Octomom to 3rd Rock’s Kristen Johnston: “Grow a baby and get a life”

Here’s a story that gives me some schadenfreude that even the bitches in business class are inconvenienced and annoyed by flying. TMZ reports that Octomom and former 3rd Rock star, Kristen Johnston, were on the same delayed flight together in business class when Kristen told Suleman to get her kids to STFU. As a comeback, Octo told her to stop being childless, sort of. I’m paraphrasing, but you get the point.

Nadya Suleman was flying back from New York City last night and her and the brood took up most of the business class section of the plane. The flight was delayed for more than two hours and Nadya tried to silence the kids — to no avail.

The crying babies annoyed the “3rd Rock from the Sun” star so much, she marched over to Nadya and told her keep it down.

Nadya’s rep tells TMZ Nadya fired back, “How would you like me to keep eight 2-year-olds quiet?” To which Kristen allegedly responded, “Get more help!”

The rep says Nadya shouted back, “Why don’t you grow a baby and get a life!”

Eventually Kristen returned to her seat, but according to Nadya’s rep … Kristen got off the plane and never returned.

We got Nadya when she belatedly landed at LAX, and she had no idea Johnston was a celebrity, telling us, “I guess there’s some people that don’t like kids.”

[From TMZ]

I’m so sure Octo had no idea who Kristen was. That’s why her PR person was so quick to tell TMZ about her encounter with a random non-famous person who told her to shut up her kids.

We all saw what eight of Octo’s kid and their nine year-old sister were like on The Today Show. Can you image how chaotic it must be with 14 kids? (If she had 12 with her she must have left two with her mom or the nanies she claims she doesn’t have.) Isn’t that ripe that the best comeback Octo could come up with was to tell Johnston to grow a baby? It’s as if a woman without kids is less of a person to her.

This really made me wonder what Octo is doing in business class, though. She claims she’s not getting paid for some of her interviews, like her Today show interview was supposedly unpaid, but obviously they’re taking care of all of her expenses and spending big bucks to fly her in business class. At least the people in coach didn’t have to deal with her crap. It’s bad enough when there are one or two screaming babies on a plane, and when their poor moms are struggling and can’t help it. Put eight together with a careless twit and it’s surely maddening.



Nadya Suleman is shown on 11/10/10. Kristen Johnson is shown on 6/25/11. Credit: WENN.com

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  1. Anti-icon says:

    I love Kristen Johnston with all my heart for this stunt (could it have been manufactured?!). Still, lets get someone on DWTS. LOL

  2. Spacelamb says:

    I wish she’s handled it like her character on 3rd Rock From the Sun. Sally would have whipped those brats into line quick-smart!

  3. Kimble says:

    It is pretty moronic to tell any mother to shut her kids up though – especially if they are 2!!! I have had this happen to me, as have several of my friends who have young children.

    I challenge anyone to find a mother who WANTS her kids to cry and make a noise on a plane …

  4. brin says:

    Go Kristen! Would have loved to have seen that.

  5. danielle says:

    Hmm, wonder if she really said that. Because, honestly…how are you supposed to get 8 2 yr olds not to cry?

  6. Anonymous says:

    That was stupid.Leave octo mom alone.

  7. Maritza says:

    Crying kids are very annoying but there is nothing you can do when a kid wants to cry he will do so whether there is a nanny or not.

  8. Blue says:

    My goodness. I have one kid and nearly lose my mind when she acts up ( not often, but when she does watch out) so I can’t imagine 8. This woman wouldn’t know the truth if it came up and impregnated her. I mean she’s doing all these things and not getting paid for them (ya right) getting your expenses paid for doesn’t feed your kids. Plus she doesn’t get welfare, I guess she has a money tree in the backyard.

  9. katnip says:

    I hate to say this..

    But I’m with Nadya..

    2 year olds are babies. They don’t know or understand that there is a world outside of them. I think there should be flights just for families or people with children.

    Some Airline could rack in the money. Can you imagine the number of people that don’t travel by plane because they don’t want to hear or deal with other passengers that don’t like crying babies. (yeah I know I don’t like it either)

    Children are noisy. They cry, scream and are cranky. That is a part of being a child. HECK I know grown ass women and men that are the same way.

    Kristen should have chilled.

  10. Karin says:

    Maybe that’s why people shouldn’t have 8 kids at a whack! Sure – it’s hard to keep a toddler or 2 quiet and sometimes they go a little nuts…but for crying out loud – this woman thought she could raise 8 freaking babies at a whack, completely alone. That makes YOU responsible for the noise you stupid bint.

  11. Lisa Turtle says:

    It’s common knowledge that “exclusive” interviews are almost always paid for, however its against journalistic integrity to pay for interviews, so all the big boys claim they don’t pay. Oprah, Barbara Walters, Ann Curry… when you interview people who don’t have tons of money & tons of access, they sell themselves out to the highest bidder.

    Of course the Today show bought Octo’s tickets. They probably paid for her hotels & cut her a check for her time spent in New York.

  12. Ashley says:

    I hate people who think that you don’t have a life if you don’t have kids. If you actually like kids and are able to take care of them then have them. If you don’t have kids or don’t want them, that’s perfectly fine. The world isn’t running out of people. You are not any less of a person, or a woman because you did not make a tiny human being with your own ovaries and uterus.

  13. Anti-icon says:

    #13 Lisa turtle: THANK YOU for pointing out what Network “news” doesn’t want anyone to know — that they are CHECKBOOK JOURNALISTS. That is a scourge on society….in every conceivable way. It reduces in my mind the credibility of NBC/TODAY SHOW immensely, because they KNOWINGLY put this dysfunctional family again in the spotlight, this time at the danger of the children….in light of what we do know about their mother’s capability to manage.

    It sickens.

  14. Embee says:

    What a no-win situation. They were delayed for 2 hours, which in toddler world means they were probably missing a nap. Plus god help them if they were delayed on the tarmac.

    But she shouldn’t fly with 8 two year olds. No one person could handle that (although I am sure she had help). Doing so was incredibly irresponsible and inconsiderate of her fellow passengers, and KJ had every right to expect a modicum of civility from her flight, irrespective of which class she was flying.

  15. Mika says:

    If you have 8 two year olds and one adult, you shouldn’t be flying at all.

  16. Eileen says:

    I have two kids and when we fly I work my ass of to make sure they don’t disturb the other passengers: don’t kick the back of the seats, always have a bag full of snacks & drinks, books, toys & a portable movie player.
    If she new she was going to be flying with all those kids-she should have asked the Today Show for assistance on the flight as well. People pay big bucks to fly and going across the country with that madness would be torture.
    But Nadya is psychotic so I wouldn’t expect her to get that to even know to ask for help while traveling.

  17. Laurie says:

    Octonut bragged on the Today Show how well behaved her kids ALWAYS are. Riiiiight. She has also previously said she gives them one warning & then the are quiet and obey. Riiiiiiight.
    Octonut needs to just admit they are not “superbabies” that defy modern medicine and are just a regular group of out of control animals, like her older six kids.

  18. OhMyMy says:

    I love Kristen. I’d be right there with you sister.

    What Octomom said to her was ignorant. Even Ocotmom herself allegedly couldn’t grow her own baby without help from a sleazy doctor.

  19. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    12 kids, plus Nadia, in business class? Kristin must have been the only other person with a business class seat!

    @ohmymy “Even Ocotmom herself allegedly couldn’t grow her own baby without help from a sleazy doctor.”

    Many women, myself included, have sought the “help” of reproductive endocrinologists to have children. I’m not sure if I’m misinterpreting what you’re saying, but if I’m not, your statement says more about you than it does about us.

  20. Anti-icon says:

    #20 OhMyMy: You’re right, even when this mother makes what she considers to be a measured, adult response….it is ignorant. She did not respond to what the problem was here .. and that was clearly her inability to comfort and control her massive brood while occupying public space where manners and behavior matter to the group, i.e. fellow passengers. Nadya chose an insult that was reproductive in its hostility. Shows a lot about her mental state.

  21. Melinda says:

    I saw the footage of octomom and her litter leaving the airport after this mess and it was horrendous! After about 5 seconds of that noise, I was about ready to lose it. Can’t imagine what a nightmarish plane trip that must have been.

  22. mia girl says:

    It will forever be “too soon” for a comment/joke like yours.

  23. Lizzard says:

    Octomom is crazy and I’m sick of hearing about her and her children she crys about everyday but then claims on the Today show that working out is her drug. This woman is insane!

    If I were Kristen and Octo told me to grow a baby-I’d have told her I don’t need to since Child Protective Services will clearly be stepping into her mess of a family any day now and I can just foster one of her brats and be a ten times better parent than she can ever dream to be…

  24. Melissa says:

    Young kids don’t really belong in 1st or business class, and you don’t bring 2 yr-olds on a plane with an 8:1 child to adult ratio. I have nothing against kids (I have 2 little ones of my own), and you can’t always prevent them from acting up, but you can certainly take steps to make it less likely – plenty of things to occupy them for the trip and – oh – adequate adult supervision!

  25. OhMyMy says:

    @MorticiansDoItDeader: No…I’m not trying to bash or insult anyone who seeks help or uses AI to have a baby. Not for a moment.

    What Octomom herself did was nuts and cost that doctor his license.

    How can she make assumptions about anyone else’s status as a parent though? How does she know if KJ has children or not or wants them or not or can’t have them if she does? I would never make assumptions like that of anyone.

    I do believe if you choose a bring a child into this world you should take care of them properly.

    I personally know women that could have children as easily as sneezing and don’t take care of them and have them sprinkled all over the east coast letting other people raise them. I also have wonderful friends who couldn’t have children of their own. It’s frustrating and heartbreaking to see.

    Children should not be seen as a large economy size you pick up at Costco.

  26. Nina says:

    I think it’s interesting that Octomom told her to ‘grow a baby’. It’s almost as if she has no concept how normal people procreate.

  27. GeekChic says:

    I flew first class from Florida to the west coast a few weeks ago. (It was my first time flying first class, and oh my dog was it a beautiful thing to have leg room and decent food and to be treated like an actual person instead of cattle. The booze was nice, too. I don’t think I can ever fly coach again.) The ticket was about $1500. I imagine the business class tickets are somewhere around the same price for very long flights. Here are my thoughts:

    1. How could she possibly afford such expensive tickets for 15 people when she’s supposedly broke?

    2. I would have been pissed if I had paid that much for a ticket, only to end up surrounded by a bunch of screaming kids.

    3. I absolutely adore 3rd Rock from the Sun. It’s on Netflix Instant and the shows are still hysterical 15 years later.

    4. Octo, just… Ugh. What a piece of work. I feel so sorry for those kids.

  28. Deb says:

    The reason the children were on the plane was because she dragged them to NY to be on the Today show – supposedly for no pay. Why would you subject your children to that in the first place. The interview was chaotic and the children overstimulated. Instead of spending the night at a hotel, she put them back on a plane which was then delayed for two hours. She also did this with little help except for that of one of her other children. There was no incentive for her to do that interview unless she was compensated in some way. And why did she have to go to NY – with live feeds, etc. cameras could have been set up at her house so the children did not have to travel. And yes, I do have children and know how hard it can be, but you try and make choices that are best for them, appropriate for their age, and that do not cause chaos and problems for others.

  29. Sloane Wyatt says:

    A BIG Thank You, Kristen!

    Octomom, Kristen doesn’t hate babies, she hates a nursery full of crying babies and probably thought you were an extremely bad nanny.

    I believe you should have a license for the privilege of bringing children into this world. I’m sick of bad moms and bad dads…innocent kids always are the ones who suffer the fools fate gave them.

  30. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @ohmymy, understood and I’m with you. Pardon my sensitivity, but I’ve been told more than once that women who can’t have children “naturally” aren’t meant to have them at all. In most cases, I think this is farthest from the truth. As you alluded to, the more the children are wanted and the more difficult it is to have them, the better the parent. Although, with Nadia, this most certainly is not the case.

  31. Cindy says:

    While it is true that sometimes it is impossible to settle small children, especially 2 year olds, I think what pisses others off is when the parent sits there tuning them out and ignoring them. If a parent is actually trying to settle the munchkins then others usually feel sorry for them and not anger.

  32. Violet says:

    Personally, I think it’s a form of child abuse for Octomom to drag her toddlers across the country on a plane just show she can shill them out on television for a few minutes.

  33. ZenB!tch says:

    I hate screaming kids. If I were on a flight with that I would have demanded a refund. Having 14 kids is just not normal so there should be no allowance. Why do they need to fly anyway? So she can show them off like circus freaks while she’s on welfare which means *I* am supporting her.

    I have no clue if Kristen has kids or not, I was never a fan of her show but I think that is a moot point. I don’t really think a mother who has had one or 2 kids would be happy sharing a cabin with 14 of them – screaming and crying and likely much worse behaved than if it were a nursery school group where each child had its own mothers.

    In short if Octomon can’t even try to control her kids maybe she shouldn’t have them.

  34. ZenB!tch says:

    @Cindy – exactly. It all depends on the mom’s behavior.

    Octomom seems to have an attitude. Telling this woman to have a baby – like she knows whether or not this woman has a baby or not. WTF? Having *a* baby and being a freakshow with 14 kids is totally different.

    Of course I see Octomom and just get pissed off. I cannot stand her and what she is costing the state of California.

  35. Kelly says:

    I think the cogent points here are that:

    1. No-one begrudges the parents of small, crying children who work diligently to pacify them during flights. No parent wants to be in the position of disturbing others (ok, MOST don’t – I’ve certainly come across a few oblivious ignoramuses in my time).

    2. Nadya has no ability to pacify even a few children (as seen on the TODAY show), let alone the passel that she has. She seems completely oblivious, so I could see her letting them yell and carry on without lifting a finger.

    3. People in business class are paying for the luxury of peace and quiet, as well as extra room. I don’t blame someone – anyone – for being annoyed. It doesn’t mean they hate children, it means they don’t want to be annoyed. If I were paying $1500 – and I love children – I would want some damn QUIET.

  36. the original bellaluna says:

    I don’t know what Kristen has done lately, but I like that SOMEONE had the balls to call Octotwat on the carpet about her “well-behaved” litter.

    I have only have ONE 2 year old, and I won’t fly with him. And he’s MINE!

    I bet those other passengers would have preferred being on a plane with m*ther-f*cking snakes than that flight!

  37. fabgrrl says:

    I flew once with my baby boy. Once. That was enough. I don’t like listening to little kids on planes and didn’t want to subject others to it. We were only flying to introduce the little guy to family living on the other side of the country. Even the best behaved toddler can act up on a plane, so what the h*ll was this woman thinking with EIGHT of them?

  38. bluhare says:

    NBC paid for their flight. I can’t believe she was on there with eight kids (or nine or whatever) with no other help. No matter your opinion on screaming children on airplanes, is there anyone here who would want to deal with that for the six and a half hours it takes to fly from NY to CA?

    Am I understanding that it was them who delayed the flight two hours? If so, then she should have been thrown off the flight in NY. Delaying an entire planeload of people because you can’t control your kids? Didn’t JetBlue throw parents and one four year old off a flight when the kid refused to get in her seat and her parents either couldn’t, or wouldn’t make her?

    I’m on Kristen’s side on this.

  39. KatieM says:

    Little kids cry on flights for several reasons;over stimulation, ear popping due to pressure changes, or exhaustion. Controlling one child during a flight can be difficult (I have a toddler), so I can only imagine how it would be to travel with a bunch. My son (who has flown a lot!) does well on flights because he sleeps, drinks a sippy cup during take-off and landing (works the same as chewing gum to relieve pressure), and has a few toys to play with.

    I can understand the frustration behind sitting near upset children (particularly if you spent extra money on nicer seats). However, it is EQUALLY if not more frustrating for a mom who is trying to control her child in a unfriendly environment. I would personally never have the gall to approach a mom directly. I think this situation reflects poorly on both of them.

  40. Ron says:

    I travel quite a bit and kids on flights can be nightmares. I am usually pretty understanding, and just put on my ipod, but there have been times whne I have had to have a dignified chat with the parents or with the kid. I usually give the kid the I am going to eat your head look, and they back off. but it really annoys me when parents just make no effort to keep the kids under control. And the “grow a baby” comment, what a supple wit that woman has.

  41. The Bobster says:

    I’m looking forward to the boxing match: Balloon Lips vs. Pork Snout.

  42. KatieM says:

    @ Ron: I think that is a great approach. I do think it’s completely fair to say something to a parent if they are letting their kids run up and down the aisle, or kick the back of your chair without trying to intervene.

    It just drives me crazy when I see other passengers yell at a mother who is desperately trying to calm her child. I once heard about a man who told a woman to shut her “little b*stard up” because the child was fussing for several minutes while she rocked him and tried to feed him. In those cases, I think a strongly worded response from the mother is completely understandable.

    I haven’t had trouble with my son and traveling. He’s flown up to 8 hours before without difficulty. In fact, I have actually had other passengers say at the end of the flight that it was a pleasure sitting next to my child (who mostly ignores other passengers, and occasionally shows them his toys and talks to them.) :) I can’t imagine how I would feel if my son lost it during a flight.

  43. Mrs. Odie 2 says:

    There should be childfree flights and people who hate children should be able to buy the privilege of a childfree flight since they clearly feel entitled to it.

  44. Lisa Turtle says:

    Octomom is a freak of nature. There is a reason you can’t control 8 toddlers on a 5 hour plane flight – YOU AREN’T SUPPOSED TO HAVE 8 BABIES AT ONCE!

    This woman is such a creep show. Ugh. She’s repulsive, she really is, but she should have a reality show, so that someone can put the money “earned” by her children into a trust fund so that when they turn 18, they aren’t reduced to shilling their tragic story for public consumption and can use the money to pursue another career path.

  45. Kim says:

    No one likes kids that run wild with no discipline esp on a plane which is OBVIOUSLY what her kids do because she cant handle them all herself. Kristin is right she needs more helk but cant afford it because she never had the financial means to have this kids and never will. She should give them up for adoption because she can not afford to raise them in best environment.

    If you cant control your kids on a flight- dont fly with them. Every child acts out a little esp on a plane where they have to sit still and the air pressure hurts their ears etc and that is acceptable but some parents let their kids run wild on planes disturbing everyone else which is just rude.

  46. KJ says:

    I understand that babies cry because they’re babies and can’t help it. But I’m definitely one of those people who wants to cuss out parents with unruly kids.

    If I were to ever have kids, barring some funeral or other extenuating circumstances that would require me to fly, I would NOT take a child younger than 2 or 3 on a plane. You are begging for them to start crying. Their ears pop, their heads hurt, there are loud noises and strange sights. Why would you do that to the kid? And why would you subject other people to it? Like I said, I understand when things come up like a death in the family or there’s some other reason you HAVE to fly with your baby, but to me it seems very irresponsible to drag a baby on a plane only to have it fuss and disrupt other people. Octo-bitch couldn’t have done the interview via satellite? GMA does that all the time. My parents typically took road trips when I was too young to fly, and once they felt I was old enough to handle it, they made sure I was well behaved.

  47. Moops says:

    Clash of the D-list Titans! I smell a publicity stunt on both of their parts.

  48. Jenny says:

    This woman deliberately had eight children at once, when she already had six. Since she already had a large family, no job and from is described, no real prospects, why bring another eight into the world on purpose.

    Yes, controlling children on long flights is hard, but it is her responsiblity to do so or at least try or have the help necessary. She makes a snarky remark not knowing the other person’s circumstances, which is in poor taste and then does nothing else. Children are made to suffer for an adult’s bad judgement in having that many children all at once in the first place.

  49. KJ says:

    @Kim Im totally with you. People always say “well, what am I supposed to do? He’s a kid/She acts out.”


    Maybe I was raised different but I knew if I acted up in public my mom would remove me immediately. Parents these days seem to think that every one around them should accommodate them and their kids no matter what. If I wanted a screaming, yelling, obnoxious brat, I would have kids of my own and neglect to impart any sense of manners myself. But I don’t, so why should I have to put up with the consequences of someone elses bad parenting? Kids don’t have to be disruptive, but pretending that children are ALWAYS disruptive and rude and noisy, you’re giving them a pass not to develop a sense of common decency, and yourself a pass not to do any actual parenting. Teach your kids manners. If you can’t do that, maybe you shouldn’t be a parent.

  50. Autumnstars says:

    I’m no fan of Octomom, but Kristen sounds like a stuck up bitch. Sometimes you just plain can’t control a two year old, even if you’re the best parent in the world. And if you need to go across the country with little kids, you really don’t have a heck of a lot of options except to fly.

  51. Kimbob says:

    My hat is off to all the bloggers that have children & mentioned that they try their very best for their children to not upset or offend people that are around (on flights or elsewhere). One or two even mentioned that they wouldn’t even think of doing such, due to the ruckus that would ensue. It is very reassuring to know that there are parents out there in this world that actually are sensitive to the needs of others in which they share the world with.

    I think Nadya Suleman’s actions speak volumes of what type of person she is. Suleman could CARE LESS of who she offends. Nadya Suleman is all about Nadya Suleman, and if someone has a differing opinion than her….she could CARE LESS.

    Nadya Suleman is narcissistic in the extreme. She even intimated after she had her 8 children that, ‘It takes a village, & anyone that can help her should.’ (I’m paraphrasing, as I cannot recall her exact words, but she did say verbatim the “it takes a village” phrase.

    Nadya Suleman completely expects that she can do whatever she wants, & if she cannot bear responsibility for the outcome of any & all of her actions, then “that’s what other people are for.” This is truly the way she feels.

    Until she meets resistance, she will continue through life w/her “me first” attitude and actions. Nadya Suleman not only expects, but really is counting on, at the VERY LEAST, a pacifist compliance to her blatant selfishness. If someone is not compliant, she’s going to be nasty…what a great person, right?

    I truly feel one of the problems w/our present world at large is the fact that many people have a “me first” attitude, and to hell w/how their actions affect others. It’s really sad to see this degradation of values. When I’m out in public, I try my very best to contribute, rather than the “me first” attitude. Like opening doors for the elderly, stopping to wave other drivers in the line of traffic, saying “thank you,” or just saying hello, & recognizing others. If many in the general public had this same attitude, the world would be such a better place to live, and I think that people would be happier. I think such actions really make a difference. Someone could be having the worst day of their life, and just one selfless, kind action toward a complete stranger could make such a difference.

  52. rkintn says:

    Stupid octomom! I have flown with just ONE baby by myself and it’s not an experience I would want to repeat. She should have never EVER flown with that many kids by herself. Whoever paid for the flight should have just sprung for a private flight.

    Kristen shoulda slapped the taste outta Octo’s mouth for even thinking such a shitty comeback.

  53. OhMyMy says:

    You know I’m having trouble even wrapping my brain around the logistics of this.

    I was flying Bos-Den coach several years ago. I had the window seat and a young couple with two kids had the seats beside me. Father, mother, little girl about 5-6 and a toddler. The mom was seated across the aisle holding the baby and asked me to change seats with her. Before I could say yes or no the flight attendant wouldn’t allow it. Something about safety rules and oxygen masks. The mom was a little pissy so I was glad I wasn’t sitting next to her. The dad and little girl were cool though I wound up helping her unwrap and eat her dinner.

    NY to LA is a long flight. How many seats in a row in business class? They must’ve taken up most of the section. Don’t the airlines have some sort of parent/adult to child ratio for safety reasons? With eight two year olds wouldn’t diaper changes need to happen? Was the oldest little girl supposed to take care of that? What if something happened and the oxygen masks dropped?

    What if somebody on the plane got drunk and started fighting or some crazy flipped out and tried to open the door in mid-air? That NEVER happens.

    Even if they were all quiet well-behaved little angels I’d be nervous seeing that many children that young on a plane without proper supervision. I’d get off too.

    What was the TODAY show thinking?

  54. ladybert62 says:

    I simply cannot image what that plane ride must have been like for the other passengers – Octomom gets no sympathy from me for anything. She should not have brought 8 2year olds on the plane – I think the airline should have refused her and I think the other passengers are right to complain.

  55. Sloane Wyatt says:

    @kimbob: You are RIGHT that the littlest courtesies make more of a difference than most people will ever know. Very well said.

  56. Anonymous says:

    I am curious, why would the Today Show fly 10 people business class to the studio in NY instead of flying Ann Curry or Matt Lauer out to CA to do the interview? It seems that would be cheaper and make more sense. They do that coast to coast show stuff all the time.

  57. Embee says:

    @Morticians “the more the children are wanted and the more difficult it is to have them, the better the parent.”

    This comment contains the same failure of logic as its converse, to which you object. Difficulty in conceiving has no correlation to parental worthiness. Similar to you, I resent the implication that my fecundity renders me a second-class parent.

  58. Juliesunflower says:

    It does not mean that because Nadia willingly put herself in this situation that she should be treated with scorn and denigration. I think Kristen knew who she was and wanted publicity for herself since everybody is jumping on the bandwagon of namecalling Nadia and her brood. Right, the children were making noise; a reasonable person would have tried to help or just try to be nice to calm things down. Besides how comes Kristen was the only one to complain?

  59. jc126 says:

    #16 – so much agreement with what you wrote. Octo mom has no control over her kids, which is why no one should have 14, especially solo. Octo mom was rude and stupid with that “grow a baby and get a life” – as if SHE has a “life” and others are the ones without. She’s a lunatic.
    It’s entirely different than an ordinary single parent or couple being unable to control a kid or two. Octo mom has 14 frigging kids, which she had no business having without enough support (millions would be needed, and a team of nannies). She lets her kids run wild, from every clip I’ve ever seen of her. No one could control that many kids without injections of Valium.

  60. Chris says:

    I find the Octomom label a bit disconcerting. It conjures up images of a half woman half octopus monster. Then again if she had eight tentacles she wouldn’t need to “get more help.”

  61. Marianne says:

    The only thing though is we dont know how Kristen told Octomom to keep her kids quiet. She could have yelled. Or she could have quietly pulled Octomom aside and said in a normal tone “Can you please keep the kids quiet”.

  62. KJ says:

    #59 – That’s precisely what it means. We can’t keep rewarding people for being irresponsible parents. Parents need higher standards just like children do. If you bring a child (or 16 or whatever) into this world, you damn sure better be able to be a parent to them. They didn’t ask to be here, and it’s your responsibility to raise them. And that includes discipline. That includes exerting control. You can’t control all kids 100% of the time, but you can control the environments you bring them into, and you can control how you help them (the older ones, of course) relate to the outside world. Every parent has experienced their share of temper tantrums, but delaying a plane for two hours because you can’t control your pack of wild kids? Come on. That’s not acceptable, and it shouldn’t be acceptable.

    And the other patrons of the airline certainly should not be expected to help parent someone else’s kids. It’s exactly that kind of entitlement that bothers me. Kids throw shit fits, but guess whose responsibility it is to control them?

  63. blondie says:

    Octomom is a stupid crazy bitch who does nothing but live off the taxpayers of California. Kristen did the right thing because for every parent who flies with a kid that can’t be quiet and the parent is trying to pacify the kid, there’s someone like Octomom who sits there and grins like an idiot as though the world should tolerate her carelessness.

  64. Kelly says:

    I just saw some pictures from this ill-fated journey over on another site, and man! Nadja sure brings the crazy. The pictures were actually really depressing because they show her and at least two of her older children (those poor kids) including the valiant little girl who was on the Today show with her, trying to corral a herd of tots.

    In one pic, Nadja has the poor little cleft-palate boy on her lap but she is playing to the camera. That says it all.

  65. original kate says:

    question: hasn’t anyone ever listened to an i-pod with headphones on a plane? it cancels out all the noise, including kids.

    problem solved.

  66. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @embee, perhaps you’re misreading what I’m saying. People who want children badly, particularly those who have tried years to conceive, put a lot of thought into how ready they are to become parents. Please copy and paste the statement made by me which says the more fertile the woman the less responsible she is. Don’t see it? That’s because I didn’t say it. What I did say was that parents of children who want them are better at parenting. Please take your pedantic vitriolic crap out on someone more deserving.

  67. KJ says:

    Noise-cancelling headphones cancel noise. I-pod headphones, or any headphones that don’t cost a few hundred bucks, do NOT. As someone who always has a set of headphones and a fully charged iphone ready to block out awful small talk, I can tell you that unless you invest in a nice set of Bose headphones or someone is really good to you at Christmas, then no, the problem is not solved.

  68. macey says:

    I would have jumped off the plane as soon as I saw her boarding if I was on there. Octonut doesnt pay attention to them for them to be comforted by her even if she were to notice and try to do something, which she didnt and doesnt unless the cameras are on. It seems the babies are calm for the older kids when they’re with them but always screaming around octonut. I doubt they even know she’s they’re mother.
    Its not the other passengers place to help keep them calm,she could have at least apologized for the noise and disruption.
    I would have demanded a refund considering those ppl paid good money to NOT be disrupted by someone else’s kids and I know Octonut did not make one apologetic comment to the other passengers or attempt to keep them calm & quiet.

  69. Annie says:

    I’ve never been a fan “Octomom ” and I have been on both sides of this issue as I didn’t have my 1st child til I was 45. But I’m not certain of Kristen’s objective…did she really think by confronting her that it would change the situation? Did she really think you can reason with 8 toddlers. While I think traveling with that many children was a bad call, at that point what’s done is done. I was on a flight with a mother with 3 under 3 and it was my reasoning if you want peace …pitch in!! The mother was extremely grateful and I felt good about helping. After all, this was 4 hours out of my life and this harried mother had a full load ahead of her ( this was prior to me having a child)
    It takes a village, and after all it’s not the kids fault the mother made a bad decision.

  70. Annie says:

    Let me also add I have a 4 year old that has been on numerous flights….i am armed with an I- pod, treats and games and my attention is NEVER on anything but keeping her quiet. My 1st determination was my child was hyper aware of my anxiousness and this worked against me the other lesson was no matter how prepared or aware I was…good luck and gods will had more to do with her behavior than anything else.
    Tolerance and understanding from other passengers was much appreciated and
    rare. Because parents dont have the option of flying a family only flight I think as
    another writer mentioned it’s equally incumbent on passengers that want peace to be prepared with headphones and the like…

  71. guilty pleasures says:

    I have two kids and on the rare occasion my (then) husband and I travelled with them there were two of us concentrating every possible effort on keeping them calm and content. We were in coach and it was a happy ending.
    Now that I am older, a little more affluent, I fly business or first with my now husband. I would LOSE MY MIND if I forked out the extra money to be faced with that nightmare!! In coach I’d lose my mind, but in business or first – NO WAY!!
    On the View today Elizabeth squawks that Kristen should have offered to read them a book or something, is she KIDDING???? Not my job, thank you! Look after your own damn kids, and if you can’t, stay the heck home!!!
    Team Kristen!!!

  72. crtb says:

    I think Kristen Johnson was the one who was totally inappropriate. A parent with one child can’t stop him from crying on a plane. How can anyone expect a mother to stop eight babies from crying. I’m sure Nadya was doing everything humanly possible. No one wants to disturb everyone else around them. But children will behave like children and there isn’t much you can do about it. Instead of having a hissy fit, Kristen could have given a helping hand?

  73. Miss Diagnosed says:

    No parent, no matter how perfect of a parent they are, should ever board a public transit system with more children than they are SAFELY able to take care of.

    If God forbid, something should have happened on that flight, other passengers would have had to step in to administer the oxygen masks, help put on the flotation devices, and carry them down the slide, and it is NOT other passengers responsibility to care for her children.

    She is irresponsible and in this case neglectful, by putting her children’s lives in danger. Kudos to Kristen for speaking up.

  74. Louiset says:

    I have no sympathy for Octomom and her kids. Based on interviews there’s no doubt in my mind that the kids were yelling, running, etc and Nadya did little or nothing to settle them down. The “they are just 2″ doesn’t fly for me. They should be buckled in their seats. I think the issue for most people is when the parents do nothing to control the wild kids. I don’t understand how a parent could just sit there as their child disturbs a whole airplane or restaurant.

  75. pato says:

    I agree with Katnip, airlines should have planes only for families with small kids. I hate flying with kids, I understand that they get bored but for crissake a 6 hours long flight is enough I don´t want to have on top of that a screaming kid.

  76. JQ says:

    I live in China and had to fly with my then 6 week old daughter to another city in China (she’s now 3 months) to get her US citizenship (I’m American; husband is Chinese). We were told on take off and landing to feed her to help relieve the popping in her ears. She was so good on the flight there. She only cried as we were boarding but that was because it was time for her feeding and I couldn’t exactly feed her in the line. On the way back though, she had gas and she’s the kind of baby who lets you know just how much it upsets her. Fortunately, people in China really love babies (too much sometimes as they come out of nowhere to try to touch her) so my only problem was everyone butting in to tell me (nicely but a bit nosy if you ask me) how to quiet her down. I finally got a huge burp out of her and she slept the rest of the way. I have to take her to the US to get her Chinese visa but there is no rush so I’m waiting until she’s a little bit bigger. I definitely wouldn’t be able to do it without my husband though. It is tough work keeping a baby quiet on a plane.

  77. Fug! says:

    STFU Octo whore and take your screaming brats with you.

  78. Chris says:

    I’ve found the perfect man for Octomom AND he’s a doctor:


  79. sammib says:

    Why why why don’t they have flights for families and flights for the rest of us. I don’t have children. I don’t want children. I especially don’t want to hear your children screaming on my flight. I pay for my seat as well you know.

  80. Miss Diagnosed says:

    @theoriginalbellaluna- Hahaha! Motherf*cking snakes on a motherf*cking plane!

    I know I’d rather fly with snakes, or Samuel L. Jackson. You know Octotwat wouldn’t give him any lip and those kids would shut their mouths with one side-eye from him. Where’s Sam when you need him, eh?

  81. Melancholy says:

    @KJ “Kids don’t have to be disruptive, but pretending that children are ALWAYS disruptive and rude and noisy, you’re giving them a pass not to develop a sense of common decency, and yourself a pass not to do any actual parenting.”

    Very well said, KJ!
    I wish I had thought to say that to my jackass sister in law with five obnoxious kids.

  82. Andie B says:

    Hey, it is annoying when you are on a plane, and there are kids crying and carrying on. But I have a three year old, and if they are being silly or feel like crying, there isn’t much you can do about it. Although 12 kids doing it at once would make me want to leave the plane.

  83. Embee says:

    @ Morticians: what you said is “the more the children are wanted and the more difficult it is to have them, the better the parent.”

    Which clealry says that the combo of wanting and having difficulty conceiving equals better parents. That’s simply untrue. I did not write that you SAID fertility makes someone less fit, I said it was implied by your illogical construction that infertility plus desire equals good parenting.

    You’re the only one bringing the vitriol. But that’s understandable as it is generally a bedfellow of illogic.

  84. Lady La La says:

    I NEVER go ANYWHERE without my music/headphones. NEVER.

  85. Anti-icon says:

    Airline travel in the 50s-70s was only for the elite, as it was a REGULATED industry and the prices reflected that. Air travel meant that people dressed nicely and used ultra polite and upscale (if you will) manners….because it was considered an upper-class privilege. Today, airlines are barely hanging on financially (if you can believe the main stream business press). So everyone can and does fly because it is cheap. And this is what we get. Low class behavior. It is tedious, to say the least.

  86. Mrs. Odie 2 says:

    You aren’t paying for peace and quiet in business class. You’re paying for more leg room, more attention from flight attendants, and a better meal. It’s public transportation.

  87. original kate says:

    @ KJ: headphones work for me – i crank up AC/DC and unless the kid is sitting right next to me i don’t hear a peep. i admit headphones don’t cancel out kicking the back of my chair, though.

    i would happily pay a bit more to fly on a no-kids flight. i wish they had them. i wish society was more divided in general: “no kids” bars, coffeehouses & restaurants would be nice, too. i really don’t need to have my expensive anniversary meal/martini/etc. ruined by some screeching brat in the next booth, or tripping over 300 double-wide strollers to get my latte. and if it takes a village to raise a child (most overused phrase of the past 10 years) then i’m moving to another village.

  88. GidgetJones says:

    It may not be fair or reasonable to say, if your children can’t behave on a plane don’t fly (but I’m still thinking it!) … but Octomom DEFINITELY had no pressing reason to be on a plane with her brood of unwanted, unruly babies. No relatives of hers were marrying, giving birth, or dying – the only circumstances I’m willing to allow would necessitate inconveniencing everyone else on the plane with children.

  89. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

     ”I did not write that you SAID fertility makes someone less fit, I said it was implied by your illogical construction that infertility plus desire equals good parenting.”
    No. I was responding to  this statement. 
    “I resent the implication that my fecundity renders me a second-class parent.” 
    Your reading comprehention is quite poor for someone who fancies herself so erudite. You continue to argue semantics and what, you feel, my statement implies. These are, in fact, the signs of a weak argument.  Perhaps my statement struck a nerve with you because you feel your parenting is subpar? In which case, you should get back to parenting and stop goading strangers on the interweb. In any case, I can tell that you’re quite the contrarian, which is why I’m done the back and forth with you. Be well.  

  90. Embee says:

    We’ve not yet had a back and forth, as I have been discussing the actual words used while you attack me with baseless accusations of my parenting and my personality. But I agree this should end, as attempting a conversation with you is a waste of my time.

  91. assistantrachel says:

    TEAM KRISTEN! Never in a million years would I expect someone eles to tend to MY unruly child!

  92. walina nobod says:

    i actually understand both partys i wasnt there but i have a kid who just turned four and we fly all the time I have family in indiana and he is usally good on the plane but like all kids he has his times where he is screaming and kicking seats but when i give him his mobigo he is just fine but 8 2 yr olds that is like a million times harder and on kristen jonhstons part which by the way she was my favorite on 3rd rock from the sun and flintstones viva rock vegas I can understand that it would get on her nerves and that the octo mom didnt have to be a witch with a capital b

  93. BV Cures says:

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