AnnaLynne McCord is a bikini gladiator


Kaiser and I were shooting the e-mail breeze this morning trying to figure out what to cover next. She e-mailed me that I could do the new Shanae Grimes pics and I was all “I don’t see them, but maybe I’ll do AnnaLynne McCord since she’s half dressed and there’s not much else” (I’m paraphrasing, which is weird because I may as well just cut and paste.) Then Kaiser responded (this is a cut ‘n paste) “that’s who I meant. Grr… my bad.” I get how it’s easy to confuse them, since they’re both on 90210, but they look totally different. When they’re not on your radar it’s easy to substitute them though.


So here’s AnnaLynne McCord, 24, in a bizarre pea green bikini and knee pads clutching a pugil stick.* I don’t watch the new 90210 so I have no clue about this chick’s character or anything, but just judging from the paparazzi photos taken on set they take her clothes off a lot. Like the last time I reported on McCord, (It was about her new romance with Dominic Purcell of Prison Break, 41, – too old for her!) there were photos of her filming the show in her undies and getting doused with water. Then earlier this year they painted her skin blue and did her up as a sexy Na’vi from Avatar. It looks like producers are trying to fulfill male fantasies with McCords’ outfits. I mean, knee pads? Please.


There are plenty of “candidbikini pictures of McCord though, so it doesn’t seem like producers are forcing her to show off her tight abs. I notice those first off when I see these pictures, then my eye is drawn to her hair. It’s awful, like they tried to give her a Snooki poof but didn’t straighten it first. No one cares about her hair though when she’s working abs like that.



*Kaiser figured that out for me, I’m slow today.

Photo credit: Fame Pictures

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  1. JaneWonderfalls says:

    I forgot what movies I have seen her in, but she looks great! Slim but healthy looking, unlike that pic of LeAnn yesterday, gosh I can’t get that image out of my head.

  2. mew says:

    Definitely, she looks amazing!

  3. StylishElf says:

    I have no idea who she is, but I want that stomach!

  4. Toe says:

    Her body is awesome!!

  5. Kimbob says:

    Hell, I’m a girl, but I have to admit…that girl can ROCK a bikini.

  6. MJ says:

    She used to be much more bony – glad to see her looking fit. Here’s an example of a super thin girl who still looks healthy, like she keeps her weight down with a good diet and exercise regimen rather than starvation, drugs and cigarettes.

  7. dread pirate cuervo says:

    She’s not as rexi looking as I thought she’d be. She looks good. I guess this 90210 remake is still on? I barely watched the original even though I was the target demographic. Twin Peaks forever!

  8. 4Real says:

    She has a great figure I hope she don’t ruin it with silicone one day.

  9. Exoticarr says:

    love love love this girl. Fell in love with her since Nip/Tuck. Great talent, beautiful person.I hope she gets more movie roles

  10. ladybert62 says:

    I dont know who she is but she does have a beautiful toned body and looks great in a bikini.

  11. Hibiscus says:

    Perfect beautiful body.

    Too bad the bikini-top squishes her tits.

  12. BlackMamba says:

    Say what you want about the new 90210 but her character is awesome(sweet and sour at the same time) and she plays it very well.

  13. MB says:

    wow. What a figure. I want (for myself, not sharing a bed with me) 😉

  14. kayls says:

    Nice body, shame about the face.