Heather Mills has burned through nearly half her divorce settlement

Heather Mills fought tooth and nail for the £24.3 million she was awarded in her divorce from Paul McCartney. After the nasty divorce, where Mills said she needed more money to properly raise the couple’s daughter, Beatrice, Heather appeared pleased with the settlement. But $50 million doesn’t go as far as one would think when Heather Mills is spending it.

A source said: “Heather’s been moaning her money isn’t going as far as she thought, but she’s just burning her way through it.

“She reckons she has spent £10million since the divorce and still doesn’t have a finished house to live in. She hasn’t changed. In her eyes the whole world is against her.”

[From The Sun]

On top of all of that, Mills is asking McCartney to buy her East Sussex home she says she cannot afford to keep up. Paul feels his daughter is happy there and wants her and her mother to be able to stay there so is said to be considering it. Part of the money Heather has wasted away went to a large, million dollar, outdoor swimming pool at the estate.

It would probably be a wise investment for Mills to hire a financial manager. She seems to be spending wantonly, with no rhyme nor reason. A $5 million apartment in NYC, $12 million towards various improvements to various other properties, but can’t get the home, where she and McCartney want their daughter to be able to live, in order. It sounds like she’s a little manic with the money and can’t focus on the important things. Instead of making a home for Beatrice, she bought $1 million worth of vegetarian food for homeless people in New York. Sometimes it’s not “the thought that counts” in a gift, and using people who certainly can’t continue the eating lifestyle to promote it has no thought in it at all for the homeless. Mills could find herself among them if she keeps up the spending spree.

Heather Mills is shown out at the Ivy on 10/13/08. Credit: Bauergriffinonline

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  1. Kaiser says:

    My Lord. How do you even begin to spend that much money in less than six months?

    Oh, right. Hire Sarah Palin.


  2. Murmur says:

    I thought she was going to give a large part of it to charity???

    And here I thought she was so kind and generous.

  3. Lisa says:

    Wow, how exactly is she spending that much money? I’d love to know where it is all going.

  4. Katie A. says:

    She kind of looks like that girl from “Scrubs”…a much older version, that is.

  5. Roni says:

    That whore-monger will be broke by this time next year! I knew that woman was no good from the very beginning…she spent that money on the Heather Mills charity… AKA… Herself!

  6. Baholicious says:

    @Roni: a whoremonger is a pimp, just so you know.

  7. Roni says:

    Thanks for that…how about I call a spade a spade and just say WHORE!

  8. devilgirl says:

    Ah, who cares how the old slag spends her money and if she goes broke. Let her, Bea will always be well taken care of with her dad and his dough. I hope she blows it all and ends up living on the street, it’s what the greedy bitch deserves!

  9. WTF?!?! says:

    Actually, Baholicious, a whoremomger is a john, or customer, not a pimp.

  10. Baholicious says:

    Fighting off the rats and stray dogs with her plastic leg.

    That was bad… :mrgreen:

  11. JaundiceMachine says:

    ‘she bought $1 million worth of vegetarian food for homeless people in New York.’

    Brilliant PR move, dummy. How do you expect the impoverished homeless to heat up a $3.00 Amy’s burrito?

    So utterly transparent. At least throw your token donation at a worthwhile cause instead of straight down the toilet.

  12. Baholicious says:

    @WTF: Actually, it can mean both – and applies to anyone who consorts with prostitutes, whether that be buying or selling. Vendors of merchandise are also called ‘mongers’, which is why it is more often (I think) used to refer to a pimp or whoremaster.

  13. smit33 says:

    If I were her, I would spend my money very wisely. She not gonna get another husband soon or one that can keep her in her style of luxury.

  14. hello says:

    Lol at the etymology of “whoremonger” being discussed.

  15. Elizabeth says:

    Heather needs to read Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic books lololol. She might actually get some useful tips!!

    I’ve been homeless, and let me assure you, Vegetarian Night at the shelter went over like a lead balloon, and I’m not joking. Those who had any money at all would band together and get takeout chicken or something. Sorry, I am ridiculously on the side of animals in everything, but when you’re raised on meat, well — can’t help my parents didn’t raise me right!

    Just wondering who it was that did not want to call ”spades” spades lololol.

  16. Maritza says:

    Easy come easy go…

  17. Tina says:

    Time to haul the old mare to a glue factory.

  18. Monalicious says:

    Yeah, she’ll be broke in a year, and crying to Paul. Some people never learn.

  19. BB says:

    Well, she “earned” it so easily… 🙂

  20. Haystacks says:

    To be fair, property is generally consitered an investment.

    Also I doubt giving veggies to the homeless precluded her from giving her daughter a home.

  21. kate says:


  22. Trashaddict says:

    I suppose you could assume she is protecting her daughter, but for all the “needing to support Paul’s child” I have never seen a picture of this woman out with her!