Star: The True Blood actors are divas & are competing for lines and women on set

This is an amusing story in this week’s Star that I hope is overblown. I’d like to think of the True Blood men as a kind of brotherhood of hotties, joking around and slapping towels at each other’s asses in homoerotic scenes in the locker room. Star claims that they’re backbiting bitches to each other, though, and are competing for screen time and trying to see who can hook up with the most extras. Even if this story is complete bunk, and I hope it is, it’s nice to hear it about men for once. Stephen Moyer is supposedly above all this since he’s married, but they claim he still acts like an entitled diva. Now that I can believe.


“The cast is full of hot guys with huge egos, and they are all battling to be the breakout star of the show,” an insider tells Star. “They each want the best dialogue, the best story lines and the most camera time.” And for some of the leading men, the feuding goes beyond the screen. “Ryan Kwanten and Alex Skarsgard are constantly competing,” the source reveals. “even about who can lift more weight or do more crunches. They always have their shirts off, flexing their abs.”

And they’re competing over hot girls too. “Some of the guys are making their way through the female extras to see who can hook up with the most,” the insider says. While Stephen Moyer stays true to his wife, Anna Paquin, he is getting a bad rap for his above it all attitude. “Stephen walks around like he’s the big man on campus,” the insider dishes. “He feels like he and Anna deserve the most perks, which doesn’t sit well with the other actors.” The one-set rivalry has also “gotten to be a problem for the producers and a real headache for the rest of the cast and crew,” adds the insider.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition, July 18, 2011]

They don’t mention Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette), Sam Trammell (Sam) or Joe Manganiello (Alcide), all of whom are in long term relationships. Ellis has been with his girlfriend since 1993 and they have a son together, Trammell’s girlfriend is expecting twin boys, and Manganiello is sadly engaged. So it’s hard to tell who Star is referring to when they say they’re competing to bang the women on set. That’s probably the point, though and this whole story is hopefully crap. (Apart from the detail that Ryan and Alex have sweaty workout sessions together in which they love showing each other their abs.)

As for the last episode of True Blood, without revealing any spoilers I have to say the show really picked up steam. Where the first episode this season was too slow and was focused on bringing us up to speed with the various characters a year later, this episode had a tighter plot and some promising twists. I can’t wait to see what happens with Eric! I love him like this, and that’s all I’ll say about it. What happened to the werewolves though? We need some brooding Alcide coming to the rescue. If the books are any indication, and that’s not always the case, he’ll come back soon. (From what I remember, right? A lot of it is a blur to me.)







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  1. Praise St. Angie! says:

    good lord…this show has GOT to have the hottest male cast EVER.

  2. sapphire says:

    Sort of a non-story, although I am a True Blood addict. I sort of figure that of course they are ego driven divas:they’re actors! Although I’d love to judge the pose-off….

  3. Kloops says:

    Crap story. Anna Paquin has the best job. Lucky b*tch.

  4. Taytay says:

    Lol stupidest story ever, especially since everyone already knows that Alex us the “breakout star” of the show. I can totally imagine Stephen being all haughty and pretentious though.

  5. Nonplussed says:

    No difficulty in believing Stephen Moyer is quite the little Madame.

  6. jay says:

    I can see Stephen being a bit annoying too. Probably because he is the bottom rung on the totem pole of hotness. I mean, he isn’t “ugly”. But he sure isn’t the pretty one. Or have the best body. Or the best actor.

  7. kg says:

    man erik erik erik erik
    i cant think of anything when i see him

  8. Eve says:

    Bleh…never got the appeal of any of them.

  9. Twez says:

    While I appreciate looking at Ryan Kwanten, he’s no Sarsgard. The hot little Viking has movie star written all over his naked self.

    I’m dying laughing at Nonplussed’s phrasing of Moyer being “quite the little Madame,” because I can totally see that as well. LOL! He’s also the oldest dude on the cast and looks it, which probably annoys him. That budget Just-For-Men one tone flat hair color is doing him no favors.

  10. Melissa says:

    @ Praise St. Angie!: ITA! When I watch this show, all I keep thinking is “My gawd all the men on here are beautiful”. But I think this story is not true. There have been more reports that they are all mates and have fun together while shooting.

  11. Lisa says:

    It’s very easy to believe stephen and Anna walk around with sticks in their asses, totally oblivious to the fact that people still watch the show DESPITE them, not for them.

  12. JM says:

    The only thing that rings true in this story is the Alex/Ryan flex off. Except that Joe has both beat by a mile.

  13. mia girl says:

    I love them all!

    Why all the Moyer bashing? I’ve seen him in interviews and he seems like a pretty down to earth, nice guy who is happy he got this opportunity.

    Alex can still be the hotest without having to say that Stephen is a diva. Actually I think of all of them Ryan seems like he might have a bit of diva in him.

    This story in bunk, but at least they Star was little more inventive than a more typical made up story like “Moyer is jelous of the other guys getting it on with his wife.”

  14. Taytay says:

    Not to mention both Alex and Ryan are incredibly humble, no way are they having ab flex-offs. That’s something that Mangello douche would do.

  15. seVen says:

    Mmm Ryan is so so close to being my forever dong. I dont care if hes a reported douche or whatever they say, I’m willing to turn a blind eye for a piece of that

  16. kpist says:

    This must be the answer to the blind about extras

  17. RHONYC says:

    copy this post & title it ‘True Dong Friday’ and i’d be happy. :mrgreen:

  18. Sam says:

    I don’t know, seems sketchy. I’ve seen them in interviews and I just can’t believe (or maybe I just don’t want to believe) that they would all be so egotistical. They all seem so grateful for being given a chance.

  19. the original bellaluna says:

    I don’t buy it.

    ITA @ Kloops!

  20. really says:

    too much CAT JUICE.

  21. Mia says:

    Eh. I believe it. I used to think the cast of Buffy were BFFs because of their characters’ closeness. That most definitely wasn’t the case, so I take all the posturing in front of interviewers and fans with a grain of salt.

    I’ve heard rumors about Anna not being particularly friendly with her female co-stars because it has to be all about her. I don’t doubt the success of the show has probably gone to Stephen’s head too, especially with Alan Ball’s constant sucking up to him.

  22. Iggles says:

    Mia – Now I’m curious! What dirt have you heard about the Buffy cast?

  23. lucy2 says:

    Iggles, I’ve always gotten that impression too, that the Buffy cast was not terribly close off screen. Not sure why, but it just came off that way.
    However, I have heard that the TB cast is all very friendly and there aren’t diva antics. Anna seems kind of quiet, so that may make people think she’s stuck up, but she and Stephen seem pretty nice, and everyone else seems happy and grateful.

  24. Mia says:

    Iggles, the Buffy set was insane. I can’t wait for the E!Hollywood story on them.

    Smidge & Aly fell out in S3. It’s been alleged Smidge didn’t tell any of the cast she was quitting the show until it was too late to take advantage of pilot season. The EW cover with Smidge was arranged to circumvent a proposed Rolling Stone cover with the entire cast. Freddie Prinze Jr’s influence on Smidge & her relationship with the cast & crew. Emma Caulfield reportedly fell out with Joss & Smidge in S7, hence her character dying a horrible death. Nicholas Brendon’s drinking. The alleged romance between Smidge & James Marsters & her known relationship with David Boreanaz.


  25. Iggles says:

    Mia – OMG! I didn’t know any of that! Thanks for the inside info.

    I have to admit, your usage of nicknames made that a bit confusing. Had to read it more than once.

    Smidge = Sarah Michelle Gellar and Aly = Allison Hanigan???

    I gotta say, post-show Allison totally won! She’s been on HIMYM for years, meanwhile SMG has been struggling. I heard she had a new show on the CW, which looks dreadful (not a good network either!).

    Didn’t know Nicholas Brendon was a drinker 🙁 Hated his character though. Ugh.

    But whoa! SMG and David used to date? Weird! But awesome weird? I dunno. Can’t wrap my head around it.

    My fave episode of Buffy or Angel (lumping it together because I liked it the most!), was the Angel episode where Buffy comes to LA and Angel becomes human. They spend this one perfect day together. It was lovely 😀

  26. mrsezc says:

    I can see the hotness in all but Bill .. I don’t understand the hype over him.

  27. lolalola says:

    I thought Ryan Kwaten was gay? Wasn’t there some story recently that he was gonna come out? Am I imagining that?

  28. Stubbylove says:

    I’m a TB whore. Loving @Nonplussed comment about Moyer being quite the little madame – brilliant.

  29. Ashley says:

    Wow Askars looks good with a beard.

    I can see Paquin and Moyer being assholes. I get that vibe in interviews. They clearly hate that Alex has stolen the show and the contempt even comes through when Anna has scenes with him. She looks at him like she wants to kill him, not f–k him. Which makes for an uncomfortable viewing. I cringe when ever they have to kiss. It’s so bad. Totally ruins Eric and Sookie for me. Plus Anna’s such a bad actress. Nothing she does is believable.

    But Eric is a huge favorite in the book and it’s only natural that he’s a big favorite on the show too. Maybe there wouldn’t be as much animosity if Alan Ball wasn’t up Moyer’s ass all the time rambling on about how Bill will be even bigger than he is in the books and how he and Sookie are soulmates. Did he even read past book 3?

    If there is rivalry on the set, I’ve got the solution, HBO should just give Eric, Pam, Lala and Jessica their own spinoff. They’re the only reason I watch True Blood and they’re the only ones with interesting storylines. I couldn’t care less about any of the others. Besides vampire business is so much more interesting than Sookie and Bill making up in EVREY SINGLE EPISODE.

    As for the screwing extras. You got me. Do Kwanten and Askars even have any scenes together? I don’t recall them being on at the same time.

    And I thought Kwanten was gay? This would explain why Ball keeps giving Jason these huge storylines when they’re so BORING (ditto for Tara/Ruthina).

  30. Cait says:

    I dunno, Stephen always seems sweet and down to earth in all the interviews I’ve caught. Do agree he was much better looking Season 1 though, whoever’s doing his makeup now sucks.

  31. Samantha says:

    Re: the Buffy drama…it was rumored that SMG (which does sound like Smidge if you say it together) and David Boreanaz hooked up, and I think that’s probably true. Alyson Hannigan stated in at least one interview that the rest of the cast were sort of the last to know that the show was ending. Nick Brendon has been to rehab at least once since the show ended, but he and Charisma Carpenter are still close. I think a certain amount of drama is par for the course on a hit show.

  32. Joyce says:

    Wandered over here but I see lots of Stephen Moyer hate. I like him very much and think he is fab… so bye bye haters…have fun being mean about people you do not even know!

  33. miriah says:

    Isnt that what men do….”compete” Regaurdless, they still have the sexiest cast on TV no doubt. I also love Stephen Moyer…and he only annoys me when he feels that he has to constantly point out that he is married to the famous star Anna Paquin….

  34. CC says:

    I can totally believe. I never buy the “oh we’re such good pals” BS most TV feed us. If they’re such good pals, why aren’t they ever hanging out together outside work functions? Riiight.

    I used to like Skarsgard but not anymore. Whatever he’s trying to portray, the guy is highly ambitious. Being nice never fits into the equation, and definitely doesn’t in this case. Ryan K just rubs me the wrong way, there’s an unfriendly vibe about him. Moyer… he’s the lame horse in the bunch that because he’s been given the lead (but never earned it) PLUS he married the female lead…I can totally believe about their entitlement vibe from those two. They likely rally around it, how they’re being “mistreated” and not given their due (in their minds) and all that.

  35. LBeees says:

    Stephen Moyer seems very nice, very down to earth in the interviews I have seen. And I love Anna Paquin.

    Alas, the strappings of fame: a hit show makes great fodder for gossips and tabloids. Take it all with a grain of salt people!

  36. peachesandcream says:

    so many comments and no mention of how cute Nelsan is? he’s my favorite.

    I think the truth is probably somewhere in between. I’m sure they’re all being professional on set and everything. And regarding Skarsgard; I don’t think he’s as nice as he’s portrayed in the media. I mean he’s dating whatsherface for godsakes. And he had a thing with Amanda seyfried (and recently there was a picture of him touching her face at some sort of party – which he is free to do, but it looked sort of weird him doing it when she was talking about how they hooked up in an interview…)
    And there was that comment he made about …i wanna say paris hilton, but i’m not sure it was her; it was an unkind comment.

    That’s all i wanted to say

  37. TEXASSWEDE says:

    The only “insiders” STAR has are the ones the reporters make up in their own heads or disgruntled ex workers from shows.

    TB is a great show and each one of these good looking gentlemen appeals to different fans for different reasons. Each has a different personality that is nothing like the character they portray on the show. As long as they keep giving me the great entertainment each week they do I don’t care what that trash mag STAR writes.

    I like the one who stays 45 minutes to sign for the fans after an event instead of just the required 15. The one who skips the media groups and goes straight to the waiting fans at the premiers. The one when on location and he gets a break min filming takes time to visit with the fans gathered to watch. I have never known a prima donna to ever care about fans. Have you?

  38. Lauri says:

    If Mother Theresa was still alive, she’d talk shit about Paris Hilton too.

  39. peachesandcream says:

    Laurie, doesn’t it seem kind of unprofessional to you? Most actors don’t trash talk other poeple; only certain type of actors seem to really enjoy doing that…

    I’m just saying…

  40. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    I too thought Anna was stuck up and that Alex may have been playing nicer than he truly is. However, I know the mother of the girl who plays Debbie Pelt and she says Alex and Anna couldn’t be nicer. She’s thrilled to be part of the cast.

    @Mia, I’m a HUGE Buffy fan! I can’t believe James and SMG were together! The Buffy/Spike storyline was my favorite. I’m such a Buffy dork that I went to a horror movie convention to meet him. He was a doll.

  41. Ann says:

    Agrees with CC. Anyways, how can they compete for airtime when there’s at least 50 cast members lol.

  42. Amanda G says:

    No wonder they are competing for screen-time, there are 140 characters on that show it seems! The only one I care about is Eric though. The rest can go away.

  43. Sara says:

    Yeah! If Eric ever do I.

  44. Cindy Taylor says:

    I have read comments of fans saying Moyer acted like a DIVA at the premiere. He wasn’t nice at the after party. He is a fake. Always playing funny guy. He tries too much.

  45. Bubu says:

    Im not surprised about Anna and Stephen. Anna is such a diva just because she won an Oscar when she was what? 9? and the what? NOTHING. This is her biggest opportunity to do something important in the business and Moyer well, he’s married to an Oscarn winning i wasn’t expecting anything different. This is probably his only good work on tv, he’s doing nothing when TB doesn’t film while Ryan and Alex have plenty of films. It sucks that those two divas (Anna and Stephen have to be the center of the show when they both sucks as Sookie and Bill. HBO should give more space to Pam for example and Alex too even if Eric is fully central since season 3. Even Anna acts better when he is in the room. They should kill Bill so we wouldn’t endure this stuff from Stephen Diva

  46. Flan says:

    Didn’t like Alex’s supposed teasing of Lady Gaga (telling her she needed to lose weight) or that he kissed her in their clip and then said ‘it’s all for the art’, implying it was horrible.

    As for the Buffy cast, I think a lot of them still get along. Antony Head’s daughters reportedly love SMG and she i still friends with Seth Green and Michelle Trachtenberg.

    She definitely seems to have had a problem with Aly, though.

    Aly and Julie Benz also seemed to have some kind of problem in the early days.

  47. Callumna says:

    None of these people look too attractive to me, and big egos ruin anything and everything.

    The plot to this show and the way the actors fill their roles must be pretty good to have fans see so much in them. They’re not physically stunning models so they must be cool in a deeper way. Hope they’re not cutthroat egomaniacs after all.

  48. Chicken'sMom says:

    I love Lafyette and would love to see him without all his clothes on…though whoever dresses him for TB is great. Just lose the mohawk thang and keep him in rgs. And Jesus guy? Oh yum…a sleeper of a dude…lets get some clothes off of him as well. Kwantan does nothing for me so far this season. I loved the change is Eric’s body language as he lost his memory. I’ll teach him a few things to help him back!

  49. telesma says:

    I’m sorry, but I can’t see them competing for the best lines or even storylines. Skarsgard & Kwanten are never in the same scene together, so no need to compete for lines. Jason is a tertiary character in the books, and as adorable as Kwanten is, I think he’s lucky he’s got as much screen time as he has.

    I can see some healthy competition on working out, though. Or maybe even not so healthy. Kwanten is an athlete, so he’s gonna be competitive, while Skarsgard is just too pretty not to rise to that. Also, I think it’s just a thing among guys who work out, to compete over how much they can lift, how fast they can run, etc. I can definitely see that, whether it’s good natured or not.

    I’d hope neither of them is so shallow as to compete for conquests. I mean it’s Hollywood – there are plenty of sluts to go around. Seriously, though, Kwanten doesn’t strike me as anything like his character IRL, and Skarsgard has probably had all the female attention he could handle for years now. His father is famous, he had a successful modeling and acting career before he was on Trueblood. So I’d think he’d be beyond that. But again, you never know. They both have the means and opportunity to be man whores.

    Also, I can totally see the Moyer & Paquin thing. I don’t particularly like either of them, though, so that’s probably just my own prejudice.

  50. sammib says:

    So. Many. Hot. Men.

  51. Hannah says:

    Oh please, all the Stephen Moyer hate comes from (mostly) adult age women who are so delusional they can’t separate the character of Bill from the actor. Pathetic. And this is STAR people, they get paid to make up crap!

  52. sweetsubversion says:

    I just wanna see Eric, Jason, and Alcide all get into bed together and get it on – oh and Sam too!

    Pam needs A. LOT. more screen time.

  53. CC says:

    to Hannah

    So basically you can’t stomach the fact that your precious darling is disliked, and because you do, everyone else is delusional?

    There may be some delusional people that go around chanting “ERIC IS SOO HOTTT” and other idiocies, but personally I’m not one of them.

    I don’t like either Bill or Moyer. Alan Ball and the HBO machine may be trying to force the guy down everyone’s collective throats, but that doesn’t mean people are forced to swallow. And guess what? Many don’t.

  54. bushpiglet says:

    Makes sense now. Shameless Eric fangirling at the expense of real life people. Onya. If you hate Stephen and Anna so much you better stop watching. Because ultimately they are the stars and alwyas will be. They love each other and they are happy together. Alex pretty much always stays with them when they are in town.Haters gotta hate!


    @ CAIT #30 who said:”I dunno, Stephen always seems sweet and down to earth in all the interviews I’ve caught. Do agree he was much better looking Season 1 though, whoever’s doing his makeup now sucks.” …..
    It’s not his makeup. It’s the fact that Stephen has AGED A LOT over the past couple of years. I believe in Season 1 he was still in his late 30s. Now he’s in his early 40s. Once a man starts entering his 40s he starts to look much older and it shows drastically on their face and their skin.

  56. JENN says:

    @bushpiglet: Do you honestly think that Anna and Stephen are “the stars” of that show? You’re delusional. HAHAHAHA

    Alex aka Eric is the reason most women and gay men even watch True Blood in the first place. At signings and events, the fans always swarm around Alex first and foremost. I kinda feel bad for the other men because it’s so obvious Alex is the #1 on that show. He also gets asked the most questions on the panels at Comic Con.

    Stephen looks WAY OLDER, WAY SHORTER, AND WAY LESS ATTRACTIVE than Alex. So let’s be real, huh?

    I think there might be truth to the Stephen rumors of him acting like a little madame. LOL. Anna also seems pretty uptight and awkward. It’s also weird how she clings to Stephen’s arms like a monkey when their at events.