Alexis Knapp gave her daughter Ryan Phillippe’s last name before the paternity test


Several months ago, Ryan Phillippe’s ex-girlfriend Alexis Knapp announced her pregnancy, and everybody capable of basic math figured out that she had gotten pregnant during the tailend of her relationship with Ryan. Ryan is kind of douchey, though, and he made a big deal about how he needed a paternity test for the baby. Maybe Ryan realized that he was being a d-bag about it, because when Alexis gave birth to daughter Kai, Ryan made a point of being there. By the way, Alexis and Ryan both played some games in the media, and you could tell that Alexis was kind of pissed that Team Phillippe basically said she was sleeping around.

Anyway, TMZ got their hands on baby Kai’s birth certificate, and as it turns out, Alexis isn’t waiting around for the paternity test (which I can’t believe hasn’t gone down yet). Alexis went ahead and named her kid Kailani Phillippe-Knapp. Damn, girl.

Although paternity test results have yet to be revealed, the actor has allowed Alexis Knapp to give her daughter his surname.

So, we’re assuming Ryan Phillippe IS the father of model Alexis Knapp‘s baby girl. TMZ obtained the little girl’s birth certificate and although Ryan is not listed as her father, the document shows that Alexis named the baby Kailani Phillippe-Knapp. Interesting…

Ryan has promised to pay child support to Alexis if it turns out he is the father of Kailani. He is awaiting DNA test results in order to prove his paternity, but with the birth certificate and the fact that he was in the delivery room when Alexis gave birth, it’s assumed that he is the baby’s daddy.

Ryan already has two children, Ava, 11, and Deacon, 7, with ex-wife Reese Witherspoon.

[From Holly Baby]

I wonder if Alexis will have to rename her baby once the paternity test comes through? Ha, no, I’m pretty sure Ryan is the father. What are the thoughts on using the father’s surname, but only hyphenated before the mother’s maiden name? I think if you’re a single mom giving the kid your maiden name, just don’t even mess with the father’s name. The kid’s name, in my mind, should have just been Kailani Knapp, with no “Phillippe” after and certainly not before Knapp. But I suspect that Alexis just added the Phillippe as a “screw you” to Ryan.



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  1. *bRaZiLiAn* says:

    guess she is sure

  2. Isa says:

    She’s pretty, but she needs a stylist or something.

    Anyway, I think Kailani Knapp sounds better the Phyillippe messes it up.

    Also I think it depends, I do think Ryan seems like a good father and he’ll probably be active in this child’s life.

    If the father of the baby was a deadbeat I’d leave his last name off entirely.

  3. MollyB says:

    Ryan Phillappe comes off as a playboy douche for sure but he seems like a good dad. I think the child deserves his name as I think he will play an important role in her life, even if her parents aren’t married.

  4. 4Real says:

    Unless you a HO you usually KNOW who the daddy is. I see it as a “middle” name like “ITS YOURS REGARDLESS” or “I don’t need a court order”.

  5. Laura says:

    I’m sorry, but I think she’s using this kid as a meal ticket. She seems like a no-one who wants that kid to have his last name so everyone knows it’s his, like she’s showing it off.

  6. lucy2 says:

    Maybe they discussed it and agreed on that formation of the name? He may have WANTED his name to be part of the baby’s?

    What’s taking so long with the paternity test?

  7. Summer says:

    co-sign with Laura.
    She rubs me off the wrong way…

  8. RocketMerry says:

    She’s gorgeous! Reminds me of a pre-surgery Megan Fox.

  9. Denver Danni says:

    I had a friend go through this where a girl had broken up with her longtime boyfriend, he dated her briefly post break-up, but paternity was unsure. He went to the hospital, helped her when she needed it, but the paternity test was done and ready like asap and he knew it wasn’t his and moved on. But it happened v quickly at the hospital.

  10. the original bellaluna says:

    IF you don’t list the baby-daddy on the birth certificate…IF you’re not sure who the baby-daddy is (like @ 4Real said, you a HO)…IF you don’t want the drama but still want a check…

    You give the baby YOUR last name and await the paternity results to figure out your pay-day. No need to “F” up a perfectly good kid by saddling her with an a$$hole’s last name. (Imagine the stigma…*shades head*)

  11. Ycnan says:

    You can only get pregnant for a short time once a mth so it’s totally easy to know if someone is the father, unless you’re sleeping with different people in the same week. So yeah she know for sure it’s his.

  12. Joanna says:

    She’s pretty with her mouth closed, but when she smiles, it’s a weird-looking smile. She’ll never be a big-name model, so this is the closest she’ll get to fame and fortune.

  13. texbrook says:

    Don’t forget, Reese got pregs with Ryan’s baby before they were married (if I remember correctly)…this guy isn’t exactly the smartest dude around.

  14. Findley says:

    A DNA paternity test takes 3 to 10 days (don’t know of any that could be done at the hospital the same day).

    Yes, theoretically there’s only a certain part of a woman’s cycle during which an egg is there to get fertilized–but it’s more complicated than that. For instance, if a woman has sex and the sperm get into the fallopian tubes–the sperm can live there for some time–long enough to still be there when a woman ovulates. Also, there is *some* evidence a woman may ovulate on demand–or at least erratically–so don’t count on rhythm for birth control….

  15. Mata says:

    I guess I’m in the minority on the name thing. I think if she knows for sure who the father is (and unless she really was sleeping around, it’s no mystery), there’s no reason the child can’t be given the father’s name.

  16. trish says:

    Maybe she didn’t list Ryan as the father on the birth certificate because he wouldn’t agree? In California, if a couple is unmarried, the “father” must sign something agreeing to pay child support before his name can be placed on the birth certificate. Maybe Ryan said no, but Alexis said “screw-it” and gave the baby his name anyway.

  17. Bodhi says:

    A friend of mine was in a similar position as the one Denver Danni talked about. Except that my friend was listed as the dad on the birth certificate, gave the baby his name & assumed responsibility for the baby. Several months later he started thinking that the baby didn’t muck look like him, so he got a paternity test & lo & behold, the baby wasn’t his. He had a HELL of a time getting his name OFF the birth certificate. He had to go to family court & get all kinds of orders & whatnot to prove that he wasn’t legally responsible for the baby. And after all of that, he is still friends with the girl…

  18. Dana M says:

    Wow, she is very bold. Can’t wait to find out the DNA results.

  19. HannahG says:

    My parents were in a long term relationship but split before I was born and I have my dad’s surname because he asked.

  20. TG says:

    I guess I feel if the guy is going to take responsibility for his part than I would give the child his last name. So in this way she did both. Though, I think she is using her child for money. These guys are so stupid and I wonder how he is going to work holidays, etc. Will he have all his kids together or will this one be raised separately? I think that is the so sad when kids grow up separately, like this girl isn’t good enough to be with his kids with Reese. Hopefully, I am wrong and they will all embrace her.

  21. Violet says:

    Whether or not he turns out to be the father, Alexis should’ve just given the baby her last name. If the DNA results show Ryan is indeed the father, she can then give the baby his last name.

    The reality is that, even if Alexis doesn’t know for sure if Ryan is the father, she has to pretend that there’s no other possibility. Giving the baby his surname doesn’t necessarily mean that the baby is his.

    Alexis and Ryan never really dated, just hooked up a few times, so I can understand why he’s insisting on a DNA test because they weren’t exclusive.

    Alexis is pretty but not gorgeous enough to have a successful modeling career, so she probably got pregnant on purpose. Let’s face it, the combination of some form of birth control (pill, IUD, cervical cap, etc) plus condoms is 100% effective, so she’s clearly looking for easy money.

    Ryan is a total douche, except when it comes to his kids. I’m sure he showed up for the birth despite his doubts because if the baby does turn out to be his that’s something he would’ve missed out on if he’d waited for proof of paternity.

  22. The Original Ashley says:

    Agreed, the placement of Phillippe is stupid. I thought when it was hyphenated the mother’s name went before the father’s? She should have just gone with one or the other.

  23. lola says:

    typically as an unwed parent you cannot name a father without that person’s consent – so the child’s name would necessarily have to be Phillipe-Knapp rather than Knapp-Phillipe should it be the case that he did not yet consent to being named “legal father.”

    Dumb move on her part b/c now he has the right (if its his kid) to a change in BC. So what will the kid be then – Phillipe-Phillipe?

    That’s like Brady hobbes Brady.

  24. Heaven bound says:

    Hey, when you know you know. Why wait? And, it’s her kid, she can name the kid whatever she wants.

  25. eternalcanadian says:

    Tacky. *rolls eyes*

    So a DNA test takes only 3 days approximately? If Ryan can get his done pronto then why haven’t we heard about Albert of Monaco’s two or is it now three paternity tests? 😛

  26. MariPily says:

    You can name a baby whatever you want. You don’t even have to give the child your own surname. My niece has her Dad’s last name, but my sister chose to keep his name off the birth certificate. She wasn’t happy with him as a father, but she understood that one day, my niece may want to have a relationship with her Dad, and would want to have his last name.I think Alexis did the right thing in acknowledging Ryan’s biological role in her child’s life.

    As for the meal ticket thing, dudes can refuse to pay child support even if they are the bio dad, and wealthy ones often do. Why can’t it be that she just wanted to be a mother? She is a model after all, and probably has her own money.

  27. ladybert62 says:

    I dont like hyphenated names to begin with and this one is certainly a mouthful! What if the paternity test says it is not him? Then what – does the name stay unless she asks a court to legally change it?

  28. Courtney says:

    big deal Reese was 6 months pregnant when her and Ryan got married she’s not the first star that ever happened to nor will she be the last. Joely Richardson for example was 7 months pregnant with her daughter Daisy when she married her ex husband Tim Bevan January 10th 1992 granted they divorced in July 2001. if Ryan turns out not to be Kailiani’s father it’s not that hard to remove his name from the birth certificate

  29. Hex says:

    Not sure about laws in California, but where I live:

    1) You can name your baby just about anything as long as it isn’t offensive. I could have named my son William Bradley Pitt Junior (obviously, since I am not stark raving mad, I did no such thing) and there’s not a whit anyone could legally do about it.


    2) The father MUST be present in order to sign his name on the birth certificate. In cases where the paternity is called into question, generally the father’s name is left blank until the paternity is legally established, at which point a court order is put into place to have it added to the birth certificate.

  30. Carolyn says:

    No idea who she is but any bet she’d be really really hoping Ryan is the father. Otherwise she loses her meal ticket.

  31. Amy says:

    LOL, why are you guys assuming she would need DNA to be sure? Not all of us sleep with several guys at one time. I would definitely know who the father was if I turned up pregnant!

    But I agree with Kaiser — I wouldn’t give the baby his last name if we weren’t together!

  32. Dirty Martini says:

    sounds to me like a) she knew for certain who the baby daddy was and b) she plans on raising this child herself strongly–and with a nod to the dad, who is all in all, a bad husband and boyfriend but a decent father.

    Quit busting their chops every which way to sunday. I think they’ve made the best of a bad situation.

  33. Chris says:

    Reese must be thrilled that her kids have a new baby sister.

  34. Maripily says:

    And why would Reese care? She’s remarried and moved on.

  35. boxy lady says:

    Maybe she’s part Latina or something since that’s the way they do last names in Spanish-speaking countries: father’s last name then mother’s last name. Or maybe not…

  36. MB says:

    Dont see what the big deal is. Just because a woman is called a tramp by a bitter asshole, doesnt mean she is one. Most women arent and most women, if fallen preggers, would know who the father is. I think she is far from tacky – in fac, I think she is showing Ryan a hell of a lot more consideration than he is showing her.

  37. Isa says:

    Now that I remember, if you’re not married to your father he has to sign something for the birth certificate. Not sure what, I guess just a statement that he’s the father.

    But I think you can name your child whatever you want.

    She’s probably just confident that the baby is his so she went ahead and named her that.

  38. dovesgate says:

    “Not sure about laws in California, but where I live:

    1) You can name your baby just about anything as long as it isn’t offensive. I could have named my son William Bradley Pitt Junior (obviously, since I am not stark raving mad, I did no such thing) and there’s not a whit anyone could legally do about it.


    2) The father MUST be present in order to sign his name on the birth certificate. In cases where the paternity is called into question, generally the father’s name is left blank until the paternity is legally established, at which point a court order is put into place to have it added to the birth certificate.”

    It is exactly the same in California. The mother cannot add the father, he has to add himself and sign it as it is a legal document.

    As far as I know, just because paternity is established doesn’t mean that the fathers name automatically get amended on the birth certificate but it would not surprise me. I ought to order another copy of my daughters b.c. just to find out.

  39. Kosmos says:

    Was the pregnancy really accidental or did she want this? I’m sure he didn’t. She’s really too young to put herself in this position starting out as a single mom. It’s going to be a long road for her now and her freedom is gone, not that being a parent isn’t rewarding and wonderful, but at her age and without a partner, not so much.

  40. Val says:

    I guess if you are a celebrity, you have never heard of a condom.

  41. Whatamess! says:

    poor kid!
    An Über douche 4 a father&a stupid tramp famewhore 4 a mum..not a good combo..

  42. mew says:

    I didn’t know in America parents can decide which last name to give to the baby too! I would name my baby Igraine Jackman in no time! Awesome!!

  43. LittleDeadGirl says:

    I’d personally give the baby my name because she isn’t sure if Ryan is going to stick around to be a dad I don’t see the point in giving the baby his name. IF he wanted to be part of the baby’s life despite the two of them remaining separated I might consider it but considering he is contesting the whole thing and they are being d-bags to each other in the media I don’t see how this would end up all nicey nice

  44. daisydoodle says:

    I agree with the above comment, a condom would have solved a lot of the problems here. Adults should be more responsible, considering it was a hook-up as opposed to a long term relationship. If the woman refuses BC then the man should “put a rubber thing on his John-Thomas”

  45. Jacqueline says:

    Im beginning to wonder if most guys, including douchebag celebrity/athletes, don’t practice safe sex. Think about it: needle pricked condoms, sabotaging the birth control pill and simply lying about being on the pill. As a millionaire man, you still shouldn’t ejaculate in a woman who allegedly says she is on the pill. And supply your own comdons so they aren’t tampered with and flush them down yourself, so she doesn’t enseminate herself.

  46. Onyx XV says:

    @ Laura (#5): That’s exactly what I was thinking. She just gave the baby his name for the meal ticket/notoriety angle.

    I’ve never understood why women give their babies the father’s name if they are not together. To me that’s one of the lamest things a woman can do. It just seems kind of sad and pathetic, like she’s grasping at straws to keep him around or something. Kailani Knapp would have sounded just fine.

  47. nikko says:

    Single mom or not, you need to give the baby the daddy’s last name…for legal reason.

  48. mln76 says:

    @Hex thanks for the info it pretty much hints that he knows he is the father if he willingly signed the birth certificate. I don’t see why if she believes that Ryan is the dad she wouldn’t want to give him the same last name. As much of a douche I think Ryan is I think he’s involved in his kids lives.

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  52. bigfun says:

    what i think is that dude cant keep his field mouse in his pants he already has 2 kids by his ex wife and is paying for those so now that he has 3 more kids out there he dont want to clam them cause he dont want to pay any more child support so dude step up to the plate and take care of what you know belongs to you if u want to whip it out and swing it around like a big boy and not put a rain coat on it or bother pulling out this is what happens so i hope and pray u r the father and since he has brittney spears lawer he is going to lose cause look what happen to spears kevin has the kids so there ryan will end up paying good for him