Elin Woods’ new man denies sleeping with Tiger Woods’ mistress Rachel Uchitel

Yesterday we ran a story about how Rachel Uchitel was giving back the bulk of her $10 million hush settlement from Tiger after her lawyer, Gloria Allred, convinced her she has violated the confidentiality clause in the agreement. Rachel is considering suing Allred for potentially double crossing her and negotiating with Tiger’s lawyer to still receive her fee while convincing Rachel to give the settlement money back.

A lot of you thought that I buried the lead in that I mentioned toward the end of the story that Tiger Woods’ ex wife, Elin, is currently dating a guy who also used to date Rachel. Some ex-friend of Rachel’s went on the record to TMZ with a tale about how she’d overheard Elin’s new man, an investment banker named Jamie Dingman, telling Rachel back when he was dating her that he’d like to date Elin. According to this story, Rachel and Jamie were together when the Tiger Woods scandal broke, Jamie knew that Rachel had been with Tiger (maybe at the same time he was with her) and was joking around that he could date Tiger’s wife. It made the guy seem like scum, and like he targeted Elin somehow.

According to several reports, all of this was news to Elin and she’s been with Jamie for six months. Jamie is supposedly denying that he ever slept with Rachel, but TMZ has a potential timeline and witnesses. What’s more is that Jamie had a girlfriend when he hooked up with Rachel, which is apparently her only criteria for sleeping with a guy – that they be taken. It doesn’t hurt if they’re rich either.

Here’s the story from TMZ:

Elin Nordegren is PISSED … after learning Rachel Uchitel told friends she had slept with BF Jamie Dingman. Now Jamie is denying it happened, but others are providing VERY specific details.

Sources tell TMZ … Elin was blindsided when the TMZ story ran over the weekend … that Tiger Woods’ #1 mistress had slept with Jamie and Elin didn’t know about it.

We reported Jamie hooked up with Rachel twice in Miami in October, 2009, when they were staying together– less than 2 months before the scandal broke. Jamie’s friends now tell TMZ … Rachel is lying and that they never had sex and never stayed together.

But other people familiar with the situation tell TMZ … Rachel and Jamie went down to Miami in October, 2009, to work on a plan for a new investment business.

We’re told the 2 stayed together for 2 1/2 weeks — at the home of Chris Barish, the third partner in the prospective business. Jamie had a girlfriend at the time — a model named Inez — but she wasn’t around much.

People who were at Barish’s house tell us … Jamie came into Rachel’s room late at night twice and the two hooked up … and they heard Rachel discussing it with Barish the morning after each liaison.

Ironically, at the time this was allegedly going on, we’re told Chris Barish hooked up with Jen Madden, the woman who sold the Tiger story to the National Enquirer. And get this — people staying at Barish’s house tell us … Jen got a lot of her info from discussions between Rachel, Jamie and Chris about Tiger’s illicit relationship with Rachel.

As for Jamie and Elin, we’re told they’ve been quietly dating for 6 months.

[From TMZ]

That should pretty much be a dealbreaker for Elin. Her boyfriend of six months slept with her famous ex husband’s famous mistress before he met her and never bothered to broach the subject in all that time. It’s slimy, it’s underhanded, and it makes the guy seem like he has an agenda by being with Elin. Maybe he really likes her and is just caught up in an incestuous group of friends. Still, anyone who would sleep with that big-lipped hooker has issues. Plus we know he was cheating on his girlfriend with Rachel. Poor Elin seems like one of those women who always ends up with creeps. Rachel is one of those women who tries to use them for money and fame and sometimes gets beaten at her own game. Also, why does she keep trying to stick it to Elin?




Photos of Elin are from 2/9/10 and 1/29/10. Photo of Rachel from 01/10/2011. Credit: Fame

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30 Responses to “Elin Woods’ new man denies sleeping with Tiger Woods’ mistress Rachel Uchitel”

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  1. brin says:

    Ugh….well, at least Elin knows now…hope she ditches this dude, it’s a bit too deja vu.

  2. the original bellaluna says:

    Would that the divorce settlement could buy Elin better taste in men…

  3. Vanessa says:

    She is like a douche magnet…
    Poor woman. I really would love her to find a decent guy.

  4. lin234 says:

    That “relationship” sounds like a bunch of uber rich men holed up for awhile in a mansion and hired a bunch of “companions” to pass around with each other. Yuck. I’ll give Elin the benefit of the doubt of not knowing but now that she does, she should run and get checked out for stds. That Rachel woman seems hell bent on making a new strain.

  5. ladybert62 says:

    Elin seems like a decent and nice person – she should dump this guy – based on this story I think he targeted (and got) her and he is untrustworthy and will cheat on her also.

  6. francesca says:

    are there only like 5 people available for these people to date? and they have to keep dating each other? it’s sick. expand your circles, people. Ugh.

  7. Judy says:

    Is that a tattoo on her neck in the top pic??? Her children are ADORABLE…OMG they are cute!!!

  8. OriginalGracie says:

    @francesca: My thoughts exactly. You are a multi-millionaire and the best you can do is a pass-around party girl like Rachel and her ilk? It’s so gross.

    I think Elin is going to land on her feet. Now that she knows what’s up, I think she will ditch this guy and go on with her life. She doesn’t need him.

  9. Dorothy says:

    First of all, if he did sleep with Rachel, that is foul to even think of being a “boyfriend” to Elin. THAT is a double cross!

    Second, why would even Rachel consider suing Gloria Allred; if it hadn’t been for Gloria, Rachel wouldn’t have gotten $10 million much less 10 cent for hush money.

    Lastly, Gloria was Rachel’s attorney and she had the right to ask for her fee whether Rachel liked it or no. Double cross, don’t think so. It’s just plain old KARMA and it has found its way to Rachel.

    Funny though, the other ladies that Gloria repped, took their monies and quietly got the hell out of dodge. Why couldn’t Rachel? If it were me, ‘love addiction’ or no, trust me, for $10 million, that conversation wouldn’t have existed. 🙁

  10. Thea says:

    With all the money Elin has, I would get me a stupid boy toy. Use him, and then move on. After Tiger, how could you trust a man? Protect herself,her kids and the money, and move on. And get the heck out of the inner circle where apparently all they do is recycle lovers. Gag.

  11. Kimbob says:

    Elin is a beautiful woman w/a LOT of $$$. That being said, & seeing how things went down w/this Dingman dude, Elin would be well-served to use a smidgeon of her $$$ to pay a private eye to investigate any potential suitor before she decides to date them.

    I know that sounds paranoid, but really…Elin has a LOT of $$$, & seeing how this situation has become “the ultimate embarrassment,” she really would be well-served to investigage ANY dude she’s considering dating.

    Elin’s taste in men,(God bless her) is douchetastic. If I were her, one of my criterion for a guy would NOT be if he could hold his own moneywise w/me (IF I were so fortunate, & am NOT, to have such $$$), but unfortunately a great deal of people that have such volumes of $$$ tend to be fickle & superficial…just like Dingman. Sounds like Dingman is a sorry excuse of a person.

  12. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    Elin might be better off dating an honest down to earth working man who actually accomplishes things like plumbing and electricity rather than spending his time and $$$ poking his weenie into hookers.

  13. AngelMay says:

    I’m starting to think Elin is just plain dumb. She needs to distance herself from her ex-husband’s circle, if she can.

  14. garvels says:

    Elin should dump this creep ASAP. Any man that would sleep with and contemplate building a business with Rachel is certifiable. He is obviously using Elin and what would prevent him from sharing the intimate details of his relationship with Elin to Rachel. Bizarre.

  15. dleen says:

    they are both gold-diggers, one is more slutty and classless than the other, but still…

  16. Truthful says:

    I knew Rachel was not lying about her large circle of men she has screwed..

    will he pay her to recant her story, she probably needs the $$$ and he has plenty.

    I’m not too sure Elin will dump him.
    I’m sure he is busier than a cat covering up shit, to clean up this story.

    Slutty Rachel sure seems to keep getting money, some how some way.

    She’s such a famewhore, she can’t keep it. If he pays her to shut up and recant, she’ll blab that too eventually.

    They keep passing around those same germs, yuck!
    and the host is RACHEL.

  17. Blue says:

    Lordy I swear this is a terrible soap opera. I hope she dumps him. Obviously he’s going to deny it happened if he wants to keep Elin around.

  18. munchies says:

    tiger seemed to be a nice guy, ok back then and we all liked him before the scandal broke. probably she thought of same with Dingman. we cant blame her for being magnet to rich dudes because she got money now and obviously her circles are now richer people. i think she was too careful in choosing guys and thought a business man is a safer choice than a celebrity. who would have imagine though that utchitel slept with everybody.

  19. lucy2 says:

    Run, Elin, Run.

  20. searching4grace says:

    I think Rachel hates Elin because she wants everything Elin has/had. Elin is viewed as beautiful, classy. She’s rich with gorgeous children, and a great successful career of her own before her marriage, and ongoing schooling now to continue in another career, so she’s intelligent. She has a supportive family, and she’s traveled internationally, extensively. She had a husband who was famous and talented. Rachel is a hooker with a big mouth in more ways than one. That’s why she’s got it out for her. It’s disgusting, and she’ll continue to do whatever she can to make Elin miserable if Elin lets her.

  21. bluhare says:

    No offense to Elin,@searching4grace, but what was her huge successful career? She was a nanny and had done some modeling. That’s pretty much it. Nothing against her!

    As for Rachel, Allred must be on a contingency if she would lose money when Rachel paid back money. Otherwise, her fees would be based on time spent working, right? So Gloria was on the road to getting bupkis and negotiated a side deal so she gets to keep all HER money while telling Rachel to give hers up. I’d be pissed off too.

  22. Anti-icon says:

    This is beginning to sound like a massive shake down of both Tiger and Elin.

    By Rachel Slutitel.

    It is difficult to know if Dingman is attempting to shield Elin from Rachel and her evil extortionist tendencies; or if HE WAS IN ON IT.

    POOR ELIN. Money brings Huge Problems. Fame does also. Scandal does as well.

    How can she (Elin) find someone to really trust? (I hope she has trustworthy attorneys, but they’re in her pocket too.)

  23. searching4grace says:

    @bluhare She wasn’t world famous, but she had a successful career she probably enjoyed. To me, that’s great. How many people have crappy jobs they hate? Rachel can put..what…on her resume? Heck, thinking about that, I’m a little jealous about Elin, and I LIKE my life! LOL

  24. KatieM says:

    @Judy. Not a tattoo. It appears to be the reflection of the large silver necklace she is wearing.

    I wish her well. I honestly hope she finds a nice guy, who has no connections to anyone from her past.

  25. munchies says:

    Uchitel has slept with husbands and boyfriends of everyone. so with elin, she slept with her indirectly times 2 now. RU is like facebook network… shes connected to anyone to several degree. i think the only guy left she hasnt sleep with is Santa Claus.

  26. Amy says:

    She should hook up with a hot Swede like oh I don’t know… Alexander Skarsgard! I’d rather see them together than him and Kate Bosworth!

  27. Thea says:

    I see now the way that RU is going with this. She is gladly giving up the ten million from Tiger, so she can now go after the billionaire. You know he can throw some money around to shut her up. She needs to get over her obsession of Elin or whatever that is about. RU is the queen of extortion. You know she wouldnt gladly give up 10 million if there wasnt something else in the water for her.

  28. eternalcanadian says:

    Again, this is just tacky. Sloppy seconds, especially unsafe sex, is just gross. Too bad for Elin. Whether she knew or was totally clueless I still don’t view her in the same light anymore because really, it is just stupid how out of all the eligible blokes in the entire freaking world she hooks up with the guy that shagged the woman that shagged her husband? Gah. 😐

  29. jemshoes says:

    Elin just seems too trusting and/or sheltered. Really vulnerable. To a lot of morally questionable men, she’s pretty much fair game now that she’s single and rich.

    Thanks CB for following up with this story!

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