Ryan Kwanten nude pics are fake, says his rep

A nude photo, purportedly of Ryan Kwanten, has emerged. I’m not going to link directly to the site where it is, because it’s questionable for us to link directly to full frontal. If you go to DListed they link to it. Unlike the “fake” iPhone self portraits of Blake Lively, there’s only one picture here and while it looks real at first glance, some close uh examination shows that it probably isn’t.

The face does look like Ryan, but if you look under his left arm (the one on the right side of the photo) the torso looks blurry and like someone tried to blend it with the bottom. On the right arm hanging down there’s a weird blotch just to the left of the watermark like someone matched the hand to the arm and got a little lazy with the clone tool. What’s more is that the tile background behind the top of the body does not match the tile behind the bottom. It’s a decent photoshop job, but it’s not convincing. Well it’s fake, Ryan’s rep has declared, and I believe it:

A “nude photo” leaked online Monday of Ryan Kwanten is fake, his rep tells Us Weekly. The low-resolution shot shows the 34-year-old actor with his pants pulled down — leaving nothing to the imagination — but there’s nothing real about the photo.

Although this scandalous shot isn’t the real deal, fans of Kwanten see plenty of his flawless physique in True Blood’s numerous shirtless scenes

[From US Weekly]

Just the way the site owner reacted on HuffPo convinces me that he cooked this thing up for publicity. In the original article he even wrote “There is the high likelihood that it may not be authentic.” The good news is that everyone loves Kwanten enough that we want the pic to be real, despite the strange curve to that other dude’s peen.

In terms of True Blood so far, I’m still watching it. I’m not as into it as I was last season, though. I won’t reveal any spoilers for those of you who might still watch the past episodes. That could be pure laziness on my part along with the fact that I’m not as invested in the show as I once was. I will say that I like Eric like he is though. He’s sweet and I’d love to see him get his old personality back but maintain more of this gentle humanity. The witches are grating on my last nerve. That plot seems so Twilight.

Oh and I think we can judge from this underwear pic from True Blood if that other photo was real or not. That’s a totally different shape there. A nice one too.


Photos via Glenny

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  1. Samigirl says:

    My husband took up for the owner of that…penis. I said “it curves…a lot.” and he said “I bet that feels good. For you ladies, I mean. Yeah.” haha 🙂 I kind of hoped it was him, but I doubt he would just pull his pants down like that and take a picture. Oh well 🙂

  2. merski says:

    Doesn’t matter how hot a guy’s body is if he’s got a face like this. Total boner killer. :/

  3. Lucy says:

    Even though the pic is fake, I’m sure there will be some full frontal in his future career. He works too hard for that body to be ashamed of it.

  4. Waldemar says:

    Not that I believe the pic is real, but how can you compare a peen tucked inside underwear with a free hanging and dangling stiff peen? You just can’t do that. AND if Ryan was wearing tighty whities in real life, his peen has more change to be slightly curving when erect. That is a fact.

  5. Luise says:

    I have gotten so bored with True Blood. It really has become so stupid.

  6. hairball says:

    I’m not as into TB either. I still like it and look forward to watching it but with every show having about 15 minutes – 20 max of things I actually care about, chronic frustration with that is causing me.to not care as much.

    The writers of the show apparently never read any feedback on the show because since season 2 people have been saying there are WAY too many extra plots taking away from what people actually care about. I think Allen ball has gotten comfortably cocky with how great he thinks the show is.

    If they dropped the demon baby and Tara’s plot lines even it would be 100 x better. I enjoy sookie and bill – its touching. I love Eric and sookie. I too hope they keep.some of his new found humanity. I hope they keep sookie and Eric together after he gets his memory. But of course they won’t. It’ll prob just end with sookie saying something flip about what happened and nothing further will be made or explored with it.

    Sorry going on, just so disappointed to have to wait a whole week between episodes and then have each episode contain little of what I want to see. It’s gotten to the point when I see Tara come on I out right groan. I’m also totally disappointed in the actual Eric/sookie sex scene. Not enough Passion, too dark. You saw.more when bill was banging his random witch spy. It could have been done SO much better and you can’t but think why doesn’t Allen ball realize this?? many minutes are left and think l

  7. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    @ Hairball – Whats wrong with Tara’s storyline? I mean Tara is in the book, they just can’t drop her, they could but I hope not. I have heard people say they don’t like the demon baby storyline before and I think its classic. Its clearly some kinda homage to Rosemary’s Baby, at least thats what I think. They barely did it all that much on Sunday. It is a supernatural show. IDK, I love most of the new storylines…Oh I hated the hotshot stuff, thats one storyline I hated…I didn’t like what Tommy did and thats all I am gonna say.

    Also Alex mentioned that the sex scenes were gonna be a bit softer. I do think it could have been more passionate not in a bang bang bang sorta of way but more touching and more caresses. I think as actors that scene was hard for them to shoot because Anna’s husband works on the show. IDK.

  8. hairball says:

    Tara is in Tue books but she’s a supporting character – a minor one at that. Arlene as well. Their very minor scenes are interacting with sookie not separate scenes with their own plots.

    The books are about sookie not about Tara and Arlene’s lives. To me it seems like they feel they have to find storylines for everyone. It’s ruining the show.

    I agree the Eric-sookie sex scene should have been tender but it came across as awkward and non passionate. SO disappointing. It lasted like 10 seconds in the dark with awkwardness. If Stephen moyer being on the impacted the performance then it’s not only unprofessional but totally lame.

  9. Stubbylove says:

    Totally agree w/you all on the Sookie & Eric sex scenes – totally awkward and uncomfortable – very disappointing. Maybe Stephen Moyer is right behind the camera watching them – however I kinda thought that he might get off on watching her w/someone else.

    We know Anna can rock it – perhaps Alexander can’t pull it off on screen?

  10. Katy says:

    If the photos are in fact fake, then I have only one answer: BUMMER!

  11. dovesgate says:

    I’m still diggin this season. After Sunday, things are just starting to get good.

    Some storylines are bugging me as usual – Tommy, Andy Bellefleur. Tara’s is getting better.

    Marnie’s about to turn into a total B.A. and Bill might not be such a cocky S.O.B. after she gets out. Hee!

  12. Bee says:

    Is it still rumored that Ryan K. is gay? I thought I read that on CB a while ago.

  13. Erin says:

    Still very much into TB though I agree that the sidelines is subtracting some essence from the show…kinda reminds me of how a soap opera will do that. I think the demon baby can be kicked off as well as the Tara sideline. Not interesting to me. Meh.