“Rihanna wanders the NYC streets in a nightgown” links


Rihanna wanders the New York City streets in a nightgown. [ICYDK]
Jessica Simpson wears tight dress, looks pregnant. [Celebuzz]
Lady Gaga claimed that “cocaine is the devil”. Devil-worshipper. [HuffPo]
Fox News dude gets into a Twitter war with Chris Brown, 50 Cent. [LimeLife]
Lady Gaga didn‘t know about the Bette Midler-wheelchair-mermaid thing. [The Celebrity Café]
A grainy view of Vanessa Minnillo‘s wedding gown. [Amy Grindhouse]
Poster/video for The Hunger Games. [ONTD]
Is it weird that the US Women‘s soccer team is all white? [Bossip]
More photos of Kourtney Kardashian and Mason-Dixon. [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
Tila Tequila has “quit” Hollywood. Of course. [PopBytes]
Adrienne Curry is a famwhore on Twitter again. [IDLITW]
Bradley Cooper‘s EMU-like wax figure. [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]
Heidi Klum in a see-through top, with her kids. [INFDaily]
Rihanna is more popular than Lady Gaga on Facebook. [Bitten and Bound]
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley‘s style suffers in Asia. [Celebs]
Vintage Weinermobiles. [CityRag]
Ciara in a bikini. It fits! [Hollywood Rag]
Q&A with Gordon Ramsey. [Starpulse]


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  1. sandy#1 says:

    ok rhianna, it’s time to change that color hair now, it does not look good any more, she had her good days with it.

  2. sandy#1 says:

    ok rhianna, it’s time to change that color hair now, it does not look good any more, she had her good days with it.

  3. UKHels says:

    if there’s anyone nearly as much ‘style over substance’ as Gaga it’s this chick

  4. Alice says:

    Lady Gaga is a Bette Midler fan and she didn’t know about the wheelchair mermaid? BULLSHIT.

  5. Quest says:

    Would someone please give crusty the clown some clothes to wear

  6. brin says:

    It’s not a nightgown….it’s a night shirt!

  7. DethHammer says:

    @Alice, I agree with you totally. Gaga lies as easily as she applies her lipstick.

  8. lem says:

    i’m not usually one to pull the generation card but i think midler might be thinking she is relevant to the same generation as gaga and she just is not.

    that’s not defending gaga at all– I’m sure SHE knew of midler’s performance and ripped it off just as she has other artists.

  9. DethHammer says:

    “Maybe we’re just cut from the same cloth,” Gaga added. “I couldn’t hop around in that tail so I just stuck myself in a wheelchair.”

    Or maybe you blatantly copied Midler and are just feigning ignorance for the cameras and trying to create a mystical “connection” to people more original and talented than you. LOL. She is so obvious it’s not even funny anymore. Oh Gaga, charade you are- you’re nearly a laugh but you’re really a cry.

  10. June says:

    OH Lord, she considers/refers herself as a rockstar…

  11. madpoe says:

    how does a woman leave the house without her purse? I can’t imagine not carrying mine. Guess RiRi woke up and thought “cell.check.pj’s. check. old man shoes. check. bling.check” I’m good lets roll. and yeah that clown red should be dead by now.

  12. lucy2 says:

    Rihanna is one weird girl.

    Right, Gaga didn’t know about Bette’s mermaid thing. Just like she’d never heard Madonna’s “Express Yourself” either, I guess?

  13. Trillion says:

    I agree with Stern about the greatness of Gaga’s acoustic performance of “Edge Of Glory”. I don’t like radio version that much (sorry, but I just can’t stand sax solos in general) but when I saw her do “Glory” on SNL with just the piano I was blown away. Her voice and piano skills are great.

  14. lrm says:

    rhianna looks older than the purported 24….and look she blends right in-nothing special-in NYC….
    i’m surprised people didn’t give her money thinking she’s a homeless or crazy or homeless crazy….
    she’s an attention getter and it works….but she looks ridiculous.
    oh,a nd i’m not even getting started on Gaga-i never read posts about her anymore-
    I’m so proud of myself for sticking to it(: even when i’ve read all the others.
    i hate her.
    i mean loathe.
    and i dont want to support interest in her charades….

  15. ADS says:

    She looks great and she knows it. Yes, she’s an attention seeker but aren’t they all? On a side note, it’s great to see her out and about with her girlfriend, Melissa.

  16. RHONYC says:

    hey, i don’t knock her…its felt like Satan’s a**hole in NYC these last couple days *phew*. Friday is supposed go up to a RealFeel of 107!

    i’m wearing fuggin a doily to work. :twisted:

  17. Shoe_Lover says:

    Gaga is not original she is so derivative its ridiculous. I think the only original thing was the meat dress and that was just gross. she blatantly copies Madonna, Bette Midler, Grace Jones, Kylie Minogue et al and then lies about it

  18. california angel says:

    LOL to Bette Midler, “you can keep the meat dress and firecracker t*ts.”

  19. ladybert62 says:

    The red hair looks atrocious and the nightie looks out of place – but then she doesnt seems to have much sense of what is appropriate or not.

  20. Obvious says:

    i’m so over the kool-aid hair. can we pretend to be a blueberry or something now?

  21. DethHammer says:

    @Shoe_Lover, the meat dress wasn’t original either. In 1987, Czech-Canadian artist Jana Sterbak created Vanitas: Flesh Dress for an Albino Anorectic, a dress consisting of 50 pounds of ageing flank steak, which looked almost exactly the same as Lady Gaga’s version.

    And in 2008, contestants on America’s Next Top Model were required to pose in a meat locker wearing skirts, bras and underpants made from meat.




  22. mzjask says:

    rhi rhi makes me wanna barf i was over her since the whole good girl gone bad bologna. i dont get the appeal but then again i dont get the appeal of many of these “artists” nowadays- and i am only 28, i cant BELIEVE i just said “nowadays!!” =/
    please stop rhi and gag, cant we just not listen, i mean REALLY?!!

    and thanks for the Gordon Ramsey Q&A- i lovvvvvve everything he touches!! More please! ;)

  23. June says:

    I hate that hair. Not the color, the wig-lookingness of it all.

  24. ano says:

    dis is how madness always starts!!!

  25. hoganbcmj says:

    Is she really still trying to make that hair work? Absolutely not, young lady.

  26. antisara says:

    I’M LOVING VENSSA MINILLO’S GRAINY WEDDING PICS, IT SEEMS LIKE SHE LOOKED BEAUTIFUL FOR HER WEDDING IF THAT’S THE ACTUAL DRESS! (won’t waste characters and web space to comment on gaga’s delusional copyright infringements).

    RIRI: ok, the red is washing out and you’re looking like a podunk-town-made in china-pharmacy-budget-barbie, that’s gotta stop, sug! What’s next? A contract with Mikey double D’s to replace Ronald? sup with that?

  27. anonymoose says:

    Sleepwalkin’ Raggedy Ann sure has some unsightly gams. And those hideous shoes! GAH!

  28. Chris says:

    I wish they got a photo of her having a Marilyn Monroe moment over a subway grate. :)

  29. Thea says:

    She needs extreme makeover ASAP.

  30. murt says:

    Love those prada shoes Rihanna is wearing – I want a pair for myself!

  31. Meanchick says:

    Um, who’s the dude she’s with?

  32. Flan says:

    Don’t get why she still has the red hair.

    Something like that is interesting for one video clip and then it’s time to move on.

    And in fairness to Gaga: she always has outlandish styles, most of which are original.

  33. Cleo says:

    She could single-handedly bring back 80s fashion.

  34. gg says:

    Those are the ugliest old man shoes I have ever seen. The Raggedy-Ann hair needs to vamoose.

    And short skirts do not become her legs at ALL.

  35. DethHammer says:

    @Flan, actually most of Gaga’s “styles” aren’t original at all. They’re designed and created by other people (oft times very famous and well-known designers), picked out for her by her stylist/Haus of Gaga Fashion Director Nicola Formichetti, and are worn by other celebrities (Kelis wore Alexander McQueen’s Armadillo Shoes before Gaga did)

  36. DethHammer says:

    I personally love RiRi’s old man shoes/ night shirt combo. I find it wonderfully absurd and tacky. She really does look somewhat lost; wandering the streets of New York, searching for truth and a good time. LOL

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