Nicole Kidman carries babies like they’re sacks of potatoes


These are some newish photos of Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban and their two girls at LAX yesterday, where they flew in from Sydney. Little Sunday Rose gets to walk all by herself (holding the hands of her parents), but little Faith Margaret gets carried because she’s only 6 months old. That makes sense… except… um, is this the right way to carry a six-month old? I don’t know much about babies, true, but are you supposed to just toss them, face-out, over your forearm like a sack of potatoes? I would only hold a baby like that if I thought the baby was going to barf on me – which might be Nicole’s rationale. Little Faith is all “BAAAAAAARF…” and Nicole was like, “Fine, have it your way.” Do mothers have these kinds of arguments with their babies? I’d really like to know.

Would you like to know why Nicole and Keith suddenly seemed to rush back to LA after only a brief visit to Australia? They’re going to meet Prince William and Duchess Kate! Yes, when Will and Kate come through California, the BAFTA organization (which I believe William is honorary president of) is throwing them a major gala affair Sunday night. And Nicole (and Keith?) have been invited! Also invited: Tom Hanks, Ginnifer Goodwin, Kristin Chenoweth, Derek Hough, and maybe Jennifer Lopez and Jack Black. Er… it’s not really star-studded, is it? I mean, Derek Hough? Seriously? I hope Will and Kate get to spend some time with some true A-listers.






Photos courtesy of Fame.

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  1. teehee says:

    What experienced, tired mom doesnt– at least once or twice. Your arms get tired, theyre not feather light. And ot be photographed constantly… its bound to happen.
    I guess its the best she could do if she wants her other arm free for her older daughter.
    Other holds may look nicer but arent as secure with one arm.

  2. Dani says:

    As a parent, I see nothing wrong with the hold. It’s a solid, firm hold. The kid is 6 months old now, the head doesn’t have to be supported anymore. Wow, this is news huh?

  3. Shay says:

    She is so skinny, what weight can she really carry?

  4. Addie says:

    I agree Kaiser as a non-parent I must say, that looks uncomfortable for both the baby and Nicole.

  5. Quest says:

    I found myself holding my son like that when he was that age (Sometimes you have to multi-task). It is quite a comfortable hold cause a baby that age does not always need as much support as a newborn.

  6. Louiset says:

    Keith back on tour so they, at least Keith, isn’t rushing to meet the royals. Besides I think they were in Australia for at least a week. Nicole always holds Faith like that. I always think she’s going to drop her.

  7. brin says:

    That’s some group of celebrities, (Ginnifer Goodwin?, Derek Hough?), I’m sure the royals will be impressed. *eyeroll*

  8. Sandra says:

    Well she has some shitty look.

  9. Franny says:

    I would have loved her outfit if she had on flats instead of those weird boots, and not thrown on whatever weird sparkly shirt that is.

  10. someone says:

    Shay???Nicole has always been skinny, I see nothing wrong with the way she is holding little faith..

  11. cara says:

    baby schmaby, ya know… they are probably tougher than a sack of potatoes so carry them how you like once they have good head control and core strength. What INTRIGUES me are the “getting off the plane” outfits. On one hand i get it… you know the papparazzi are there… you know they are going to take photos of your little family… and you want it to look cute-ish so you pack some fresh clothes for arrival. BUT MAN OH MAN…. the party dress, frilly socks and cropped cardi combo? really? for an airport? just looks a little like they are trying too hard.

    that said, nicole looks superhumanly amazing for getting off a 14 hour flight with two kids under 2.

  12. Boo says:

    I have three kids, and there is *nothing* wrong with that hold. Faith may prefer it, as she gets to see what is going on around her rather than staring at her mothers chest or neck. She looks perfectly content, too–which is a fine gauge of whether Nicole is doing a good job or not. From the looks of those little girls, Nicole and Keith are doing just fine.

  13. Rio says:

    Looks fine to me. Is her head flopping around? Is she spilling onto the sidewalk? Is she being swung around by her ankle?
    The kid’s fine, there’s no need to harp on Nicole for something very normal. I’ll bet EVERYONE who posts here was held like that at least once, and that a good number of us were actually dropped at some point or another.
    Babies are more durable than they look.

  14. fannomore says:

    It’s a good grip, I used it all the time, no wriggle room and secure, lol sack of potatoes though

  15. really says:

    CUTEST baby!

  16. Chrissy says:

    My son enjoyed being held like that. He was a really fussy baby …. I think the pressure from my hand/arm felt good on his tummy. In fact, it was his doc that suggested it. Odd outfits for travel with young kids though. I would be covered in food and spilled drinks.

  17. LadyJane says:

    That is how any experienced mom occasionally holds their baby.

  18. LB says:

    My oldest loved being held this way at that age.

  19. Isabel says:

    That hold is perfectly fine. She has a strong grip on Faith, and Faith is able to look around…which likely makes her far less squirmy.
    Did you ask CB about this one?

  20. lucy2 says:

    Looks fine to me, the baby is securely held. Maybe she was fussing if held a different way, who knows.
    OMG those chubby cheeks, so cute!

  21. Jackson says:

    Uh, yeah, sometimes that’s how the kid ends up in your arm and you just go with it. No harm, no foul.

  22. anthrochica says:

    I agree. I am a mother of four & that is how experienced mothers hold their kids from time-to-time. I love how well-meaning people without children give parents advice all the time. Get knocked up, squeeze something the size of a watermelon out of your netherregion & then we’ll talk, peeps. Otherwise, STFU.

  23. Mommaq says:

    Most moms know babies love to be carried facing out, so that they can see, and the forearm hold helps with gas. Maybe leave the parenting critique to parents.

  24. mia girl says:

    Nothing wrong with the baby hold…

    but man o man there is alot wrong with those boots.

  25. Praise St. Angie! says:

    agree with the others…secure but comfy for both mom and baby.

    plus, most babies over a certain age like to see where they’re going. if you carry them on your hip, they will twist to see forward which can strain your arm.

  26. DianaPrince says:

    I know for a fact that chunky babies are heavy. As long as you have a firm hold of them and are not giving them whiplash it’s all good.

  27. KatzeOttawa says:

    As if she’s even familiar enough with potatoes to have carried them! ha!

    Seriously, I know my mom carried us like that from time to time as well. We’re all good =)

  28. Madchen says:

    I’m more bothered by the boots with cropped pants.

  29. MollyB says:

    Yep, nothing wrong with that hold. If her baby was 6 WEEKS old, yeah, it would be a problem. At six months old, no big deal and some babies prefer it.

  30. L says:

    I just want to send a picture of this to Tom and Katie to show them how little girl outfits are supposed to look. Sunday looks adorable and age appropriate. AND they are letting her walk. Crimey, don’t the Cruises still carry suri alot of the time?

  31. Sisi says:

    when I was a baby I had my annoying moments where I demanded to lie or be held in a seemingly uncomfortable way. I once slept on my mothers shins… But it’s the only way I wouldn’t cry my guts out.

    maybe faith had such a mood

  32. lin234 says:

    I love how Sunday is dressed. So adorable. Nicole looks amazing after such a long flight but there is no doubt she changed. That pink shirt looks like silk. Definitely would have wrinkled during a 14 hour flight.

    Her baby’s face looks like she has the beginnings of a rash on it. Looks itchy. Probably why she’s holding her face forward.

  33. Jag says:

    I really want to see the manual that parents get the second that the woman gives birth. The one that gives them the right to be rude to those without children. My babies didn’t make it to be birthed, so my manuals must’ve been given to someone else.

    It’s perfectly fine that those questions were asked about how Nicole is carrying her baby. People can be concerned for the child, and it’s possible to answer the questions without being rude. You didn’t know the answers to everything before experience or someone else taught you, either, just because your baby made it outside of you.

  34. maritan says:

    Nothing wrong at all here. I carry my little one like this all the time because she is too big for a carrier now and the older one needs a hand sometimes, too.
    I tell my kids I carry them like a sack of potatoes!

  35. Birdy says:

    Kids must be facing the paps to get attention and media coverage. To hell with the kid’s welfare and comfort. Mommy needs to be the centre of attention as she hasn’t had a hit film in ages and needs to be in the tabloids to feel relevant and A list. Sell the family unit to the awaiting press – exactly the same as when she was with Cruise. Tedious.

    If that were Britney carrying a baby like that, people would be outraged.

  36. says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Nicole and her daughters are a little too color-coordinated?

  37. Irene says:

    Nothing wrong with the hold. I hold my toddler on my hip like that all the time.
    I don’t have a manual and I’m not rude to those without kids LOL… but there are certainly some that think they know how to raise them better than me. And offer unsolicited advice/questions… and that’s rude.

  38. sharylmj says:

    she’s chumby and heavy and Nicole needed her other hand for Sunday. Give her a break.. I carried my babies like that when I needed my other hand to do something… it’s fine and Faith is fine with it too.

  39. Hanh says:

    That hold is fine. Its a secure one handed hold and its for a short walk to their car. Also it lets people see what she’s wearing. I’ve done it plenty of times myself with my 6 month old and 21 month old. Once they can hold their head steady, its all kinds of holds! I hate her shoes with that outfit, but I love the frilly pink shirt and I normally hate frilly anything.

  40. Sunshine Daze says:

    I carry my baby like that, too. There’s nothing wrong with it. Once the baby can support their own head, you can toss ‘em any which way. I’ve also slung a toddler/preschooler under my arm if they were throwing a tantrum and I needed to get them out of somewhere quickly.

  41. taxi says:

    That hold is safer than any other with only 1 free arm. Too bad about the crop pants & boots though.

  42. TQB says:

    Beautiful children. Nothing wrong with carrying a 6 month old like that – do you realize the contortions a baby that age will do if you try and carry her face-in? She wants to see what’s happening. She’s more than strong enough to support her own head.

  43. suggabugga says:

    3 things:

    1. Nicole probably didn’t want the baby to spit up on her sparkly outfit.
    2. Nicole probably wanted to show off the baby she paid a lot of money for.
    3. who cares?

  44. Carol says:

    My niece preferred being held this way. She wanted to be able to look around and would complain any time you switched to a more conventional hold unless there was something interesting going on behind you. Then she wanted the conventional hold and would pull herself up so that she could watch over your shoulder. My sister got some interesting stares/questions/advice, but my niece was happy and that’s what mattered.

  45. Anonymous says:

    that’s the official photo op position, the trophy, reminds me of how Larry Birkhead use to hold his daughter so everyone could see her. ghost babies.

  46. 4Real says:

    As a tall thin mother (not so thin anymore) of 10lb babies. Its easier to hold them like that and they seem happier to be able to look around. When you don’t have hips its harder to hold them up especially when they don’t hold on like lil monkeys. LOL!

  47. Christine says:

    Slow news day or what? The hold is fine. I actually have said to my boys, when holding them, that they are a sack of potatoes.

  48. irishserra says:

    I’ve held my little ones like that plenty of times. Often, they like that they can look out and see everything. Also, NK is lacking in the hip department, so to comfortably hold her babies, this may be one of her limited options.

  49. RHONYC says:

    now that Nic’s had her two youngest daughters, Bella really does look like her natural-born child:

    i mean she looks more like their older sis than Suri’s don’tcha think?

    would be lovely to see a pic with Nic & her 3 daughters. awww.

  50. Boo says:

    I think moms get criticized so often by everyone in their lives that when we see someone being criticized for something that is perfectly normal and reasonable, we instantly snap to her defense. I don’t think it is meant to be rude, really. It’s just that when one is attacked a lot, one gets defensive as an automatic response.

  51. Joji says:

    Anyone else think that Sunday looks like Bella when she was that age?

  52. Turtle Dove says:

    My friend got mad at me because I would always carry her daughter facing forward and she then would kick up a fuss if you didn’t. She liked it so she could look around – some little ones are so curious and like to see what’s happening.

    That being said, this is also a better way for the photogs to get a good picture of mommy and a full-faced shot of the baby. (sigh) Forever a cynic.

  53. RHONYC says:

    @ Joji:

    Exactly! check my post above yours.

    great minds think alike! lol :lol:

  54. nag says:

    when I was a kid I wore the same looking frilly white socks with black shoes…

  55. original kate says:

    seems fine to me. but then again i hold babies like bombs, arms straight out and kid facing away from me.

  56. Kim says:

    So bizarre that she has 2 grown kids but started over with new family because sold her soul for fame and gave Tom custody of her older kids in promise of movies/fame. HOLLYWEIRD! Im happy for her but feel for the older kids because they have to kind of think mom gave us up for new family.

  57. Tara says:

    Sorry Kaiser. non-story here. What I have noticed, however, are pictures where Angelina Jolie is clutching her kids tightly by the wrists as they stomp through an airport or a mall or something. It always looked painful and cold to me.

  58. FreeLoveForAll says:

    Personally I could care less how she holds her baby, as long as the baby isn’t falling on the ground or crying because she is uncomfortable.

    The red mark between Faith’s eyes looks to me like a birthmark.

    I want Faith’s pink blanket for myself. It looks so soft.

  59. Sonia says:

    I used to hold a 6 month old I nannied that way because if I held him facing me he would always flail about happily and hit me in the face. An arm between the legs is secure although it doesn’t look good. I guess she cares more about her daughter than the pictures!

  60. Ruffian9 says:

    Thanks, original kate, I just splashed Diet Coke on my keyboard. I hold them the same way.

  61. REALIST says:

    Maybe not that fashionable for Nicole, but a baby carrier (like a Baby Bjorn) would solve the potato sack problem.
    My boys were 20 months apart, so I did the Bjorn/older kid by the hand combo. I also bought a McClaren double stroller because it was the only stroller than was narrow enough to consistently get through doors and down grocery aisles.
    The boys are 9 and 11 now-pre-adolescence-I’d still rather be where we are now than in the dimple days-exhausting!

  62. BlueBird says:

    It is just me, or did anyone else chuckle a little looking at the first bottom pic of Sunday Rose’s expression while Nicole is staring ahead?

    SR’s face is like “Wuhhh”? Cute sack of potato :)

  63. Jaxx says:

    Baby is comfortable or it would be sounding off big time. Boots are very bad, really very bad.

  64. dani says:

    Fu cking b itch with these photos you can tell how much time she spends with her daughters, caring for them, etc! she doesnt even know how to carry her baby!
    4 nannies (2 per kid) for sure!

  65. sammib says:

    Who cares about the baby. WTF is she wearing?!!!

  66. Angela says:

    Obviously those that are making negative comments (Dani) about the way she is holding Faith obviously havent had children. I have 4 children and i have carried all my children this way especially at this age when they love to look around. It is also much easier to carry them like this when you have the other hand free to hold another child’s hand. I think Nicole looks very comfortable and so does Faith, if the child isnt it will let you know. Surely there is something else to write about then the way she is carry her child……

  67. anon says:

    @Jaxx: ITA with both your points :-) the boots are so bad they look like they are on the wrong foot, the baby is adorable

  68. telesma says:

    Believe it or not, some babies prefer to be carried that way and will cry and struggle if you try to carry them facing in. They want to see where they’re going, what’s going on, etc. It’s actually a sign of intelligence, they’re curious about the world.