“Newsweek courts controversy with a Michelle Bachmann cover” links


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  1. Rita says:

    The News Week cover and titles are exactly why conservatives view the press as far left liberals with an agenda. That cover is more Tabloid than it is News.

    News Week discredits itself more than it does Mrs. Bachmann with this sort of coverage. I wouldn’t vote for her but she’s an honest woman with a view point shared by many and both the woman and her views should be shown respect.

  2. lem says:

    i don’t see how its controversial when that’s what she looks like. they didn’t photoshop her to make her look insane– that’s just her natural look.

  3. brin says:

    I thought owling was the new planking.
    *My deepest gratitude to CB, Kaiser et al for getting me out of the spam zone!*

  4. brin says:

    Well said, Rita!

  5. gee says:

    This is innapropriate for 2 reasons: 1. men do not have this kind of issue. Republican or Democrat, they have enough respect for men to use a more flattering picture. 2. Newsweek is manipulating media to sell magazines. The headline and the picture make her look nuts (which she might be!), but if they had a good story inside, they wouldn’t need to use these tactics.

  6. Kaiser says:

    Lem – *whispering* I agree. Yeah, it’s not a flattering photo, but that is what she looks like.

  7. mln76 says:

    Newsweek does covers like this and the Princess Diana cover aged 20 years and the article last year about how gay men in Hollywood should stay in the closet to court attention not out of a liberal agenda. Newsweek isn’t a liberal magazine. It’s not Mother Jones or Harper’s.

  8. pixiegirl says:

    Crazy eye!
    I would respect her opinions except she has no respect for the rights and opinions of homosexuals and those who work for equal rights of that demographic. Also, she appears to have no real understanding of history or geography. We should not have to respect someone just cause they have an opinion.

  9. Kiks says:

    She looks crazy because she is crazy. As a Minnesotan it is very scary that this woman is being taken seriously in the presedential campaign.

  10. Kaboom says:

    Poster child for mad cow disease.

  11. RobN says:

    The magazine has admitted that this shot was only taken to test the lighting and that she was told that it wouldn’t be used. Other shots taken during this photoshoot do not make her look like she might have a human head in her fridge. I’m not a fan of hers, but this is a conscious effort on the part of what used to be a respectable news organization to mislead the public and that just shouldn’t be acceptable. It doesn’t matter whether you like the particular candidate or not; there’s a principle involved.

  12. Lisa says:

    There’s a very thin line between the characteristics that make someone very good at “leading” and becoming very powerful and the characteristics that make someone psychopathic/sociopathic.

    That said, Newsweek is pretty much a terrible magazine at this point, IMO. That last thing it is is *liberal*. It’s just trash. Liberal is, as mln76 pointed out, Mother Jones, Harper’s, et cetera.

  13. Anguishedcorn says:

    “She looks crazy because she is crazy. As a Minnesotan it is very scary that this woman is being taken seriously in the presedential campaign.”


  14. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Wow Rita thats scary to think many people share Michelle Bachmann’s view points. Honestly, don’t know much about her politics or anything like that but if there anything like her views on gays, then they must be pretty f*cked up views. I don’t want someone who doesn’t know American history (John Stewart proved this in one of his shows), can’t pronounce chutzpah and tries to make gay people feel bad about being gay and has a husband who tries to make them straight again, then something is wrong with that woman.

    Admittedly, the cover is very tabloid-esque, but even though the cover is done in a tabloid manner I can count on the article being factual and hopefully exposing more about this woman because its still Newsweek. Newsweek is a great magazine with excellent reporting. I trust them. I think she is nuts.

  15. Rita says:


    You know better than that. All pictures of people are what they look like. A picture of me throwing up after a bad Saturday night looks like me but putting it on the cover of News Week is not the thing to do…well, it might be if I was running for President.

    That’s spelled Rita. All write-in votes are much appreciated.

  16. jc126 says:

    She is a nut, BUT Newsweek does itself no favors when it uses a pic like this, or Palin in shorts reprinted from a Runner’s World article. This just makes conservatives think “there goes the liberal media again”. It only reinforces their base.

  17. Firecracker says:

    Whew. Glad I don’t have any idea who she is.

  18. Amanda G says:

    LMAO that is an awesome cover!

  19. Hautie says:

    Geez she always looks like that. That is the point. She is a nut job. But it is her right to be. (I wouldn’t vote for her.)

    And here is a nice link to prove the point… she simply has crazy eyes.


    There are oodles of links to articles about her crazy ass behavior in her home state.

  20. Rita says:


    I don’t want to start a thing here but respect doesn’t mean to “support” or “agree with”. Respect is to listen, consider, and form a conclusion based on one’s value system. Is not Mrs. Bachmann required to respect you as a person and your view points even though she might completely disagree with them? The lack of “respect” for people and perspectives different from our own is why Congress can’t agree on anything.

  21. Leticia says:

    @RITA, well said and thanks for at least trying to be fair. You are brave.

  22. pixiegirl says:


    I don’t want to start a thing either but to me (and the dictionary), respect is to hold someone or something in high esteem. So for me, I do not respect her opinion. I respect her right to have one and that’s it. I do not respect her as a candidate because I do not agree with her opinions nor do I think she’s qualified for the job. I hold no hatred for the woman as a person, but I do not feel inclined or obligated to respect her opinions or her candidacy.

  23. HotPockets says:

    I am a conservative and this woman is a JOKE,along with Sarah Palin. Who cares what side of the fence you’re on, the only thing that matters is the truth and we don’t get that anymore!

    The media needs to stop forcing these political puppets in our faces, the only purpose of this woman is to distract people from the real issues.

    It’s funny to me because Obama also does not support equal rights for gays or same sex marriage, he said that in the primaries, there is footage of him saying that. Why doesn’t he ever get any heat for it?

  24. Dhavy says:

    If conservatives think Newsweek or any other media is so far left then why agree to it?

    Palin has graced the cover plenty and she didn’t look crazy, she looked stupid and that is not too far from the truth.

    Bachmann looks crazy because she’s crazy and represents the insane.

    If it makes all the crazies mad don’t blame the media… Tell yourselves she has a migrane

  25. tina says:

    Thanks Newsweek for my new screensaver! LMFAO!

  26. Leticia says:

    Michelle Bachmann haters: at least she walks what she talks. Unlike Geithner and Rangel, etc, who campaign for higher taxes and then don’t pay their own tax bill. And John Kerry who is always wanting taxes to be raised yet cheats to avoid paying half a mill of taxes on his yacht by docking it in RI. Could go on and on with the hypocrisy, which exists on both sides.

    People, there are extremists and hypocrites on both sides. Can we try to be fair here? And Pelosi’s eyes are just as nutty looking as Bachmann’s…

    By the way, NO, I don’t want Bachmann or Palin as my president. But lefties, where is the tolerance for difference of viewpoint?

  27. You don't say says:

    Newsweek is no longer a legitimate magaizine–liberal or conservative. Under Tina Brown it is a tabloid–her blog is the Daily Beast, which has some good, but some very bad parts with lots of gossip. Let us not forget how some “news magazine” darkened OJ Simpson’s skin to make him look more sinister. This type of thing is not unusual. The Diana cover was disturbing.
    And Fox news distorts more than just photos, but where is the outrage.

    However, since I think this woman is dangerous, the photo goes with how I view her–a little crazy.

  28. mln76 says:

    @Rita I am guessing that you are conservative like Bachmann and her stance on homosexuality as something that needs to be ‘cured’ in a federally funded clinic owned by her hubby doesn’t seem to disturb you. But Pixiegirl only stated the obvious Bachmann’s stance on homosexuality is atrocious. And the idea that she has a viewpoint shared by many doesn’t mean that it’s OK to support homophobia any more than it was OK to support segregation in the 60’s when many Americans felt it was OK to do so.

    All that being said Newsweek was irresponsible again they did it for cynical shock value not because the coverage at Newsweek is actually liberal-it’s pretty much a standard old style mainstream magazine on it’s last legs. If they did an actual indepth interview with Bachmann and actually asked her questions or even did some of the coverage that site like Slate or Gawker have done that would have been more of a service to the ‘liberal agenda’

  29. Rita says:

    @Pixiegirl- Fair enough. Well said.


    Your “guess” that I am a conservative “like Bachmann” illustrates you seldom read my posts, particularly on “gay” issues. If one goes by my voting record, one can only conclude I’m as independent as one gets.

    I ask one question of all people, “Why should anyone “respect” you and your views if you don’t “respect” them and their views?”

  30. Happymom says:

    Leticia, I hate to burst your bubble-but she’s as big a hypocrite as the rest of them. She claims to want to cut back on “government handouts” yet she and her husband have benefited from funding from both Minnesota and the feds for their “counseling program”, and for federal crop and disaster subsidies on their family farm. That said, I think it’s disgusting that Newsweek used that picture of her. I may not agree with her, and think she’s an idiot but this type of coverage is blatantly biased.

  31. This woman is a joke, and they used the perfect picture for the punchline.

  32. bluhare says:

    @Leticia: At the risk of starting the conservative vs. libs fire, to say Michelle Bachmann walks what she talks is almost laughable. While she’s against government subsidies her family’s farm takes government money. Her husband takes Medicaid patients for his “gay cure” therapy that is RELIGIOUS in nature. Puhlease.

    That being said, I hope she gets the nomination. Obama will be a shoe in (and he’s not perfect either but a hell of a lot better option than her).

    Newsweek. Now Tina Brown’s editor, it doesn’t surprise me with the covers. Plus I read Newsweek’s in financial trouble so she’s using the covers to pull in readers.

  33. WOM says:

    I’m trying to recall when there was controversy about an unflattering photo of MALE politician. I can’t. And because of this gender-based, double-standard, I’m disinclined to be upset about the Newsweek photo.

    Alas, I am upset by some of the things mentioned in min76’s comment (#28). And by “upset,” I mean “scared shitless.”

  34. neelyo says:

    @ Hotpockets, you’ve made some very good points. I’m very liberal but I agree with you that covers like this distract from the real issues facing our country and only fan the flames of hatred on both sides.

  35. brin says:

    Lots of assumptions on here.

  36. mln76 says:

    Pixiegirl said it best I respect the ‘right’ of people to express any and all views they have even if I find it shameful that so many in Republican Party can support someone who’s views on homosexuality are the equivalent of David Dukes views on race relations.
    EDIT: To be clear I say that not because she doesn’t support gay marriage as many on both sides of the political sphere don’t. But because she supports federally funding clinics that claim to ‘cure’ homosexuality. Along with her silence on the 9 children who committed suicide in her district due to bullying for their percieved sexuality.

  37. Leigh says:

    @Rita @PixieGirl
    Thanks for some well-written, well-thought perspectives on politics both of you

    I wish actual politicians would follow your model once in a while 🙂

    and yes, she has crazy eyes (bad photo regardless) 😀

  38. Lori says:

    I have been a loooong subscriber to Newsweek, but since Tina Brown has taken over I will no longer renew. It’s become awful. And not because I’m a supporter of Bachmann, I think she IS crazy, but I am not interested in tabloid journalism.

  39. werty says:

    She makes me feel sooo glad that i dont live in the US.

    Regarding the story. If the media only pull this on female politicians than its just wrong, i dont remember which country who had people *meowing* at female politicians but it is the same thing. That thing being sexism.

  40. e.non says:

    leave it to tina brown to gin up sympathy for this odious woman.

    just like that grotesque newsweak cover a couple of weeks back with the aged version of diana out strolling with the new replacement diana, brown will debase any publication she touches.

  41. 4Real says:

    Whether you are a fan or not this is clearly an attack on a woman in business and it’s FOUL!

    I’m sorry how is being a strong, intelligent woman who defends the constitution, is fiscally responsible, and adopted several needy children considered “a joke” again??

    I support any strong, intelligent woman no matter what color, creed, or religion or party so don’t hate the PLAYER hate the GAME!

  42. You don't say says:

    People do have a right to their opinion and I will fight for that. But this woman and her husband and whatever group they belong to had the nerve to say as part of some pleadge that African Americans were better off under slavery than now because families stayed together. Of course except when they were sold, beaten, murdered, and raped. Anyone who truly believes this is CRAZY, and most important, un-educated. Of course, after a great deal of protests, they removed that part, but the point is, it was there in the first place.

    If that is the walk she walks and the talk she talks, then I hope she walks off a bridge.

  43. garvels says:

    I am really sick and tired of the media distracting the general populace with their juvenile political PR tactics.

    Let’s distract the public from discussing the real issues and let’s just show flakey pictures of Bachman and let’s show pictures of Hilary with hair clips and bad hair… and also let’s shoot Hilary from behind to expose her cankles(Obama vs Hilary Demo primary), we should also show Palin in a bikini….that should sell plenty of magazines and keep everyone talking about useless tripe verses the real issues of the day. Let’s just harass any woman by mocking her appearance so she poses no threat to male assholes from becoming president.

  44. Ron says:

    You know, if someone hadn’t pointed out they were pissed over this cover, I wouldn’t have noticed anything wrong with it. It’s amazing how an issue can be created out of absolutely nothing. Nothing.

  45. Kiki says:

    I agree with you Rita- I wouldn’t vote for her either.

  46. DreamyK says:

    Huh. If the shoe fits, Michelle ought to wear it, not her husband.

    He totally sets my gaydar off. It also infuriates me that he does “therapy”, with government money that his wife publicaly rails against but privately pockets, to “pray the gay away”.

    That’s offensive. She and Sarah Palin are two pea brains in a pod.

  47. ksweet says:

    This is a horrible woman. She is crazy and hateful, and it scares me that anyone supports her politically.

    I respect her right to believe such things, but I don’t respect her or her beliefs.

  48. Tiffany says:

    As a woman, I think the “outrage” is absurd. How many unflattering pictures of Obama have Fox News and other media outlets used? TONS! I don’t think I have ever seen a flattering shot of John Kerry or Mitch McConnell or John Boehner. However, when it comes to women, all of a sudden media is expected to be flattering 100% of the time. That is a SEXIST expectation of women.

    That is what Michelle looks like. To think that it should be glamorized because she is female is wrong!

  49. UKHels says:

    if she (or the other one) gets into power you guys are dead in the water, no joke

  50. Tiffany says:


    You are right, men don’t have this kind of issue because they aren’t concerned if they have pictures of them looking less than perfect. Mitt Romney doesn’t care if his wrinkles show, etc. Bill Clinton was on Newsweek in June with his age spots showing. Where was the outrage?

  51. jane16 says:

    I don’t like Newsweek or Bachman. That said, the pic is exactly how I picture her. Like a fanatic.

  52. Nancy says:

    That pictures frightening.

  53. Mia says:

    Crazy lady looks crazy. *shrug* Would a male candidate be under the same scrutiny? Probably not. Does she have an entire network catering to her brand of crazy? Yep. This chick spouts some of the most ridiculous things about people and the state of the United States. I shudder to think she’ll get close to the White House.

    I have zero respect for Newsweek since Tina Brown took over. First, that ridiculous article about Zahara Jolie-Pitt’s hair, then the morbid Diana cover.

  54. AngelMay says:

    Gurl, get some eyebrows.

  55. 4Real says:

    @Tiffany Umm NONE he’s Obama he’s perfect remember? LOL!!

    Don’t worry everybody she won’t get elected anyway so you can all now go back to bashing Bush or Jennifer Anniston. LOL!

  56. P.J. says:

    Too bad — using this photo has boomeraged! Newsweek picked it to illustrate the fact that she’s a fringe candidate, but went overboard, and now everybody is defending her and attacking Newsweek instead.

    It’s triggered a wave of sympathy for Bachmann. Now she’s the Wronged Woman and we’re off on another tangent. Can’t the news media focus on something important like the economy??

  57. Trillion says:

    Apparently nobody remembers all the “screaming” pics of Howard Dean. Liberal media. Right.

  58. RobN says:

    It’s amazing to me how many people here don’t seem to realize the principle involved. So you don’t like her; that’s not the point. Vote for whomever you wish, nobody cares. But what are you going to say when a magazine distorts a picture for political reasons of somebody you do like? Are you going to cry foul, be a hypocrite and rant about how that shouldn’t be allowed, or sit back and realize that you should have stood up for fairness for all candidates when you had the chance?

  59. original kate says:

    michelle “the staring abyss” bachmann is a lunatic, and newsweek is nothing more than a tabloid. they are meant for one another.

  60. mimi says:

    Really Newsweek? Do delinquent teenagers run that place? Hard to believe this magazine was once a pillar of respect. Whatever you think of her, this picture and caption only discredits Newsweek. A *former* giant in the media. Sad.

  61. e.non says:

    Trillion … or how the networks/cable had that clip on a loop and replayed it and replayed it to make governor dean appear nuts and to sink his campaign. if you think the national media (more correctly, their overlords) won’t destroy someone who is a genuine threat, you are not paying attention.

    Ask Cenk Uyger (unabashed liberal) who was just canned from MSNBC (not liberal despite common knowledge) because he hurt the feefees of those poor innocent capitol hill inhabitants.

    but this newsweak cover is a different thing. this is more about tina brown’s desperation to call attention to her and her dying magazine. a month ago, it was diana she was digging up.

  62. Chris says:

    The left-wing liberal media? Most media companies are owned by capitalists.

  63. mia girl says:

    Newsweek picked a controversial picture on purpose to draw attention to their magazine. I don’t agree with their choice, but so be it.

    However I do agree this woman is in fact SCARY CRAZY… a highlight for all from an upcoming New Yorker piece:

    “New Yorker Washington correspondent Ryan Lizza spent four days with Bachmann and her staff aboard their campaign jet in mid-June. He profiles her in the Aug. 15, 2011, edition of The New Yorker. The piece looks at the writers, beliefs and books that Bachmann has specifically mentioned as major influences in her life.

    …On Bachmann’s selection of a Robert E. Lee biography by J. Steven Wilkins as a book recommendation during her state Senate campaign:

    “For a number of years, Michele Bachmann’s personal website had a list of books she recommended people read. It was called ‘Michelle’s must-read list.’ I was looking over the list and noticed this biography of Lee by Wilkins. [I had] never heard of Wilkins and started looking at who he was. And frankly couldn’t believe that she was recommending this book.”

    “Wilkins has combined a Christian conservatism with neoconservative views and developed what is known as the theological war thesis. This is an idea that says the best way to understand the Civil War is to see it in religious terms, and [that] the South was an Orthodox Christian nation attacked by the godless North and that what was really lost after the Civil War was one of the pinnacles of Christian society. This insane view of the Civil War has been successfully injected into some of the Christian home-schooling movement curriculums with the help of [Wilkins]. My guess is this is how she encountered the guy at some point. … She recommended this book on her website for a number of years. It is an objectively pro-slavery book and one of the most startling things I learned about her in this piece.”

  64. jane16 says:

    Did Fox News and the conservative half of America get all worked up when Hillary was repeatedly vilified, all through 2008, by Huffpo. DKos, MSGNY, CNN, and all of the print media, including Newsweek?

  65. gee says:

    @Tiffany: it’s ok for men to be old, and I don’t think the issue is that she’s old. I think the issue is that she looks like a fool. I think her words make her look like a fool, Newsweek shouldn’t be doing this to highlight that. It’s disgusting and far from journalism.

  66. Erin says:

    I’m a woman and consider myself to be half in the conservative court and half in the liberal court. But this woman IS scary and the picture says it all…is it fair? Probably not. But just like Sarah Palin, it is terrifying that she has gotten this far…

  67. Kim says:

    Liberal media at its finest =( Im of no party but dont agree with any party that bags on others and makes stuff up to make their party look better. I have always felt if you are running a good honest campaign you focus on your positives and if you really had any you wouldnt have to bag on the competition. This is why politics has become so corrupt.

  68. Minx2 says:

    OMG.. Is this your presidential candidate? Well, if she becomes one, good luck to you guys!

  69. pixiegirl says:

    I must say that I am heartened to read that many here disassociate from both political parties. It is my belief that we need to move on from a 2 party system and have more real independents that take the best from both sides unapologetically. I for one, am sick of blue team vs. red team fighting that gets us nowhere and leaves our politicians with no room for compromise or dissent. In reference to the NW article, I have no problem with the picture if the article supports the picture’s implication: that she is indeed crazy.

  70. Dingles says:

    I don’t know why conservatives are always railing against the “liberal media.” All they watch is Fox News anyway, which distorts reality to such an extent that any other news program will appear liberal by comparison. Just because it’s not what you want to hear doesn’t make it untrue.

  71. Chris says:

    Regardless of whether the Democrats or Republicans win nothing really changes. Both parties support crony capitalism and maintain the status-quo. Your alternatives are socialism or free market capitalism. There’s nothing else.

    I don’t mind the mixed economy but I’d prefer it if it was run on more evidence based policies. It was also be good if the government gave back more civil liberties like giving people the right to die, allowing gay marriage and implementing evidenced based drug polices like the ones they have in Portugal.

    Personally I think the conservatives are largely responsible for the toxic political environment we find ourselves in, both in the US and here in Australia, because climatologists have said that there is overwhelming evidence telling us that the amount of C02 we’re pouring into the atmosphere is creating climate change. But those on the far right have just blatantly dug their heels in a refused to accept the evidence because they don’t like solutions it calls for. If people can’t accept evidence over their partisan bias what hope have we got?

  72. Cheyenne says:

    #10 Kaboom: Poster child for mad cow disease.

    ROFLMAO!! Co-sign and co-sign again.

    Actually she looks a lot like that wild-eyed crazy lunatic in that 1930’s movie “Reefer Madness”.

  73. TaylorB says:

    I am a MN resident, thankfully not in her district. Bachman has been a blatant homophobic bigot for years. If being disgusted by her behavior (look it up, she is a wackadoodle) makes me intolerant in some peoples eyes, so be it. Being disgusted by a blatant bigot isn’t a Republican or Democratic ‘thing’, it is a human ‘thing’ and this persons views on the subject are disturbing. And I find it offensive that people insist that it is simply ‘intolerant libs’ or some such nonsense ‘type’ of people who are wholly offended by her shenanigans because she is a Republican. Being disgusted by bigots, be they homophobes or white sheet wearing redneck Klan members knows no political party.

    That being said, I have met the woman twice and she makes that face all the time. I think she is under the impression if she opens her eyes REALLY wide it makes them looks less droopy, and it does in person but it makes for unfortunate screen shots and pics. They certainly could have picked a better photo for her, she is a pretty woman.

  74. mizriz says:

    I agree that the cover photo is awful.

    But why is it that the conservative Christians always approach anyone that is different from them with such hatred? Not very Christian, if you ask me.

  75. Nudgie says:


    Can we get a pic of rita throwing up? It would boost your website 😉

  76. Kate says:

    Let’s face it — the media does this to political women because deep down we are still a horribly misogynistic country. It isn’t just conservative women, it is all women. The media was unmerciful to Hillary Clinton in 2008. And, as in this instance, it is a woman (Tina Brown) taking down another woman (who, I’ll be the first to admit is bat sh&^ crazy). It will never get better ladies when we continue to do this to our own.

  77. Snowbunny says:

    I am also a Minnesotan and agree with Kik, she is crazy. ‘Bat shit crazy’ is how they refer to her on a Twin Cities radio station. Between her and Pawlenty, most people won’t admit to being from Minnesota in the future.

  78. Rita says:


    I’m somewhat of an optimist so I’ll take your request as a positive *side-eye with over-tones of suspicion*. Anyway, I can email Kaiser a picture of me throwing up in the toilet or throwing up with or without clothes on. Let me know which you prefer.

  79. TaylorB says:


    I am inclined to agree with you. I heard about Hillarys ‘cankles’ and how pretty Palin is, but you don’t hear too much about the fact that Chris Christie is obese or that Ron Paul looks like a cartoon character. Janet Reno and Albright were attacked all the time for their looks and Condi Rices odd hair helmet even though they are brilliant women, but no one ever mentioned how much Cheney looked like Mr Burns from the Simpsons, Rove looked more like a pig than Babe and Clintons nose actually looked a bit like a penis and don’t even get me started on Nixon, who was so fugly he looked like… well, Nixon.

  80. Mtn Girl says:

    @ #2 Lem – LOL, TRUE! Michele Bachmann can share the pedestal for MOST nutty, ignorant and hypocritical politician with Sarah Palin.


  81. TaylorB says:


    There are several stations that call her crazy, ever since that nonsense a few years back after one of her anti-gay speeches and a female minister tried to talk to her and she freaked out ran out of the restaurant bathroom screaming that ‘lesbians’ were trying to kidnap her. The woman is a loony toons. But this is MN we elect the strangest people, and some of them are outstanding, others like Bachmann are just pathetic and make our state look bad.

  82. Cheyenne says:

    TaylorB: I just looked that incident up on the internet and laughed until I cried. That woman is crazy as a loon on crack.

  83. texasmom says:

    She looks like she usually does in that picture, I can’t figure out the big deal? I’m not being snarky, I really mean it, she has super-wide eyes like Princess Beatrice. They can’t help looking slightly deranged at times just from the wide eyes.

    I have been having the weirdest conversations down here in Texas where people complain that when they criticize Obama they are accused of racism. When I ask them when they have been called racists, they haven’t actually, but they point to people who claim Tea Partiers are racist, and since they identify with the Tea Party, they all feel personally insulted as “racists.” I am not sure how they are able to keep ignoring stuff like Bachman’s endorsement of a pro-slavery revisionist, the birther movement, etc.

  84. Megan says:

    The person who should be most outraged is her plastic surgeon. That s*&^ is a mess.

  85. mln76 says:

    @ TaylorB …. after one of her anti-gay speeches and a female minister tried to talk to her and she freaked out ran out of the restaurant bathroom screaming that ‘lesbians’ were trying to kidnap her.

    Well apparently a lot of people in this country feel that way so she should have our ‘respect’ 🙂

  86. texasmom says:

    @TaylorB, I asked a Minnesotan friend about Bachmann and Jesse Ventura, or Al Franken for that matter. I mean, all the Minnesotans I know personally are very calm and reasonable! She just said, in calm Minnesotan tones, “Everybody gets a turn.”

  87. Nah, nah & nah... says:

    This chick is BATCRAP crazy!

    As a black woman, I am totally offended by her invoking and mis-characterization of slavery 100+ years after emancipation. As a Christian, her pimping for personal and ideological gain of the loving Jesus I know is beyond offensive and I pray He has mercy on her soul. As a learned individual, her constant inaccurate historical and political “science” claims and proclamations would be immediate cause for termination in the private sector. And, as an American, she is the epitome of a Welfare Queen by living off of more government-sponsored programs than any Shaquanna in any projects.

    The picture could’ve been photoshopped to look like Bozo The Clown and she wouldn’t look any better or worse to me. She always has and will look BATCRAPEVERLIVINGCRAZY in my eyes.

  88. TaylorB says:


    Check out the time she was hiding in shrubs trying to get photos of her challenger. Not to mention how she said she consulted her husband about running and he said she should get on her knees, pray, and fast… it took 3 days until ‘g*d’ spoke to her and told her to run. I find that offensive on several levels, first, that she couldn’t make a decision on her own, second, and most annoying, that she actually thought that between droughts, famine, tsunamis, genocide, war, etc that g*d actually was interested in her political career aspirations, and third after 3 days of kneeling with no food a person could make a wise choice. So, either she was full of nonsense and is a liar about how she came to the decision or she is full of BS.

  89. TaylorB says:


    Yes, we do tend to give a very random variety of people a ‘turn’ but at least Ventura was wise enough to understand that he needed good help and was able to appoint very good justices for the courts, not based on political party but on constitutional knowledge. And Franken is well versed in politics with a Harvard degree and while he is clearly partisan he is pretty fair minded. Bachmann is just a religious based firebrand who is using the most basic emotions and fears to rile up her ‘base’ while making them look like hidden bigots. Just because someone is in the Tea Party does not mean they are bigots, but if they plug their ears and blindly follow a flagrant bigot because she winks and smiles and says taxes are evil they will deserve the label that gets slapped on their foreheads.

  90. Rudypatudie says:

    Bachman is annoying.

    I am a libertarian.

    Marriage is sacred and utilized to procreate. Look at Rome.

    We have much bigger issues than, waaahhhh why can’t gays tie up courts with marriage and divorce?

    Seriously people? A civil union ties up most legal issues gays spout off about.

    Let’s get together on real issues, like, ending entitlements, taxing wall street more, getting the eff out out the middle east, and getting people back to work , ending the union stranglehold, and making our public schools accountable and somethingbto be proud of again.

    Forget the no no hole debate. It’s exhausting.
    Bachman would be just as much of a disaster at obummer.

    Move. On. From. This.

  91. Rog says:

    She looks like a demented lemur in that photo.

    In other words, it’s a very accurate depiction.

    [Apologies to all the lemurs of the world.]

  92. Rudypatudie says:

    Sorry for the typos.

    My iPad has tiny font on this page.

  93. Annie says:

    @pixie girl…amen

  94. texasmom says:


    I totally agree!

    I feel especially flummoxed by how aggrieved all these tea-partiers are that when people associated with them who act like racists are called out as racists, they really seem to feel personally attacked because they’ve associated themselves with. . . bigots and racists. In the meantime, some of us are experiencing, you know, actual racism and bigotry and that is all swept under the rug as being not-representative. A neighbor kid actually told us to take down an Obama poster in our own home because he is a Muslim and Muslims kill people. I don’t think she made that up on her own — she learned it from her parents. Who are teachers! Gah!

  95. Annie says:

    After reading all of the comments I am gratified to read that irrespective of all our political views we can ( for the most part) agree ..the woman is bat sh*t.
    While I don’t condone Newsweek using this cover (Tina Brown is obviously trying to be provocative and sell mags) to me it’s an accurate depiction of her. The downside is it gives fodder to these imposters (sarah Palin) that bemoan the ” lame stream” media…and give credence to their cause.THAT Tina was unforgivable…

  96. ZenB!tch says:

    I have a problem with the line “Queen of Rage” than I do with the photo. The news showed the photos NW rejected. Some were more flattering but her eyes looked just as crazy.

  97. hairball says:

    It’s not like they took a candid shot of her without her knowing. She willingly posed for this shot.

  98. april says:

    She constantly dishes out ugliness by spewing hatred and lies, so I think it’s just her negativity coming back to her. How appropo that it comes back as an ugly photo of her. I’m a proud Minnesotan and I don’t know anyone who supports her. Otherwise, I do not think she is ugly except in this photo. Politically, she’s just not my “cup of tea.”

  99. Jaye E says:

    Rudypatudie…while there are aspects of your comments that I agree with(needed to get people back to work, bringing our public schools back from the brink, etc) Gay marriage is an important civil rights issue, just like african american civil rights, or women’s suffrage. If people stop sexualizing the issue (because it’s not about sex, it’s about acknowledging that the definition of the word “family” has changed dramatically)people will see that it’s a simple issue of basic rights for ALL people. That’s a big an issue as any of the others you’ve mentioned in your comment.

  100. mln76 says:

    @Rudypatudie I disagree with your comment but that’s not the point as people have pointed out there are both Democrats and Republicans against gay marraige.
    I think most people who are against gay marraige can agree that people shouldn’t be attacked for their lifestyle especially those who claim to be libertarians.
    Bachmann goes beyond the traditional anti-gay stance into being against teaching children that bullying gays is wrong eventhough she’s supported anti-bullying programs in schools. She doesn’t believe there should be legislation against hate crimes against gays. And her husband runs federally funded clinics to ‘cure’ homosexuality.
    These beliefs along with her many speeches preaching that homosexuals are ‘evil’ go beyond the usual conservative line and put her in the category of hate speech.

  101. TaylorB says:


    I agree, people have many different views on gay marriage vs. civil unions and that is up to them, even Paul Wellstone known to be one of the most liberal Dem senators ever was for DOMA. But her school district Anoka Hennepin has had an alarming rate of suicides and attempted suicides among students who were picked on/bullied because of their perceived sexual orientation, and she won’t even address the subject. That is a big problem. There is a huge difference between the subject of gay marriage and just hating someone because they are gay. She is in the ‘pray away the gay’ camp because ‘gay’ is evil, and that is simply stupid. And in my personal opinion, regardless of party affiliation, I do not like stupid politicians who act like toddlers and hold their breath until they get their way, and she is one of them… it is just sad.

  102. Str8Shooter says:


    “News Week discredits itself more than it does Mrs. Bachmann with this sort of coverage. I wouldn’t vote for her but she’s an honest woman with a view point shared by many and both the woman and her views should be shown respect”

    Gee, ever hear of a lil’ ol news agency called FOX NEWS (aka FAUX NEWS)? yeah…they NEVER show disrespect to the ‘liberals’ or even our own President for that matter.

    Scares me that people like you think because someone spews hatred and nonsense on a daily basis deserve ‘respect’.

    She’s entitled to have an opinion. But that doesn’t mean she deserves RESPECT.