Dame Gwyneth deigns to wear a little red bikini: does Goop have bolt-ons?


Dame Gwyneth Paltrow deigned to go on vacation with her godfather, Steven Spielberg and his family. Dame Goop brought along her kids, Apple and Moses, but not her husband. Because, let’s face it, Gwyneth and Chris Martin just have one of those marriages where they live almost completely separate lives. What I can’t figure out is why they don’t just split up. Sigh… anyway, Spielberg, Goop and a little red bikini. As I was looking through the photo set, I became increasingly fascinated by Gwyneth’s rack. We’ve discussed it before – Gwyneth has never had big boobs, and she still doesn’t have much going on there, but do they look slightly fake to anyone else? In certain light, at a certain angle, I swear they look slightly bolt-on-ish. If she got implants, they’re very small implants that look pretty natural. In which case, I guess we should praise her for attempting a natural look. If that is Gwyneth’s natural rack… hm… she used to be much flatter, I swear (and yes, I’m taking into account her pregnancies – even after Moses, she was flatter than this).

As for her rest of her figure in the little red bikini – she looks pretty good. She looks toned and healthy, not too skinny. Gwyneth looks like she eats normally (somewhat) and works out a lot, which I think is the truth. Her butt looks especially cute, in my opinion. Remember, Gwyneth used to have a “long, square [elitist] butt” but through hours and hours and hours of work, Tracy Anderson changed Goop’s square ass.

Re: the kids. I’ve always thought Apple looks just like her mom, and as she grows up, I see more and more that Apple seems to adopt her mother’s facial expressions and seemingly, her attitude. I mean that in a good way, too, even if it didn’t sound like it. Apple seems like a very self-possessed, self-aware child. And her little face is adorable. As for Moses, I think he looks like Deacon Phillippe, Reese Witherspoon and Ryan’s son. Right?









Photos courtesy of Fame.

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  1. UKHels says:

    shame about the ‘outy’ belly button gwynnie!!

  2. brin says:

    Yeah, my eyes went right to her outie button.

  3. Monie says:

    Kaiser, I don’t think they are bolt-ons but I think she did get a breast lift. Remember when she wore that gothic black dress to the Oscars several years ago and everyone commented on her A/B cup saggers? They were practically laying in her armpits. So she may have had a lift to give them some life. I have B cups and am thinking of the same…not inspired by Goopy of course. lol

  4. albeli says:

    Boobs look real.

    Horrified by her belly button.

  5. Laela says:

    Totally agree with you Kaiser. I think they’re definitely fake. But tasteful and small implants.

    Talking about implants Goop’s bestie Bee definitely has fake boobs. I think Bee’s implants are the best in the business for sure.

  6. girl says:

    Definitely implants.

  7. Strawberrygirl says:

    Chris is doing summer festivals with Coldplay.

  8. jinni says:

    She has nice legs, but that’s about it. Her stomach sticks out more than her butt and she has a boxy torso. Not a good look.

  9. the original bellaluna says:

    The only “outie” I love and adore is my 2 year-old’s. It is absolutely adorable on his little Buddha-belly.

    As for Goop: she is an entitled elitist snot, but she looks pretty good (for her). And her kids are CUTE!

  10. tooey says:

    That boxy torso is the signature Tracy Anderson look. What I can’t figure out is why all those slaves to her workout seem to have that outie belly button too. Tummy tuck, anyone?

  11. Jen34 says:

    I don’t think they are implants. She looks great. I only wish she’d buy a suit where her cheeks didn’t stick out. I think she needs to go up one size on the bottoms.

  12. Rita says:

    The color of the bikini is triggering memories for Moses of parting the Red Sea…..or he’s wondering about that belly button.

  13. suggabugga says:

    OMG. the sight of her butt made me gag. you need glasses ASAP. that thing is sagging and layered and all sorts of wrong. eeeeeewwwwwwwwww! and yes, implants and tummy tuck, foa shua.

  14. Liamarie says:

    She’s another one with the belly button that appears too high.

  15. Annaloo says:

    Her torso looks a little mannish… her belly button is gross. I didn’t think I could look at these pic for much longer and was about to puke while scrolling the page.

  16. witchcraft says:

    to people commenting on the outie navel- we can’t help it that the doctor cut our umbilical cord too short. It’s something we have to live with-even as adults. Im 20 years and have an outie/innie. it’s like an outie that sits inside. Reading comments like this doesn’t make me feel any better about it. I’m 20 years old and never had a boyfriend..If I ever get one- I hope he isn’t horrified by it like some of you guys.

  17. sara says:

    YES, small implants.

    @tooey: I’ve noticed that too.
    Gisele, Katie Holmes have outie belly button after pregnancy as well, I think it’s tummy tuck too.

  18. munchies says:

    i could care less with that belly button but she has mannish figure… shes fit yeah but that butt is just weird… hips down, looks like a man in 2 piece

  19. heebeegeebee says:

    That. bikini. is. too. small. Yuck.

  20. dr.bombay says:

    Even though I can barely tolerate goopy, I do give her credit for not having a butt lift/tummy tuck, at least not yet anyway. I’m tired of seeing plastic actors, male and female. I mean, I know plastic surgery goes way back in Hollywood…Marilyn was known to have had a nose and chin job…but these people are just going way overboard, to the point of looking like someone else or even worse…kinda scary.

    Oooh, how did I get so off-topic?

  21. lrm says:

    huh-her abdomen area is bloated like a famine victim-seriously that is what i thought when i saw it.
    but her butt is not too bad
    i guess i dont know what a good looking one is, then?
    i did not knokw this was a man’s looking butt?
    otherwise, i think woman really don’t know how to wear suits that, well, suit them….there are so many gorgeous bathing suits that can complement one’s body type-why can’t celebs find one?
    Someone should be a professional ‘suiter’ consultant—-to the stars. So they stop wearing ridiculous get ups that are unflattering and hard on the viewers’ eyes [=US!]

  22. kells-bells says:

    Am I the only person that thinks that Goop’s Bikini looks about 3 sizes smaller than it should be?
    Seriously, those bottoms look like they’d fall off if she passed gas, let alone sat down or went swimming.

  23. bagladey says:

    Gwyn’s body may be lean and tightish but it’s not pretty and she does not have a bikini body. Apart from that belly button, her midsection, which looks like she’s had a tummy tuck, is unshapely and unfeminine and her butt is saggy. She does not do justice to a nice bikini, but I think she would look great in a variety of TANKinis.

  24. curmudgeon says:

    Apple. Still not over it.

  25. Fue McCormick says:

    Remember when she did “Shakespeare In Love”? Didn’t she have larger breasts in that? I remember thinking that they looked pretty nice in that film. I think her ass looks horrendous and her belly button awful … but that sure is a cute dress. She and Steven kind of look like a couple. Where’s his super pretty wife, I wonder.

  26. Jag says:

    Tummy tuck belly button and small bolt-ons, imo.

    @ witchcraft ~ I’m sure that any boyfriend you have will love you and your belly button. And if he doesn’t, then you need to find a better guy. Outies usually don’t look like hernias, and tummy tuck belly buttons look like hernias to me. If yours is an innie/outie, then it looks normal. 🙂

    We all have body quirks. If you could see how crooked my fingers are naturally, you’d feel better. When I was a young child, my mom accidentally slammed my pinkie in a door. She took me to the ER because she thought she had broken it. The doctor x-rayed it, and then told her he was sorry to say that’s just how my finger naturally was. lol I don’t like my hands, but have had more than one person tell me that they think my hands are pretty. So even crooked-fingered hands can get love. Belly buttons are cuter than hands, so no worries for you. 🙂

    (Just make sure that it isn’t a hernia, if you haven’t. A lot of babies get them and not everyone realizes it to get it fixed. If your outie gets bigger, please definitely get to the doctor so that it doesn’t become a health concern.)

  27. tooey says:

    The outie doesn’t bother me but coupled with that straight, curve-less torso and the fact that I’ve seen that very same torso on so many Anderson devotees, just makes me wonder. So many of these ladies have the same mid-section as my 13-year old son and that’s just weird.

  28. original kate says:

    bikinis are not her friend.

  29. ChelseaD says:

    @jag: Same here, I have naturally crooked fingers, so I’m always self conscious about them. It’s nice to know that there’s always someone out there who can relate. 🙂

    As for Gwyneth, she looks good, but she’d look much better with some proper curves. When I lost a ton of weight my ass was the same, I was like, where the hell did it go?!

  30. Sunday says:

    The only question is; Who is that HOTTIE under that tent thingie?!?! Yam!!

  31. Hellen says:

    No implants but a seriously weird navel and a severe case of wedgie-itis. And that is probably the LEAST flattering suit she could have chosen.

  32. kibbles says:

    Sorry, I don’t know what all of the hype is about over her body and these workouts with Tracy Anderson. I don’t find her body attractive. Yes, I suppose looking like that is preferable to being obese but that is the only positive comment I can think of when looking at these photos. Her boyish body is not sexy.

  33. JennJenn says:

    Monie’s on the money. Looks like a breast lift, not implants.

  34. You don't say says:

    She looks better dressed. She has no waist and a relatively flat chest and rear end. From the side, it continues straight from her back, with no round bump at all. No “bubble” to her butt. She is by no means fat, and is rather slim, but she does not look that great in that bikini either.

  35. Louiset says:

    If Gwyneth has implants she must have the world’s smallest ever. She’s still very flat and I don’t see much difference from earlier in her career.

  36. Kelly says:

    I agree w @Kibbles – the Tracy Anderson thing is baffling. We all know that as we age, we need to choose between the “face and the ass,” as Catherine Deneuve famously said. And the ropy, sinewy veins that come with the Tracy Anderson method – viz. Madonna.

    That said, I’ve said on another Goopy thread that for someone who claims to work out all the time, she really doesn’t look it – esp. the posture. She looks ok, like a normal person, but not like a superstar. I do think she looks kind of pretty in a beachy way – she does that look well.

  37. Lisa Turtle says:

    Her kids are cute.

    Her husband is a prick.

  38. original kate says:

    @chelsea & jag: LMAO about your crooked fingers! i have long, crooked, calloused fingers from playing the cello for 800 years. also, my left (fingering) hand is slightly wider than my right (bowing) hand. but, hey – if you need a jar of pickles opened i’m your gal!

  39. Cirque28 says:

    If she’d had a tummy tuck, she’d have a scar which could potentially be hidden by some bikinis, but not by THAT bikini.

    • lisa51 says:

      She does have scars that can be seen in several of the photos. They are just above her bikini line. In one photo you can see them on both sides of her tummy. It looks line just a line or shadow, but they’re scars and they are in the same place in the photos. She needs a bigger swim suit if she wants to hide them.

      • lisa51 says:

        I just read that she had c-sections. That makes it easier to “tuck the tummy” at the delivery when they stitch her up.

  40. Annie says:

    I’m not her biggest fan or anything, but I do think the Goopster has a great bod. She doesn’t have the right bone structure for that curvy body type that’s all the rage right now and she’s not the prettiest but she always makes the most of what she’s got – gotta hand it to her. She’s a good example of a lean and in shape woman of her body type (a cross between a pear and a ruler). Her butt is the type that appears full directly from behind but flat from the side – I have the same one, there’s not much to change it even though ‘bubble butts’ happen to be in fashion right now.

  41. Michelle says:

    As a doctor I have to say that she looks under-weight to me! She has hardly any body fat, especially in the hips and butt which is where someone with her body build would tend to carry their healthy fat stores.

    If she didn’t have subtle implants, her chest would be flat…look how bony her shoulders and upper chest look. For those who say she’s naturally skinny, I’ve seen her carry more weight on her frame. She looks like she’s over-exercising …but her muscles are being catabolized for energy because she doesn’t have enough fat stores.

    I think Tracy Anderson promotes unhealthy exercise and eating habits under the guise of “fitness”. This isn’t healthy!

  42. Lauren says:

    Small bolts-ons, pale boyish body, strawish hair. I guess I’m jealous of Goopy.

  43. ZenB!tch says:

    @witchcraft you aren’t out there pretending to be a goddess of super-human perfection. Goop needs to be knocked down a peg or two and we will find an pick on any tiny imperfection.

    I do agree with the others who say it a combination of things. The long torso and short legs (for someone who is 5’10”) the shapeless midsection, etc.

    As far as her outie, it’s a pretty extreme outie. I have friends with outie-innies and it’s not noticeable EXCEPT that we women have a bad habit of pointing out our imperfections to our friend… “look at my roots… hideous!” “I hate my X” “my giant Y just drives me nuts!”

    Gwyneth has never been known for her smokin’ bod. She works out and eats a limited diet.

  44. the original bellaluna says:

    @ witchcraft – Actually, I think outies are also hereditary. Hubs and I were trying to figure out where our little man got his, and turns out it’s from hubs’ side of the family! Don’t fret. Outies are adorable on the right people. 😉

  45. ZenB!tch says:

    RE: her boobs – that is just a great bikini top. It may have a little padding. Her usual droop is back in the sun-dress. It’s sad.

    Ironically, I’m always jealous of my friends with A-B cups in summer because they can wear those strapless sun-dress where as me and my Ds will look like, well Droopy Goopy unless I get a strapless bra. I choose not to buy the dress, my hatred of strapless runs strong. Kind of like Droopy Goopy’s hatred of bras.

  46. ZenB!tch says:

    BTW: Who *is* Tracy Anderson? Her studio is down the street from me and my friend wants to go. I’m fat, I don’t want to. I like the hippie yoga place I go to across the street from Tracy’s place and it’s working… I’m just fat now, down from obese. Ok, maybe I wasn’t even obese but my blubber is smaller now and I’ve only been at it about a month.

  47. Jaxx says:

    No implants. Her chest is so skinny and bony if she had implants she would have that hard line around the bags. Like Posh did. I vote natural.

  48. Kloops says:

    Small implants (they look good), but she’s way too thin! She doesn’t look womanly. She looks like a boy. I hate the sinewy look. You can be thin but still womanly.

  49. Franny says:

    WhateveR, I think she looks good. She is thin and enjoying time with her children. Do all you haters now feel better that you have said that she has a square torso and a bloated belly? Seriously. That’s so lame

  50. april says:

    I think her breasts are natural. She looks really good in her swimsuit.

  51. Alix says:

    Very, very small, natural-looking implants. Props to her plastic surgeon.

    Why do people wear string bikinis? They’re flattering on almost no one.

    Apple’s a beautiful little girl. Damn shame about her name.

  52. eva says:

    Apple is cute beyond words and I love Gwyneth’s dress in the last pictures.

  53. OtherChris says:

    Remember the famous bikini scene in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, where Phoebe Cates comes out in that red bikini? It’s like that, only not sexy.

  54. thinkaboutit says:

    Tummy tucks do NOT give outties…where the hell did that tidbit of misinformation come from?? Sometimes doctors replace the belly buttons too low or too high, but if anything a surgeon would more likely repair an outtie than leave a patient with a new one! The tell-tale tummy tuck belly button is one where you can see the stitches around the circumference, and if the doctor did neat work and the patient heals properly, even this isn’t usually the case.

  55. thinkaboutit says:

    Oh yeah, her a$$ looks like a$$ to me.

  56. Amanda G says:

    She wouldn’t look as bad if she wore a bikini that fit…

    I’m voting no on the implants. Compare them to the see through dress from the 90’s and you’ll see they’re the same. The bikini just gives them a little boost.

  57. Camille says:

    So Fug.

    Sorry, but I don’t think she has a nice figure at all.

  58. Truthful says:

    looks like she’s had a lift, because they were like flat deflated pancakes before…

    I have not seen her husband w/her in a lonnng time. Chris Martin is never with his wife, LOL.

    divorce is not an option–until the kids go off to school.

    she’s a nice size but her body to me is not a prize, especially to be working out w/Crazy Tracey–her torso is thick uh, no waist but not bad for Goopy.

  59. Maritza says:

    I’ve never seen her photographed with her husband, what’s up with that?

  60. Mika says:

    Speaking as someone with an alien belly button myself (it’s an innie, but it’s HUGE), I think that we should get over it on Gwen. She can’t help it. That ass on the other hand, is overrated.

    She does look beautiful in her cover up though, and that little girl of hers is just lovely to look at.

  61. Claire says:

    Kids are cute and I love both her and Apple’s dresses

  62. velourazure says:

    her butt is NOT cute. not in the least.

  63. kazoo says:

    for as much as she talks about working out, i expected her ass to look better. if this is *after* anderson’s help, wtf did her ass look like before?!

  64. bebop says:

    I don’t get why so many of Tracy Anderson’s devotees and other Hollywood gym rats like that no waist/no hip look. I think it looks terrible. I’ve had three kids and still have a waist and hips and I am petite. It looks so mannish to me and Leann Rimes, Kelly Ripa, Gwyneth, Madonna, Cameron Diaz all have that look. They look like men from the breasts down.

  65. Rog says:

    Some general thoughts on Her Royal Goopness…

    1. I am not a fan. Never have been. I’ve always liked her mom, Blythe Danner, as an actress. But Gwyneth mostly leaves me cold.

    2. My apologies, Kaiser, but I don’t buy your implant theory. Goop has always been fairly flat-chested, and she looks just about as flat to me today as she always has. (And FWIW, I’m one of those odd guys who actually PREFER small-breasted women; Goop’s tiny chest is just about the only thing I like about her.)

    3. Goop’s butt is going to be 40 years old next year. That considered — combined with her overall reasonably fit body — I really don’t understand all the snarky comments here about her ass.

    4. Her lack of hips, Kelly Ripa navel and undersized, ill-fitted bikini need no comment from the likes of me. They speak for themselves.

  66. Shay says:

    She looks good from the front, but when she turns around she has the saggy arse of a 50 year old, which would look all right for a 50 year old.
    Maybe she can kindly ask Kim Kardashian for a butt fat contribution/donation.

  67. sandy#1 says:

    that butt is embarrassing, her boyish figure is meh.

  68. Daphne says:

    And people wonder why Angelina Jolie wore a wetsuit when she went to the theme park in Malta of July. She was smart to avoid all the “analyses” from gossip websites and tabloids.

    Gwyneth Paltrow is not much of an acrtress, probably neither an interesting person in real life. However, this is a woman in her late thirties who gave birth twice in her life. I think she looks very good. Give her a break.

  69. lucy2 says:

    She’s very thin, but it’s not flattering to her here. When did she become so boxy looking?

  70. jemshoes says:

    Goopy can be annoying sometimes but she really does seem like a hands-on, always-there mummy – and I can’t fault her for that. Her kids look happy and healthy (Moses high-5ing Spielberg is adorable!), and dare I say even Goopy looks happy and healthy too in these shots. 🙂

  71. munchies says:

    her butt is too low that you can even see it in front like a tonsil hanging. that abdomen… hurting my eyes, looks like she has a dong growing under that red bikini. while I really love women’s anatomy, I prefer to see goop fully clothed.

  72. taxi says:

    Gwyneth has a naturally slender “athletic” body shape with no waist & slim hips, like Kate Middleton & Kate Hudson. Even Giselle Bundschen doesn’t really have a waist even though she has T&A. There isn’t much you can do to give yourself a well defined waist with exercise because it also about the shape of the ribcage & hipbones, which are genetic.

  73. Milla says:

    She doesn’t shave ler legs!!

  74. Yeah_I_Said_It says:

    …yeah Gwyneth calls Steven “Uncle Morty.” Steven and her Dad were besties!

  75. NicoleAM says:

    She looks pretty good to me, but yes she does have a boyish bod. I’ve always considered my body to be boyish because my arms and legs are skinny and I have a small chest (damnmit!) Yet my waist is about a 25 but my hips are about 35. And I don’t have a flat rear end. And I don’t like the trend of women being super toned. My preference has always been softer and leave the muscles for the men 🙂

  76. Kara Ann says:

    I absolutely can’t stand Gwyneth Paltrow but, objectively speaking, she looks damn good for a 40 year old woman with two kids who is wearing a bikini on an outing with her friends. At least, this a a realistic version of what she looks like. Most “photo shoots” are so airbrushed nowdays that they are not realistic respresentations of their subjects…and also, give young girls unrealistic expectations of their own bodies.

  77. rep says:

    Saggy butt. Flat, low and really, really saggy. Overall her much celebrated compulsice workout doesn’t work for it. This doesn’t look a healthy body, BTW. Some friends of mine in their 40s look exactly like this, and they don’t hit the gym, they just don’t eat because they don’t have time due to their job & family schedule.

  78. tara says:

    Do belly buttons automatically stick out after having children? It seems there are a lot of these ‘outies’ these days and I’m just wondering if that is some kind of natural occurrence that happens.

  79. Misty says:

    Oh my. Someone has a lumpy, saggy bottom half. Guess Tracy Anderson isn’t all that after all.

  80. really says:

    YES very tiny implant tots, cute! Her body looks great for her age and 3 (?) kids!

  81. Leigh says:

    I don’t love the Goop but she looks fantastic.

    She has one of those athletic/tomboy figures – but she looks great none the less. She’s not skeletal and she’s fit! The woman is going to be 40 in the fall. Look at her – Good for you Goopy!

    Chris Martin is an incredible musician. Goopy has her own shiz too – I think it’s just a matter of leading separate fame lives in order to maintain their own “images”.. I don’t think Chris Martin wants to be associated with the hollywood/LA scene – so he stays away from it… Besides, it’s festival season!

  82. bellyache says:

    Man are some people unkind.. Those boobs – they’re not fake. Maybe she tinkered with them a lil, but they’re real for the most part. She has a pretty gruelling workout routine, that leaves the chest/pectoral area pretty thin. Which is why there’s that bony-gap thing in the middle. I know, cos I got it too. It has the effect of making your titties, however natural they are, look like they’re trying to quit you like bolt-ons do eventually, which is unfortunate.

    I think she looks great! Healthy and lean! Camp Goop.

  83. Jana says:

    Meanies. She has a cute figure.

  84. Sloane Wyatt says:

    I think her boobs are real. This is what her Ta Tas looked like back in the day.


    Mine look like this when I’m skinny and muscular….that’s been a while though:)

  85. guesty says:

    Her boobs look real imo. But her tummy sitch is simply gastly. Bloated much?

  86. Laura says:

    I’m not a regular viewer of The View, but there was a comment on there made by Barbara Walters a while back that stuck in my head. Her grandmother said to her (poor paraphrasing follows) that a woman should go to great lengths to not give your man a good view of your derriere when you are walking away from them since that view is almost never flattering, especially as we age. It’s a behind. It is what it is. Though she does look ok/above average in that department, who really wants their rear to be their best feature?

  87. Stubbylove says:

    Boyish figure – always has – makes looking good in a string bikini – although it totally looks like it’s going to fall off any moment which is frightening. Looks much better in the dress – but don’t we all!

  88. ZenB!tch says:

    @Laura “who really wants their rear to be their best feature?”

    Kim Lardassian of course. Although really, I don’t think it is her best feature. I have a larger bum (as in even when I was 34 inches around it protruded) and hers is scary!

  89. The Bobster says:

    Kelly Ripa has a more prominent outie.

  90. mia says:

    Yes, she definitely has small implants.–If you saw the naked pictures of her and Brad Pitt years ago, and then saw the movie “Two Lovers,” her breasts are very different. Smaller and saggyer before, slightly bigger and firmer after–and that’s after two kids. I think she got them tastefully done post pregnancy.

  91. Esmeralda says:

    Meh. What is the big deal about this woman? She has a blah personality at the best of times, an obnoxious one at the worst. She has a “butter” face, to put it very kindly, and she has a swollen tummy and no hips. Nothing horrible but nothing special either.

    I think she needs to get over herself.

  92. jayem says:

    All I have to say is that topless picture she took was SUPER photoshopped!

  93. flourpot says:

    Fake boobies. No natural boobies have “circles” around them like that. Seems kind of pointless, really. They’re pretty damn small.

  94. Aurelia says:

    Yep Mia, I remember those naked poolside photos of G and Brad Pitt. Her tits were so small and saggy and she was only about 23 years old at the time! Defo a small boob job.

  95. Violet says:

    Looks to me like she got a breast lift, plus some small implants. She was small breasted to begin with; considering she has no body fat anymore, her breasts ordinarily would’ve shrunk. Instead, they’re the same size. Definitely fake, but the surgeon did a good job. They look much better than LeAnn Rimes’ bolt-ons.

    I remember reading an interview of hers a few years back, where she talked about how pregnancy ruined her figure and that she’d consider having something done about it.

    She’s incredibly obsessed with her appearance. She pretty much starves herself, plus she exercises a couple of hours a day (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1367879/Gwyneth-Paltrows-personal-trainer-Tracy-Andersons-diet-plan-gave-blackouts.html).

    She’s probably chaneling her sexual frustration through all those intense workouts. Rumor has it that her marriage has been in name only for quite some time now. I sympathize with Chris Martin; she must be hell to live with. I’m guessing he spends his time with a woman who doesn’t judge him if he feels like eating cheese out of a can!

  96. Ally says:

    This is the prettiest she’s looked in a while, I think. In the relaxed dress and sandals, especially.

    Look how angelically pretty Blythe Danner was at the same age (second and third pictures):

  97. Kosmos says:

    I like her in the dress, but not in the bikini, sorry to say. Maybe a tankini or a sexy one piece would have looked better on her. As for the breasts, they are not implants, but average size and natural. Believe me, if they were implants, they would be much more perky and a big larger. I am not a fan of implants unless the woman is extremely small and wants to look normal. Kudos to those who don’t fall prey to the huge breasted trend.

  98. sandy says:

    A good write-up Kaiser I enjoyed reading it

  99. book_worm_mommy says:

    Yah, her ass will NOT pass the pencil test.

  100. Ro says:

    Yeesh. Come on, guys. Like someone else said, if she had implants they’d definitely be visible considering how slim she is. I think the top is very lightly padded, and that’s it. There’s not much going on up there.

    Also pretty sure she didn’t have a tummy tuck. For one, tummy tuck ‘victims’ usually have that fake belly button that just looks like a stray age spot. Secondly, I’m pretty certain we’d be able to see the scar outside of those tiny bikini bottoms if she had gotten one.

    I think Lenny Kravitz and Kelly Ripa have unattractive outies, but Gwyneth’s isn’t big at all. I think that, considering her body type, she actually has a great body. Very nice legs, regardless. The one feature that does need to be worked on is her butt.

  101. Ro says:


    The top is probably giving her a good lift since it ties at the neck, and she seems to have it tied pretty tightly.

  102. GoofPuff says:

    She looks great for 40 and 2 pregnancies! Not as plastic and starved as many other actresses out there.

  103. nessa says:

    she has no shape at all?? no indented waist line whatsoever…sguare middle is not cute..sorry 🙁