“Brad Pitt’s French wax figure is the stuff of nightmares” links


Brad Pitt‘s French wax figure is super-creepy. Oh, and that‘s “Clooney” beside him. YIKES. [Evil Beet]
David Arquette is dating Joe Francis‘s ex-wife? [CDAN]
Stephen Colbert mocks Summer‘s Eve‘s new campaign. [The Frisky]
Jon Fleming looks like a saucier version of Andrew Garfield. [OMG Blog]
Sofia Vergara is so pretty in candids. [Moe Jackson]
Kiki Dunst has a chin problem. Also, this is just a bad photo. [Celebslam]
Emma Stone has a great Brangelina story. [HuffPo]
FASSBENDER!!! First pics from Shame. No dong shots (BOO). [ONTD]
Remember Ashanti? Meh. [Bossip]
Alessandra Ambrosio is having a moment. [IDLITW]
Jason Alexander got a new wiglet. [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]
Jessica Biel & Colin Farrell in a flying car. [INFDaily]
Leighton Meester‘s mom is countersuing, is crazy. [Bitten and Bound]
Adrienne Curry got kicked out of ComicCon for this outfit. [Celebs]
Maria Menounos looks nice in a bikini. [CityRag]
Eva Longoria & Eduardo Cruz are still together, btw. [Hollywood Rag]
Pink & Carey Hart on motorcycles. [Starpulse]



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  1. bluhare says:

    I didnt even read this; just saw the photo. Horrible!! He looks like the V for Vendetta guy!

  2. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    *sharp inhale* WTF did they do to his face?!?!?! OMG his wax figure screams no close ups please. OMG…the body looks good though, wish my Bf had a body like that. However come on, Brad’s face doesn’t look like that.

  3. Firecracker says:

    Absolutely creepy!

  4. jen says:

    “House of Horrors”

  5. Rita says:

    Brad: Needs more ear and nasal hair.

    George: Needs to wear a bunny necklace and dressed in a bathrobe.

  6. trane1980 says:

    Brad his been looking creepy (albeit less wrinkled) for a long time now. At least they got the greasy, almost-mullet hair correct. He’s too slick and conscious of his good looks for my taste.

  7. UKHels says:

    gah!! wrinked and ginger with a grey beard – poor brad ha ha

  8. Maritza says:

    Scary looking!

  9. Aqua says:

    Sometime being immortalized by having a wax figure done is so NOT and FAR from a complement.

  10. original kate says:


  11. katnip says:

    I think they did good on his lips and the mouth area, Brad has a full bottom lip that I find very sexy. Everything under the nose (face wise) is good

    but dang everything else. .

    I think real life Brad Pitt is beautiful wrinkles or whatever.

    they need to stop doing these things when they can’t get the person to pose. Never works out.

  12. LucyOriginal says:


    It’s “weird” because his wax figure doesn’t have the huge amount of makeup that Brad uses, hahaha.
    Calm down Brad fans, I am just kidding…

    He’s been looking weird in a long time, but not as weird as the wax figure.

  13. TL says:

    Ok this is great but when are you going to show photos of the wax dummies?

  14. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Shockingly bad!!! It just looks really off, wonder what Brad made of it!!

  15. I hate to admit it,but I would have probally asked them for autographs.I’ll never be the go to person,to pick a wax person out of a lineup.

  16. brin says:

    Ugh….stick a wick in it and light it!

  17. Obvious says:

    Brad looks creepy, but Clooney is the stuff nightmares are made out of. seriously.

  18. Javagirl1 says:

    I think it looks just like him! An incredible likeness… 😉

  19. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “At least they got the greasy, almost-mullet hair correct.”

    lmao…I was going to say something similar.

    Rita, brilliant as always.

  20. J says:

    Brad Pitt should get a lawyer . He is so handsome in person .who’s the guy next to him ? Looks like Hugh Hefner 50 years ago .

  21. lucy2 says:

    Holy wrinkles, Batman.

  22. Turtle Dove says:

    Brad looks like Jeff Bridges.

    Clooney looks like Dr. Oz.

    Fail all around.

  23. arock says:

    clooney does look like dr oz!

  24. arock says:

    **shudder** that gives gives me the willies. he should stick it in bed with angie one night, a la godfather. omg i would poop my pants.

  25. ladybert62 says:

    They are BOTH CREEPY!!!!

  26. LucyOriginal says:

    George wax figure has an awful hair, small eyes and looks like he is , at least, 15 pounds bigger than the real George. The face is huge, George just has a big chin though…hahahaha

  27. NaomiCampbellsPhone says:

    WTF is Dr Oz doing there?!

  28. Ell says:

    They’re hilarious. I can imagine George and Brad having a good laugh about them over a few drinks.

  29. Very Telling says:

    Ell ITA or making fun of each other’s wax figure(smile)

  30. Relli says:

    “Remember Ashanti”

    Ha funny you should mention that. One of my bff’s got married in June at a vineyard and its one of those places that hosts live music and other events. WELL its in BFE Iowa, which Iowa is kind of BFE anyhow and the weekend after her wedding Ashanti was scheduled to perform. i did a double take, it couldn’t be THEE Ashanti right, because going from Music video/singer collaborator (who didn’t she and JaRule duet with in 02-04) to performing at a small vineyard in Iowa has to be sort of soul crushing.

  31. Laura says:

    I’d hit it. Wait, what?

  32. Kermit says:

    Ho-ly crap!

    “Maria Menounos looks nice in a bikini” is quite the understatement – girlfriend is HOT!

    Wish I had that body!

  33. Leigh says:

    Wow, its like they squeezed both Clooney and Pitt’s heads in a vise. In both cases, the heads are too long and narrow.


  34. endoplasmic_ridiculum says:

    It’s like the tried to remake him into a French guy…

  35. Observer says:

    Kaiser how can you forget…. the Clooney wax model is what Shane Warne will look like if there are one or two more surgeries…oops I mean if he looses more weight 😛 As for Pitt’s statue…horror!

  36. yeah says:

    umm yes. these are wax figures without the air brushing we get in published photos. i actually think these statues have a good likeness to many of these celebrities….

  37. almond says:

    Oh god, that is laugh-out-loud funny. It’s so creepy it can’t help being funny.

  38. Bitchbelying says:

    Thats just horrible. Smh.

  39. mzjask says:

    i wanna be best friends with “Emily” Stone. haha what a cutie!!

  40. Ulysses says:

    Holy shit man, thanks for the much needed laugh! I think they must’ve let an apprentice have a go.

  41. mln76 says:

    wow way to fuck up two ‘perfect’ faces…

  42. maiden35 says:

    Brad does look like that but has had botox injections to keep him looking smoother. Face it the guy is not 20 or even 30 anymore he is 48 and he does have wrinkles.

  43. teri says:

    Looks like Jeff Bridges nothing like Brad Pitt.

  44. teri says:

    sorry turtle dove I didn’t see your comment before I wrote my own.

  45. Callumna says:

    They did not capture his appeal.

  46. albeli says:

    Dead ringer for Brad (he’s been getting craggy for some time now). But that looks nothing like Clooney.

  47. Camille says:

    Yikes! 😮
    That is bad and it doesn’t look like Pitt.

    Also- Clooney = Scary!

  48. Annie_Grey says:

    Really didn’t want to see Jon Fleming’s winky.

  49. Nancy says:

    LOL @ Brad and George.

  50. CHRISTIAN_GIRL says:

    It has nothing to do with wrinkles, it is not a good likeness. Of coure BP is older and that’s a heck of a lot better than the alternative of dying young.

    Silly nonesense as an attempt at putting BP down. Guess what? If he keeps living he’ll get even older, but he’ll have his kids, AJ and hopefully grandkids. Lovely thought that a WAX figure can not deny.

    He did not sit for this, it is an artist depiction so no harm, no foul.
    Since they are NEVER done right or capture the essence of the subject. As for makeup on the REAL man, isn’t this figure covered in makeup. Crazy.

    Even Justin Beiber’s looks terrible and there is not even the excuse of his age.

    But, again any chance to snark at BP is all some look for. Does not change a thing, but is certainly tired.

    Lastly, how could they forget his scar on his left eye? Even Fincher included it in Benjamin Buttons. Oh, Well more tabloid fodder for some I guess.

  51. Chris says:

    I know that’s just a wax model but there comes a point when people who’ve traded on their looks reach a point when they’re too old to do it. Brad’s approaching that point and I hope he bows out gracefully and starts playing characters that are his age.

  52. Rudypatudie says:


    What a SLAM!

    Ah, the beginning stages of irrelevancy , bringing the anointed ones down.
    They really are irrelevant script readers, aren’t they?
    Go away.

  53. pwal says:

    I doubt that Brad Pitt will cry in his pillow about this. After all, he had that W Magazine cover that was shot using an old photographic technique-can’t remember what it’s called- that showed every wrinkle, pock mark and pore, and dude didn’t go into hiding. If anything, he probably likes it, especially since he would likely get ‘You look much better in person’ compliment even more frequently.

    And why did the ‘artist’ crop off half of Clooney’s chin?

  54. CHRISTIAN_GIRL says:

    How is being are wax figure a put down? He has several from different countries. It used to be a compliment as a sort of immortilization, so when did that change and who changed it.

    Or is it because it is BP and NOT someone else? It is an honor along the lines of “it’s the thought that counts” or is this going over people’s heads. More crazyness.

  55. Joe's Mom says:

    LOL! I agree with @mln76 – Also, besides being just plain “off”, both remind me of . . . somebody else. George Clooney, I can’t even begin to figure out who, but BP looks something like a cross between David Carradine and Clint Black.

  56. anom says:

    lest the hags forget…that wax of aniston depicts her real big nose. perhaps an unnatural rework is pending????huh, stevie??? get on it!!

  57. theaPie says:

    That is truly horrible of them both. Why do we even have the wax museum? So tacky!

  58. bugsy says:

    Honestly, I really thought it was him at first. He looks mostly dead in real life, so I find the similarities to be quite alarming.

  59. anom says:

    oh, and stevie, get a wax of her new man too. justin time for HALLOWEEN!!!!!

  60. katnip says:


    when has Brad not played characters his age. Like him or not the man has an impressive body of work. and the last 6 years have been great.
    I don’t get the he plays to his looks. If anything he plays against type.

    not going to name the movies. It would take too long. That pretty boy title some want to label him with silly and unfair.

    the Wax thing is nothing. As another poster pointed out there are probably dozens of them around the world. Why would he care anyway.

  61. wunderkindt says:

    Matches please!

  62. Anonymous says:

    Looks just like him except the face is a little thin – they got the hair problem down for sure.

    Clooney, not so good.

  63. VeneficA Delirium says:

    I don’t know, I think they did a pretty good job. The mannequin’s just missing BP’s cold smugness about the eyes.

  64. Anita says:

    Brad has been looking like that for a while.

  65. Addie says:

    WTF is going on here?!

    Who hates Brad this much to make him look this bad …Jen, are you behind this?

  66. Chris says:

    @Katnip: I love Brad Pitt. Fight Club is one of my favourite movies and I named my first son Tyler because of it. But I said he’s “approaching” that point where he’s going to have to start playing his age. He’s 48 now and I think his days of playing the tough guy or the object of affection for pretty young things is coming to an end. In his upcoming film Cogan’s Bluff he plays the tough guy enforcer just like he did in Inglorious Basterds. Those sorts of roles should be for actors in their physical prime. At 48 I think Brad needs to start playing middle aged characters otherwise he’ll end up embarrassing himself.

  67. Jag says:

    It looks like Brad just before he grew his full beard and had secret work done, imo.

  68. silken_floss says:

    I think it’s a good likeness of him. C’mon ppl, he’s not gonna be young forever. They got his wrinkly squinty eyes right *shrugs*

  69. anonymous says:

    The wax figure does not look like Brad Pitt, he has a full jaw line which is his main facial characteristic, which his kids also inherited from himself and his mother. Look at his bio children the jaw line makes all of them look like twins, but where is it in this wax figure? No where. As the Jen Hen fans who wants to talk trash about Bran, JA new man is never going to have a wax figure, who is he anyway, his net worth is not even one tenth of one of Jennifer Aniston’s homes.

  70. Eve says:

    Looks like Vincent Price.

  71. Anonymous says:

    “As the Jen Hen fans who wants to talk trash about Bran, JA new man is never going to have a wax figure…”

    Dear heavens I hope not.

  72. Just sayin says:

    Brad actually has more wrinkles than that. I’ve seen the hq photos from his most recent photo call In mexico. Jmo the wax figure is pretty spot on. Also I don’t think he’s all that great of an actor… Sorry but again jmo.

  73. Anonymous says:

    I think his worst performance was in Meet Joe Black. That is when I realized it was mostly hype. I mean that was embarrassing.

    They ought to put on a double feature of Alexander and Meet Joe Black just before the Oscars.

  74. crtb says:

    I think it looks just like him. He isn’t hot any more. He is haggard looking, since being with Angelina. She sucked the good looking out of him.

  75. bagladey says:

    Maybe all the old craftsmen have retired or died and the new artists don’t quite have the hang of it yet, because these wax figures are getting worse and worse. A short while ago it was the unveiling of a very poor likeness of Alicia Keys and now it’s this “thing” of Brad. I don’t even see Brad when I look at that image; I see an older version of a guy who looks like Colin Farrell. The figure is just atrocious and Clooney’s mouth and expression on his figure just make him look like a big Gomer Pile goofball. These artists need more lessons.

  76. Sheigh says:

    It’s a kind of bad looking but I prefer the wax version!
    In flesh and bones papy Pitt really scares me!
    And Clooney still Clooney, a puffy, elegant joke and nearly drunk even in wax!

  77. Funny shit says:

    Wow. That’s really creepy… Brad look really difrent.

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