Justin Theroux met “secretly” with his ex to apologize for Jennifer Aniston


According to this week’s Star Magazine, Jennifer Aniston’s newly de-furred boyfriend Justin Theroux is already seeing another woman behind Jen’s back! That “other woman”? His original girlfriend, Heidi Bivens, the one that Justin was with for 14 years. Is this scandalous? Is this even shocking, that two people who were together for so many years would somehow end up having a conversation after the breakup? Well, ask Jennifer Aniston. She’s always said she still talks to Brad (although her dad says she doesn’t).

Justin reaches out to ex Heidi Bivens after hearing she was spotted with another man — is Jen destined for another heartbreak?

Jennifer Aniston‘s latest romance with actor and write Justin Theroux may be over almost as quickly as it started — he is already seeing his ex Heidi Bivens again! Star reports, “Justin and Heidi secretly met on Father’s Day, and Justin spent most of their time together apologizing for acting like a cad.” Uh-oh Jen!

One person who may not be surprised by Justin’s devious ways is Jen’s best friend Courteney Cox, who apparently warned her pal about her new man.

“Courteney has begged Jen to dump Justin,” a friend tells the magazine.

Courteney may be right too! “[Justin’s] already complaining how Jen is suffocating him, so suddenly he’s wondering if he broke up with Heidi too quickly.”

[From Hollywood Life]

Yeah, I just don’t see how there’s anyway that Justin could have come out of a 14-year relationship after having some kind of torrid (alleged, or not so much) affair and NOT end up apologizing to Heidi. Unless he’s just that big of jagoff – and while he might seem like a jag in general, I kind of like him more if he really went to Heidi and apologized. As for the part about Justin already feeling suffocated – er… he knew what he was signing on for. Hang in there, Justin! I have money riding on the relationship lasting through February 2012!

Meanwhile, British tabloids are claiming that Aniston has only been able to achieve a “successful relationship” with Justin because of extensive therapy to overcome her trust issues. Sure. The sources claim… hahaha… that Aniston has been doing couples’ therapy on her own. Of course.

“She’s been doing a really intensive form of couples’ therapy on her own. She’s conquered the crippling trust issues she had… [Aniston and Theroux] are so, so madly in love. He makes her feel happier than she has ever done in her whole life. Justin isn’t like the other guys she has met, he doesn’t pretend not to be into her, he tells her how much he loves her and all he asks for is honesty in return. Jen says Justin completes her and that if she hadn’t had therapy, she may have driven him away.”

[From Music Rooms]

I’m already getting sleepy with the media’s constant need to turn Aniston into a victim. How many things are victimizing her this week? It’s endless. Meanwhile, OK! Magazine has a decent interview with Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger about this whole Justin & Jen sitation here – Patti thinks that Aniston has found her “One” and that they could get married.






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  1. bunny says:

    Heidi just move on, and find someone who wont’t dump you for a ditzy actress. They won’t last the year anyway.

  2. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    Maybe the apology was Huvane’s idea? To placate Heidi, so that she doesn’t discuss Justin/Jenn and how the break up went down. Huvane, master of puppets.

  3. teri says:

    Everything is okay and sugar coated when Jen does it. She can’t do any wrong when it comes to her. Always the innocent victim. I’m so over her and her phoney act.

  4. Liz says:

    Heidi is much prettier and most likely smarter too. I think everyone gets what they deserve…

  5. katnip says:

    I’m not a fan of Jennifer and have NEVER ever seen her as a victim. And never bought into the Poor Jen label. She plays the game very well.

    I don’t believe any of the tabloid stories. I could see him talking to Heidi especially if he was worried about what she might say to the press. Her last comment on the issue was a throw down to me. So I can see maybe him putting out fires before things with Aniston go more public. They have a movie to promote together in a few months. They don’t need Heidi messing things up for them

    by the way. Heidi is very pretty. She looks so much younger than her age. Very natural and lovely.

  6. maggiegrace says:

    Hi ex is beautiful.

  7. Lisa Turtle says:

    That brunette with blue eyes is Heidi Bivens?!?! WOW She’s a knock-out!

    Justin downgraded, maybe he just needs a career boost.

  8. Ell says:

    So in a matter of days Justin went from looking proud and in to Jen i.e. pics, to feeling suffocated…more BS.

    I don’t like getting in to the Brad/Jen thing but to be fair Brad has always said they are still friends. If you’re friends with someone that’s means some type of communication, I doubt they meet so I imagine they have spoken on the phone from time to time.

  9. Sue says:

    I call BS on both tabloid stories.

  10. Athena says:

    Damn he’s hot all cleaned up.

  11. malachais says:

    Its Jen’s publicist talking, she has to be the one keeping herself in the tabs. Just Meh.

  12. hmmhmm says:

    JLo’s “Ben” makeover?

  13. Flan says:

    He will want to run back to Heidi after a couple of months of crazy Jen.

    Hope she does NOT take him back though.

  14. teehee says:

    So wait but what does ‘secret’ mean anymore?
    Is it secret if there isnt a camera crew following, paps called in advance, to detial every bit of it and publish it to the world?
    Is it secret, to go about your personal business, without alerting the press, so that they feel you have “stolen” something which somehow belongs to THEM, when in fact it is your own businnes and life and not theirs?
    And is this when they begin to make nasty/BS stories about you, out of vindiction?

    I didnt read the post yet, lol but that headline got me to think.

  15. mln76 says:

    There’s no such thing as a clean break in a twelve year relationship. If Aniston really has done all this therapy shouldn’t she know it’s not smart to get over involved with a guy who’s still living with his girlfriend? They seem to be moving way too fast and I’m betting Justin is starting to ‘wake up’ and realize what he’s done. Speaking as someone who’s been involved with someone in the past who wasn’t quite over his ex the best thing is to run for the hills.

  16. Cherry says:

    His ex rather looks like Angelina Jolie, actually… *detecting conspiracy*

  17. thinkaboutit says:

    Wait, that’s Heidi with him in photo #2? I know looks rarely have anything to do with cheating/break-ups but she is STUNNING and looks more like JA’s daughter than her love rival!

    LOL poor Jen, setting herself up to be a laughing stock yet again…

  18. Atticus says:

    Drives me nuts when people say Jennifer Aniston plays the victim card. She never has, that’s what the media created after her break up with Brad Pitt. She might have said one time, in one of the very first interviews after her divorce, that there were days when she threw herself a pity party and then she moved on from it. Why is that not acceptable? Who hasn’t let themselves have a day when they just feel sorry for themselves, gripe and cry and let it all out, and then move on? She’s human and she had to go through a very private matter on the most public of stages. I think she came out of it all just fine. And I don’t think she was ever the lovesick, lonely girl the media portrayed her to be. I think she John Mayer’ed the hell out of a bunch of guys, including John Mayer, played the field and had a great time.

    I do have an icky feeling about this relationship with Justin Theroux, given his attachment even if he really was separated from Heidi when he took up with Jen. I had loved Julia Roberts until she pulled her “A Low Vera” stunt when she was first hooking up with Danny Moder and I’ve never really liked her much since. But I don’t buy the story that Justin feels suffocated. He looks pretty smitten in the pics of Jen’s Walk of Fame ceremony.

  19. REALIST says:

    And how exactly does that work? “I’m sorry for having a very public fling with a high-profile actress?” I wonder if he asked her to take him back.
    If Justin and his ex can work it out, I’m all for it. I left my ex at year 17 (for reasons other than someone else), and I miss being able to talk about all the shared experiences we had together, the inside jokes, and just the side of him I don’t see anymore because he’s always on his guard around me (we co-parent and see each other often).
    In Hollywood, affairs are as common as cats; maybe with a decent counselor Justin and Heidi can work through the things that caused him to stray in the first place. Not placing blame either way; I know that the ex and I got lazy over the years and took each other for granted. Hot sex is great-but what comes after the flame starts to fade?

  20. inthekitchen says:

    Oh please, please let this be true! I hate Aniston with a fiery passion so I hope that he dumps her in some spectacularly public way, gets back with his ex and they get married in some lavish ceremony and immediately have a baby. Mwahahahaha…I’m so evil.

    Also, what is up with her face lately? It looks so chubby and round or just different. Fillers? New cheeks? There is something strange (well, stranger than normal) going on there.

  21. katnip says:


    those comments about being “friends” was at the beginning of their break up. I don’t think you will find any quotes from Brad talking about them keeping in contact. Jennifer’s father said that Jen and Brad have no contact and have not had any in YEARs. So all the tabloid stuff about them talking and being Friend is just that. If they were cordial they would have had a (ONE) photo taken at the Oscars. There were many chance yet nothing.

    That Friends Ship sailed a long time ago.


  22. Iggles says:

    Wow. Heidi is way prettier than Jen!

    She’s look more natural. No fake tanners and dyed hair. I’m rooting for her and that things turn out well for her.

    As for Jen’s thing with Justin, this definitely won’t last…

  23. dannyexplosion says:

    don’t believe any of this crap.. He dresses like a 20 something hipster jagoff

  24. siska says:

    heidi is younger than JA like almost 8 years..its show..love/attraction didnt always about physical..sometime its the connection..
    btw..everyone seem to move on..and if the news that JTx bore with jen (eventhough there are witness saying he said he love her in public just last week)..and he comeback to his ex are real..so be it..its love..unpredictable..

  25. rraven says:

    I’ve been wanting to say this since the whole thing blew up. Justin Theroux is in this Muse video, and his body, and the acting in that is just drool worthy. I know, I know, judge them both harshly for their actions or praise them to high heavens for finding each other….

  26. Here’s the deal..Justin,if he knows whats good for him will remain with *yoga woman* until the end of time,because of he does’nt,it ain’t gonna be pretty.I mean come on..look at what happened to Vince and Brad,those are the only two I’m naming,just because I don’t have all damn day.I have the feeling soon enough Justin will fall victim to the *Aniston Syndrome* And of course it will be all his fault.Somebody needs to find a cure for this..and quick!!

  27. siska says:

    sorry the friendship still on..its in the W interview which he defend jen 2008 comment of UNCool,..so what..its natural two mature adult after divorce to remain cordial..its show maturity..

  28. siska says:

    jen always saying she keep in touch with her ex..they all still friend..she didnt had any bad feeling toward them..and I hope HB can do the same..but its her right to act whatever she like.

  29. spinner says:

    sniff sniff…I smell bullshit. That aside…Justin is way HOT!!

    Two things: How can they include the word ‘secret’ in this article? *giggle*

    And…how can you hate someone you don’t even know with a fiery passion??

  30. Anonymous says:

    Heidi Bivens is gorgeous! Did he apologize about Jen’s black tuxedo hair roots? Did he apologize for Jen’s charlie brown mug? NEXT!

  31. Chloe says:

    Now, that’s what I call juicy gossip. Also, probably BS.

    edit: If the apology did happen and was a PR move, it was a bad one, as it implies that there is something to apologize for and there supposedly isn’t.

  32. Pink says:

    Um, Jen has always said she DOESN’T speak to brad. Where are you getting that from?

  33. WTF says:

    wait didn’t National Enquirer or one of them claim last week …she was thinking on dumping him cause he was too controlling. And this week he’s thinking on dumping her cause she’s too needy??? Anyone remember back in the day when magazines actually had real stories in them and not made up BS??

  34. Ell says:

    @katnip. Sorry but they’re still friends. There’s no ships sailing, there’s no hate, it’s just their fans who are stirring up the hate.

    I think some people are feeling threatened by Jen’s new relationship in case it lasts. What will happen to the triangle then, might be severe withdrawals coming on.

  35. Cheyenne says:

    Um, Kaiser — they never “know what they’re signing for” until they actually experience it. Every guy she’s been with has complained that she’s clingy, controlling and suffocating.

  36. katnip says:


    I never once in my post said anything about hate. But I will say that Brad and Jennifer are not friends. And I don’t see anything in the past several years to point to anything different. Not being friends has nothing to do with hate. I think Brad has his life with Angie and that is his focus. I’m sure he wishes Aniston well, but there is no contact. I think in all these years that seems quite clear. Has nothing to do with hate.. but moving on.

    she herself has alluded to that as well as Courtney. Why people need to think they are friends is beyond me. And there never was a Triangle. A triangle is one person going back and forth between two people. That never happened. EVER.

  37. endoplasmic_ridiculum says:

    What a (BLEEP)ing downgrade!!!!!!!

  38. Thea says:

    Give me a break. Only one making Jen a victim and stirring crap is the media. Just like with Brad and Ange. Until their lips actually utter the words, I dont believe squat. It is their business. Only ones who havent moved on is the media. It causes magazine sales, internet squabbles, etc. Maybe Heidi was bored with him too. Its over, let everyone move on. JC. I can see Brad/Jen/Ange at freaking 80 in a nursing home, Ange dressed in a nurses uniform, spying because Jen is down the hall. “Brad and Jen meet at gazebo out back in wheel chairs. Nip slip or did Jen show her 80 something breast on purpose to entice Brad or did Jen even remember she had a breast…Film at 11….

  39. ZenB!tch says:

    Heidi’s gorgeous. If she plays her victim cards right she can be a multi-millionaire like Aniston. Nah, Heidi doesn’t look whiny.

  40. Mr. Greek says:

    DAMN, Heidi is one hell of a beautiful woman! Just incredibly gorgeous. This douche hooked up with Aniston as a Huvane inspired career move, and nothing else.

    Jennifer Aniston’s life is a non-stop, manufactured, famewhoring existence, and that is profoundly pathetic and sad on so many levels.

  41. bluhare says:

    Maybe Jennifer’s face is pudgy because she’s taking those fertility drugs. Assuming she really does want to get pregnant.

  42. J.Mo says:

    wish u published the photo of Heidi with her new platinum blonde hair, she looks even better

  43. waq says:

    Heidi is very pretty and judging from how she has handled this situation so far, I would say she’s also very level headed and mature. Downgrade for Justin.

  44. inthekitchen says:

    @spinner #29, I hate lots of (public) people I don’t know with a fiery passion 😉 But I guess I should have said that I hate the person she presents her self as, in photos and interviews, i.e. her public persona.

    Whether or not that is really who she is I guess I’ll never know. Maybe she’s much, much worse! But IMO she comes across as holier than thou, obsessively into herself and a permanent victim…even while she is insisting she has all her stuff together and doesn’t need a man to be fulfilled. And then she’s making out with another new boyfriend who’s “the one.”

  45. skilo says:

    Mmkay, I must not be looking at the same ex everyone else is, because there is no way that girl looks like Angelina at all and she’s not hot. She’s just average. Jen is not a downgrade. I mean everyone’s taste is different but I think a lot of people with these opinions just have their vision clouded by their hate for Jen. But on any different trip to target, or the grocery store I can see at least five girls prettier than his ex.

  46. thinkaboutit says:

    Skilo, where do you live that Heide is considered “average?” Because I live in Manhattan, which is full of pretty people, and no way are her looks ordinary. She has such beautiful features, especially compared to Maniston, who is barely average with her giant nose and man-like jaw and fake, calculated non-personality…and was way below average pre-surgery!

  47. spinner says:

    inthekitchen #44 – thanks for your response. Was just wondering how that works. I have to agree with you on hating what a person represents or publicly brings to the table. Our truly knowing about them is limited so we are left with what they represent. Hate away, Dear & as long as you are inthekitchen…can you set a place for me??

  48. Truthful says:

    awww, his ex is gorgeous!!!

  49. Mine says:

    It’s a shame Jen need this kind of rubbish attached to her name to sell her movies. She has such a vapid life. Guess all Jen want are d-bags and this guy sure is a big d-bag for cheating with Jen while he had a 14 year old relationship with Heidi. Jen has to be really stupid.

  50. inthekitchen says:

    @spinner, absolutely! I’m baking up a new cake every week (or so)…click on my name to see what’s being served 🙂

    I do go back and forth with wondering why I spend so much brain energy on people I don’t even know and will probably never meet! But then they go and do something stupid or annoying so I figure that if they want to put themselves out there and lead a public life then I am free to snark away. Plus this way I get to chat with all you fine people!!

  51. blonde on the dock says:

    What a bunch of BS! The ex girlfriend is pretty but not stunning imo. As for JT, I think he’s super hot!
    Saw Horrible Bosses the other night and it was pretty funny. Jennifer looked freaking amazing and played her character extremely well. She’s so under-rated as an actress. It’s difficult to be a comedic actress, let alone a good one. Jennifer delivers. She deserves more appreciation and respect for her skill. Especially on this site. Perhaps that’s one of the things about her that attracks JT. Plus she’s gorgeous!

  52. GoofPuff says:

    I don’t think Jen is a victim but I think she and her publicist wants us to think of her that way.

  53. The Truth Fairy says:

    This made me laugh! According to their astrology, Jenn and Justin won’t last: http://www.vegaattractions.com/celebrity/couples/aniston_theroux.html

  54. Melinda says:

    inthekitchen- Totally off topic, but have you used the Pam baking spray? I bake a ton, and used it a couple weeks ago for the first time. I have never seen a cake come out so perfect! I took pictures and sent it to friends I was so elated! If you haven’t tried it I HIGHLY reccomend.

  55. lil says:

    of course, jen has $$$ an a pr maniac next to her.

    As for the “friendship” between BP and JA, I just think that Brad said that she was a sweetie and still friends, as a way of repaying a kind of nasty comment on JA’s part with a nice comment, not feeding the wronged woman aura, and not playing the reporter’s games.
    they can say “yeah, wea re civil, yeah, we keep in touch” and not have any, like to brush off the gossip. I do not think they have any conact, and maybe had at the beginning of the breakup. not anymore.
    And I think HEidi is beautiful. She looks natural, young and very sweet in that pic. He looks as trying too hard to look cool.

  56. taxi says:

    Heidi is a very pretty girl. Perhaps Justin really did fall hard for JA, but I’d bet that her fame & $$ are a big part of his attraction to her. After all, she’s a producer & is setting him up with a role in 1 of her movies.

  57. bugsy says:

    *sigh* Once again we take the tabloids as absolute truth when it comes to a celebrity we hate. When it’s one that we spend a good chunk of our day worshipping and praying over however, nothing negative in the tabs is believed. It’s all “lies for like, totally 6 years!!!” The hypocrisy is showing. As for this (non) story, let this couple be a couple. He made a decision to break up with his ex to be with Aniston. If he regrets it, we’ll really never know. And yeah, Aniston is older than that girl, but honestly, some of you are exaggerating Heidi’s beauty in favor of your hatred. She’s not bad looking, but she’s not a knockout. And if she wasn’t what he wanted in the end, then looks don’t really matter. Talk about shallow.

  58. bugsy says:

    @Goofpuff: Seriously? I’m NO fan of the Aniston. I think her rom coms suck and she should be pickier about what films to choose, but honestly she and her publicist have been on a campaign to convince everyone that she’s really happy. She says that she’s happy with her life and her body and her career in almost every interview she’s ever given. I very much doubt she wants to be portrayed as a victim. She had to endure a really terrible public ordeal 6 years ago, and she had every right to express her distaste at the whole thing. I know I would have done worse. But honestly, she seems like she’s in a better place, and her actions seem more like she’s trying to get rid of that label rather than keep it.
    @Thea: LMAO! Seriously, everyone seems happier where they are. Why make more of it?

  59. yo-ho_ahoy says:

    everytime sum1 mentions jennifer anniston, i vomit a little more in my mouth

  60. Gazingfromafar says:

    Like so much idle speculation what is fun is creating the false narrative…so the fact that we really know nothing concrete about any of the people involved is probably beside the point. However, I will say that based on the photos I have seen there is some real chemistry there between JA and JTheroux. I never felt it with Gerald or any of the other ‘guys’ except maybe Vince Vaughn. My own take is that Jennifer likes men, and doesn’t apologize for it–how many of us could snag and many real or even pretend boyfriends? I think it’s jealousy talking here, sometimes.

  61. Laughternrain says:

    Atticus, there is something truly wrong with your perspective if you can’t see the numerous times in just about every interview where Aniston has put herself forward as the victim, continually bringing up her breakup. For example, the Vogue magazine where she even had the presence of mind to call up the reporter a few days after the interview and go ‘off-record’ about Angelina being uncool and other things. She had days to come up with that. It was premeditated. Also, the thing where she keeps tapes of Brad’s answering machine messages? And then her comments in GQ about having Shiloh on her hip? This bitch is unbelievably manipulative in keeping herself the victim and I cannot understand how some of you can’t SEE it. Or perhaps you really don’t want to and convince and talk yourself out of seeing what is right in front of you.

    Spinner, perhaps the same way the Angelina attackers and haters have hated her with a fiery passion for 6 years, when she never did anything wrong. Funny how people can understand hate on one side, but not the other when the tables turn. ‘Team Aniston’ started this with Aniston manipulating and goading her fans into feeling outraged for her. I myself hate and despise the manipulative duplicious dispicable sick bitch, but moreso because of her FANS on here who attack Angelina (and Brad) here and elsewhere EVERY chance they get; and for something it turned out she didn’t do and was innocent all along. Aniston herself and her gullible brainwashed fans are what causes this hate for her as more and more people wake up to who and what she truly is. Did Aniston supporters really think ‘Team Aniston’ could carry out this vendetta and witch hunt against an innocent woman for 6 years, and NOT have any backlash? Is that what you thought? Did it not occur to them as fans and supporters of Aniston that what they were doing was immoral and wrong, and could and would backfire – eventually? Did they honestly think they could get away with terrorising, bullying and attacking another human being for 6 years, and there be no repercussions, karma or boomerang effect? Is that why Aniston supporters can’t take their own medicine now? Team Aniston were the immoral ones and the ones in the wrong, they were the villains from the start. I believe in karma and justice, and that good will overcome evil and shine through in the end. I believe thats happening now. Those who’s lack of morals and knowledge of right from wrong chose to support the bad person and bad side are now finding out that they chose to root for the villain – Aniston. I support the underdog, goodness and justice which is why I could SEE what was happening from the start. Never in my life have I seen so many people supporting the wrong side, and maligning goodness.

  62. Dana M says:

    Wow! Heidi is beautiful.

  63. pwal says:

    Of course… when HB made that great comment about ‘don’t start nothing and there will be nothing’, a comment that should’ve stood alone, Star decided to ‘Anistonize’ Heidi, making her into a good girl that her errant, cad of an ex, to come running to when the new situation gets tough.

    Sounds familiar? Yes, because it’s the same damn story that they wrote for Aniston whenever Brad and Angelina are within the continental United States.

    In all honesty, I don’t care if Justin and Aniston lasts, but for once, I wish the tabloids would keep their stinky, hacky mitts off someone who is trying to be classy.

  64. Jana says:

    Wow, his girlfriend is really cute. I love her natural beauty. But I’m sure that relationship ran its course. He will have a torrid affair with Jen for a couple of years and become higher profile and leave her for a young thing.

    My prediction.

    I saw Jen on the Actor’s Studio. I do love Jen and see most of her movies on rental, even though she plays herself. But she never comes across as the deepest person in conveying her thoughts nor comes across very articulate in interviews, more just like a nice girl. This show is about discussing acting and the art of it and your roles. All she said most of the time is I like to have fun. It’s all about fun in picking roles.

    P.S. I don’t believe anything in that article. It’s freakin’ Star Magazine.

  65. jocular says:

    The first part of your first paragraph is untrue. I haven’t read the rest.
    Excerpt from vogue interview:
    Aniston, still galled, shakes her head in disbelief. “That stuff about how she couldn’t wait to get to work every day? That was really uncool.”

    The reporter saw her shake her head, in person.
    I have posted this before.

  66. Here’s one for you aniston fans..Her name is chloe..She posted on the Grauman thread July 8th,commment 200,I think..Her exact words-(*and finally…the non-bio kids arent pap worthy* )Boy,aniston has some fans she really can be PROUD of.But,thats how aniston rolls,she likes racist child-bullies.Oh,and chloe,don’t bother calling me out,because my eyes are blind to your racist BS.

  67. Laughternnrain says:

    Jocular, sorry, but everything I wrote was true and can be backed up. And there was a phone call specifically about the uncool comment, days later; the Vogue Editor themself said this when Aniston tried to lie and say she didn’t say it. Much was made of the phone call. Not sure how you (on purpose?) missed it.

  68. jocular says:

    I just copied and pasted from the interview. I don’t know anything else and I have no agenda. The End

  69. jemshoes says:

    It’s funny, the way these Jennifer Aniston threads sometimes go off-topic onto nails, hair, baking … makes for a little LOL-reading in the midst of everything else.

  70. anonymous says:

    It seems as if Brad and Angie is seriously considering getting married finally. Maybe JA heard about it long before any of us, that is why she is trying to hold on to somebody seriously.

  71. Camille says:

    JT is fug and greasy-sleazy looking as all hell. His ex GF is pretty though.

  72. Kim says:

    Damage control so Heidi doesnt go to press with how they were together when Jenn and him first hooked up a la Brangelina.

    He’s a cad and Heidi deserves & will do much better.

    Hell dump Jenn for smothering him but Heidi isnt stupid and would never take him back (i hope) so he’ll get his (as will Jenn by being dumped – yet again).

  73. Kim says:

    What continues to amaze me is the Jenn/Angelina and people taking sides of who is worse HELLO Brad is worse! He was the married man who cheated on his wife – yes him and Angelina hooked up when he was still married. How did he walk away as good guy when he is the real cad!

  74. Chloe says:

    @HorsePoor Hanna:
    July 13th, 2011 at 6:27 pm

    “Here’s one for you aniston fans..Her name is chloe..She posted on the Grauman thread July 8th,commment 200,I think.”

    I would like to clarify (and I think it needs clarification as you often don’t capitalize, so I don’t know whom you have in mind, me or someone else) that I have nothing to do with a poster calling herself “chloe” (lack of capitals) and who seems to be posting nasty stuff I’d never write.

    I’m actually considering reporting this as abuse. I mean, that person using a deceptively similar nick.

  75. Laughternrain says:

    Kim, no, Brad did not cheat on his wife. That hoax was debunked long ago. There was no affair. Brad was completely innocent all along.

  76. Zara says:

    You are quite right in your observations of Jennifer’s appearance on In the Actor’s Studio. Any full length interview with her is cringe inducing. Her PR does an excellent job of packaging her. A day or so after she did this interview, there was a blurb in People magazine, full of “quips” (as they put it) from the sit down. The quips were designed to make her seem witty and scintillating which is not how she comes across when the interview is seen in its entirety.

  77. Chloe**I’m glad for the clarification,because if someone is using the same name,it does get confusing.I went back to the post,and someone must have reported it,because the comments are gone.I don’t want to be mistaken on my outlook.I respect that everyone has opinions,and dislikes,for whatever reasons.But,I draw the line at mean,racist comments directed at children.No matter whose children they are.Children should be OFF limits.Anyways,sorry that some awful person comments under your name.Now that the comments have been deleted I don’t know if she capped her name or not.I didn’t cap the names on my post to show my disdain,because racist,child bullies do not deserve respect.BTW,this is the most serious I have ever been on here.Whew!!Good luck,hopefully that person changes her name.

  78. StraightfromA says:

    He has a widows peak and calculating eyes and she seems spoiled and whiny (to me). He’s going to break her heart and we’re going to have to hear about it.

  79. Jana says:

    @Zara, I agree. In short, casual interviews she’s fine. I kept rooting her on in the Actor’s Studio interview, because her answers were so like you said cringe-worthy sometimes. She didn’t even take openings when she could. When they talked about Marley and Me, he asked why did you take that role? And she’s like, why do you think, referring to dogs. The movie just as much as the relationship with the dog was about the marital relationship and the stresses of it as you grow your family and disappointments. She could have said how that was intriguing to her to delve into that. I kept thinking in the interview what is her new boyfriend thinking out in the audience. I love Actor’s Studio and find it interesting to get into the minds of actors. She did nothing to dispel herself as anything more than a light-weight actress, who doesn’t delve into her characters too much and actually came off worse as she kept saying she took a role because it seemed like fun. She just didn’t seem to be able to articulate any deep insight to the audience, save a couple of times.

  80. Atticus says:

    I’m not saying JA never spoke about her divorce in interviews, but I’d bet that more times than not it was in response to a direct question. So should she not be allowed to ever speak of a monumental event in her personal life, lest she be accused of playing the victim card? In most interviews past the first year after her divorce, she mostly said she was moving on, she was happy with her life, people continue to try to make her out to be the lovesick, heartbroken unlucky in love victim when really she was feeling fine and was truly happy. And yet….the media and some parts of the public insist that she’s the one playing the victim card.

    Again, I don’t disagree that she’s addressed the topic in interviews, and so what if she said it was uncool this or that. But she should be able to answer a direct question or speak of something so life changing without being called a media manipulator.

  81. ann says:

    Looks like she took some of the mud and put it in her hair. Horrible dye job. Jen would look much better with dark hair. I don’t really care about the apology to Heidi. The heart wants what the heart wants, but she should have a tatoo on her forehead of that, so she can’t play the victim anymore.
    I was really rooting for her when she broke into movies, but the first one was Rock Star and it was disappointing, as well as all her other movies. Even in the Good Girl, it seemed like she had cotton in her mouth like Marlon Brando in the Godfather, and that she was sitting on her hands so she wouldn’t play with her hair and looked like she was in pain. I laughed at her in Derailed (for the wrong reasons). However, I saw Horrible Bosses last week and I think that she was quite good in it.I don’t like to admit that because I dislike her for her lies, bottled water,Chelsea Handler and that pervert that she visits in Mexico (girls Gone Wild, with underage girls) and the latest, that perv photographer.
    Anyway, to sum it all up, I don’t like her manipulation, her interviews,(it would be nice if she could form a sentence), but I thought her acting was really good in Horrible Bosses.
    She certainly has been given enough chances. I mean, it’s been what, 20 years. It’s about time she got it right.
    I wished that I could screw up with my job that much and still be working.
    Anyway, I’ve had a few wobbley pops tonight, so sorry for all the rambling.
    Peace averyone!!

  82. Jana says:

    @Ann, I actually liked her in her earlier movies back in the early days during Friends before Rock Star. She was in about three. One was Object of my Affection. She had the it factor and a unique look, kind of a cutsy Barbra Streisand look, brownish hair, paler skin, with good timing and promising. Now she always looks the same, tanorexic, long hair, usually blond hair.

    I did like her in Marley and Me and felt she and Owen Wilson had chemistry and were believable as a couple madly in love and some disillusionment as babies come in a row and they have unrealized dreams.

  83. Laughternrain says:

    Atticus, all she has to say to those questions is “no comment”. But she won’t do that and we all know why. You simply can’t or don’t want to see it.

  84. Jana says:

    @Atticus, I agree with you. I don’t think she harps on her marriage. Mostly just answers and moves on. Her uncool comment was to Angie saying in an interview their children could watch the movie one day and see where Mommy and Daddy fell in love. That was insensitive. He was a married man and Jen was in the dark. I don’t think Angie was thinking when she said it. Just one of those things.

  85. anom says:

    aniston apologists saying people are exaggerating heidi’s looks…you freaks have been EXAGGERATING aniston’s looks for YEARS. people can google aniston and clearly see that she was and is average in looks even with her numerous nose jobs, hairline adjustments, fillers, hair lightening, contact lens color enhancements. heidi is natural and lovely.

  86. anom says:

    and that balding, short-legged, sneaky-eyed troll she is with now match her in the looks department.

  87. Laughternrain says:

    Jana, Angelina was talking about the characters falling in love and trying to kill each other (hired assassins ‘Jane and John Smith’), NOT about her and Brad as people, and Aniston damn well knew it. There was absolutely NO reason at all for Aniston to make that comment, and 2 years after the comment was made. She connivingly did it to stir trouble even though she knew damn well what the quote referred to as it couldn’t be more clearer “and watch us try to kill each other”. Unless you believe Brad and Angelina tried to kill each other in real life….? As usual, Aniston was simply manipulated the public into thinking it meant something else. And going by this thread, her vindictive and malicious manipulation and scheme worked.

  88. Zara says:

    A minor correction. Her “uncool” comment was in response to an interview Angie gave to Vogue in the December 2006 issue. Jennifer responded to it in her December 2008 Vogue interview. These interviews are usually conducted months in advance. For example, Angie’s interview was done in September 2006 before she went to India to film A Mighty Heart.

    The comments Angie made to the NYT about the kids watching Mr. & Mrs Smith appeared when she was promoting Changeling in 2008. It was not printed for public dissemination at the time Jennifer was doing her interview with Jonathan Van Meter. He actually interviewed both of them for Vogue.

  89. Dorrie says:

    I think it’s important to remember that Brad and Angelina are rich and powerful people. If they felt threatened by anything Jen said to the media, I’m sure they’d do something about it. Since they don’t seem to feel there’s a “witch hunt” instigated by Jen or her fans (or Handler), I don’t see why anyone else should.

  90. Lucky Charm says:

    Does this finally mean that the tabloids will quit dragging Brad & Angie into everything written about her? They can jump on the Heidi/Justin/Jennifer triangle which actually has more meat & drama to it than the “Brad divorced Jennifer and then moved on to Angelina” ever really did.

  91. Laughternrain says:

    Dorrie, if you really think Brad and Angelina have the power to over-ride websites like Female first, the entire media industry like the Murdoch press, then you are completely naive and thats pointing it as mildly as possible. pmsl, there is nothing they can do. The libel laws, particularly in America, require proof that the news medium/tabloid ‘intended’ to do harm. That, is nigh on impossible to prove, which is why no other star sues, either. They are completely powerless. And we have no idea what they feel, but any person who can read, see and hear can see that it is exactly a witch hunt, this fact cannot be denied. But celebs are powerless against media moguls and the www. These are facts, its simply the way it is.

  92. Addie says:


    Not to defend Jeniffer, but maybe she didn’t realise that Angie was refering to her and Brad’s charachters in the movie. Most agree that Jen isn’t too bright, so she might not have ‘gotten it’ felt too angry/humiliated to truly see what Angie meant.

    Anyways, I’m just glad she has Justin now and am hoping that it will last, otherwise we be bombarded with the same old “Brad ruined Jen for other men” noncense for years to come.

  93. galaxy.girl says:

    San Francisco Giants pitcher Brian Wilson & This guy = twins….

  94. Judy says:

    OMG, Heidi is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen…if I had the power to choose someone to look like, it would be her. He is NUTS.

  95. Atticus says:

    Laughternrain, I don’t see it because it’s not there. Maybe you’re trying too hard to see too much.

    JA was in the middle of the biggest media shitstorm at the time – anywhere anyone looked, it was her divorce splattered all over the media. You really think someone who is going through something like that in those circumstances isn’t going to be hounded with questions, and that she should just say no comment? She’s human. She’s going to react. And given the scope of her reactions – a couple of comments over 10 years – I’d say she conducted herself pretty well.

    Again, she wasn’t the one stirring up the Bermuda Triangle shit. The media took the story and blew it up to epic proportions. And honestly – I don’t think she’s clever enough to actively manipulate everything the way you say she does. More than that, I don’t think she cares enough to invest that much time. She moved on years before anyone else did, but it’s more fun to make a character out of her and throw her into a bunch of devious plot lines.

  96. inthekitchen says:

    (OT) @Melinda, we’re on the same wavelength, I use something similar – the Spectrum brand canola oil with flour spray…definitely easier than buttering and flouring a pan 🙂

  97. anonymous says:

    Laughter Rain on July13,2011: Your comment is so right all JA have to do when asked about Brad or break up’s is no comment but she doesn’t. JA life is one big charade, still after Brad Pitt, and it is quite apparent that she chooses topics,avenues and every opportunity to discuss her ex husband, I feel sorry for Justin. I don’t know if AJ and BP marraige rumors is true but maybe JA heard about it long before us and hooked up with this new boyfriend.

  98. d says:

    I do not know why people think Jen is so conniving. Maybe she is taking advantage of popularity. Wouldn’t anyone at her place? Brangelina uses the kids and charity. Same thing. People choose what they want to choose.

    Everyone has heard of Brangelina marriage over and over again, and Jen is certainly lovable. I really think she handled herself very well including her men. Perhaps she uses men on the rebound. What has she got to lose? She definitely is a very strong woman.

  99. Very Telling says:

    In Rolling Stone Dec 2008 Brad was asked what his fav movie of Angelina’s was he said MMS because “I fell in love”. I’m still waiting for the “uncool” response about that statement. My problem w/ JA is her praising the man who dumped her including on Oprah when promoting Marley and Me yet calling AJ”uncool”.The last time Brad mentioned JA was in 2008 in W . Angie has only sopke about JA once in 2006 in Vogue interview.Its 2011 Aniston’s father claims they are not in touch but if they are thast’s fine. Angie is still in contact with Billy Bob and Johnny Lee according to them in interviews. I laugh when I read that Brad and/or Angie need JA . As someone on another site mentioned JA is often referred to as Brad’s Pitt ex wife.If you google JA, Brad and Angie’s names come up as related searches. If you google them her name doesn’t come up so people researching them don’t go on to reasearch her.She is linked to them not vice versa

  100. Violet says:

    His ex is lovely. She was loyal and supportive of him for 14 years while he struggled to make it in Hollywood. And now she is handling his betrayal with grace, even as Justin and Jennifer flaunt their relationship six ways from Sunday.

    Women like Heidi are rare, especially in Hollywood where beauty is often skin deep. Justin was a fool for taking her for granted and abusing her trust.

    I hope that Heidi soon finds lasting happiness with a man who will treasure her and treat her well.

  101. kira says:

    I saw a clip of The Actor’s Studio with Aniston. She talked about how the movie, The Break-up, reminded her of her own break-up with YOU-KNOW-WHO. It’s just telling that, even though she doesn’t mention HIS name, she still alludes to her divorce. And, she was asked about the movie, NOT her personal life. Kinda of like last year, when she did that People mag. interview titled, “Jen 5 Years After Brad,” which featured quotes like, “looking good is the best revenge!” (take that Brad!).
    Then, she says things like it’s “time to turn the page,” on Actor’s Studio. Ugh, she’s the Queen of double speak. Then, Aniston has the nerve to complain about the tabloid attention, and their “BS,” on Actor’s Studio. This from a woman whose PR is always talking to the tabloids about her? So hypocritical. She has BS coming out of every orifice. 🙂

  102. kdo says:

    he has a catbum mouth

  103. pwal says:

    Re: Inside the Actor’s Studio…

    The thing that messed me up was the commercial for Smartwater. Really ole school how they slipped in a commercial disguised as a segment, a la Andy Taylor and Barney Fife hocking cigarettes or Rob Petrie plugging laundry detergent.

    Beyond weird and a huge sell-out moment for James Lipton.

  104. mimi says:

    so over this ugly plain woman….the young girl he left is a million times prettier, she’ll be FINE in life without him.

  105. Josephina says:


    There have definitely been MUCH MORE than a couple of comments from Jen, starting with last week’s interview on the Actor’s Studio. If you go to past blogs on CB you will see that many of us have provided the dates for you to read. It is almost rare that she does not bring Brad’s name up. Again, this is all by CHOICE and she is making poor choices.

    She chooses not to talk about Justin, the man in her life, but she still chooses to refer to Brad in interview?

    Surely there are recent men in her life and events in her life that she can draw on to demonstrate enlightenment, make a point or illustration, … right? Or did life really begin when she met Brad?

    REPEAT: She stated that she did not want the marriage to end. She was the fool that went on Oprah and blabbered “I’m shocked, the whole world is shocked!” when Oprah asked her opinion of the pictures taken of Maddox, Angie and Brad on a beach in Africa. She could have said no comment. There was a very strong public interest to hear her side and she could have shut it down by remaining silent or declining further comment. Instead, she answers any questions about Brad, offers opinions about Brad’s new life, reminds people that she was married to Brad, and cries upon news of Angie’s pregnancy, and screams at the ocean.

    Angie makes a reference to her work in the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith, trigger-happy Aniston misinterprets her meaning and calls her uncool. That same year Brad, the ex-husband, states that he fell in love with Angie during the filming and
    Aniston says nothing. Yet you think she is over him.

    If Aniston is not over trying to compete with/denigrate/ridicule Angie, then she is not over Brad.

  106. pretty woman like heidi well soon meets the man she deserves to have!not just like justin the great jerk!
    well jen is not really that beautiful!
    unlike heidi that her beauty is skin deep!

  107. Laughternrain says:

    ITA Josephina. Unfortunately there are none so blind as those who *refuse* to see. All one needs to do is compare Aniston’s behaviour to Reese Witherspoon and Sandra Bullock – who were ACTUALLY cheated on. Neither gave an interview denigrating their husbands. And look look at Sandra – not just cheated on, but her husband risked her life with countless women. Seen Classy Sandra throw any pity parties? NO! She moved out, divorced him and didn’t look back, and has not even UTTERED his name since. Now THAT, is pure CLASS. Class and dignity. Unfortunately Aniston burned her bridges by the fact she handled it so very badly. She acted and still acts, like a petulent, vindictive child. The EVIDENCE is there for even the simplist person to see. She has no dignity or class and if its one reason that many no longer root for her, its the way she has handled herself and her constant need for revenge, vindication and sympathy. She is totally classless and an example of how NOT to handle a breakup. The classy ande very dignified and poised Sandra is an example how TO handle it, which is why she has gained supporters, and not *lost* them.

  108. Atticus says:

    Right, Josephina. I’m sure if JA had said no comment at very beginning, this entire media shitstorm never would have happened. I’m sure she wouldn’t continued to have been hounded anyway, and I’m sure that in the absence of her making any sort of comment, no one would have put words in her mouth and this whole tabloid frenzy would never have happened. Riiiight.

    Laughternrain, the court of public opinion was far different in the case of Sandra Bullock. She was divorcing a guy who had been having numerous, blatant affairs with random floozies in the back room of his bike shop. There’s nothing TO say about that. There’s no argument to be had because who, besides Kat Von Dee, is going to argue Jesse’s side?

    Look, JA is no saint. But she’s no sinner either. You don’t get why I can’t see how manipulative she is and how she’s obviously pining over Brad. I don’t get why you insist that she is. In the public mind, Brad & Angelina and JA will always be linked but that is because the tabloids love to create this non-existing Bermuda Triangle. 6 years after their divorce, you still hear about it in the tabloids. It’s only been 18 months since the Jesse James scandal broke and yet the tabloids hardly ever talk about it anymore. The tabloids love their Bermuda Triangle and it still sells their magazines, and we’re not even arguing over real people here – we’re arguing over the characters created by that tabloid fiction. Unless you are a personal friend of all three involved, and have first hand knowledge of every conversation and interaction they’ve ever had, you’re basing your opinion on what your interpretation of the media coverage has been. As am I.

    I’ve been with my husband for 15 years, we’ve been married for 9 and have two kids. In conversations with friends, do ex-boyfriends’ names come up? Of course. Does it mean I still have a thing for them? No. It means they were part of my formative years and who I am now has something to do with how I worked through the experiences with them. I don’t see why it’s any different for people in the public eye.

  109. Melancholy says:

    “Justin isn’t like the other guys she has met, he doesn’t pretend not to be into her”

    Aahahahahaha!! Yes, all those other guys are just pretending not to be into you. Every last one of the men you’ve met in your lifetime.
    How does someone become that conceited?

  110. Pam says:


  111. LINA says:


  112. loria says:

    Heidi look pretier than Jen but her money is small . Jenifer Aniston ugly, old, plastic from head to toes} but her money is huge{110 millions dollars}. no wonder the star with no talent, fugly face, average body but make alot of money.she is a lucky one

  113. tammy says:

    Justin is worser than other guys she dated. Wait and see!

  114. Thelma says:

    Wow..the ex, Heidi is v pretty and natural looking. Definite downgrade for Justin in terms of looks to move to Jennifer Aniston, who despite tons of surgery comes across as plastic and harsh looking without the wonders of Photoshop. But I guess an upgrade for him in terms of $$$ and exposure.