL. The state is good enough to pay for all her assistance (she hasn’t worked in TWELVE YEARS), but the state public schools are not good enough for her kids? Nutcase.

  18. po says:

    Im with Trixc, her excuse is that she’s mentally unstable. What’s the doctors excuse.

  19. kelbear says:

    How old are the 8 babies now?

  20. Cherry Rose says:

    God, why are they even giving this woman interviews anymore?

    I agree with other posters, they need to take her children away from her. However, I’m betting if that does happen, she’ll find a way to get pregnant again. Since she won’t be able get a doctor to do it, I’m sure she’s going to find a man to help her out with that.

  21. guilty pleasures says:

    I seriously hope you are kidding. I have NEVER felt anything remotely close to hate for my children. Never! I wouldn’t even use the term in jest, nor in parentheses and certainly not in any public forum, where they are bound to see it, along with everyone they know.
    If you have felt hate for your children, get help. You are unbalanced.
    It is normal to feel frustration, maybe anger, perhaps resentment in extreme cases, but hate? Never. Not possible. And the other things pass quickly if you are a mature person worthy of being a parent.

  22. fabgrrl says:

    @tapioca, eep! I think you are right. She is trying to send out Andrea Yates-esque vibes. I’m assuming this is a fake (G*d, I hope so!) ploy for sympathy and attention.

    It’s sad, but as I get older I become more and more amenable to the idea of a nanny state. Some people (Nadya) cannot handle their sh*t and need to be treated like the irresponsible children they are.

  23. Becca B says:

    I wouldn’t be too surprised if she now does something to have her children taken away. Poor kids, they didn’t deserve this. Who in their right mind would talk to a magazine about hating their kids? Suleman is a horrible person.

  24. Anaya says:

    Poor kids. 🙁 A part of me thinks she truly does feel this way and is saying this publicly so that the children’s services or CPS or whomever will step in and take the kids from her. This may be her way of surrendering the children but later she’ll blame mental instability as opposed to the comment of her hating them. She could then say to the kids later when they’re older that she didn’t give them up but they were taken away. Sounds weird,huh?

    All 14 kids are in danger and I really fear for them. She is not a well woman. The kids should be taken while she can receive treatment for mental health problems then maybe the octuplets as well as the first 6 can be placed in a temporary foster home or even put up for adoption.

  25. Marianne says:

    I think Octomom likes the fame. Pure and simple. Thats why she had the kids in the first place, she knew that would get her into the headlines. Thats why she posed for the bikini pictures, thats why shes doing “celebrity boxing”, she’s wants to be famous.

  26. heylee says:

    I am not a mom, so I am not going to make comments about that issue. Though of course I feel sad that her children are probably not getting all of the love that they deserve, nor are they getting the structure and discipline that they need to be healthy human beings.

    That said, I have a LOT of sympathy for this woman. Yes she is an adult and made her own horrible choices. But clearly she did so because she herself is lacking in self-esteem and has some serious mental health issues. There is no other explanation as to why a woman with six children would try to have even one more child let alone 8.

    I hate to say this but the children probably should be taken away from her and she should spend some time in a mental health institute. Clearly there is a recipe for serious disaster here and there needs to be an intervention.

    And that doctor who did the IVF – is a criminal!

  27. fabgrrl says:

    @guilty, no I am not kidding. And I am sick of having to pretend like being a mommy is constant sunshine and rainbows. I will shout it out for the anonymous, faceless web to hear: Sometimes I HATE my children! and my husband! and my job! and my cat!

    Ah, I feel better now.

  28. ladybert62 says:

    WOW! That woman is crazy – I fell sorry for her kids and hope that child protective services takes them away from her – I would not at all surprised if she verbally and possibly physically abuses them. She was in crazy mode to have them and wanted the fame they generated – I think she thought she would make money off of them – how does she pay her mortgage and feed them all?

  29. Addie says:

    She needs to call it a day with being a mom.

    The best thing to do for all the kids is put them up for adoption. Atleast then they can have a chance of:
    1. being cared for as individuals
    2. Loved by a family who wanted them
    3. Not being one of 14 children with NO income to support them.

  30. Tammi says:

    She’s mentally ill I wish someone would help her.

  31. Tierra says:

    This ‘woman’ makes me sick like no other.
    She’s one of the biggest frauds out there. I think this is just another one of her attempts to get public donations. Every cpl months she does these ‘beg-a-thons’ and then we see her out with new lips, nails, boobs and other ridiculous things that a single mother would never have unless she knew her kids were financial stable for life. the best thing that could happen is she loses her kids and gets tossed in the street. I have no sympathy at all for her. she has conned ppl over and over again with her sob and pity stories, all while having money hidden under her and her lawyers’ corporation.

  32. Bill Hicks is God says:

    @Tapioca: Andrea Yates did not hate her children she had serious problems with postpartum depression after her second child. Her doctor told her no more children and her stupid-assed religious husband kept impregnating her anyway.

    She was experiencing postpartum psychosis when she did what she did.

    A comparison with Susan Smith is more applicable here I think.

    Octomom thought she’d get a reality show out of this; instead she got a reality check. The way she’s talking isn’t out of ordinary for women with too many children and little to no support.

    That being said though, I hope the children’s social agency there is keeping an eye on this woman.

  33. Bill Hicks is God says:

    @Jana: Yes, he did have his medical license revoked. That’s the only positive outcome of this whole trainwreck. I feel for those kids.

  34. mel says:

    stupid bitch. she did it to herself.

  35. fabchick says:

    This bish is digesting. I hope they take them babies. Like my mom use to say “you lay you pay”. She made them babies on purpose, she shouldn’t hate them she should hate herself.

  36. Victoria says:

    Yeah ANYTHING for attention.

  37. Annie says:

    Oh grow up Nadya. Yes, she brought these kids into the world for all the wrong reasons and under all the wrong circumstances but hating the kids (or herself) really isn’t going to solve any problems. She needs to accept that she made her own bed and make the best of it. I also don’t believe she’s as broke as she claims she seems to have plenty of money for beauty treatments, lip injections, cosmetic surgeries etc.

  38. J says:

    This is one sick bitch ! What’s wrong ? Is she not makeing enough money off of her kids ? I agree child protective services should take them away ! People like her disgust me ! If you hate your kids put them up for adoption ! In a perfect world she would be in a mental institution !

  39. Minx2 says:

    I just wander where is the “doctor” who implanted 8 embryos in this woman’s uterus (I guess she already had 6 kids, no partner, used sperm bank, was broke at the time)? She’s nuts and always been so I don’t hold her responsible but somewhere there a guy who did it is still practicing medicine. This is really disturbing to me.

  40. Missfit says:

    Ummm, these kids need to be taken away from her immediately before she pulls a Andrea Yates and kills them because of her “insanity.” Some people just shouldn’t have kids. It’s not even funny to say you hate your own kids. I don’t hate my children…they just stress me out that I need a break every now and then. Other than that, I suck it up and take care of my own kids and don’t rely on anyone else to do that. This broad is INSANE and needs to be closely monitored before she does something terrible to those babies. :/

  41. Shay says:

    We can go on and on about how she did it to herself but really, she didn’t do it to herself, there was a doctor that did it for her, and there was a shitty system in place that enabled it. Where are child services when you need them?
    The American medical system is not for the wellbeing of the individual or the child, but for the profit of doctors and big pharma. That’s the reality.

  42. sama says:

    maybe,and just MAYBE if they get taken away from her now they’ll have a chance to grow up decently.she’s nuts

  43. CaramelKiss says:

    She turns my stomach. Eck. Boofuckinghoo. Get over yourself and get on meds, SERIOUSLY. The state is already paying for her children so it wouldn’t be much more of a burden for her to put them in foster care since “it’s such a *sniff* damned *sniff* burden” …I obviously have not one ounce of sympathy for this pathetic woman. Eeew.

  44. Sue says:

    This whole song and dance is for attention and money.

    (My bank account is overdrawn by $300 and I have no money to pay for the children’s school, food or the mortgage.)

    That’s code for: Feel sorry for me and give me money because I want more plastic surgery and new clothes. Every time she does something like this you see pictures of her shopping for herself, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her buy anything for her kids.

  45. MJ says:

    Yes, I’m sure the guys will be lining up around the block to Celebridate this mentally ill, financially desperate and insecure woman. She needs help. This is really sad.

  46. GeekChic says:

    @fabgrrrl, I think a better term for what you’re describing is “momentary intense dislike.” I love my daughter more than anything, and for the most part she is a delightful, precocious, sweet child. But, like all kids, she has these moments where I think I’ve given birth to Damien. At those moments, the “momentary intense dislike” kicks in and want to go hide (or bang my head repeatedly against the wall or trade her in for a somewhat less demonic model). I still love her, even if she is acting like demon spawn, but at the moment I intensely dislike being around her. Then I go away and become rational again and it passes. I think this is totally normal.

    As for this woman, well, she’s crazy. Certifiably crazy. Are any of us really surprised by her words?

  47. skilo says:

    You don’t have to pretend that everything about being a mom is sunshine and rainbows, it’s not, sometimes it’s hard as hell and you really wonder why you made the choice to do it. But you don’t hate your kids. You may hate being stressed,and always having to make sacrifices,but you don’t hate your kids. If you do then there is something wrong and you need help. And for the sake of your husband, kids, and cat I hope you get it. I raised two kids pretty much entirely alone with no real help except from my parents and I was really overwhelmed sometimes but I never hated my kids, my situation sometimes, sure but never my kids.

  48. Gecko says:

    @constance: Oh, for the love of G-d. That man *should* be prevented from earning a living. That’s the point of taking his license!

  49. Amanda says:

    I don’t believe this interview is accuracte. I JUST heard her appearance on the Howard Stern show yesterday, and she sounds completely different. She said she loved her kids, life is kinda crazy (kids screaming, etc.), and that if she could “do everything over, she would probably do things differently”, She also said how much she loved her kids and that she would lay down her life for any one of them. So, ya. I’m going to have to call bullsh*t on this In Touch interview.

  50. Laura says:

    Maybe she’d have more money if she stopped the lip injections and cheek fillers. Just sayin’.

  51. Melinda says:

    So being a single mother of 14 with no way to support them or yourself isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be? Well who would’ve thought?! This woman is insane. She did this for fame and money, it didn’t quite pan out. I hope idiots around the world take note: you can’t do something monumentally stupid and expect your own tv show, fame and fortune. Those poor children should be taken away from this beast.

  52. Grasshopper says:

    My two girls are a year apart and I may not like their behavior all the time, but could NEVER hate them. I look at parents with special needs kids in wheelchairs and know they would give anything to have a healthy child who can run, play normally, and act up. I am so grateful my kids are heathy and can act strong willed or cry (high spirited is my favorite description).

    That said it’s a running joke with my husband when we don’t agree that we will say I don’t like you at all right now but I still love you . 🙂

    CPS needs to get actively involved before something happens to those kids- emotional or physical neglect. It’s impossible to give that many kids the attention, love and discipline they need- not to mention food in her situation.

  53. icantbelievethis says:

    @GeekChic ‘and want to go hide (or bang my head repeatedly against the wall or trade her in for a somewhat less demonic model).’

    LMAO! I love your description (and I feel this way at times).

  54. malachais says:

    Nadya is utter scum. Her children were tools for notoriety and money. I am fairly sure California child protective services is going to step in and do what they can for these kids. Pathetic excuse for a woman.

  55. GoofPuff says:

    I don’t care if you hate your children. You should never say it in print in an interview that your kids can see! She is a horrible mother and I have no sympathy for this famewhore who uses her kids like props for trying to make money. She spends money on herself not her kids.

  56. Wif says:

    “You may hate being stressed,and always having to make sacrifices,but you don’t hate your kids.”

    I think she was pretty clear when she said it. She sometimes hates her kids. Doesn’t mean she wants to firebomb their rooms or anything. You’re quibbling about definitions, and she seems to me like an intelligent person, so let her say she sometimes hates her kids and don’t tell her that she doesn’t. She knows what she feels. Doesn’t mean she doesn’t love them at the same time.

  57. Jen34 says:

    I feel sorry for both her and the kids, especially for the kids. I do get a vibe that those kids are in danger. They would be better off with parent(s) who can care for them properly.

  58. guilty pleasures says:

    @skilo and geekchic re fabgrrl
    Well said ladies, it is truly lamentable to use the word ‘hate’ in reference to one’s child, husband or pet.
    Skilo, I think we raised the same daughter! Challenging for sure, but I always said, thank goodness for this strong personality because it will serve her well in the future.
    I, too, was a single mom, of only two kids, I did not hate one single second of it, I was stressed, sure, but blessed at the same time.

  59. Lady D says:

    guilty pleasure #21. Absolutely cosign. I have never hated or resented my son. I raised him alone and I’ve had to work most of his childhood sadly, sometimes 3 part-time jobs at once. I hated not being around him, I hated that he was being raised in poverty, I hated that I couldn’t give him what I felt he deserved, I’ve hated myself, sometimes his father, but hate him? Never.

  60. Nancy says:

    This stupid dumb woman should have never been born.

  61. Schnauzers!!! says:

    I totally cosign Skilo – If you ever feel true HATE for your children, you need to get help. Immediately.

    I have 3 children and a military husband. I have raised my children alone for 3 years at a time during back to back deployments. NEVER have I felt hate. I have been frustrated and overwhelmed. I have been upset and angry, but I have never felt hate towards them.

    Please, please if you feel hate for your children, get some Psychiatric counseling. Please.

  62. Larissa says:

    @fabgrrl You may hate your children´s behaviour, but hate your children? I mean , hate is a very strong word and feeling!!!
    Granted… motherhood, marriage , adult life is not all rainbows and buterflies, we all know that!
    But by saying you hate your children you are crossing a line, hopefully your just misusing the word.
    You have to be a real selfish bitch to hate your children.

  63. Kimbob says:

    Yes, this woman is certifiably insane. I just wish SOMEONE or SOME ENTITY would intervene for the LAST TIME…& take her kids away so they have a stab at some semblance of a “normal” life, therefore leaving this narcissitic woman to fend for herself, thus eliminating her claim to fame. Oh, and I hope any and all docs have paid attention since her doc, Kamrava’s license was taken away…I’ve heard her say AFTER the 14 kids (more than once) that she longed for more babies. This is why they took the doc’s license who impregnated her.

  64. elvisgrace says:


    Count me as one more mommy who also has incidents of intense dislike of kids and life – they are infrequent, I never act on them, but yeah, they do happen. Unlike Octo-Bitch, however, our venting is confined to the anonymity of the Internet. Where no one knows anyone is a dog.

  65. JuJuBee says:


    LMAO, I’m pretty sure you don’t “hate” your children and I have no idea why some posters are treating you like the second coming of Andrea Yates. You don’t need “help” for your honesty. Don’t know why some posters chose to overlook that you put “hate” in parenthesis. No wonder women have to keep quiet about those kinds of things. The super moms of the world are ready to attack if you’re not the perfect Stepford mom.

    What’s sad is that if a mom truly needed help, do you really think she would seek it knowing the sh*t storm that it would bring with it? Fabgirrl puts “hate” in quotes and the pitchforks are being sharpened.

    Back to Octomom. Those kids need to be taken in by Social Services and found suitable homes. I’m betting she was paid more money for providing outlandish quotes.

  66. Diana K says:

    This woman is nothing more than just a grifter under the guise of mother

  67. Anastasia says:

    Nadya is sayimg ALL of this for attention. She’s desperate–having this many kids didn’t translate into big money and big fame, so now she’s saying crazier and crazier stuff. Maybe she really does hope CPS will step in and take the kids from her–they didn’t help her get fame, so now they’re probably quite useless to her.

  68. yadicakes says:

    I don’t know, this bish is too calculating to admit something like this so publicly. She might feel it but she probably would be too stubborn to admit it.

    Do we know if this is really her or a fake article of some sorts?

  69. OtherChris says:

    Someone needs to help those kids. As a mom of multiples (I have twins and another child) it’s incredibly overwhelming at times–I can’t imagine having as many as she has.

  70. cbnagrl says:

    This is about Octomom and the irresponsible use of her uterus, not fabgrrl. Get off her back. Did you see the quotes around the word “hate” in her post? I think the word was being used loosely and last I checked this was a public BITCH forum and peeps can say whatever they want. Geez. (……proceed to jump all over my comment as well)

    oh and PS….I call BS on this story too. You believe everything you read on the internet? Either that or it’s just for publicity.

  71. lilred says:

    Those poor babies…pack them up I’ll take them!

  72. original kate says:

    “A comparison with Susan Smith is more applicable here I think.”

    @bill hicks: you read my mind, word for word. andrea yates did something absolutely horrible, yet has my sympathy as she was obviously a very tortured person who honestly believed her children were better off dead. susan smith was a calculating pyscho who drowned her kids because she wanted a new boyfriend. big difference.

    i wonder if CPS makes regular visits to her house? i hope so. as for “hating” your kids, i have none so i am only speaking as an observer but it seems normal to me to be so exasperated that parents feel a momentery flash of “hate” which is really just resentment at the situation (exhausted, broke, tantrums, etc). what i find more disturbing is that octomom said she is “disgusted” by her babies. that is really creepy.

  73. Firecracker says:

    If this is true, she’s just looking for money handouts. Totally playing the sympathy card.

  74. Cheyenne says:

    Okay people, coming from In Touch, I believe maybe one word in ten of this.

    She’s overwhelmed, narcissistic, unhinged, selfish, manipulative, etc. etc. etc. Nobody on God’s green earth could do a good job of being a single mother to 14 children, 8 of them still toddlers.

    One small fact everybody seems to have overlooked: against monumental odds, all eight babies not only survived infancy but appear from the photos to be in good health, so somebody — nannies or whoever — is taking very good care of them.

  75. KsGirl says:

    Something doesn’t smell right here. Has Nadya Suleman commented on this interview? There’s going to be *some* response, some backtracking, denial, “they took it out of context” etc. This woman has always, always stuck to her psychobabble party-line re: “yes it’s hard but I heart being a Mommy, please give me some $” I’m interested to see how this plays out, when/where/if InTouch actually did this interview etc. Something is off.

    Also, Fabgrrl? I totally get what you’re saying and I’m not going to quibble semantics with you. Back off, Judgey Mommies!

  76. Ruby7 says:

    She should put them all up for adoption. There are plenty of loving homes that would love to a child. Mine included. She is a very selfish woman!

  77. 4Real says:

    I don’t believe it she’s just going for shock value and its pathetic and damaging to those kids. Put them up for adoption if you feel that way selfishdumbytch. Plenty of parents that would take care those babies.

  78. MarenGermany says:

    @ fbrgrrl
    and everyone who posted on her

    I think the key is to never let your kids know or feel that you sometimes have the feeling of “hate” or “dislike”.
    When they are in bed, start crying,smash your head against the wall, drink a bottle of whine at once (bad advice, I know), but do anything when they are NOT around. Next morning welcome them with open arms.

  79. Jules says:

    My only question is…where is the 8th baby at in that picture?

  80. Cooler says:

    Nadya loves her kids and will do anything humanily and legally possible to support, raise and take care of them. I refused to believe anything intouch or any other gossiping bs tabloids say about this woman unless I hear it coming directly out of her mouth, to which I haven’t.

  81. bluhare says:

    @fabgrrrl: Sorry about all these people telling you how you ought to feel.

    I admire you for your honesty. I’ve felt like hiring a hitman a few times in my career!

  82. Truthful says:

    she is trying to get attention and pity

    awww, I remember it like it was yesterday, I found this site–because this site had the real 411 on her and her crazy bs.

    I immediately bonded w/folks that did not beleive her crap about–LOVING, kids sooo much that she had to have 14.

    we all said lonnnnng ago that these children need to be placed in loving homes and she nds to be committed.

  83. OXA says:

    Take all of the babies away from her and the insanity while they still have a chance at a normal life. Adopt each of them out to a family that can give them the love and stability they truly need. Anyone else see the UK reality show with her and the kids, it was like a train wreck I feared for the babies safetly as the older kids behaved like wild animals.

  84. theoriginalsisterkitty says:

    After reading all he comments…I am still disturbed by fabgrrl’s comments. Meditation for you stat….

  85. Lala11_7 says:

    It’s a sad day when one can’t be “bitchy”…on a site named “Celebitchy”…

    Now, where’s my cat…I think I’ma give him a good kick!!!

  86. MonicaBee says:

    I concur completely with Amanda/#49; I also listened to OctoMom on Howard Stern *yesterday* morning. None of what she said live on the air matches up with what this trash rag has printed.

    Keep in mind that I’m not condoning what this woman is doing nor do I support her lifestyle. However, what is printed in a gossip magazine versus what is said live on the air with Howard are two drastically different views, and I tend to believe what I heard over 2nd hand info…

  87. Ron says:

    I just really don’t understand how this was allowed to happen. I know it sounds harsh, but she had 6 kids on public assistance. SIX. If you have more than two kids and the state is taking care of you for more than three years, you should be sterilized. Now, thanks to Dr Doom, she has 14 kids on public assistance. I live in CA, and it pisses me off that I am paying for this woman at all. They need to take the kids away from her now, before there is a real tragedy. It’s obvious to anyone with working eyes that she’s mentally unstable. Those poor kids.

  88. Ilovemee says:

    Why anyone would have 14 kids is beyond me. Just the idea of having one kid stresses me out! She will never find a man to marry her either. Sad.

  89. Anguishedcorn says:

    I’m certainly not going to tell fabgrrl how to feel, but I am compelled by her comments say that I have never, once, in my life, felt anything even akin to hate, be it in parentheses or not, for my son. Never. Irritation, impatience, good old-fashioned pissed-offedness? Yes. Hate? no.

  90. bernie says:

    I’m a mom. It’s hard work. I love them. I am mentally sound. I am financially stable. I am married to a wonderful partner.

    I have very fleeting thoughts of OMG I HATE MY LIFE when the twins are puking all over the place. Feelings come and go. Doesn’t mean a thang.

    So people — CHILL =)

    This will sounds insanely hippie — but I tell ya doing yoga and connecting with the divine (whatever you may want to call it) has helped me take a step back from moments of hate or intense dislike and marinate in gratitude. This is new for me, so I’m tickled.

  91. Jenni says:

    I wish people had not been so vicious with her. Sending death threats etc. I saw her in an interview, she has panic attacks due to the many death threats. Panic attacks and eight two year olds…nice combo. The vitriol against her was almost as if she were a child murderer. The Gosselins got free diapers, formula, and Kate had 7 babies, almost as irresponsible as Nadya. (One of Kate’s was stillborn). The Gosselins would most likely be on welfare as well if not for the tremendous generosity of MANY businesses and people helping, to this day. But businesses withdrew their original fomula/diapers offers to Nadya once they saw people threatening to boycott and so angry about ANY help she got. Help she did get (Allred’s nurses) were actually just a ploy to take her children from her. She has been honest about regretting what she did (while still loving her kids) since a year ago. Her children would be in a better situation (with a more functioning mom), if people had been less rabid about her — if they hadn’t been SO angry to the point they even were enraged with Peta for giving her 5 grand to humiliate herself with one of their “Octomom/pet” banners on her house. I am an oldest child of 11 and that her stress must be 10 times that of a normal huge family. Yet I have been impressed with her that unlike most parents of a trillion, she admits the selfishness of her choice. NO other parent of the many huge families I know has ever admitted that, and never would. But it’s true whether you’re Nadya or the Duggars. Withholding support from such women can have worse consequences on their children and society in the long term than simply recognizing their (yes self inflicted problems…like many peopels’ problems) needs.

  92. Sloane Wyatt says:

    @tapioca I completely agree..well said.

    She’s steeping in her crazy juices until she snaps and hurts or kill one of those poor kids.

    Killers often give warnings like the Columbine kids & the other killer moms listed here, and then they go on like everything’s normal…until it isn’t.

    I sincerely hope some do gooder posting here interferes and turns in Octobreeder before it’s too late.

  93. margaritachum says:

    nadya, you’re a lousy excuse for a mother and i’m sure your kids feel the same way about you.

    they all need to be adopted. there are a lot of loving families that would be more than happy to take care of her children.

  94. Camikastar says:

    @JuJuBee re: fabgrrl

    I think you nailed it with your comments and completely agree. Some of us are perfectly fine and loving parents who have our moments of “hate” (momentary dislike, what ever you wanna call it) for our children and are mentally healthy enough to admit it. I don’t believe SuperMoms possess much of a sense of dark humour or irony on these matters.

  95. Kim says:

    She is a monster. She could give ALL the kids up for adoption if she wanted but she doesnt because they are her money makers. She is keeping them for the money her sold stories to tabloids like In Touch bring!

    No matter how much my kids drive me crazy, they do to all parents at times, i would never say i HATE them. I may be pissed off at them or disappointed etc but never would the words hate or disgust come out of most moms mouths.

  96. JaneMarsee says:

    Jenni, the reason people are so vitriolic about Octomom is that they KNOW she is a fraud, an abuser, a user, a lazy self-absorbed leech who only had those children for fame and MONEY! I have no use for the Duggers or Gosslins either–just to be perfectly clear. I think America, as a whole, has had a ‘belly-ful’ of multiple births. (Pun intended).

  97. Jenni says:

    @fabchick On Oprah she did say she hated herself. Every day she wakes up to a situation where she’s even more behind, not ahead…ugh. I have seen her with her children in several videos. She treats them tenderly, from the older ones to the babies,speaks to them looking in their eyes, gets on their level — she is present to the best of her ability. All of these are things I am impressed with, because I come from a big family and Im sorry but many parents of big families do NOT see their children as individuals or treat them that way, they don’t LOOK at them, rarely. Don’t get on their level. Nadya had her kids for selfish, addicted to baby reasons, (like many parents of huge families) but now realizes it, which I respect. I think she loves her kids, just has way too many. My mom has 11 kids and she has also said to me when she hears a baby cry she sometimes gets physically ill. Yet my mom loved us too.

  98. Camikastar says:

    Ladies – the point has been made that the hate comment from a poster was originally in parantheseis – therefore indicating a tongue-in-cheek kinda response and if I’m assuming correctly, has a very devilish sense of humour.
    I think it’s hilarious she said she hates her kids, job, husband and cat on occasion and I don’t for one moment think this is a crazy lady, just a very funny lady. Laugh people, and get over yourselves.

  99. Lucky Charm says:

    What I don’t understand is how she qualifies for welfare? I thought California had a lifetime cap on welfare payments, and this article states that she’s been receiving welfare benefits for several years. I’m sure that the State of California can’t afford to support her with all its budget problems.

  100. ! says:

    I just LOVE the self righteous busy bodies who came in here to nitpick somebody else’s choice of words. THIS, THIS is the problem, YOU PEOPLE–YOU are the reason why women don’t feel comfortable getting the help they need, because you scold them about how they “should” be feeling like some kind of elderly aunt. Leave fabgrrl alone!

  101. Jenni says:

    @JaneMarsee I understand people think poorly of her, that’s their right, but the consequence of it is the kids suffer twice then- first because of a mother’s horrible choice, second because of a society determined to punish the mother. THe children do end up paying. Diapers, formula, food, those things could’ve (still could) help this family tremendously. People hated so much as if she’d murdered eight, instead of had eight. To the extent companies, due to off the hook hatred, withdrew original offers of diapers and formula–didn’t help her with those things though they did help other families with many multiples.

  102. Esmie says:

    Guilty pleasures, I disagree with you. I think there are times when almost all parents feel a momentary twinge or two of hatred – and that’s all it is, a quick, fleeting emotion for a brief minute, wherein the love always kicks right back in. You can call it any name you want, frustration, anger, impatience, but it’s the same quick stab of emotion.

  103. Jenni says:

    @Kim -Actually it’s evident her babies are the opposite of being her “money makers”. She’s in the hole. Welfare is not amassing money, it’s the last stop before destitution.

  104. Esmie says:

    MarenGermany, exactly so! You have a moment of ill will, so you suck it up and go do something else to get over it. You never ever say it or put it in print or even act upon it. You just deal with feeling less than saintly for a moment and move on.

  105. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    Fighting at the pennant in Bellmawr? This “club” is a crappy hole-in-the-wall (5 minutes from my house); which, I’m sure, paid her pittance. She must REALLY be desperate or just looking to escape from those poor babies she hates so much!

    @grasshopper, cosign everything you said 100%. When I was a teen, my mother ALWAYS used to tell me, “there are days when I don’t like you but I’ll always love you.”

  106. KsGirl says:

    Jenni, you make some good points and touch on issues that have bothered me since the very beginning of this saga. Do I think Octomom made a huge mistake, based on selfish personal reasons? Yes. But does it also bother me sometimes that a lot of the vitriol directed towards her has probably resulted in worsening her and therefore her children’s situation? Yes. I have had the exact same thought as you re: free diapers, formula etc. A LOT of parents of multiples have benefited with freebies and those supplies would have gone towards the care of those babies.

    It’s hard to talk about this without sounding like I think it’s perfectly OK for her to spend her money on plastic surgery and her nails. I don’t. But those children are innocent and no matter how heinous we find Nadya Suleman personally, she is their mother, she is the one caring for them, and any ‘punishment’ directed towards her will negatively impact those kids.

    It’s a really f*cked up, tragic situation. For her personally and for those kids, who did not ask for this mess.

  107. Bill Hicks is God says:

    For those saying she shouldn’t say these things publicly and having them show up in print:

    She clearly lacked the faculties to know enough not to birth that many kids with little to no resources and you’re expecting her to have sense now?

    You’re much more optimistic and give her way more credit than I do.

    Her gamble didn’t pay off and she’s super pissed about it. Deplorably, she took that gamble with the lives of innocent human beings.

  108. Violet says:

    Child Protective Services should step in and rescue those kids from that hateful nutjob.

  109. Amanda G says:

    You get what you deserve lady! Unfortunately there are 14 innocent kids that have to suffer from your poor choices.

  110. kira says:

    Ugh, those poor kids–their only parent is completely mental. They have no chance at all, unless someone steps in and helps them out. Too sad 🙁

  111. Laurie says:

    I wonder how much money she collects from the state and federal government every month since she claims to be “broke” (yet sends all her kids to private school) AND many if her children are disabled. One day she claims they are all perfect and the next she admits that one has ADHD, one is autistic, one or two have speech delays, one baby is quite small compared to the others, and one has a cleft lip which is STILL UNREPAIRED. Sounds like big bucks from the govt to me!

  112. Laurie says:

    To those that claim this contradicts her Howard Stern interview from yesterday, Nadya has ALWAYS given contradictory statements ever since this situation started. She told Oprah she had her boobs done but told Howard no plastic surgery. One day she claims to be flat broke, but the next day she claims to have plenty of money and proudly gloats that she pays for 12k a month got private school for 13 of her 14 kids. She insisted for years that she didn’t have a single stretch mark, but finally admitted to Howard she has them. One day she says the 8 have to wait for meals/bottles until the other kids are taken care of, but this past week she claims the 8 are taken care if first. She claims to have not watched tv in 10 years but in one Radar Online video she has cable in her bedroom & watches an episode of Jon & Kate plus 8 with all of her kids. Last week she claimed to not own a computer but she was filmed by Radar buying TWO Mac computers – one for her & one for her kids.
    Want me to go on? I have a million more exames of the flip flop statements & behavior of Nadya.

  113. Ashley says:

    While she made her bed, I don’t think it’s fair to label her because she says she can’t stand her kids. Granted if she didn’t like children she shouldn’t have had so many but I don’t think mums should have to be perfect and doting all the time. I never want children because I can’t stand them and I think it’s okay for someone who has them to get a free pass to say it’s harder than they thought. People have the right to regret things. Unfortunately when it comes to children, it’s like women are evil if they state other than the “norm” (ie I love them, they’re angels). It’s completely unfair.

    As for her money issues, why does she live in California? Maybe she’d save some pennies if she moved to a city with a lower cost of living. Where she can buy a proper home (one big enough for a family that size) for her children.

  114. Bill Hicks is God says:

    An unrepaired cleft-lip. That’s just marvellous.

    Don’t the county hospitals in the US do this for free? Do people have to grovel to an insurance company to repair a child’s face? I don’t honestly know so someone please edify me because being Canadian I can’t get my head around this and am not adequately familiar with the heath system in the States.

  115. I see dumb people says:

    Funny she says that because that is what most people say about her.

  116. the original bellaluna says:

    She is a vile, nasty creature. Her kids to be removed from her custody before she REALLY goes off the deep-end and hurts them.

    I love my kids dearly. I cannot imagine my life without them. But there are days when I absolutely wish I didn’t have to be the Mom. Who always loves every minute of being a mom? When you’ve been up with the both-ends flu for 3 days and finally start feeling human again, that is inevitably the day (actually, it’s usually the night!) everyone else in the house gets sick, pets included.

    Being a Mom is HARD WORK. If you don’t want the job, that’s fine. Just make that decision BEFORE your kid(s) are conceived. Save everyone involved a whole lot of heartache.

    And of course her kids are animals: look who’s raising them! An unemployed, incompetent, mentally-unhinged person who breeds like an animal. Those kids never had a chance.

  117. fizXgirl314 says:

    I feel sorry for this woman. She is in over her head. I wish the public would get over the hate they have for her and help those kids out. They did nothing wrong.

  118. Tierra says:

    Laurie…well said and I could add a ton to that list too. She lies so much about everything I dont think she can keep her stories strait.
    She also gets SS disability checks for those disabled kids and combined they’re more than a lot of people make in a month.

    She was also offered free diapers from one company but she turned them away b/c she didnt not like disposable diapers even tho they were willing to deliver and service them free. THAT is one of the many reasons why no one is willing to help her any more
    She also has state health care for them so there is absolutely no reason why Jonah’s lip should not have been fixed by now. Considering how much work she’s had done on herself, she could have easily had his lip repaired at no cost.

    As far as ppl getting on posters for having bad days with their kids. everyone has bad days with them.
    My sister just posted a status the other day after a spat with her son about how now she now understands why some wild animals eat their young…she was joking of course

  119. Nikki Girl says:

    Is this interview with In Touch legit? If so, that’s terrifying and I feel terrible for all those kids.

  120. Laurie M. says:

    @Bill Hicks Is God

    Thiscarticle shows the tup Jonah and his unprepared cleft lip. When the tips were born Nadya said it would be fixed in a few months per the doctor’s instructions. Still not fixed.

    Some days Nadya claims to pay for private insurance for her entire family by herself (no job in 12 years, that is quite a financial feat!). Most people can guess that she is most likely still on govt low income insurance. Either way, the cleft lip should be repaired considering the speech, eating, and social implications at his age. Then again, Nadya insists her babies are perfect and “bionic super babies” (yep, she says stuff like that!).

  121. Tierra says:

    The public has helped her out to the tune of over 2 million dollars and she blew it in less than 2 yrs. Mostly on her fake lips, breasts, tummy tuck, weekly fake eyelash maintenance, mani’s-pedis..etc.etc.
    she spent it on everything but her kids, including Jonah’s lip.
    this is also her bi-monthly routine to sucker ppl into giving her more money while she has so much of hers hidden in her corporation with her attorney. She’s a fraud…not someone to feel pity for. the best thing that could happen to those kids and they get removed and put into new homes.

  122. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Tierra – My Mom used to call those moments a “cause for retroactive birth control”. I call them “birth control poster child” moments.

  123. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Lucky Charm – There is supposed to be a time limit on welfare benefits, but food stamps and Medi-Cal (CA’s version of Medi-Care) is quite another story. I can’t imagine how much money (and I’m certain it’s a CONSIDERABLE AMOUNT) is being spent on food stamps and medical care for her 14 children.

    (That’s not even including the SSI I’m sure all of her developmentally disabled kids qualify for. My kids had a friend whose mom had 6 kids; all but the oldest was on SSI due to developmental disabilities. She made enough on “aid” to rent a 5 bedroom house in a nice neighbourhood, her 5 little ones were bussed at no charge to school – no one gets bussed to school unless they pay about $200 per semester here in Cali -without paying taxes. BITCH.)

  124. Micki says:

    I don#t know why I’ve read this only 5 weeks before my term.I was working with children while studing and yes, Ioved them in September and in May I was happy the year is over and I have several child-free months. I had my first child in my mid-30s and was well prepared (mentally) it will be exausting job.It still is, but there are also lots of rewarding days.
    Both my pregnancies were wanted, planned and appreciated.Knowing my limits and my age I’ll pull a stop after the second.
    What I can’t accept in any woman is the carefree attitude towards children.Some are reducing themselves to baby-conveyer without further thought HOW they’ll support the children:physically and emotionally.
    I’m so sorry for all her kids as the older will get her attitude well enough.

  125. harfang says:

    Oh god. I look at the 2 strollers of doom, and all I can think is, who the hell will help these poor human beings who aren’t even remotely individuals anymore to their “mother,” if they ever were, which I doubt?

    I really hope someday they find loving homes, hopefully in groups of 2 to 4. I don’t think separating all 8 of them will hurt them nearly as much as leaving them with Suleiman.

    The older kids though… they’ll have to be quite lucky to find the right kind of home. I’m lousy at praying, but I think I might actually remember to pray for all fourteen of these kids.

  126. KateNonymous says:

    I remember when Octomom became a serious news story, because I had just had my second miscarriage and was just short of hemmorhaging on the way home from my follow-up appointment. No one on the radio could talk about anything else, and finally Mr. Nonymous said, “I hate that woman so much.”

    Those poor children, all 14 of them. I feel terrible for them. But I hate that woman so much.

  127. jane16 says:

    I hate people who have kids becuz they think it will make them money or give them fame. Seriously, I hate them. I don’t like people who have kids that they are unable to raise (financially or physically). If you can’t afford, or can’t emotionally deal with raising a kid, don’t have them, or adopt them out. We would all be so much better off if there weren’t demented famewhores or lazy women (like my hillbillie cousins) having kids they can’t afford.

  128. jane16 says:

    kate, I can totally relate to what you’re saying…I had six miscarriages before I had my first kid. I call him my lucky 7. Don’t give up.

  129. jc126 says:

    Nothing she says is worth listening to. She’s as nutty as a Snickers bar.

  130. Cheyenne says:

    Violet: Child Protective Services should step in and rescue those kids from that hateful nutjob.

    Once and for all, to you and everybody else on here to thinks the kids should be taken away from her and adopted by other families:

    CPS cannot remove a child from a home without the parents’ consent unless there are grounds to suspect the children are being abused and/or neglected.

    This woman may be a nutjob but there is no evidence that she is abusing or neglecting any of the kids. If it’s true that one of the children has a harelip or a cleft palate — and I’ve never seen evidence of that in any photos of the kids — the state might have grounds to file a neglect charge on that. But it’s iffy.

    After many years in social work I can tell you from experience that no judge will remove a child based on what the mother might do in the future. You have to show evidence of actual, current neglect.

  131. Andie B says:

    Too late to decide they are a pain in the arse now honey. It’s probaby best if they are taken away from her. Did she not think bringing up 14 kids would be hard work? I have one child – works for me..I adore and cherish her.

  132. blouson says:

    Where do some of you women/men get off telling OTHER people what emotions they have? Jeeez.

  133. Jag says:

    She needs to give up all of her children for adoption immediately. Then the children would have a chance at having decent lives.

    DCS needs to step in and protect those children NOW – not later, when one or more is killed or maimed. The mother admitted she neglects them for hours. The mother admitted to being suicidal. The mother admitted to hating her babies and wishing she never had them. The mother admitted to not being able to afford food, and one child was filmed eating drywall. What else do you need to do something???

  134. Maritza says:

    I agree that she should move to another state where she can find a home that pays much less. Who is paying the nannies? Doesn’t she have 3 kids that receive disability checks plus the welfare she receives? I know it cant’ be much but there should be enough to put food on their plates.

  135. Shannon says:

    It is normal for a parent to feel overwhelmed and frustrated and have momentary thoughts about hating/disliking one’s children. It is healthy to vent that frustration, because bottling it up can lead to an explosion. But venting to a tabloid your kids will be able to Google someday is a really bad way to do that, and I’m sure Ms. Suleman’s kids will have plenty to say about it when they’re older. Clearly the woman is an idiot and we know that, but saying “I told you so” isn’t exactly helpful now that there are 14 children in this world. It’s not like that’s reversible or anything. Crazy as she might be, her kids deserve help and love.

  136. Laurie says:

    Here is a link to photos that show the tup Jonah with the very obvious cleft lip malformation which has not been corrected. I recall an interview with Nadya a few months ago (TMZ or Radar) where she said she didn’t want to get it corrected because it did not affect his palate or eating and was therefore unnecessary.
    The author mentions some issues that might be of concern to CPS such as bruises on the kids faces (CPS investigated her a year or so ago for bruises on the back of one of her older sons). The current issue of In Touch has an article which is the basis for these most recent revelations. There is a photo in there which shows one of her young ones EATING DRYWALL.
    Whether the kids should be removed or not is for CPS to determine, but it would be good for them to investigate the home situation since she is now without her babysitter and has mentioned a few times about being suicidal (and perhaps a severe case of mental illness, in my opinion).

  137. Maripily says:

    Casey Anthony once confessed to “hating” her child. And we all know how that turned out. So, call me a SuperMommy, call me a semantics quibbler, call me June Cleaver, but anytime a woman states she “hates” her kids, warning bells go off in my head.

    Yes, we all feel overwhelmed, frustrated, annoyed, not always overjoyed with our kids. True, motherhood isn’t always a sunshine-y, happy place. But hating your kids ISN’T normal. For most sane mothers, your kids are the reason you go on every day, point blank. They bring you such joy you can’t remember what life was like before they existed. They create the most confusing, most exhilarating moments in your life.

    Both Octomom’s and Fabgirls careless words DISGUST me. Some of us would be be up in arms if Fabgirl said she hated minorities, or hated Republicans, or hated Jennifer Aniston, but it’s cool for her to hate her kids. Whatever.

  138. Jenn says:

    She doesn’t work. How does she not have time to discipline these children? She makes excuses for everything. She wanted babies because she thought they meant something that they didn’t. She wants to buy cute clothes and maybe throw a few parties- she doesn’t want to have to actually RAISE anyone. She’s a permanent, mental child who says anything that comes to mind and doesn’t accept that consequences or reality apply to her.

  139. Cami says:

    That’s an awful thing to say!!!!!!!!!!! Gosh, I feel so bad for her children 🙁
    I mean, I understand what a pain in the ass it must be, but it was her choice to keep all the embryos, right? Also, it doesn’t justify her behavior. My greatgrandmother had 21 kids and she used to live a very poor country life and all of them turned out to be OK.

  140. Cami says:

    And she is very contradictory!!! In the same interview she said:

    ‘I hate the babies, they disgust me’
    ‘Obviously I love them’


    Oh, and there’s one baby missing in this photo. I wonder if she noticed…

  141. DemoCat says:

    Where are the Duggars? With all their kids, maybe 14 more wouldn’t even be noticed!

    All kidding aside, I really resent this woman and hope CPS or whatever it’s called in California will step in and remove those kids. Unfortunately, in some states it takes severe abuse or drug use around the child before CPS steps in.

  142. Lisa Turtle says:

    Repulsive creature, inhuman.

    I think we all WISH SHE NEVER HAD THEM.

  143. crumbcake says:

    CPS, get in there and get those kids away from this maniac. She has NO business having ANY children and is an idiot for getting impregnated with a litter of innocent babies whom she obviously cannot care for. If she had any decency, she’d relinquish her children to the state (which I know is rough for the kids, but at least they would have a chance to be adopted into a loving home). These children do not deserve such a pathetic excuse for a mother, please rescue those innocent babies.

  144. GradStudentEatingHotPockets says:

    @ Bill Hicks is God

    First, loved your original post. Being a money hungry fame whore (Octomom) is NOT the same as being a women suffering from post partem psychosis. Andrew Yates did not hate her children. I’m so glad you brought it up.

    Second, well…since I have military insurance I’m unsure how other people don’t get surgeries and stuff. So I guess we’re in the same boat for that. And yeah- plenty of doctors do pro-bono surgeries but I thinks he would have to prove she actually NEEDS the assistance (instead of her just looking for another cash cow).

  145. kazoo says:

    clearly she’s unstable and unfit. hopefully CPS will step in before she physically harms those children.

  146. dep says:

    She obviously has problems in the first place – and I feel really bad when i see such horrible comments from people online as one day her kids will see them. It’s seriously tantamount to grown up bullying. There’s no changing her situation, she needs some proper help not people hating on her constantly.

  147. Cheyenne says:

    @Laurie: I can see the cleft palate formation. But CPS won’t remove a kid for that reason alone, because a cleft palate, although it is disfiguring, is not a health-threatening medical problem.

    @kazoo: For the umpteenth time: CPS can’t intervene UNLESS she harms the children. Preventive removal is against the law. You can’t take the kids away until you can show she has harmed them. And you’d better have hard evidence of neglect or abuse to show a judge.

  148. crtb says:

    Obviously none of youhave teenagers
    they push you very very close to hating them

  149. I’m very much of the opinion that a strong percentile of breeders have no business being parents at all.

    I don’t care about people’s issues with self-esteem or mental illness – if you have the emotional maturity of a child, you ought not be raising one. Bringing another life into this world isn’t going to fool anyone into thinking you have your shit together.

    My mother was a very angry, hateful and hurtful person. I always got the distinct feeling she deeply, deeply resented me and my sisters. She killed herself when I was eleven, instilling a life time self-doubt and abandonment issues. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to raise a family of my own.

    Even if this famewhore outlives the lot of her brood, I have no doubt they’ll face similar issues stemming from a deep-rooted emotional neglect.

    Fuck her. What a terrible fucking person.

  150. ctkat1 says:

    @ Cheyenne: thank you for clarifying this.

    I’m an attorney and I worked for the state handling parental termination cases, so I know how difficult it is to remove a child from the home.

    The United States has amazing individual liberty rights, which none of us would trade away, and part of those rights include the right to privacy over the family.

    We hold a parent’s rights to and over their children to be almost sacrosanct- the standard for interfering with a parent’s right to their children is incredibly high. There has to be documented neglect or abuse CURRENTLY happening for children to be removed from the home. Saying that you hate you children, that you are overwhelmed, that you regret having them – it’s incredibly sad, but it’s not legally actionable abuse or neglect.

  151. skinanny says:

    She was and is out of her mind, and those children should be taken away from her. Oh, maybe thats exactly what she wants!!

  152. original kate says:

    “I wish the public would get over the hate they have for her and help those kids out.”

    @fizXgirl: nadya is on welfare, therefore the public IS helping out.

  153. ZenB!tch says:

    I would be miserable and suicidal if I had one kid. (wait for it)


    I know myself.

    I also believe that every human being deserves a shot at a good life. I am pretty sure I would be a horrible mom.

    If I got knocked up, I would give it to a good home with someone who likes and wants a child or 2.

    No one made her do this. I have a lot of empathy – the idea of living her life makes me ill – but I have ZERO *sympathy* and I hope they take them away. Even the foster system has been better than this.

    And aren’t some of them disabled because there were so many conceived at the same time? She’s a woman not a well… canine. The B word applies. We aren’t built to bear that many young at once.

  154. ZenB!tch says:

    @MissyAggravation (149)

    I had the opposite problem. I’m an only child because thankfully my mom realized what a lying ass my dad was before she was saddled with a brood. My mom is a fabulous mother but she had to raise me by herself, putting herself second the minute the asshole walked (after she told him off for not telling her she was his 3rd wife – he claimed he was a widower). She was and is utterly selfless and always put my needs first.

    To me the idea of motherhood is the most horrible, torturous, thing I could think of (for myself, I love my BFFs kids, they rock!)

    Hence my post above. I am not that selfless. I like going to the spa and all that stuff. So no, I don’t want to be a mother. I never did. I think I ruined her life and made her non-existent – even if it was HIM who ruined it.

  155. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @Missy, I’m so sorry about your mom; and that, the little time you did share with her was so terrible. You sound like a very intelligent, level headed individual who would make a great parent someday (if you so choose). My husband was raised by a neglectful alcoholic. He was beaten by his step-dad and sexually abused as a child, but he is an excellent father who knows what it means to have it bad and works hard to be sure his children never suffer the same hardships he did. It’s our interpretation of our life experiences that make us good or bad parents.

  156. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    Also, I can see why this woman is considering a career in boxing. Her prolapsed uterus could probably double as a speedbag.

  157. Crystalline says:

    Lord, the reaction over fabgrrl’s comments are intense. I appreciate her honesty and I’ll say it too, while I may not have children of my own, I hate my boyfriend, my pets, and my family at times. My damn cat raced out the door tonight and decided the best route to take was through garbage, you can bet I hate her right now because tomorrow I’ll have to fight her into a bath. Nothing wrong with being upfront with your emotions and having that hate doesn’t mean I’m about to kill them. Speak it like it is, fab.

    I feel bad for Nadya, even though she created this mess. I think she’s genuinely ill and she needs treatment to get whatever is wrong under control.

  158. Charlotte says:

    There are at least 14 people somewhere that would relieve her of her “problems” and take the kids for her.

  159. Cheyenne says:

    @ctkat: I’ve been in court on more remand and termination cases than I can count. One particularly sticks out in my mind. A 37 year old woman had her parental rights terminated to all her eleven children. She was a neglectful, abusive mother. She beat one of them, a seven month old baby, so hard she broke the baby’s arm. She beat and neglected the other children as well. So when she gave birth to #12, at age 37, I said oh hell no, she’s not getting her hands on this one, and called CPS to get the child remanded to foster care straight from the hospital. CPS was only too happy to oblige.

    Then we got into court, and taking the baby from the mother turned out to be good social work (we got the baby away from her before she had a chance to harm it like she harmed her other 11), but bad law (you can’t take a child away from her that she hasn’t harmed). We told the judge about the other 11 children she had abused and neglected. The judge asked, how had she harmed this baby. Of course she hadn’t — yet — that was the whole point. But the judge had to stick to the law. The only thing that saved the baby from being returned to the mother was the mother never bothered to show up in court at the remand hearing. If she had, the judge might have ordered the baby returned to her then and there.

    Subsequently she abandoned the baby in foster care and the baby was freed for adoption. But that was after we had a rock-solid abandonment case.

    Bottom line: you can’t terminate parental rights without due process. And as you correctly observed, the deck is stacked in favor of the birth parents. So the agencies have to have an airtight case to take into court.

  160. Eve says:

    She is likely going through post-partum depression which hits mothers of multiples later than it does with singletons. Mothers of higher order multiples are also more likely to experience post-partum depression. The fact that she seeks out media attention and may be important to her sense of self worth does not help her when the light doesn’t shine on her.
    It is sad that she is so vocal and recorded because her kids will likely see it one day. Hopefully she will recognize that it is likely post-partum depression and get some help.

  161. Annie_Grey says:

    When she was on Oprah, she couldn’t stop giggling, talking really fast, and then would blurt out things without control. If she’s like this is public, I wonder how she is behind close doors. Since she has no impulse control, I’m afraid for her children’s safety.

  162. the original bellaluna says:

    OK, look. My teenage daughter lives with her father in another state, because Cali just wasn’t big enough for the 2 of us. I don’t like her BEHAVIOUR, but I still LOVE her.

    Even when our kids are at their most obnoxious, HATE is a really strong word. I’ve detested my kids’ behaviour, but I’ve never HATED my kids.

    And there IS a difference. Think about it.

  163. galaxy.girl says:

    If she was perturbed over her x *no kids*, having 14 children wasn’t they way to “get back” or “show him”…Idk the story… if it is gossip that they couldn’t have children. She has degrees? & if she had any psychology wasn’t there a section on how “parents” use children in seeking attention for themselves. 🙁
    Were her genes used in the experiment, even so I think many would love the chance to adore & give to them.

  164. galaxy.girl says:

    🙁 Set them free!

  165. KateNonymous says:

    @jane16, Thanks for the encouragement! In my case we were successful with #3, and have a happy, healthy little girl. We feel very blessed. I did have another miscarriage a few months ago, so we don’t know if we’ll have another child, even though we’d like to.

  166. The H says:

    I know lots of moms on meds just to be able to deal with their frazzled lives. I’ll keep my two cats. And WHY is it moms feel the need to judge and tell each other how to feel? No wonder it’s a secret society of depressed and anxious mothers who have to look perfect and act perfect.

    The pressure to be this perfect mother is insane. I’m not a mom (thank God) and I can certainly feel it here. Women are so cruel. No one has it all figured out. Pssst: no one is supposed to! Therapy goes a long way.

  167. Str8Shooter says:

    I hope someday the kids turn around and do their OWN interview and say what a hateful SKANK of a publicity-whore they had for a mother.

    Utter piece of garbage this woman is.

  168. neema says:

    What a stupid impulsive bitch.

    Nobody is to blame for the welfare of her children except the woman that chose this.

  169. Alexa says:

    All parents could use some help at times. Probably moreso for those parents who are without a helpful partner, friend, family, etc. I feel so worried about her and her children. I believe even the very BEST parent would eventually become troubled if they were in her situation. All the condemnations in the world are not going to help any member of this family. Let’s just HELP her and/or people we know that are like her.

  170. pinkcaddy7 says:

    I didn’t have time to read ALL the comments above, but on another note, let’s hope she doesn’t do something really weird like the Casey Anthony case going on in FL. God help these kids.

    WHY do authorities always step in when it’s too late and then they say “Oh, it slipped thru the cracks” — that’s gonna have to be a darn big crater for this family to slip thru. Come on SOCIETY, step up.

    WHY isn’t that doctor responsible for some type of support? What kind of maniac would have agreed to implant 8 embryos when she already had 6 kids???

  171. Iloverabbits says:

    Even moms of just one baby have these thoughts. They just don’t share them. Having a baby is hard. Having 8? omg! I think she is a little touched but its not bc she has felt like she wants to kill herself and can’t cope. She is odd in general. However not being able to cope and aging being a mom is not crazy.

  172. ValGal says:

    Octomom has had major plastic surgeries, tummy tucks, breast implants, etc., but one of her children has a cleft palate! When will he get his surgery? This story is horrible. Thankfully, the doctor who made this mess has lost his license. I think he should be responsible for paying for her bills as well.

  173. Hannah says:

    This is a story of a woman publicly crying for help and I don’t mean financial help, I mean mental help before something awful happens to her family! Being a mother is a full-time job and it is difficult to raise TWO close in age ALONE, so those who say she has all day are out of their mind. It is much easier to have a job and work all day than raise 14! The problem is the cost of daycare for one child, much less 14! THis poor woman asked for more than she could handle and now regrets it! I feel terrible for this family and I believe she she should consider adoption… awful, but the consequences of losing her mind are much great when children are involved! Humans aren’t built psychologically or physically to birth and raise a litter of children.

  174. Hannah says:

    I agree.. there is no good reason these children should be going to a private rather than public school. If they are getting the shaft at home, what good is private anyway? There needs to be a loving home environment first and foremost. She needs to save her money to afford a life for these kids.

  175. Hannah says:

    You would think she would be overwhelmed after the first 6 which would deter her from more.. wow. Sad situation and I hope her family gets help.

  176. guest says:

    We ALL make mistakes..sometimes really silly and foolish ones. Yet never before with anyone before this ‘octomom’ has another been so vilified, judged.maligned.hated.spat on.threatened.ulgy jokes about her and HER CHILDREN.gossiped about.You name and it’s been said. I worry more over this cruelity among the american ppl. than i do about this young women.Is there any wonder that she is feeling overwhelmed? The public made pretty darn certain she could not provide for these kid’s. Surely there was a way to help this women.at the very least the children..but it was more important to the american public to punish her. The shame should be on you as you all boast that you are responsible with a level head.Shame on your smugness.

  177. guest says:

    This women never stated she hated her kid’s. That was slander..suleman never did an interview with the magazine. Not long ago a small chinese girl was hit and run over and no one stopped to help. American’s were outraged as they should be over this atrocity. Yet suleman’s children are getting HUNDRED’S of death threat’s!! Her children for goodness sake!! Why? Simply because they were born! We are horrified over what happened in China yet look at what WE have become.

  178. Rowan says:

    she should never of had any more kids. six was more than enough.

    she is a lunatic. And I’m not surprised she is unhappy, and unable to cope at times. I’d throw myself under a bus rather than live with 14 children all under ten years old as well. 8 of whom are 2 years old.
    it must be torture.
    She made her bed, now she has to lie in it, and these kids will suffer for it too.

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  180. judy says:

    I think its funny if this is the way she feels…I hope those kids wears her azz out…I don’t want my tax dollars paying for the kids she DREAMED of having, street walking pays well I have heard….she made them so what ever it takes…get to walking. I also want my tax dollars to pay for abortions….in the long run its cheaper….the mother did not want the kid, the father will never pay. If this has offended anyone…oh well, why don’t you send Suleman some money, she needs it, yes I can hear you now…well, um duh, well…I don’t want to pay for them, well neither then hell do I.