“Charlize Theron never wants to get married” links


Charlize Theron will never get married. [The Celebrity Café]
Miley Cyrus hates bras. And she‘s really, really cold. [Amy Grindhouse]
Russell Brand‘s ass crack. Enjoy. [INFDaily]
Yasmin Le Bon!! YASMIN LE BON!! [Go Fug Yourself]
Angelina Jolie takes her kids bowling. Seriously. [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
Janet Jackson looks casual and covered up. [I’m Not Obsessed]
Alicia Silverstone‘s baby Bear. [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]
Shia LaBeouf: Transformers 2 didn‘t even have a script. [Celebslam]
More photos of Linnocent‘s DrunkFace. [IDLITW]
Do you even care that your boyfriend masturbates? Meh. [The Frisky]
Remember Puck from The Real World? He was arrested. [Crazy Days and Nights]
Mark Halperin got suspended by MSNBC for calling Obama a “dick”. [Radar]
Aaron Carter says Michael Jackson gave him cocaine. [Bitten and Bound]
Hayden Panettiere is absolutely disgusting. [Celebs]
Brigitte Nielson still has pretty great legs. [Hollywood Rag]
Awesome/funny photos – I love the tiger one. [CityRag]
Joe Jonas‘s first solo video. Meh. [Starpulse]
Blake Lively is in talks for a new movie! Looks like Leo is helping her out. [Moviefone]

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24 Responses to ““Charlize Theron never wants to get married” links”

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  1. Rita says:

    Wear a padded bra and it will keep the tattas warm…problem solved. Kids?

  2. Quest says:

    It is a toss-up here with Miley Cyrus’s latitude travelling/pendulous boobs (ugh), Russell Brand‘s ass-crack on a bike(gouging out eyes) or Linnocent‘s Drunk(bitch)Face – nuff said.

  3. bluhare says:

    I guess she should get hold of Clooney!

  4. lucy2 says:

    I’m going to skip all those yucky links and just say how pretty Charlize is.

  5. Blank says:

    She doesn’t look good here (and I usually think she’s gorgeous). Also why do celebrities always have to talk about things like these? It only paints her into a hole.

  6. really says:

    Sooooooooooo true, perfect match for Clooney! She is beautiful!

  7. sassenach says:

    C’mon now. Blake had signed on for Savages before she got with Leo. She’s been fine getting jobs on her own so far.

  8. werty says:

    Blank: Cause there constntly asked and some people answer instead of saying *no comment*

    Have there been any bets about LL on when she going to get in trouble again?
    If so im betting that on july 25 she will have a runin with the police.

  9. lrm says:

    the hayden pana whatever-she was using the opposite hand for the ‘lick’ as per the comments below the photos…i think she did it as a joke. still gross…but anyway….next!

  10. the original bellaluna says:

    re: Charlize – This is news?

    re: Pantytroll – GROSS. I hope there’s a reasonable explanation for this.

    re: Linnocent “Craken” Blohan – Keep it up honey. We need a new excuse for our crack tail-gates.

    re: Miley – It’s called “a bra.” Get one and save your girls before you have to tuck them into the waist of your jeans.

  11. Tierra says:

    Im with Charlize on marriage…good for her. She became one of my fav’s ever since i saw her in Monster.

  12. LucyOriginal says:

    So, let me get this straight…Is it ok for Charlize to say that? But if Clooney says it he is gay? I don’t see the logic…

    Good for you Charlize, you know what you want!

    Some people just don’t want to get married.

  13. Rita says:

    This is one of the reasons that I like Charlize (the other is that we could almost be mistaken for identical twins…well, okay that’s a fib).

    She is just so much herself. She doesn’t seem delightfully happy but she knows the score and has for some time. I’m sure she understands that she’s incredibly pretty and sexy (the exception being the top pic wtf?) but that’s not her first protocol. Cool lady.

  14. luls says:

    c!? this is PROOF that stong, beautiful & independant women who DONT want marriage DO exist!

    So why doesnt George Clooney date women of THIS calibre??

    The man is either a gay closet case, or he has mental/emotional issues…. Probably both.

  15. fannomore says:

    good for her, better than a bad marriage just for the sake of marriage

  16. Bill Hicks is God says:

    Given her parents’ marriage and what happened, I don’t blame her.

  17. Carolyn says:

    Totally agree @Rita. Her parents seemingly had an awful marriage – I also don’t blame Charlize. You don’t have to marry to have a fulfilling relationship. She needs to hook up again with Keanu.

  18. Blue says:

    Lol I hope that one with Hayden Pantiesupintheaire (Michael K) was a joke or a dare.

  19. Becky says:

    In regards to the Mark Halperin story, I’m really surprised that MSNBC suspended him. I saw “Morning Joe” this AM and heard his comment about Obama acting like a dick and didn’t think it was a big deal. Halperin was just giving his take on Obama’s press conference yesterday. I don’t find what he said offensive at all-it actually made me laugh.

    P.S. I’m a Democrat and I voted for Obama so my opinion on this isn’t influenced by my political beliefs.

  20. sally says:

    Why doesn’t Miley just walk around topless and save herself the hassle of even putting on a shirt? Gross.

  21. Camille says:

    Charlize and Clooney would make an interesting couple. Don’t think she is Clooneys type though.

  22. Crystalline says:

    Agreed on the mehness of the boyfriend masturbating. Not sure it was worthy of that massive blog post.

  23. Jerome says:

    So she doesn’t want to get married at all?! What the hell is wrong with this lady? Just kidding…………

  24. Annie says:

    I’m with you! What a complete knee jerk reaction to a seemingly harmless comment (albeit snarky)
    I’ll bet Obama laughed, as it WAS accurate!
    In this 24 hour news cycle where pundits commonly give slanted or outright misinformation this action ridiculous!