Prince Albert is trying to “persuade” Charlene to “stay in the marriage”


Last we heard, the French papers were still doing a post-mortem on how badly everything was going for Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock. The claims over the weekend involved: Charlene Wittstock trying to escape, physically escape, the engagement and Monaco three different times. Once, she even made it to the South African embassy in Paris, I think. The last “escape” attempt involved palace officials confiscating her passport just days before the wedding was supposed to go through. Oh, and now we might have the instigator for all of this drama: Prince Albert likely fathered yet another kid, this one while he was technically “with” Charlene. The palace official claimed that Charlene’s first “royal duty” was going to be standing by her new husband’s side for the paternity test… on her honeymoon. Ridiculous. If that didn’t take the cake, there are now new reports that Albert is doing everything he can to ensure that Charlene doesn’t try to do a runner on the marriage – suffice to say, their honeymoon isn’t going well. At least they’re in South Africa – you can see pretty photos of their honeymoon resort here. Basically, Albert seems to be telling her that if she just provides him with a legal heir, after that, she can do whatever she wants.

Prince Albert of Monaco is set to use a £4,600-a-night hotel suite to try to ‘persuade’ his new bride that their marriage can work. It follows at least three alleged attempts by Princess Charlene to escape from the principality over the past year, right up until their £55million wedding last weekend.

She is said to be dreading the results of DNA tests, which may show that Albert has fathered at least one other illegitimate child to add to the two he already has with two other women. But now the 53-year-old Prince is believed to be taking the 33-year-old former Olympic swimmer on a massively expensive honeymoon in her home country of South Africa.

Sources in Monaco say they will book into the Oyster Box Hotel in Umhlanga, which is on the Indian Ocean. It is less than half-an-hour’s drive from Durban, where Charlene used to train, and often enjoyed by newlyweds.

Its website reads: ‘Constructed in 1869 and originally used as a navigational beacon, a beach cottage known as the “Oyster Box” was first converted into a hotel in the 1930s.’

Albert, who is a billionaire, is believed to have booked the Presidential Suite, which is set on two floors and includes an ornate-leafed bed, its own swimming pool and a freestanding marble bath overlooking the Indian Ocean. The suite, which has its own terrace overlooking the sea and a private dining area which can seat ten, is priced at £4,600 a night.

On Thursday, the royal couple are also expected to attend an International Olympic Committee banquet in their honour at the hotel.

A senior Palace source in Monte Carlo said: ‘It’s a perfect place for a pair of newlyweds, and may well be all that Charlene needs to make her feel certain that marrying Albert was exactly the right thing to do. William took Catherine to a very expensive beach resort for their honeymoon following the British Royal Wedding, so why not Albert and Charlene?’

Results of the DNA tests are unlikely to be released during the couple’s South Africa honeymoon, and this is because Charlene could refuse to return to Monaco if they point towards Albert having been unfaithful, the source admitted.

Sources said the Monaco palace had hoped the glitzy wedding – attended by a host of celebrities and European royalty – would ‘overshadow’ new claims about secret children fathered by Albert. Instead, Charlene was in floods of tears at one point, while her husband looked on impassively.

If an ‘arrangement’ has been reached it may be that Charlene’s principal aim will be to produce a legitimate heir for Albert in return for a multi-millionaire lifestyle.

Albert has a six-year-old son named Alexandre through Togolese former air hostess Nicole Coste, and a 19-year-old daughter, Jazmin, with Tamara Rotolo, an American estate agent.

Despite confirmation of the DNA tests, Charlene’s father, photocopier salesman Mike Wittstock said: ‘I am so disappointed that people believe this nonsense’. Describing the joy he felt at his only daughter marrying a multi-millionaire Prince, he added: ‘It feels as if we’ve just won the World Cup.’

[From The Mail]

Poor Charlene. Do you think she would actually go through with an annulment? If she doesn’t move fast, I suspect she’s going to be stuck. If she stays and tries to stick it out, what are her options? Vanity Fair has a good piece on what she should be doing – practical stuff for the modern princess, like “make nice with the press” and “get your own team in place.”

Meanwhile, a lot of you were talking about this post from Lainey a few days ago – Lainey put up this video, below, of Charlene sobbing during the wedding.

Many people criticized Albert for looking like a jackass by not being more affectionate or concerned for his new bride as she has a kind of breakdown. I don’t know, though… I think he was just trying to get her to put on her professional face – this is a business transaction to him. I’m not saying he’s right or anything, I’m just saying that I understand his perspective – which is, she messed up a public appearance in which stoicism and professionalism are key. This poor girl – I’m feeling more and more that she was chosen as his bride because she was seen as an “empty vessel,” a piece of fluff to simply provide an heir and keep her mouth shut. With all of the stretching and reaching to find a way to compare Kate Middleton to Princess Diana, HERE is your comparison – Charlene finds herself in a remarkably similar position as Diana did. Let’s hope Charlene rallies like Diana.





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  1. Franny says:

    I felt so uncomfortable watching that video. She does not want to be there at all. I know some of you say “she’s been with him 6 years, she knows what she is getting in to”. well…she did, which is why she tried to get out. so now there she is, in a church in white dress, being forced to marry a guy she knows is awful.

    I would be crying too

  2. brin says:

    What a royal mess! I feel for her, hope she makes another run for it while she’s in her homeland!

  3. fancyamazon says:

    This may not be a fairy-tale style cinderella wedding, but the French have a vested interest in portraying this wedding as a big farce. If the royal line fails, Monaco goes back to France. That is why the people of Monaco voted a few years ago to change the way the lines of succession work.

    So while the line is intact, it rubs the French the wrong way, and they like to make them look bad. I don’t know a thing about this relationship or how it works on the inside. Like all royal relationships and family interactions, these people are trained and screened and what you see is (maybe) very different than what is actually going on.

    The royal families are not the same as celebrities. Lots of times we think of them the same way because we like to look at pictures of them and speculate on their lifestyles, but in reality they are not on the same playing field as the hollywood/show business crowd.

  4. lin234 says:

    I’m actually a bit confused why he married her if she’s not perfectly compliant? I’m sure there are about a million other tall blonds out there who would be willing to look the other way for that type of lifestyle. Why is it so important that he marries her? It’s not like she has a really nice background or anything to contribute other than to pop out a heir. She should have known better than anyone else what she was getting herself into.

    I think her father’s statement says it all. He was a photocopier salesman and now she’s married to a billionaire. She’s not going anywhere.

    She also botoxed the hell out of her face that I’m surprised she can manage to squeeze out tears.

  5. birdie says:

    wow, in that video, the last seconds, she looks SO SAD!
    the kiss was a joke btw, with his eyes open and not even looking at her afterwards while she looked at him lovingly.

  6. Quest says:

    SAD!!!! 🙁

  7. kiko says:

    @lin234 thats right!i want to feel for her but all i see is a woman who made her choices.she had the power to get away from this hot royal mess.but she did nothing and even though the video with her crying is heartbreaking i just can’t feel all the way sorry for her…

  8. Stacy says:

    This story is so intriguing to me. Billionaire prince, innocent bride, mistresses and illegitimate heirs. It’s a damn movie lol

  9. Ethel says:

    There is something just not right about that guy. He looks so cold. She looks miserable. The couple looked so uncomfortable together. Most awkward wedding ever!

  10. lin234 says:

    @kiko- I want to feel sympathetic but I’m just not feeling it with those questions. When he asked her to marry him, she could have said no. I think the only reason he actually married her was because 55 MILLION pounds was already being spent. That’s the real shame because her dress wasn’t that great and their wedding cake was super tacky.

    Diane’s situation was different. She was a young rich aristocrat. Even without marrying the prince, she would have had a very nice lifestyle. Whereas if this girl didn’t marry Albert, god knows where she could end up. Plus she’s been with him for 6 years? She had plenty of time to get to know him and his dirty secrets. She’s stayed and there are literally billions ($) of reasons for that.

  11. tmbg says:

    I saw that exact same look once before – on the Ukrainian gymnast Tatiana Gutsu’s face when she thought she lost her chance to compete in the All-Around in gymnastics at the Barcelona Olympics. They even look a bit similar. To say this woman is unhappy is an understatement. If they took away her passport like they claim, though, what could she do?

  12. Lisa Turtle says:

    I guess “persuade” is synonymous (in billionaire prince lingo) with “post-nuptual agreement giving bride major $$$$$$$$ to stay with my creepy cheating ass”

    That Lainey video is truly tragic. Charlene looks devestated, she’s barely holding it together. And Albert hardly looks at her. He never makes eye contact with her. Meanwhile she’s continuously looking at him, trying to catch his eye. Nothing. No connection.

    I’m not entirely convinced that Albert isn’t a sociopath. He’s looking more and more pathologically emotionless. He’s got himself the perfect breed mare; much like Diana was for Charles, and Grace was for Rainier. It’s very eerie.

    I believe Charlene tried to escape, and the next few years are bound to be tough for her. What has she learned? She’s learned you can’t “leave” Prince Albert. Prince Albert needs to let you leave. So now she’s stuck in this marriage for at least one son. That’s all Albert wants, apparently. A legitimate heir. Charlene is a beautiful woman, and she does look like a fairytale princess but her beauty is truly a double-edged sword because thats what attracted a creep like Albert. Now Charlene is like Rapunzel except instead of being kept in a tower, shes being kept in a golden shell until she produces.

  13. mln76 says:

    she had the power to get away from this hot royal mess.but she did nothing

    Seriously? She tried to get away from him and was literally dragged back by the police and her passport was confiscated. Of course that’s her fault for not ‘trying harder’ right? He has her entire family in the country of which he is the symbolic head of state unable to leave. She doesn’t have the same amount of power as him.
    And comparing things this makes Prince Charles behavior towards Diana look relatively minor, nowhere near the same category of despicable behavior.

    EDIT by the way taking someone’s passport against their will is illegal and is most commonly done in cases of indimidation, prostitution rings, or slavery.

  14. Addie says:

    I think it was pretty thoughtless of him to bring Charlene on honeymoon to the place she obviously feels happiest (South Africa) only to rub it in that this is what she is giving up to be in a loveless marraige with him in another counrty far from her own.

    I mean some people who went to school with her here in South Africa have commented and put up pics of her before Albert. The difference is crazy. She was full of life and actually..HAPPY.

  15. OriginalGracie says:

    @min76: I love you. You have encapsulated my feelings so succinctly in a few beautifully written paragraphs. You are amazing.

  16. mln76 says:

    @OriginalGracie aawww that made my day 🙂

  17. kiko says:

    @mln76 and after 6 years with him a few months before the wedding she realized what he is?ok she was living a fairytale and suddenly reality hit her.when they took her passport why didn’t she informed the press,internet or the damn police?as you say this is illegal!i know its a bit too much but come on!its her life and she was forced to do something she didn’t want but now according to gossip she made a deal with albert to stay and marry him…

    edit:hmm her father says:‘It feels as if we’ve just won the World Cup.’
    than maybe her family forced her to marry him..hmmmm

  18. ladybert62 says:

    How totally strange – she cries during the wedding and he “kisses” with his eyes wide open to make sure she is still there! Wow – this one is for the books!

  19. mln76 says:

    @kiko people try to get out of abusive relationships all the time. It doesn’t matter how long she was with him if she felt intimidation or coerced to marry him that’s illegal and under Catholic tenet their marraige is invalid. It does seem that she or someone in her camp has gone to the press because we are getting detailed information about what’s going on.

  20. L says:

    @fancyamazon If Albert doesn’t have a child, the line transfers to Stephanie. And then her 3 kids. And then any kids they have, so I’m not buying that this is a plot by the French to take over Monaco. I don’t think they want that disaster either.

    The whole thing is just sad. Yea she ‘knew’ but clearly she knew and tried to leave. He had the government SEIZE HER PASSPORT. That’s just awful and I feel horrible for her. Regardless of her previous intentions or what she did/didn’t know, as a human being she is allowed to change her mind and leave a relationship. The fact that the woman is on virtual lockdown is a travesty, I don’t care what the rest of the details are.

  21. sapphire says:

    I am probably going to get jumped on, but “abusive” is the wrong term. I am not dissing mln 76 for having that opinion, I just feel use of the word in these cicumstances cheapens it and robs it of impact where abuse is truly occuring. Not here-she’s in South Africa, for God’s sake!

  22. Mr. Greek says:

    @Lisa Turtle: I am thoroughly convinced that Albert is a certified sociopath. His actions, words, and those dead eyes are but three factors which lead me to believe he is. This guy is very disturbing, very creepy, to say the least.

    The wedding kiss at the altar at the palace was a classic case of WTF? And the expression on her face after he kissed her is classic.

    Look, in my opinion, I believe Charlene did have $$$, prestige, and image in her head – initially. She got caught up in the whirlwind and fantasy of it all. I think she is a woman who, at the beginning, lost her senses, and eventually CAME to them, albeit too late in the game.

    And nobody can convince me that a true gold digger would try and make a bolt for it three times.

    This marriage, I hate to say, stands every chance of speeding into the Paris tunnel.

  23. Mr. Greek says:

    The Grimaldi family of Monaco just screams out for Kitty Kelly to write another tell-all, dirt-dished expose!!

    Her books on Nancy Reagan and Frank Sinatra tore them both to shreds…page turners!

  24. ElleGin says:

    Wouldn’t that be a sort of rape? :s I mean… how can you want to have sex with a guy that is like that.

    Also, Charles wasn’t quite as bad as Albert. He wasn’t a great catch but definitely not this.

  25. Chrissy says:

    Has anyone seen a transcript of the song that was being sung when she was crying so hard? What was the song about? Tears on your wedding day aren’t that unusual. His reaction to her tears is hard to watch though.

    I feel bad for Charlene but she’s been with him for years and years. She’s lived in Monaco for years… on his dime … she knew the type of guy she was marrying. Still, I do hope she’s happy and all this press speculation is wrong.

  26. lin234 says:

    Maybe this is all a ploy for leverage on her pre-nup and re-negotiations on their arrangement.

    I’m sure Albert cheats and it hurts emotionally but as far as abuse? I’m sure she’s been waited on hand and foot right now and being treated with kid gloves.

  27. Blue says:

    Who could she go to if she was trying to leave? The police? Who are under his command. This guy has so much money, power, influence & connections, she stood no chance of leaving after she said yes. Her family is totally seeing $$. Her dad’s comment says it all. I’m sure that’s what she saw at first too. Then changed her mind.
    As someone said no true gold digger is gonna run 3 times. They would suck it up, pop out a baby or two and then roll around in the money. You think a real gold digger is going to let a paternity test and the groom being a complete asshole make her leave.

  28. Jackson says:

    It would have been amazing if, during the vows, she told him and everyone watching that she quit his sick ass and was in no way, shape, or form going to marry him. I know she’s a big girl and she’s been with him quite a few years, but I do still feel badly for her. Maybe it’s not just the latest illegitimate child spooking her? I just don’t think Albert is right in the head. Perhaps she learned something new and rather twisted about him? He strikes me as having a masochistic bent to him. Whatever it is, I hope she insists on invitro.

  29. really says:

    Pop him an heir and keep it pushing!

  30. mln76 says:

    I invite people to go to a dictionary and look up the definition of abuse. It’s not just about hitting someone. The ‘prince’ has abused his power in the government to detain her and he has kept her by many accounts against her will.

  31. fancyamazon says:

    @L I never said it was a plot to take over Monaco, and I didn’t say she is all happy and everything is roses. All I said was that the French press could be having fun playing that angle.

  32. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    That guy looks like he may have picked up an std or two along the way and perhaps Charlene found this out and doesn’t want to hit it anymore.

  33. nanster says:

    Yes, they whole video is awkward to watch. They both look like they can’t WAIT for the song to end. I hope that all of the media speculation is wrong, but the Grimaldi family is infamously dysfunctional.

  34. Kloops says:

    He is absolutely gross and creepy. I’d cry too.

    This union doesn’t make any sense to me. After all these years together you’d think she’d know what he was like and turn a blind eye to his wandering. If these alleged illegitimate children are why she’s so devastated then she is a phenomenally naive woman.

    Regardless, her body language is screaming loudly and I do feel sorry for her. But unless he threatened her or her family she absolutely could have left, passport or not.

    Naive and heartbroken? Threatened by a princely sociopath? The meal ticket for her family? Who knows. Possibly all of the above.

  35. Flan says:

    I always thought he was a slacker and the Grimaldis not respectable (some ‘trailertrash’ has less weirdness going on than them), but he went to a whole new level in scariness.

  36. RobN says:

    This is ridiculous. It’s 2011; if you don’t want to marry somebody then you say no. Either at the proposal, during the engagement, or when the priest says do you take this man? This isn’t 1811, if you want to leave then you leave. She’s not twenty and pressured into this; she chose it. If she chose money over happiness then she deserves neither.

  37. Calli Pygian says:

    Agree Kaiser, business venture, indeed.

    But not to her. I think she was bent about his lack of fidelity & tried to hightail it out in an emotional firestorm& was “persuaded” (i.e. Do not embarrass me)otherwise. He did appear to speak to her, pat her hand & otherwise weakly comfort her (for the cameras?)– they were on a jumbotron, for pete’s sake– can’t have his bride looking like she wishes she were anywhere else.

    The link above is about the religious nature of the song, and while my french is quite rusty, I do hear the words while reading the partially posted lyrics. I myself have had difficulty not becoming overly emotional in public situations, and know that I have had weird looks on my face as a result( LOL–weddings are tough!!).

    All that notwithstanding, he is a royal, and I presume as such feels above the law/morality . He wants his prize, but likely only for possessing it, rather than truly caring for it.

    I will probably receive a rash of shit for this post, so be it. I grew up in an emotionally& verbally abusive household, so everyone can just hold onto her/his pontifications regarding what they presume to be my blindess about the situation.

    Is there any factual proof that her passport was held? I have no idea and am just wondering.

  38. AngelMay says:

    I agree with Jackson, this isn’t about the babymommas all over the place, I think she found out something worse. It’s all very Rosemarys Baby.

  39. GoofPuff says:

    Charlene is no innocent little miss like Diana was. She’s a thirty plus year old woman who has been with him in the limelight for quite a while! And who needs to lay off the plastic surgery.

  40. REALIST says:

    In the world of royals, all is well with The Serene Highnesses of Monaco. For your amusement (and a view into a world which is surreal):

    “The Royal Correspondent”

    In the pictures that were chosen, she does look more relaxed….
    They are in South Africa at the moment-now is the time to hide out somewhere at home and stay there!

  41. Lem says:

    I was and still am firmly opposed to the idea of kidnapping for the crowns sake. I have made several comments regarding what should have been her right to call it off up to the actual “i do”, regardless of anything else. The ” Lainey video” is heartbreaking!
    That said… I watched many clips to guage her.
    A) that awkward kiss (cringe) seems to be her way and is often followed by a genuine smile
    2) She looks happy (subdued yet not at all forced or miserable) in the civil ceremony
    C) she does have moments where she looks at him with genuine love, usually followed by him looking away and her then looking heartbroken (a la early Di and Charles)
    So while personally I maintain disgust if she was forced… The more video I watch the less Im convinced.
    He, on the other hand, occasionally looks entertained by her, but i haven’t yet seen a clip where HE looks in love. Mainly however his nasty reputation colors my view on him.

  42. jay says:

    Even though she’s been with him six years it doesn’t alleviate the FACT that she NOW no longer wanted to be. Doesn’t matter if she had stars in her eyes, truly loved him, saw a way up in the world, whatevah; bottom line is that she was basically held captive until she did what he wished. If this happened in Africa or India, or whatever, people would see it for what it was..forcible marriage, taking away her right to decline to do so. I’m appalled that his using his power over military/police actions was so easily swept under a rug in a world viewpoint. He.forcibly.detained.her. Mind boggling.

    As to gettin’ that cash? Who knows what was original intent but bottom line intent? She wanted out and he didn’t allow it.

    He’s an asshole and a criminal just like the third world dictators who force people to their will because they have the power; he’s just gussied up more.

    I hope she manages to run, myself.

    Aaaannnnnd, that’s way more than I am interested in Monaco and it’s doings. I only comment because I am so appalled at the very idea that in this day and age he can so baldly (pun intended) get away with such an egregious move. Sheesh.

  43. REALIST says:

    Mr. Greek: I thought about Kitty Kelly too. Is she still sentient enough to crank out a tell all?
    One note-Caroline did get some sort of privacy ruling from the EU court….
    Another note-no heir from Albert, the line still goes to Caroline as before because of the constitutional change.

  44. sapphire says:

    @mln 76-I did and it doesn’t apply.

  45. spinner says:

    I have a feeling Charlene is going to become a heavy drinker…

  46. 4Real says:

    She looks like she wants to vom in every kiss photo.

  47. Lushus L. says:

    Hmmm. I’m wondering about French President Sarkozy. He looked awfully grim at the wedding. Where was his wife? Did he summon the police to take Charlene’s passport? Is that an abuse of his position? Was Fergie invited? I could think about this all day!

  48. Laughternrain says:

    This was explained on another site. She was moved by the song. She wasn’t unhappy. Women DO cry at songs you know, especially when you are overwhelmed with happiness. Its not unknown. And she herself denied the rumours of her trying to escape. She looks very, very happy to me. Stop making a mountain out of a molehill.

  49. Sumodo1 says:

    She sure looks a lot like his mother, Princess Grace. This is all for appearance. She should allow artificial insemination for a male heir, have the baby and split!

  50. OriginalGracie says:

    @jay: YES to all you said. Looking at his smug fat face I just want to smack it. He is getting what he wants and he doesn’t give a f*ck how she feels about it. How can that not be repulsive?

    Just when you think we are living in a modern age…

  51. Esmeralda says:

    Just watched the video for the first time – Charlene had her funeral face on, not her wedding face. Say what you will about her, she knows in her heart that a wedding is supposed to be a time of joy, where you marry the one you love more than life itself. Her morose look more than gets the point across that she’s aware of exactly what she’s missing.

    And man, what a spinsterly kiss Albert planted on her – missing the mouth completely. Romantic? Not.

    I don’t care what the payoff was, I wouldn’t want to be married to him, stuck in itty bitty Monaco with the itty bitty Monaguese police listening in to all of my phone calls, and living in a country so small (the size of Central Park) that everyone knows everyone else’s business intimately.

  52. Sloane Wyatt says:

    IMO Prince Albert is more than capable of threatening Charlene and/or her family and blackmailing Charlene against her will. He has criminal associates and known to be violent.

    This is the Erenger website post about nefarious doings of Prince Albert in a can. My God, if it’s true, even prostitution is flourishing under the Princely Pimp.

    I do smell a rat here.

  53. the original bellaluna says:

    There is no way on God’s green I would let that cretin touch me with his philandering dong.

    That right there is grounds for annulment. The only question is, would it be granted?

    Because if HER OWN EMBASSY TURNED HER AWAY and her passport was taken by authorities, God only knows what else she’d be denied. (read The Metro and Mail articles – they are compelling.)

    If she HAS to have a kid with him, go for artificial insemination. That way there’s no physical contact with the sociopath.

  54. Sloane Wyatt says:

    @#40 REALIST: I looked at the website; clearly it’s a put up job by the freakin’ country of Monaco! Yuck!

  55. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Sloan Wyatt – Just read that article – YUCK. (And is it just the grainy quality of that photo, or does he sort-of resemble Prince Charles in the hair & face?)

  56. gg says:

    He’s gross, she’s tragic.

    Now for the superficial. Their wedding look is very sloppy. Who decided to stick his royal stars on his big old belly, and who picked a nonmatching white against his cream colored uniform? TACK.

  57. irishserra says:

    @mln76: Thank you for that explanation. I’ve been watching videos and reading blogs and wondering, “How on earth can he ‘make’ her marry him?” I’ve been rather confused. Her demeanor just doesn’t strike me as someone who is out for the cash and putting on a mask of the poor, betrayed girl. She genuinely seems hurt, betrayed, lost, miserable, afraid, etc.

    Also, I was getting tired of all of these callous, “well, she made her own bed – lie in it” posts. Something definitely seemed off; it didn’t seem so cut and dry. I think Albert is a horrible man and the royal family equally as horrid for going along with this treatment.

  58. Diane says:

    It’s true that she was with him for many years and probably knew about the illegitimate children. And he probably convinced her that it was all in the past. Until just recently, when another woman came forward with an infant, which would mean that he kept right on philandering all the time he was with her. My guess is that she just found all this out in the past couple of weeks. Hence, the escape attempts.

  59. OriginalGracie says:

    @Mr. Greek: “And nobody can convince me that a true gold digger would try and make a bolt for it three times.”

    So to the naysayers: explain that.

  60. bluhare says:

    No matter whether Charlene went into this “in love”, she was going to be publicly humiliated right after her marriage. What fun to look forward to. I believe she tried to run; there’s too many respectable sources reporting it.

    What got me was her father equating her marriage to winning the World Cup. ASSHOLE. He sold his own daughter out. I understand they are now living a nice cushy lifestyle in Monaco. Charlene had literally NO support. Her own family cared more about their new lifestyle than their daughter’s happiness. Disgusting.

  61. Jeannified says:

    That poor woman!!! She needs to get out of there and FAST!!!!

  62. Joji says:

    replay the video WITH VOLUME ON MUTE and watch albert the entire time.

    shady. shifty. ain’t right.

  63. Smokey says:

    What disturbs me about the whole “legal heir” thing is that his son Alexandre Coste is already a legitimate heir under Monegasque law and French law (he was born in France and has been acknowledged by his Father).

    The truth is that under the Monegasque law a child born out of wedlock can be legitimized in two ways:

    1)by the subsequent marriage of his father and mother (article 226-10 of the Monegasque civil code), or
    2)by the legal establishment of his parentage with regard to his two authors (article 226-9 of the Monegasque civil code).

    According to the article 226-9 of the Monegasque civil code, Alexandre Eric Coste and his half-sister Jazmin Grace Grimaldi are therefore Prince Albert’s legitimate children.

    The Articles 226-10 and 226-9 of the Monegasque civil code are perfectly compatible with the article 10 of the Monegasque constitution because the Princely law n° 1249 of April 2, 2002 does not provide that a child born out of wedlock is not legitimate.

    Additionally, Articles 18 and 19 of the International Treaty on Judicial Cooperation between France and Monaco of Sept. 21, 1949, could also be applied with regard to the article 310 of the French civil code which provides that :
    “all children whose parentage is lawfully established have the same rights and the same duties in their relations with their father and mother. They enter into the family of each of them.”

  64. Joji says:

    cb, you need to get the video where they leave the church just a few moments later ad he asked her for “a little kiss” but she thinks he told her to blow a kiss. she blows a kiss and then her arm flaps down to her side in away that only the drugged can do.

  65. mimi says:

    I don’t understand this guy.

    He spent most of his adult life AVOIDING marriage, and now that he is in his 50s he is all of the sudden so determined to be married that he either pressures or forces a woman who doesn’t want to be with him- into marriage.

    How can you not feel for her?
    She got stuck with a man who is horrible or at least horrible to her (look at the video. Need I say more? Love? compassion? affection? friendship? Why should she marry or even spend 5 minutes on a guy like this?).

    It happened to other women- to find themselves in bad relationships with controlling or abusive men.

    It has NOTHING to do with her age or the fact that they have dated for years.

    I hope someone would help her.

  66. Christine says:

    This is one of the most intriguing, sad stories in years. I think, for whatever dumb reason, she had genuine feelings for Albert and found out about the cheating. MLN76 said it best. And goldiggers don’t try to get out of marrying a billionaire.

    I keep imagining Queen Elizabeth thanking heavens that this is Monaco’s new scandal, and not Britain’s.

  67. benny says:

    I’m not a lawyer, but doesn’t the child have to be BOTH acknowledged by his parents (or parentage established by a court), AND the parents subsequently get married? Otherwise, 226-10 makes no sense. 226-10 says the child can become legitimate through marriage, IF the parentage is established at or before the time or marriage. But if establishment of parentage is ALL it took (226-9), then what is the point of 226-10? The marriage would make no difference. That’s why I read it as requiring BOTH.

    And 226-9 says a child CAN be legitimized if the parentage is established, not that it automatically happens. That’s where 226-10 comes in to play.

    Just the way I read it anyway.

    Oh, and I do feel sorry for Charlene. Even IF she’s a gold-digger (and it’s certainly possible she is), I suspect they had an “agreement” or at least an expectation that he would be faithful. or at least not humiliate her publicly. I think even if she is a gold-digger, he “broke” whatever deal or expectation she had. If she kep up her end of the deal (behave well in public, looks the best she can at all times, never disagrees with him, or whatever), then he should keep his end of the deal as well.

  68. JohnnieR says:

    What a right royal mess this all is. The tacky wedding cake and Charlene’s father’s comment sums it all up. Sad.

    Well, kids, perhaps we can contact the toll free number displayed on this commercial, mail this catalogue to the palace, and get Charlene to focus on getting out and starting a new career:

  69. Mac says:

    Someone above said “Stephanie” was next in line for the throne. I beg to differ but it is Caroline, Princess of Hanover, who has been heiress presumptive to the throne of Monaco since 2005.

  70. RobN says:

    Just this morning I was wondering how they came up with 12 people insane enough to buy the Casey Anthony story and then I read all of these over the top comments, and I realized that it probably wasn’t that hard. Dial it down people; you’re all starting to sound a bit unhinged.

  71. the original bellaluna says:

    Cannot wait for the full story to come out. Will make a very interesting read.

    @ RobN – Apples and oranges, dear; apples and oranges.

  72. sam says:

    He did kind of try to comfort her – just not in a “stop everything and hug” kind of way.

    The looks showed that he was concerned at least somewhat for her tears (whether because he loves her or because he just desperately wanted her to stop).

  73. Madisyn says:

    First off, I’m surprised no one commented on this. Does this man not know these three women who are dropping children are golddiggers and it is humiliating for the next ruling Prince to be dropping these illegimate children all over the place. I mean, after the first child, didn’t anyone tell this man what a CONDOM was?

    Secondly, if Charlene does produce an heir, I doubt very, very highly she can just pick that HEIR up and hightail back to South Africa. I believe she’s ‘stuck’ now one way or the other.

  74. JohnnieR says:

    @Madisyn: comments for this debacle have included the condom question. Aside from that, I honestly think Albert doesn’t function normally in a mental sense, so who knows, for him, the baby droppings (pardon the crude term)all over the place may instill some sick sort of “victory” for him, if that makes any sense.

    Like Grace before her, Charlene MUST have been told by now that any offspring she and Albert have belong to HIM and Monaco – she has no legal rights to them, which, in this day and age, is quite unbelievable, yet Monaco is run 18th Century style.

  75. Iggles says:

    @ Smokey:
    “What disturbs me about the whole “legal heir” thing is that his son Alexandre Coste is already a legitimate heir under Monegasque law and French law (he was born in France and has been acknowledged by his Father).”

    I am livid at reading this!

    @ benny:
    “And 226-9 says a child CAN be legitimized if the parentage is established, not that it automatically happens. That’s where 226-10 comes in to play.”

    That’s what I thought too. But what Smokey says makes a lot of sense as to why Prince Ranier amended the constitution, closing the loophole that allowed his own MOTHER to become a princess!

    If Ranier’s grandfather hadn’t married his grandmother, he and his children who have ALL been illegitimite!

    I think Ranier changed the law because he didn’t want to take any chances. Perhaps he knew of Alexandre’s mother challenged them in court, perhaps Albert’s biracial would have been declared a heir through article 226-9!

    Clearly Ranier did not want his half African grandson to ascend to the throne. I’m calling a spade, a spade here! He didn’t want the boy to be recognized which is why he took pains to revise the Monaco constitution!

  76. Lisa Turtle says:

    I agree with @ Iggles…

    There is definitely some racist sh*t going down in the House of Grimaldi.

    Its no accident that Charlene is so blonde, so tall, so angular, so photogenic… Yet, Albert’s sexual proclivities clearly run darker than his chosen Princess.

    Charlene resembles Princess Grace, and was chosen as a royal bride for the same reasons. Grace hardly knew Rainier when she agreed to marry him.

    Also, I just want to comment that its widely disputed that Albert & Charlene have been together for 6 years. I heard that its been a much shorter courtship. Its true that they met years ago, but dated briefly and split up. It was only recently that the 6 year number started being thrown around, an attempt to whitewash the past. To make their marriage seem more like a longterm commitment, a long partnership. Even though any children will be the heirs of Monaco, I HIGHLY doubt Albert will have much interest in them, or their mother. Charlene will live in Paris, or even near Monaco on the South of France and she will be allowed to raise her children & live with her children. Albert will want it that way, so he can continue to have unprotected sex with various other women.

  77. Smokey says:

    @Iggles – Albert also allowed his half-American daughter to use the Grimaldi name but forbade the son to use it.

    The parliament of Monaco decided that there was considerably more danger that Albert would adopt one of his children, then to marry one of their mothers on his deathbed. Hence they passed the law that would prohibit adopted children from succeeding.

    Here’s the revised succession Article (Article 10 of the Monegasque Constitution, the Princely Law n° 1249 of April 2, 2002) :
    “The succession to the Throne, opened by the death or the abdication, takes place among the direct and legitimate issue of the reigning Prince, by order of primogeniture with male priority to the same degree of relationship…”

    And, once again, Alexandre isn’t illegitimate under French or Monegasque law as both parents have acknowledged his paternity. So, the half-African child Alexendre is the legitimate heir to the throne.

    I think there’s more than a bit of racism here as well.

  78. Violet says:

    There are fews problems with providing Albert with an heir:

    1. She’d have to risk her health and have unprotected sex with him, and he doesn’t seem to use condoms when he screws around with random women, hence the illegitimate children and the current batch of DNA tests.

    2. Albert would have custody of the child, who would stay in Monaco.

    3. What if the first child is a girl? He’d insist on having more children until they had a son.

    She needs to get the hell out of there. I think she’s emotionally abused by Albert, and that her family is no help at all because they’re so taken by the money and prestige.

  79. Iggles says:

    Thanks for the info Smokey!

    Ugh. This story gets uglier and uglier!

  80. Lisa Turtle says:

    @ Smokey

    From what I have read Alexandre Coste (the half-African son of Albert) is not the heir to the throne of Monaco, and is considered illegitimate because his parents were not married when he was born, and have not married and “legitimized” him after his birth. I believe that unless Charlene & Albert have children, Princess Caroline’s son Andrea is the heir, followed by his brother Pierre. Right?

  81. nnn says:

    Albert’s grand mother, princesse Charlotte Grimaldi, born Charlotte Louvet was born in nothern Africa and was a natural child from Prince Louis II of Monaco with a modest french girl who was first an hostess in a cabaret . her name was Marie Louise Jouvet.

    The prince who was also a soldier took her during one of his expedition to Algeria where she became a ‘blanchisseuse’ cleaning laundry. Their affair produced a girl named Charlotte.

    Marie Louise married later a photographer but the prince didn’t have heir and since he couldn’t marry her he adopted their love child to legitimate her as his only heir and she became Princess charlotte, future mother of late Prince Rainier III, father of the current Prince Albert. Before that, her existence was kept a secret.

    It’s thanks to that adoption that Monaco kept its independance and didn’t fall into the French. So Charlotte Grimaldi, the adopted love child of Prince Louis saved the Monaco crown and was the actual prince Albert’s grandmother.

  82. Nibbi says:

    whole thing makes me sick

  83. Alix says:

    If Albert and Charlene have no children, the order of succession is Princess Caroline, her son Andrea, her son Pierre, then her daughter Charlotte. (And while they are in line for the throne, they do NOT have titles.)

    Now, you experts on the Monagesque constitution: if Albert & Charlene have a daughter, she supercedes Caroline in the line of succession, correct? Is Caroline’s daughter Alexandra in line, or Stephanie?

  84. Kim says:

    What a sick country and a sick man that his “illegitmate” son is ignored because he fathered him out of wedlock. Talk about taking ZERO responsibility for your child. And only a son produced with a wife will be considered heir! Sick!! and purposely making laws that adopted children cant hold titles so that Prince Albert couldnt even produce an heir via adoption. How sick is that!!

    Like saying the other kids arent as good because he didnt marry their moms!!!

    The parliament of Monaco & Prince Albert are classless and trashy!

  85. Kelly says:

    OMG the crying… and I did listen to it with the sound off, and what I saw was a whole lot of “stop crying, you’re embarrassing me” from Albert. And the kiss – whoever described it as “spinsterish” was right on the money.

    I have been to Monaco, and it’s uncanny how much it resembles the island from “The Prisoner.” “I am number 6; who is number 2?” All it needs are the striped blazers and the Rovers – that will stop Charlene from leaving!

  86. Smokey says:

    @Lisa Turtle, honestly the whole thing is very sketchy.

    While Albert has stated clearly that the boy will not succeed him, I can see two ways that Alexandre could legally mount a challenge to this.

    1. By the laws of Monocco.
    Under Monaco law, a child whose parentage is lawfully established with regard to his two parents, is not “illegitimate”. The law states that if the child is recognized by the parents that child is “legitimate”. Albert has recognized the boy as his (as have DNA tests).

    Article 226-9 of the Monegasque Civil Code :
    “The legitimization can benefit to all children born out of wedlock provided that, by voluntary acknowledgment or by court judgment, their parentage has been lawfully established with regard to their two parents”.

    That makes him a “legitimate” male heir under the succession code in Monaco.

    In the 15th century, John Grimaldi, lord of Monaco, formally established in his will (1454) the Rules of Succession.
    Both illegitimate and legitimate males and females were allowed to be in line for succession. The laws changed so that only legitimate children can be in line for succession, with preference given to males. However, it doesn’t specify that only children produced through a royal marriage are legitimate.

    Alexendre’s parentage has been established by DNA tests and the acknowledgement of his father and the law allows that children are legitimate if parentage is established. This makes him in line for the throne.

    The second way he could try for the throne would be the application of International Law / Treaty.
    Under French law a child who is acknowledged cannot be “illegitimate”. Alexander is legitimate and must be afforded equal rights in Monaco as he has in France by treaty. If he gets a judgment in France that he is legitimate, and there is no question that under French law he is, Monaco could be forced to admit that he is “legitimate.”

    It will be interesting when the boy gets older. Albert may have to pay him quite a bit of the billion he has to not make a legal claim to the throne.

    @Alix – if Charlene and Albert have a daughter she will supersede Caroline.

  87. Smokey says:

    Sorry that was so long!

  88. Lisa Turtle says:

    @ Smokey

    Thanks! You are the resident expert on Monaco’s legal code & its great!

    So Charlene is stuck in this for at least 1 child; 1 heir, male or female. I have a feeling that the laws in Monaco are adjusted to whatever the reigning Prince or Princess choses those laws to be. Alexandre will not succeed because his father has chosen for him not to succeed. I don’t see how any court of law could go against the Monarch. It sounds like historically, the monarchs change the rules as they see fit and everyone else just follows without complaint.

  89. Madison says:

    She’s stuck in this marriage for better or worse, the only way out is if during the marriage he has another illegimate child, that’s the only way she can divorce him. I expect after she produces the Monaco heirs, she and Albert will live separate lives, kind of like Caroline and her current scumbag husband.

  90. Gossip Owl says:

    I am thinking she could get protection from the SA government if she gets an opportunity to ask for it. I also am surprised that the government is not intervening and asking Charlene if she is okay and not being held hostage or against her will. She is on her home territory, I would think that they would at least check up on her and make sure she is okay. The current South African government is very protective of their own so I would think someone would want to at least hear from her that she is okay.
    That being said I am extremely worried for Charlene. I wish we knew exactly what methods of “persuasion” were being used. I fear she’s being threatened or worse. I think it’s rather obvious that no amount of money in the world can convince her that she wants to be there in Lainey’s video. I just hope she can escapsooner rather than later if that is truly her wish. Her body language suggests that it is.

  91. phaksi says:

    @laughternrain, totally agree with you. @Gossip Owl, if she asked the government for help they would help her, but they cant “rescue” her when all there is is rumour and speculation. I think the comments here are bull, but I am South African so I am completely biased

  92. phaksi says:

    @laughternrain, totally agree with you. @Gossip Owl, the government cant rescue her based on unfounded rumours. The comments on Celebitchy about this story have been bull, but Im South African so Im very biased

  93. lulu says:

    but Westley is supposed to save Buttercup 🙁

  94. tmbg says:

    Why on earth did Grace Kelly have to marry Rainier? She was famous, had plenty of her own money and probably could have had her pick of men.

    I don’t get it. She must have had some sort of feelings for him.

  95. Dea says:

    Body language says it all. She really can’t stand this man. I only can imagine their sex together. A nightmare! I have never seen such a miserable couple on the wedding day in my life. Looking forward to read stories after stories about these two.

  96. eternalcanadian says:

    Still incredibly creepy! I know it is royal stuff and all, there’s protocol, arranged marriages, “stiff uppper lip for the sake of the throne” but when I look at other royal couples that are direct to the throne–Victoria & Daniel, Frederik & Mary, Felipe & Letizia, and so forth, this is the only couple I find not a good fit. Even Abdullah & Rania are way better than Albert & Charlene.

  97. Gossip Owl says:

    @Phaski I know they wouldn’t “rescue” her on rumor and speculation. I just hope an official of some sort is able to break through and at least ask her privately if she is okay and if she truly wants to be where she is. That’s all I’m saying.

    @eternalcanadian I agree. At the same time it’s not like it was in the old days where the bride had no choice whatsoever. Charlene has the right to leave but whether she is “coerced” into staying is what we are trying to figure out. But I agree, I think in this world these royals are able to take the time to be more choosy about the person they are with. I think many of the royal families are allowed and encouraged to take the time to find someone whose personality clashes with their own. In Albert’s case I think the pressure was on him to choose someone — anyone– to bear him a legitimate child for the throne. I don’t think he has any desire to be married. I think he would rather spend his days single and screw anyone he so chooses.

    I have a theory of my own if anyone cares to listen. I think he was sincerely in love with his son Alexandre’s mother, Nicole Coste. However, due to her race he knew any marriage to her would not bode well with royalty, so he had to sacrifice her and marry Charlene.

  98. Crimson & Clover says:

    @Alix Any children, male or female, Albert has legitimately will supercede Caroline and her children. Should Albert not produce a legitimate heir, the succession goes: Caroline, Andrea, Pierre, Charlotte, Princess Stephanie, then to her legitimate children. Caorline’s youngest, Princess Alexandra, isn’t eligible since she’s an heiress of the House of Hanover.

    As for all this legal wrangling, Rainier declared his succession. Alexandre Coste wasn’t part of it. It doesn’t matter if Albert recognizes him or where he was born. During the “constituional crisis” Rainier initiated at the end of his life, he legally stated his succession, which is as above. Rainier’s goal was to see the line go to Caroline, and through her, Andrea Casiraghi.

    This is what has fascinated me about this whole thing in Monaco. Albert doesn’t, strictly speaking, need an heir. Thanks to Rainier, the succession is secure. So what happened that prompted Albert to go to these lengths (essentially kidnapping his bride) to see Caroline and her children cut out of the succession? Do any of the Monaco-informed know if there was any kind of gossip about a falling out between the siblings?

  99. JohnnieR says:

    @ Crimson Clover: I agree, this forced and important (to Albert and his government) marriage, from a succession/survival of Monaco perspective doesn’t add up, and it’s been a question I’ve had in my mind since this “scandal” broke. There’s much, much more to both this marriage, and the Grimaldi family, then meets the eye.

    There was, on the Daily Mail site, a French resident of Monaco who posted in several Monaco wedding/runaway bride articles who repeatedly claimed that the third and fourth illegit children represented only a fraction, or the tip, of the iceberg, that there were other dark issues colouring this whole scandal – why Charlene fled, and that they were being suppressed.

    I’ve also read where Monaco residents must exercise caution in what they email and post online, as Monaco is a quasi police state where the communications monitoring is oppressive and omnipotent. To be caught going against the Grimaldi family means expulsion from their tax free haven. Someone mentioned that being in Monaco reminded them of the locale and atmosphere of “The Prisoner”. A rather apt comparison, really.

  100. JohnnieR says:

    …And anyone who views that disturbing wedding song video and states it was a mere case of bride’s nerves and groom’s nervousness should take a course in psych 101. Hey, call the toll free number in that Sally Struthers commercial posted way above and send away for your ICS psychology degree!

    @ Gossip Owl: I honestly think, like others here, that Albert really is a sociopath, a narcissistic man, and I don’t know (obviously I’m assuming here) if he’s capable of truly loving someone in a romantic sense.

    Oh, what tangled webs these Grimaldi’s weave.

  101. Addie says:

    I am also starting to wonder if also he may have contracted an STD of sorts, and Charlene is literaly repulsed and scared for her life (especially the way she kisses him)

    I still think she is very much trapped, even on home soil,she has more than herself to consider now, her WHOLE family has moved to Monacco, who knows what can happen to them there.

  102. eternalcanadian says:

    I’ve been Googling the line of succession for the Monaco royal throne. It seems Albert’s father Ranier kind of had an idea of what was going on with Albert because he made it so if Albert does not have chlidren the next in line goes to Caroline’s oldest child who happens to be Andrea.

    I agree with posters who mentioned why Albert is getting married now when the line of succession was already guaranteed via Andrea. Plus it really isn’t much of a tweak in the constitution being King and all along with a visit to the courts to declare Albert’s oldest child the heir to the throne whether that child was born to a married couple or not, right?

    Still awfully creepy! O_O

  103. Sara says:

    Well… it would be sad if she were really so weak that she was manipulated into marrying someone she didn’t want to.

    So here’s another theory no one has thought of! Maybe she knows exactly what she’s doing and her three ‘failed escape attempts’ were just ways to mess with Prince Albert’s head because he cheated on her? Maybe she knows EXACTLY what she’s doing and she’s totally stringing him along and f-ing with his head while putting on a totally convincing ‘poor victim’ act to the press?

    I like that idea better than this 33 year old woman behaving like a 16 year old child bride forced to marry a guy she doesn’t like.

  104. JustMe says:

    Just wondering how the bruising on her arm came about.

  105. JustMe says:

    I found this translation of the lyrics:

    We hail you,
    Oh Our LadyMary,
    Holy Virgin clothed with the sun
    Crowned with stars, the moon is under your feet
    In you we are given
    The dawn of salvation

    1 – Mary New Eve and joy of your Lord,
    You have given birth to Jesus the savior.
    Through you the doors of the garden are opened to us
    Guide us on the way, morning star.

    2 – You stayed faithful, mother at the foot of the cross,
    Sustain our hope and guard our faith.
    From the side of your son, you have drawn for us,
    The water and the blood that saves us from sin.

    3 – Such was the joy of Eve when you were lifted,
    Higher than all the angles,
    higher than the clouds,
    And such is our joy, sweet Virgin Mary
    To contemplate in you the promise of life.

    4 – Oh Immaculate Virgin, preserved from sin,
    With your soul and your body, you entered the heavens.
    Brought in glory, holy queen of the heavens,
    You will welcome us, one day in front of God.

  106. the original bellaluna says:

    Artificial insemination is the way to go for poor Charlene. No physical contact from the walking STD, and maybe she can even choose to have a son on the first go.

    Like I said before, I wouldn’t let him touch me with that philandering dong.

  107. the original bellaluna says:

    @ JustMe – If I were a gambling woman, I’d say it came from him, or at his direction from one of his minions.

    How can this guy even be married in the Catholic church? I am incredulous.

  108. Frank says:

    Rumor around the ‘in’ circles says old Al is really into the A2M, and she is probably tired of providing this filthy service for him.

  109. Lushus L. says:

    @Frank What is A2M? Haha! Nevermind, I don’t want to know. What I would like to know is for what reason did Charlene leave her bouquet at St.Devote. It was very touching but I don’t understand the significance.

  110. Melancholy says:

    She looks like Phoebe.

  111. Sue says:

    Oh, for Heaven’s sakes, people. You think this is the only loveless royal marriage? Elizabeth and Philip, Margaret and Anthony Armstrong-Jones, Grace & Rainier, Charles and Diana, one of the Spanish Infantas? 3 of the Queen’s children are divorced. Albert and Charlene’s marriage is one of convenience. I just wish that she’d had the courage to see through him earlier on in their relationship when she could have bolted. This is what it is and she knew what she was getting into so it must be worth it to her.

  112. Cheyenne says:

    @Sue: Contrary to what you stated, Elizabeth and Philip are said to be very happily married for well over 60 years.

  113. Luise says:

    Frank, If what you hear is true that Albert is in a2m and subjects that poor girl to that then he is the most disgusting misogynistic deviant monster I have ever heard of. He should be horse whipped and institutionalized.

  114. Lushus L. says:

    Apples to mangoes? Nevermind.

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