Ryan Phillippe was by his ex girlfriend’s side when she had their baby daughter, Kai

In Touch [via Daily Mail] is reporting that Ryan Phillipe’s ex girlfriend, actress Alexis Knapp, had what is presumed to be his daughter on July 1st at Cedars Sinai in L.A. Alexis had a little 8 lb girl and she’s named Kai. I really like that name. Ryan was said to have been with Alex at the hospital when she gave birth.

Ryan Phillippe’s ex girlfriend has given birth to a girl.

Aspiring actress Alexis Knapp, 26, welcomed a 8lb baby named Kai on July 1, America’s In Touch magazine reports.

The Cruel Intentions star, 36, is said to have been by her side in the delivery room at Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre, despite questions surrounding the paternity of the child.

‘It was a smooth delivery,’ an insider tells the publication.

The actor, who has two children Ava, 11, and Deacon, 7, with his ex wife Reese Witherspoon, has been involved in the pregnancy.

‘Ryan took Alexis to her last doctor’s appointments and was there in the hospital when she gave birth,’ the source added.

‘He’s waiting for the DNA test to see of he’s the father, but he’s acting like he is.’

Knapp dated Phillippe last summer, before splitting in October.

[From Daily Mail]

That’s kind of sweet and makes me have a soft spot for Ryan. He could have shown up after the birth but he made an effort to be there. I also like that someone just told In Touch and didn’t make a big announcement to People or US Weekly. Alexis seems to have a relationship with the tabloid, as they also ran a brief story about how he gave her $5,000 worth of baby gifts ahead of the birth. I forsee some staged baby pictures with Alexis and Kai soon. She seems to have called the paps at least once when Ryan took her to the doctor.

I like the name Kai and am trying to remember (search on) which other celebrities have children named Kai, which is kind of a gender-neutral name. Jennifer Connolly has a 13 year-old son named Kai, from a relationship before she married Paul Bettany. Google reveals that Colleen and Wayne Rooney (British football player) had a son they named Kai in 2009. And Kaiser reminded me that Parminder Nagra also has a son named Kai and that Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber named their son Samuel Kai. So it sounds like it is mostly used for boys, but I do like it for a little girl too. I wonder if Ryan helped Alexis pick out the name. Congratulations to them!



Photo of pregnant Alexis credit: Pedro Andrade/Gaz Shirley, Pacific Coast News. Ryan is shown on 6/11/11, credit: WENN.com

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  1. MollyB says:

    I believe Kai is Jennifer Connolly’s child from a previous relationship, not Paul Bettany’s.

  2. TQB says:

    Sounds like he’s trying to do the right thing. If she’s the one that keeps papping herself, shame on her. Seems to me that’s the avenue of last resort if the dad is a rich dude being a deadbeat, as opposed to a guy who’s taking you to appointments.

  3. Celebitchy says:

    Thanks MollyB I will look that up and fix it!

  4. teehee says:

    I thought Kai is a man’s name… at least it is here. Not that it really matters with stuff like Apple and Paris and Aleph.

  5. OtherChris says:

    How generous of him. We should consider giving him a cookie.

  6. Sloane Wyatt says:

    Not every guy stands up and helps out his maybe Baby Mama.

    Good on Ryan.

  7. Teresa__Maria says:

    In Estonia (where I am from), Kai is quite popular name for girls.

  8. mln76 says:

    Well at least he handled this above board and I wouldn’t be surprised if TQB is right that there is another candidate whose more of a deadbeat and less of a responsible father than Phillipe. I have been hard on him in the past but I give him credit for doing the right thing with class and I hope he’s learned his lesson and learns to keep it in his pants.

  9. Praise St. Angie! says:

    lol, OtherChris…

    reminds me of Chris Rock’s rant on men wanting recognition/praise for things they’re SUPPOSED to do.

    “I ain’t never been to jail!”

    “I take care of MY kids!”


  10. truetalk says:

    some don’t even help out with confirmed baby mamas so this is nice to hear.

  11. Blue says:

    Well my daughter’s father showed up 12 hours after i had her, complained about how long it took him to get there (an hour) and played on the phone with one hand and held our daughter in the other and barely looked at her,so ryan being there for a child that he isn’t sure is his, good for him.

  12. TG says:

    Kai sounds like an interesting name if it is cultural but if it is just a dumb american naming there child that it sounds uninspired (read trendy) which I think might be the case here.

  13. searching4grace says:

    @TG Why does it have to be “dumb” if it’s American and “cool” if it’s a cultural name? Aren’t ALL names cultural in one way or another?

  14. Maritza says:

    I think he is a responsible father to his kids and he wanted to do the right thing and it was sweet of him to be there with her. She looks like Megan Fox in that photo where she is lying down.

  15. Clair says:

    Wayne and Coleen Rooney also have a son named Kai.

  16. kimberly says:

    huh I know 2 kai’s and they’re both boys

  17. Ari says:

    My name is Ari and its a jewish boys name and I am a girl and I grew up just fine (boobs and all) lol [read as: who cares]

  18. KLO says:

    Yeah, Kai is a girls’ name in Estonia.

  19. Camille says:

    Well, that’s nice.

    In the Maori (indigenous people of New Zealand) language ‘kai’ means food. 😆


  20. 4Real says:

    Aww that’s sweet…he must think highly of her and what they had and feels it is most likely his.

  21. hawaiian says:

    kai means “ocean” in hawaiian. it can be a girl or boys name

  22. Madison says:

    What a nice thing to do, good on ryan for helping her out even though they are no longer together when he could have easily paid her off and walked away.

  23. Devon says:

    I think Ryan is a complete douche to the women in his life but he sure does love his kids.

  24. dorothy says:

    At least he hung around. Thats more than Salma Hayaks husband did for his baby momma.

  25. rose80 says:

    Wait…So you guys are giving someone praise over something that they are supposed to be doing??? What has our society come to when a man that does something he is SUPPOSED to do gets praise for doing it? That is a sad mentality to have. And before anyone says it, I’m fully aware of the abundance of dead beat dads out there, BUT we shouldn’t praise a man when he does what he is SUPPOSED to do.

  26. KJ says:

    Kaia is the female form of Kai in a lot of languages. I believe Cindy Crawford’s daughter is named Kaia.

    But I love it either way.

  27. KJ says:

    @rose80 – You have a point, but remember that Phillippe doesn’t actually know the child is his. He will soon, I’m sure, and is obviously prepared to be the girl’s father in the event that it is his, but I think the commendation has much more to do with the fact that he could’ve not done anything until after the baby was born and his paternity was confirmed. He’s being their under the ASSUMPTION that the child is his, and a lot of guys would be well within their rights to say “you know what, the timeline was fuzzy and I’ll be there once I get confirmation that it’s mine.” Think about the emotional burden of going through the pregnancy with her only to find out it’s not his. Some men actually do have strong paternal instincts, and he should be praised for setting aside the issue of paternity and being there regardless.

  28. Angelina says:

    Do you think his mate Benicio will do the same when Kim Stewart goes in to labour with his daughter

    I think not lol

  29. islandwalker says:

    He may have de-douched himself a little by stepping up. I hate it when that happens.

    ( Why am I always moderated? I’m usually pretty respectful.)

  30. Violet says:

    Ryan Phillippe is a complete slut so he’s not relationship material, but he seems to be a really good dad. I’m happy and not at all surprised to see him step up for Kai.

    Incidentally, I think it’s a bit of a stretch to call Alexis his ex-girlfriend. I get the sense that she was just one of several f*ckbuddies he was seeing at the time, and that it didn’t last long because it rarely does with him.

  31. jc126 says:

    I have to say, Kai sounds so very feminine to my ears. It just don’t seem like a boys’ name to me.

  32. lu says:

    i know a Swedish male Kai. kai means egg in Thai!

  33. Joan says:

    Naomi Watts & Liev Schreiber also have a son called Kai. He is the younger of the two.

    I could never call my child that, simply because my sister has a dog with the same name. 🙂

  34. jemshoes says:

    Kai is a lovely name, and I like how it’s also gender-neutral.

    Well, congratulations to both Alexis and Ryan. For the moment at least it sounds like everyone’s trying to be mature and responsible.

  35. Reese is smart. says:

    So this asswipe can’t get attention for his craft? He resorts to getting every tramp that crosses his stoned eyes pregnant? Total LOSER!

  36. shockedandappalled says:

    Praise St Angie!: word. My sentiments exactly.

  37. Danziger says:

    Where I live, Kai is strictly a female name, so it’s all right by my book.

  38. Celia says:

    Kai is a purely male name here in Germany.But I like it, short and strong and if it has a nice meaning than even better.

    I don’t know why some of you are so harsh on him. He’s caring although he can’t be sure it’s his. and regarding getting random girlfriends pregnant: it’s her responsibility too!

  39. liv says:

    i know a guy whose name is kai (he’s half japanese and half german).

    @lu, depending on the tone kai could mean egg, chicken, sell, or who. a tongue twister would be ‘who sells chicken eggs’ which is ‘kai kai kai kai.” lol. gotta love the tonal languages

  40. galaxy.girl says:

    Brunnen G Kai from LEXX!!

  41. Honey B says:

    Off topic. The internet is a wonderful thing, really. I’m South African and tend to assume most readers and commentators are American. So its nice to know you have a global village of bitching. Lol.

  42. Kim says:

    He OBVIOUSLY knows he is the father hence why in delivery room & at Dr appts etc.

  43. Dirty Martini says:

    Yes he is supposed to do it.

    Many however do not. And sometimes the women are b!tchy about not being still the romantic partner and keep the men away, don’t allow it, etc. And that’s just wrong too.

    OK neither of them were using protection. She got knocked up. The decision to keep the child was made by someone unilaterally or both together.

    Either way–they are both doing the right thing………..him by being there, here by allowing it.

    Cut them some slack.

  44. april says:

    to ari:
    i like your name.

  45. hatekyle says:

    he possibly knew it from the start that he is the father. the denial was in fact to save him from the bad publicity and not worsen the “douche” tag that is crowned on his skull permanently- or not jeopardize his current fling with that red riding owl.
    when that denial didn’t fly he issued something to the effect that if he is the father he will be responsible after a paternity test is proven.
    now he owned it up, it seems like. what a douche still.
    while jim brings his kids with reese to church, he brings them an illegitimate sibling.