Jennifer Love Hewitt in formfitting Leger: brave, hot and/or Kardashian-esque?

Jennifer Love Hewitt wore a form fitting Herve Leger dress to the premiere of Horrible Bosses, in which she doesn’t star or anything. I just bitched about how the Leger dress trend should go out of style. Even on very thin women I dislike these super tight dresses. But Hewitt kind of works that look. Like I’m amazed that she would wear that dress with pride and be like “whatever, I’m hot.”

I don’t find it very flattering on her, and I don’t particularly like the style, but with that hair and makeup it kind of works. She has the attitude to go with it, she’s not wearing a sack, and she looks like a Kardashian without the bad plastic surgery. So who am I to say that she shouldn’t wear a tight dress because she’s got hips?

Here are some of Love Hewitt’s past event looks this year. She’s hit or miss, well usually miss, with her fashion. So even though this dress doesn’t work well with her bottom half, it’s not as bad as some of the other dresses she wears.





Look at her expression, she’s not smug, she’s not meek, she’s just happy to be there and feels good about herself. I kind of love that. It will be a hot minute before she finds another boyfriend and is talking marriage and babies to the press again. Those stripper shoes have got to go though and how did she think that tiny yellow purse would work?



Update: Here’s a photo of her from behind, by request.

Photo credit: except for the last photo above, which is from Fame Pictures

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  1. Sarah says:

    I love JLH. She’s just so cute. As much as she’s talked about for her body shape, I for one would love to have that body.

  2. mln76 says:

    I kind of almost like it, maybe if the dress was a bit longer she could go for an almost Sofia Vergia vibe? It’s better than the sweetheart look she’s been going for.

  3. embertine says:

    I agree that the tight dress trend is overdone and a bit trashy, but she does look great here. The colour is fantastic with her colouring, and I think she has a great body. Only straight women think that having boyish hips and no booty is attractive. Give me the junk in the trunk anyday.

    ETA: Nix on the ugly stripper shoes though.

  4. brin says:

    Klueless Kardashian?

  5. daisylala says:


  6. imabrat says:

    She needs to wear pants. It looks like she has elephantiasis. I don’t mean to be rude, she’s a very pretty woman, but she needs to remember the old adage of “accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative”.

  7. Eugene says:


  8. DogBoy says:

    She’s hot. Never stopped being hot– just more to love.

  9. Samigirl says:

    Ehh, it’s not the best on her, but I do think she looks hot. However, we haven’t seen any shots from behind. I’m willing to bet that is a mess!

  10. Eugene says:


  11. mln76 says:

    LOL Samigirl I bet you are right. The top half of the dress works on her though.

  12. Celebitchy says:

    @Samigirl – I’ll update with a shot from behind.

    Also, in regards to the all caps comments. I don’t want to delete your comments but I’ll have to do it if you keep commenting in all caps. Please use mixed case. A couple of words in caps is ok, but don’t overdo it.

    -Edit: the post was updated with a photo from behind. Thanks Samigirl!-

  13. Justalark says:

    The dress is HORRIBLE from every perspective: cut, fit, style, etc., and it does NOTHING for her figure! She is obviously trying to look young and sexy, but instead she looks out-of-shape and desperate.

    It amazes me that people will criticize Kate, the new Duchess of Cambridge, for her lovely, tasteful, FLATTERING, classic outfits (calling them boring), but they will think an over-tight, tacky dress like this is sexy and hot…

    There’s a lot to be said for the subtle appeal of understatement–sex begins in the imagination!

  14. Smr says:

    She is wearing the “stripper shoes” in 3 of the above photos. I like when celebrities wear something more than once but probably not a good idea on the red carpet. She’s cute. Great smile.

  15. Quest says:

    I like it, not 100% but I actually like it – the hair, makeup and even the dress. She has the figure to pull it off and it is a welcome change from her past fashion pazs…she looks hot. Glad to see the old JLH is coming back

  16. xxodettexx says:

    eh, i think she looks cute; she could have had better accessories and shoes but she does look great in that dress [imho]

  17. carrie says:

    Kardashian but not vulgar

  18. yepp says:

    she looks great, and i love the fact that she is embracing her body. she look GREAT from Behinde also. its a good look for her. not every day but its a start. (bigger does not mean u have to dress in a bloody sack!)

  19. Blue says:

    Love her, she’s so cute. I think she looks hot. Maybe the dress a little longer but other than that.

  20. daisylala says:

    OK CB – I’ll stop with the caps if you PROMISE to stop typing “in regards to”.

    It’s in/with REGARD to.

    Regards is a salutation :/

  21. almond says:

    The dress draws too much attention to the lower half of the body which -unfortunately- is quite disproportionate from the upper half. With hips that wide and bum that big she should look into something more concealing.

    As much as I like A-line dresses I avoid wearing them because they make my hips look huge. Same with strapless anything: gravity does its number on big boobs. We have to give up some things in the wardrobe if we don’t have great proportions or genes.

    Also, that purse is from a whole different movie. Did she, herself, pair it with the dress? Cause if a stylist did that they need to be let go.

  22. Hollowdoll says:

    Dress could be a little longer. shoes/purse = o_O But she makes it work. She looks good.

  23. ERika says:

    she pulls it off. i would NEVER dare to wear that dress. but she did. and i respect her for it.

  24. MikeyAngel says:

    She is a beautiful woman who made a bad dress choice. She is too thick and her legs are not tone enough for that dress. Her butt is good, most men would kill to sleep next to a butt like that.

  25. smith says:

    Props to her for wearing it on her hips and in her heart.

    Sure if it were a tad longer, with a different (more modern) shoe and a nice sleek clutch we’d all sleep better. But still, not awful.

    Also, sadly yes that looks like KK’s biscuit from behind.

  26. sassenach says:

    She looks great from the front but bad from the back.

  27. Remotecontrol says:

    She looks like a woman, how dare she!!!

  28. Vee says:

    I think she looks great here. She has a very “normal” figure for a woman. She is not Hollywood thin. This should be celebrated.

    Her legs, while not the most toned, are very acceptable. I just despise the intense scrutiny. It’s so unhealthy!

  29. Samigirl says:

    Thanks, CB. It’s not as bad as I thought from behind. The dress could be (read:definitely is) a little too tight on the bottom half, but it’s not terrible. That being said, I’d still kill for her figure. I think she’s sexy.

  30. gee says:

    Why do people think its ok to say women should stick to pants when theyre not stick figures??? She has curves, she is embracing them, good for her! If you don’t like the way she looks, don’t look at her. I think she looks great and the confidence looks even better.

    She should try a mad men esque outfit, i bet she’d rock the hell ouf of it.

  31. Ms says:

    She does like her golden shoes…

  32. almond says:

    I agree with the mad men style outfit. She would look much better and classier.

  33. curleque says:

    Very KK-esque, but I think KK looks better. I don’t like JLH at this size. She has small frame and I do not think she holds extra weight well.

  34. Emily says:

    She looks great, much thinner than when she wears those muu muu dresses. This just confirms Kim K’s butt implant rumors to me. If Kim’s ass were real, she should have the natural hips and thighs that go with it, like JLove.

  35. Shump76 says:

    I’m with gee here. I think she looks great, and why all the hate on hips and thighs? WHY should she have to wear pants? And whoever that was that said said “accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative” ought to be ashamed of themselves for perpetuating this nonsensical belief that we should all look a certain way. There in NOTHING “negative” about a pear shaped woman. There’s nothing wrong with being hourglass, or apple-shaped, or athletic either. We need to start accepting and CELEBRATING the bodies we have, people!!

    I hate JLH’s stupid show, but I love the way she looks here.

  36. Hanh says:

    I love JLH and all her crazy shennanigans. *sigh* I miss Ghost Whisperer and the clothes porn that came with it. She had a great stylist on that show. I think she looks great with a beautiful more natural looking face than the plastics out there and gorgeous hair. I love that she is not afraid to put it all out there but she looks like she is being squeezed to death in spanx.

  37. Stephie says:

    It’s no wonder she may (or may not, do you really know?) have body issues when people nit pick every little thing. I think she looks good, and it’s nice to see someone who isn’t emancipated or who f*cked up their face trying to look like “the ideal” perfect woman.

    Will say though, she really likes those shoes huh? Several shots of her in them. I think they’re too high. Might as well wear ballerina slippers if your foot is going to arch so hard.

  38. Heatheradair says:

    Hey, @Shump76 — well said.

    Gotta give props to JLH for looking happy, healthy, and comfortable in her own skin….

    Dorky as it sounds to say “pear power!” I think we need more women who look like women…..

  39. Turtle Dove says:

    She’s a sweetheart. I like JLH a lot, but this is a huge NO. This dress is so, so over and she has cellulite. The other dresses featured are much nicer on her.

  40. moptop says:


  41. Rita says:

    Could not agree more.

    Restriction on CAP comments? Strangest thing I’ve ever read on this site.

  42. mary jones says:

    Isn’t she another one who claims to be a size 2? The dress looks awful on her, she looks so wide.

  43. - says:


  44. Toe says:

    She look HOT!!! She just need to lose like 10 more pounds and then she would be perfect!!!

  45. kibbles says:

    I’ll take JLH’s body over Gwyneth Paltrow’s any day. I think she looks great. I’m a straight woman but I appreciate a woman with breasts and hips. I definitely prefer this body type over the tall and lanky figure that the majority seems to fawn over.

  46. Stubbylove says:

    Jennifer is a terrible actress but she’s beautiful – she’s just a normal girl with a normal body in bat-shit crazy Hollywood. Love her curves and booty – just watch it on the KK look-alike and I’m good!

  47. Truthful says:

    They just HAD to do a back shot huh??

    hope she finds true love soon, smdh.

  48. Ari says:

    love it immensely

  49. kibbles says:

    I really like Dlisted and Michael K but some of the comments on the JHL thread are truly hateful and misogynistic. People who flaunt their bodies and give dieting advise to fat people like Gwyneth Paltrow deserve scorn, but JHL looks happy and isn’t trying hard to be a sex symbol like Kim Kardashian or Gwyneth in her recent fishnets photoshoot. Just because a woman has hips and isn’t a size 2 doesn’t mean she’s going to become obese after having children. Lots of women haters out there.

  50. Tiffany says:

    Argh! I have one of these dresses only a bit longer with sleeves and I have her shape only a few lbs. lighter and I am taller. I have hips, oh well. If people don’t like it, don’t look. I think us pear girls are just as good as anyone else, and I get no complaints from the hubby.
    She looks great, and she has such a pretty face and hair. This is what real girls look like, she isn’t a size 2-good for her. Crap, we all complain about everyone having to be so skinny and when we see a real girl with hips and a few lumps, people skewer her.
    Can we celebrate women, not just perfect women?

  51. kg says:

    at least shes real.
    that makes her a ok in my book

  52. original kate says:

    that skin-tight red sausage-casing dress is just fug and would not be flattering on anyone. JLH has a fine figure but she really doesn’t know how to dress it, does she? darker, richer colors, A-line skirts, menswear style trousers, and overall just cleaner lines would help her immensely.

  53. DSMR says:

    I really digging her, she has smiling eyes and looks like a real woman with curves should. No fat injected Ass and no bolt ons. She’s hot in every way, heres to thinking I’d have a shot, she did go out with that FUGLY Kennedy douche afterall.

  54. JennJenn says:

    That banded dress looks awful on her. Among all the dresses she is wearing in the photographs, the sleeveless gray dress in the second one is the most flattering. Its fitted bodice shows off her small waist while the pretty full skirt artfully hides her large bottom half.

  55. Laura says:

    Good! I’m glad she decided to own her hips and booty instead of hiding them in a sack till she loses weight and comes out with some InTouch story about how she lost 30lbs. She’s a pear shaped lady and she should embrace it! I’d much rather see her in a dress like this than a Kardashian any day.

  56. Isa says:

    I just really don’t like when women looked stuffed into dresses.

  57. Kitten says:

    Not trying to hate and I think she has a lovely shape but she doesn’t have the legs to make a short dress like this look hot. I do give her props for not giving an eff though.

  58. Realgirl says:

    I think she looks bangin. Not every one or every culture cares about being a size 2 for the hell of it or likes looking like or looking at a malnourished pre-teen boy.

    Take it from a former “model-skinny” type girl. I HATED being thin in HS, although I always had hips and a booty. As I got into my 20’s I filled out more but maintained a 24″ waist and flat tummy with toned arms. I don’t fit into a size 2 and I don’t mind at all, and never heard a man complain either 🙂

  59. bagladey says:

    The dress could have been a little bit longer but other than that she looks great. You go girl!

  60. dr.bombay says:

    I do think the dress style/type is a bit overdone; but, she looks excellent.

    And…don’t criticize the hips and thighs! The Kardashians wear these same exact dresses and get tons of oohs and aahs, in general. In a day and age where we’re all sick of balloon boobies on skeletons, let’s at least acknowledge what some real bangin bods look like.

  61. Ambergesa says:

    I think she looks amazing here. She has a beautiful naturally voluptuous body this dress shows to perfection. I love the form fittedness it’s brave and she looks so sexy and proud. What does make me sad is all the hate for thin fit women. I’m naturally toned 6 pack having size 1 post 2 children. And I’m a real women that gets no complaints either. Why is denigration of my body type ok? If I attacked bigger shapes people would flip out. Why can’t we REALLY appreciate beauty in all sizes

  62. Lex says:

    Hahahaha, I LOVE that you pointed out the difference between ‘In/with regard to’- versus the salutation ‘regards’. With regard to the BIZARRE caps ban, I am confused.



  63. Amanda G says:

    Great body, but not a flattering dress for it.

    Are those the only pair of shoes she owns? They don’t even fit.

  64. buguiii says:

    I love how she doesnt kill herself on crazy diets and then talk in all tv programs about her magic new body
    She is just happy with herself 🙂

    Nice… totally nice

  65. sandy#1 says:

    i love it, she looks great, she is an attractive woman, nice on all levels, head to toe. also enjoy seeing her.

  66. Kim says:

    If you are a bigger girl own it & dont try and wear what girls size 2 wear. Dress for your body type be it size 2 or size 10. Dont shove your body frame into a dress that is obviously to small and made for smaller body type.

    All Jennifers other dresses in thes epics are for her body type and she looks good but the Leger is awful on her (really its tacky on everyone – looks like cheap hooker wear). Jennifer looks like a stuffed sausage in this dress =(

  67. benny says:

    I just don’t like overly-tight dresses — on anyone, even really thin people.

    However, other than the dresses, I like her. She has a nice smile and seems like she’s having fun.

  68. Debsa says:

    Me thinks she needs some gays to help her out…

  69. kayls says:

    She looks hot!! Good for her. Shame that t-bar strap is covering up her amazing cleavage, though.

  70. Ja says:

    @Carrie: I agree! Hopefully we’ll never know what’s underneath the dress. More power to her!

  71. Vickyb says:

    I don’t think the dress is hugely flattering, but I have more of a problem with the shoes than the dress – those ankle straps make her legs look chunky.

    And the reason she thought that the little yellow bag would work is because it’s Hermes, and some people think that a label will make anything work.

    Really bored of that pose she trots out all the time – it looks like she needs a wee.

  72. Stephanie says:

    Her hair and makeup look better than they have in a long time, but the dress is AWFUL!!!!

  73. Nymeria says:

    I’m swooning over how voluptuous she is. She is reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe in Some Like It Hot.