David Beckham and Tom Cruise are BFF

David Beckham said that he turned to best buddy Tom Cruise in a time of need after getting dumped from England’s national team. Beckham was sidelined with injuries to his ankle and Achilles’ tendon when he stepped down as caption of England’s team during the World Cup this year. He said he wanted to continue playing for England, but was left out of an exhibition game at the beginning of August, signifying new coach Steve McClaren’s decision to cut him from the team. McClaren said that he wanted a fresh slate without Beckham, and statements by David and his wife Victoria show how much the snub hurt him.

David said that Tom Cruise’s positive attitide helped him get over the pain of getting cut from the team.

And among the first people Beckham called was his friend Cruise, who in the past has flown to Spain to watch him play for Real Madrid.

Beckham says, “When I got to America I phoned Tom. He’s a great guy to be able to speak to because he is a very positive-minded person. It is good to have people around you at that point. He talked about everything I had done in the World Cup, about the goal I scored and the goals I set up. He said I was a great player, that I played for Real Madrid, I’ve got a healthy family and three boys and a wife who love me to bits.

“He’s a great example of someone who stays positive through everything. And that’s how I started to get over what had happened with the England news. I got over it that way, with friends around me.”

Tom seems like a good friend, but I suspect he takes every opportunity to work Scientology into the conversation. It was rumored that Tom and Katie were working to convert the Beckhams to their cult religion, but Victoria was since spotted out with a trendy red Kabbalah bracelet, and their efforts seem to have been in vain. The Beckhams do speak fondly of their friendship with Tom and Katie to the press.

Even if his soccer career is taking a hit, Beckham seems to be doing fine. He has a new autobiography, “Making it Real,” which was undoubtedly written by someone else, and is putting out a his and her perfume line with his wife, Victoria. This is Beckham’s second autobiography, his first “Both Feet on The Ground,” was published in 2002. He also has a photo book out, which was published in 2004.

Pictures from Splash News.

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  1. Angelika says:

    It looks a lot like Scientology-stuff indeed! This whole “think positive”-thing, “you’re a great person”, bla bla.. This whole thing about Tom Cruise and the Beckhams being friends seems so weird to me! I understood it when Victoria and Katie went shopping together when she got pregnant, because Victoria can obviously tell her a lot about having children, but Tom and David just don’t fit..

    And I personally think that David isn’t too bad either, he’s still one of the most successful football players worldwide. I think what bothers him is the fact that he couldn’t decide himself WHEN he quits playing for England! He’s had issues with Steve McLaren for quite a while and we all knew that they won’t be able to work with each other.. I’m sorry for David though that he couldn’t make this decision on his own, like Zidane or Figo did, but was “kicked out” which is far more humiliating..

  2. Anonymous says:

    Since when is it weird to maintain a positive outlook? When something bad happens to me, I feel so grateful to have friends around me to remind me of all the good things that are in my life. That doesn’t make me a member of a bizarro cult. And that doesn’t mean my friends are trying to convert me to one. That said, however, I do find Tom Cruise creepy overall. But perhaps he *is* capable of being a good friend to someone…stranger things have been known to happen.

  3. leisa says:

    hey you. i’ve been trying to email you but the mailbox is full 🙁

  4. millie says:

    Jesus, Scientology is after the Beckhams! Perfect candidates–rich and stupid and in need of constant reassurance. Tom Cruise is still a nut and this sounds like a typical behavior Scientologists employ to approach their new pray–don’t you forget it people, just because he put out some cute baby pictures!

  5. millie says:

    “That doesn’t make me a member of a bizarro cult. And that doesn’t mean my friends are trying to convert me to one.” No, it doesn’t and yes they do (if it’s Tom Cruise & Co.)! I have no doubt whatsoever that the only reason Tommy is so friendly and helpful to the Beckhams. They’re celebrity royalty in Europe but not so much in the U.S. and they’re NOT happy about it. Tom sensed a moment of weakness (Becks being kicked out of the team) and immediately jumped in to offer help and reassurance. Out of the goodness of his heart, no doubt. 😉 Please, everything he does is calculated to bring him and the Church more power and money.