Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson are both in Maui (update: sort of confirmed)

x17 reports that Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson are both enjoying a nice vacation in Maui, as evidenced by pictures of the two frolicking quite separately from each other. Is it a case of same place, same time, a photo agency sticking some pictures side by side and claiming that they’re both there, or are they getting together back at the hotel and going out separately during the day?

Update: They are indeed in Maui enjoying each other’s company. Star reports that they were spotted out at dinner together.

X17 also published this incredibly unflattering picture of Kate Hudson running on the beach. It looks like Photoshop to me, especially considering how gorgeous she looks in the other pictures on the beach, shown below. [via]

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  1. b.i.t.c.h. says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    So toned!

  3. dupababy says:

    oh my gawd.. that blue suit is really NOT flattering on her at all..

  4. AC says:

    Yeah it looks like the same stomach as the picture of nicole richie on the beach with the saggy stomach. Thats probably photoshopped

  5. jess says:

    i dont think its photoshopped. when both those pictures were taken when they were running. i think its just bad timing

  6. susannah says:

    I think she’s a real mom. I think she’s beautiful either way. I think both pictures are real and her shoulder position affects the skin. I’m writing as someone who lost all of the baby weight and then some, and I can unfortunately tell you that skin elasticity isn’t always what you’d like.

    By the way, I googled Kate Hudson and stomach because I was curious if she had this problem because her stomach was so conspicuosly covered up in “You, Me and Dupree.” The one bikini shot, had a strange veil covering her stomach and all of the underwear scenes, she was wearing a tank top and it looked like a bit of loose skin where it was showing in one of the tank top/underwear scenes.

    Anyhow, I’m sorry it happened to her but hope that it makes more women feel normal when their skin doesn’t bounce right back…